Parenting is a Luxury Few of Us Get
Why is Healthcare a FORTUNE But Flu Shots are Free?

This Thanksgiving, I'm Grateful for Statins, Stents and Steroids.

Clinton Tweets freedom
"...where anyone can find a home to breathe free."


"...Let's all do our part to counteranti-vaccination disinformation that threatens lives."

Censorship. On Thanksgiving no less.

Mother daughter tweets
"...What my Mommy said!"

What's the agenda here, friends, readers? And will Sec. Clinton throw her hat into the ring for 2020?

Vaccine roll out CF
 This is one of the major initiatives of the Foundation. Could it explain the push for vaccine mandates by fellow political party members from coast to coast and a Vax-friendly Tweet on Thanksgiving?

Or, is the vax-love a bid for donations to shore up losses?  From

Cash flow to the Clinton Foundation continues to plummet, leaving the organization in the red for a second straight year after Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful bid against President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, newly released tax returns reveal.  The Clinton Foundation’s $30.7 million revenue last year is less than half the $62.9 million it raised in 2016 as Clinton was at the height of her presidential campaign. Each of the two years since Clinton’s loss in the 2016 election has seen the organization’s revenue drop to record lows, raising less than any fiscal year in more than a decade — a sharp contrast to the $249 million raised during Clinton’s first year as secretary of state. 

Autism Age is a non-profit organization. The Rs and Ds are just letters to us. We don't and won't and can't be political as part Lucy-footballof our status. We can share information though. Like these tweets.

Neither party has been a blessing to the autism or vaccine injury community. Ronald Reagan passed the 1986 act that made vaccines a virtual winning lottery ticket for pharma. And no President has tamped down on exploding schedule.  President Obama gave lip service to autism, and was under the spell of Neurodiversity, which set us all back. President Trump made promised and declarations that deflated like Macy's Parade balloons the day after Thanksgiving.  And here comes' 2020.


Gary Ogden

John: Right you are. The term "socialist," a badge of honor to those on the left, and wielded as a cudgel against them by those on the right, really has no particular meaning except control of the population. So nearly every government today is socialist, as are both political parties here in the U.S. The wealthy control government policy, both economic and social, and the unelected and unaccountable central banks control the money supply. After the 2008 meltdown they printed U.S. $21 trillion in brand new money and gave it to the biggest banks with no strings attached. This is why there has been no real recovery. Almost none of it was invested in useful economic activity. The banksters simply put some of it in the mattress, and used the rest for the same risky investment strategies that created the mess in the first place.


Susan: My observation may certainly be pedantic however, I do not think it is unnecessary because accurate communication is essential to promote understanding.

John Stone

Hi Gary,

I know the Nazis styled themselves National Socialists but basically that was just a fancy title for racist thugs: the big problem surely right or left is the accountability of government - we’ve let global corporatism buy our governments and that is the prevailing culture.


RFK Jr endorsed Bernie in the last election. That says something to me. I highly doubt they never discussed vaccines. No serious presidential candidate can afford the anti-vax label before the election.

Gary Ogden

Speaking of Bernie, I think it prudent to keep in mind that the three greatest mass murderers of the 20th Century were all socialists. In order of body count: 1. Mao tse-tung. 2. Josef Stalin. 3. Adolph Hitler. All socialists. I did vote for Bernie in the 2016 primary, as he was the only reasonable choice, but I wouldn't do it again. In California they've eliminated polling places. Mandatory medical treatment and mandatory vote-by-mail. In order to vote in the 2020 primary, those of us who are not registered with a party have to request the ballot of the party primary we wish. In my view, the only honorable candidate is Tulsi Gabbard, so I requested a Democratic ballot. She has a snowball's chance in hell of being the nominee, already getting the full Bernie treatment, so the choice again will be Trump. Doesn't seem any worse than his two immediate predecessors, perhaps not as bad. In any event it hardly matters. The swamp, otherwise known as the Deep State, is firmly in charge. Also of note, in a given election in California there are as many as twenty different (ten English and ten Spanish) ballots, one for each political party, and one called "non-partisan." Lunacy wasn't born here, but it thrives.

Gary Ogden

greyone: The entire purpose of Hillary's "service" as Secretary of State was to hoover up as much money as possible for the Clinton Foundation. Otherwise, she was a complete disaster. It is no wonder that "donations" have plummeted, without her holding out her hand, with real power and access to deliver in return. I don't like either political party, but the Clintons are the most disgraceful political couple I can recall in my seventy years, their involvement in dirty deals going all the way back to Iran Contra. As for statins, they are the most lucrative scam in medical history. As for stents, it has been clear for at least a decade that they give no survival value except during an active heart attack. Nevertheless, they are still used, as they, too, are lucrative for interventional cardiologists. The same is true of CABG (cardiac artery bypass graft). Steroids I know little about, except they give big muscles.

John Stone

Government of the people for the deep state by the deep state.


Wow!! Lena Sun is the first to tweet in response to Hillary and Chelsea.
Washington Post’s Resident Vaccine Propagandist Lena Sun
by Jeremy R. Hammond
Nov 21, 2019

As an illustrative example of a professional vaccine propagandist, take Washington Post health reporter Lena H. Sun. Following are four examples demonstrating how she deliberately deceives readers in dutiful service to the state and, by extension, dutiful service to the pharmaceutical industry.
Lying about the Safety of the CDC’s Vaccine Schedule
In April 2017, Lena Sun wrote a Washington Post article arguing that it’s “a bad idea” for parents to space out their children’s vaccinations rather than strictly complying with the routine schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Drymeadow Yes, I do know Bernie's stance. He is a true believer in the "the Temple of Vaccinia". The very idea that he had to even address vaccinations had problem was absurd to him.
I don't think his mind can be changed with out some lightening strike.

Stents; Apparently there is no need for stents anymore. New research says that drugs can do just as good as job as stents. That might be right. My 95 year old father has had four heart attacks in the last couple of years. His feet and ankles swelled up like unbelievable balloons. Now with medicine, his feet have slimmed down and he seems to be doing okay.

With such a miracle with medicines, and Bernie just getting out of the hospital for his heart . I am sure he is in full worship mode for the entire medical establishment. and I have to admit, they do pretty good in a lot of areas.


A FOIA request for emails between Hillary Clinton and Lena Sun might prove very interesting.

Sun’s consistently pharma-biased reporting indicates she is little more than a paid propagandist.


The most sickening (hell yeah pun intended) is Pan telling us that that “the shape of American freedom” is a syringe!
Would that be Pharma “phreedom”?
I wonder how all of the Americans who OD’d on heroin because of the opioid crisis feel about that?

John Stone


BTW “Disinformation” is surely a slippery word - it is just a way of classifying information Hillary doesn’t like while, God forbid, not addressing the substance.

susan welch

Antonio, as the original tweet is shown on this article, I feel your comment is unnecessarily pedantic.

Just saying..


With all due respect to Hillary Clinton's service as Secretary of State, labeling criticism of vaccine safety issues as "life-threatening disinformation" is divisive to US shared values.
Do not more die or become disabled from vaccination reactions than the disease here?
How do we fix this if as a society we can't have discussions about it, and come together to discern a better path.
Adam Schiff called for social media to mute voices of concern.
Albany is working with education to "outlaw homeschooling".
What are the aspirations of these policies?

I remember an interview with a physician post Bosnian conflict.
When asked how disheartening treating the wounds of war must have been, she answered that far worse was experiencing the neighbor who used to cordially greet you in passing abrutly seeing you as enemy.

I pray that 2020 will find a way out of corrosive politics and legislation abusive to human rights.
There is surely a better way.

Greg Hill

Incidentally, in a bizarre sort of way I am actually thankful for statins and stents because it was my own horrific experience with them that caused me to start questioning the entire medical/industrial establishment and do some serious independent research, instead of continuing to mindlessly follow "doctor's orders." Although to the best of my knowledge I have no blood relatives who have been vaccine-injured, my explorations eventually brought me to this website where I have learned even more, especially from one of my number one sources of information and inspiration, Laura Hayes. It's tragic that so many of us need to be seriously injured by Big Pharma, directly or indirectly through family members, before our eyes become open to the crimes against humanity that are being deliberately perpetrated with the approval and encouragement of our own federal and state governments.

Greg Hill

Drymeadow and Bob, I'm reluctant to delve too far into partisan politics in this particular forum, but I have to say that if there is any candidate for President who seems likely to clean up the entire Department of HHS, including the CDC, it is probably Hillary's number one nemesis Tulsi Gabbard. A Google search lists more than 1.7 million videos about her posted on YouTube alone, and I have watched over a dozen of them myself. Joe Rogan has done three fascinating interviews of her, all over 2 hours long. She never seems to mention vaccines in particular, but based on everything she does say my guess is that if and when when she has kids of her own she will choose to not vaccinate them.


In the quotation you cited by Hillary Clinton: "...Let's all do our part to counteranti-vaccination information that threatens lives." you did not include "dis" in front of the word "information" which would be the exact quote. I felt that quotations should be accurate to what was originally posted.

go Trump

What does the loving husband of HRC say about vaccines ?

I wish we had a Royal Family.


After witnessing the California legislature bulldoze unconscionable mandates into law, I see no alternative to preferring "inaction."


I'm really glad I didn't vote for her in the last election. Unfortunately, I was duped by a person who eluded to the real cause of autism, the shots.

Does anyone know Bernie's position ? He seems like the only one who doesn't take Merck or Gates money.

America was designed to have a mini revolution every four years, and its time.

Angus Files

If the clintons endorse anything,its fair judgement to go the opposite way...ta ta..

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

It is amazing to watch the BI PARTISAN political support for vaccines .. and … BI PARTISAN political hatred for those raising serious .. justified … concerns regarding the safety and efficiency of vaccines.

Imagine if our politicians could garner the same BI PARTISANSHIP while governing our country … they may actually accomplish something of note .. like ending our never-ending wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria .. or .. actually improving our country's infrastructure during their time in office .. but .. vaccines aside … that is a pipe-dream … and so ..



Hillary, Chelsea and Lena--Three Shills in a Fountain.

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