Livin' Large and Advertising on Facebook like.... Pharma?
Age of Autism Facebook Face Off Censor Free Vaccine Topics: 11/20/19


Angus Files

The greater good,thats why they misrepresent us all.They are doing it for the greater good.The herd.

You convince somone about the greater good and they can do anything lie,kill,steal and worse because someone convinced them it is for the greater good.We are being demonised by these people for the greater good and they think and are convinced that they are doing humanity a really good job.The Pharma good - doers.

Pharma For Prison



Annie What?

and, my 33 year old son loves the movies.

They got a fan club forever in these vaccine injured children, just like Kim tells it about Sesame Street.

That will be her legacy. and not some one being mugged on her star as they tell their assailant that "Let it go" is not even her song.


They misspelled Robert E. Lee.

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