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The Video Facebook Wants to Hide: Dr. Jay Gordon on Real Time with Bill Maher

HPC Meme Censorship Up to Us to ShareAccording to our Anne Dachel, when she went to post this video on Facebook, she was blocked from doing so with a content warning. The information in this post is a mix of true and false statements or it could simply be incomplete. In some cases, the information is misleading.

Thank you to Bill Maher. Go to the 6:15 mark. Share far and wide. The hell with Zuckerberg, his pediatrician wife and Facebook.




Thanks for the link!
Yes, with the atrocious censorship going on, we never know.

Regarding Tucker Carlson, I still wonder how he got away with having RFK,Jr on his show two years ago to discuss vaccines It was a pretty good interview.



Tanner's dad has several of them up at Youtube now:

I don't know for how long.


Thanks, Pam, I'm glad the video has been preserved, and great job with the Tinyurl video!

Has Bill Maher commented on this? Sort of like we were saying about Tucker Carlson a few months ago. Will they choose death (of their careers) if they cannot have liberty?



I'm concerned that most people don't seem to realize that it's not just: 'If you actually watch the episode, that's not what he said. He was only making the point that a small minority of people may be affected in a negative way by ANY vaccine. He wasn't taking an anti-Vaccine stance.'

Thank you for listing the reasonable points they made about vaccines. I was overlooking them, being upset by their minimizing the risks and their acting as though measles were a fearsome disease that EVERYONE must be protected against, and "more dangerous than we knew," it causes immune amnesia as well! Without having done a smidgen of research to find out if that were true. It isn't. Measles is, as the studies I put up the other day show, 'paradoxical' in its depressing immune function for a few weeks, then you get everything back along with an improved and enhanced immune system. Two separate phenomena, the measles disease process is separate from its depression of the immune system, which continues past the time that the measles patient appears to be recovered. But everything goes back to normal within a month total in most cases.

But people are really wrong when they think it's just a 'small minority of people,' who may be adversely affected by any vaccine. Yes, a few people will be devastated by any vaccine any time they get one. But at a time when over half of American children have an allergic or autoimmune disease nearly always caused by vaccines, and a third have a neurological one like autism or seizure disorders, even though there's overlap because many have both, that's STILL a MAJORITY of vaccinated people who sustain severe and permanent damage, starting with asthma and allergies. All these conditions are caused by too strong an inflammatory response on the part of the immune system. It is incomprehensible to me how people are happy with that explanation, without going further and asking what causes the RESPONSE. You can't respond if you aren't responding to SOMETHING. And that's what vaccines do, what they ALWAYS do, what they are DESIGNED to do, is provoke an inflammatory response from the immune system, to make it produce the desired antibodies. But almost NO ONE asks how the vaccine continues to elicit the desired immune response for years, or what happens to the vaccine ingredients once they are injected into the body. In the case of the killed pathogen vaccines (killed being a meaningless term in the case of the vaccines for viruses: Dr. Moskowitz points out that a virus is just a protein shell wrapped around some strings of DNA: it's ONLY alive, if you can call it that, when it has invaded a living cell, and a genetically-engineered vaccine virus is just as alive or just as dead as the real thing), the answer is aluminum, which is DESIGNED to stay in the body for as many years as possible, continuing to irritate and elicit an inflammatory reaction from the immune system for YEARS! Of COURSE autoimmune diseases are normal now, and found in the majority: Dr. Moskowitz also says that an autoimmune response is just in the nature of the vaccination process, always, for both good and ill, both to provide disease protection (if this is desirable) and cause allergic/autoimmune disease. We could classify all the neurological conditions causes by vaccines into the same group of allergic/autoimmune conditions: one thing that is common to both autism and multiple sclerosis is a chronically-inflamed brain.

Dr. Gordon and Bill Maher are stuck in the past, unaware of how hazardous vaccines are, not only for the most sensitive, with certain genetic predispositions, but for everyone.


Tanners Dad did a great job putting this together from the Maher-DrG interview.
He added something extra to each clip.

All 7 clips

John Stone


What is never said is that this is not about measles but a pretext for making a captive market for all the products the WHO, GAVI or government bureaucracies nominate - it is about the complete surrender to the state of citizens’ bodies. As I have documented since the beginning of the millennium the cost of vaccinating a single child according to the expanding schedule has risen more than 100 times. Why AW was so threatening to them in 1998 was that parents were still picking and choosing - it was customer led and this was not on the agenda for all the products they had in the pipeline. This was not the business model.

Jenny Allan

@ John Stone "Like all mainstream news outlets now the Mail seems to believe it has a role in pushing the vaccine agenda uncritically. "
Sadly this is all too true John, but there is some hope reflected in the Mail's 'Vaccine Campaign' comment threads, which question why these articles are so one sided. UK commenters are clamouring for single vaccines for measles mumps and rubella, and some of the Stateside comments below the article have questioned the way the Maher interview was portrayed in the article. One person bluntly stated:-

'If you actually watch the episode, that's not what he said. He was only making the point that a small minority of people may be affected in a negative way by ANY vaccine. He wasn't taking an anti-Vaccine stance'

Another admitted she and her surgeon husband don’t vaccinate their children. Medical personnel who can afford it often get monovalent vaccines, available in the UK at private clinics. The licence for the mumps vaccine was withdrawn some time ago, but it just delays the infection until adulthood when it it far more serious. Some countries just administer an MR vaccine.

The Mail moderates all the comments and mine were ‘black listed’ long ago, but it is important for us not to give up. Parents ARE concerned about vaccine risks. In the UK it is illegal for them to be deliberately withheld from parents, but it happens time and time again. We must encourage parents to always ask for the vaccine inserts, or find them on the internet. The Mail would have it the risks are minimal or non existent.

John Stone


Yes, indeed, but the Mail On-line does have a specialist US news section

Like all mainstream news outlets now the Mail seems to believe it has a role in pushing the vaccine agenda uncritically. The Telegraph has also been particular bad and has Global Health Security page.

Jenny Allan

These are the headlines from the Daily Mail online. The article is a complete disgrace, totally misrepresenting what was actually said during this brief exchange. This article is aimed at the US. This is not in any of the the Mail's UK news outlets. In the UK, most people have never even heard of Bill Maher and his show is not available on UK 'terrestrial' TV channels.. The Mail, once a reliable British news and campaigning outlet, now seems to have been totally 'bought' by US pharma and other corporate interests.
Bill Maher AGREES with Anti-Vaxxer doctor on his show and says it's 'realistic' to believe debunked theory that childhood vaccines cause autism
• Real Time Host Bill Maher implied it is 'realistic' to suggest a link between autism and childhood vaccines during an interview with a controversial doctor
• Dr Jay Gordon is widely followed within the anti-vaccination community
• Maher said it was 'realistic' to suggest there could be a link between autism and childhood vaccines, despite several studies disproving that theory
• Gordon said previously he signed hundreds of personal belief exemptions to school vaccine requirements
PUBLISHED: 05:40, 3 November 2019 | UPDATED: 14:24, 3 November 2019


Well, it's been taken off of the two sites that I posted here since yesterday. I hope several people made copies of it? Really unbelievable, it was the gentlest, least confrontational interview imaginable, but it's just simply not to be tolerated that ANYONE express the least criticism of vaccines. JUST like the Katie Couric show, scrubbed from the Internet. And site after site, tsk tsking about How DARE Bill Maher breathe a WORD of doubt about vaccine safety. I don't get it. Are ALL journalists stoked up with something? Are they ALL being paid off by pharma goons? How many people believe this bilge? How hard is it to understand that Gene + Trigger (i.e., vaccines) = Catastrophic Health Problems.

Bill, are you going to stand for this?

Tim Lundeen

Levi Quakenboss says Vaxxed II is going to break things wide open. Hope so!



I agree. It's going to continue to become harder and harder for ordinary people to remain unaware of what is being done to us, has been done for many years. But I'm afraid that millions more innocent children (and adults)will have to go down the drain before the crucial number realizes that the pharma/medical juggernaut has been knowingly LYING and increasingly strong-arming them into forced vaccination, not to protect anyone's lives, but just to protect their own profits, authority, and position. Not to mention being averse to spending the rest of their misbegotten lives in prison. Maybe even the -- penalty for being knowing accessories to manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.

I will mention here that both Google and Duck Duck Go are actively colluding with them. I got the links to the interview using a search engine the name of which begins with the next-to-the-last letter of the alphabet.


Yes! I just checked it and the video (also linked to Youtube) at the Forbes magazine website still had it available, Forbes may have cast powerful protection spells. Those who know how to do so should.... to preserve it, worthless though it is in itself.


It was embedded in this article at Forbes. Let me see what happens.

Gary Ogden

John: Right you are. This has been decades in the planning. Nevertheless, the oligarchs don't think strategically, nor for the long term. They did make a colossal blunder in thinking they could get away with it without enormous tumult, as we are witnessing today around the world.

Jenny Allan

From across the Atlantic it was refreshing to see a reasonably balanced conversation about vaccines. In the UK all vaccine dissent has been virtually banished from the media. Google and Zuckerberg are now attempting to censor the internet information. As the many attempts by You Tube to remove this video, only to have it reposted multple times by persons with saved downloads has demonstrated, they are fighting a losing battle.

John Stone


I fear that where we are has been planned for many years - did they imagine that it would be easier. Who knows?

Gary Ogden

Cia: It is a sure sign of their desperation, the attempt to shove the genie back in the bottle. But it is too late. The oligarchs are having nightmares of their bank accounts shrinking down to the size of yours and mine. They've enlisted the Democrats (the Republicans are just as cowardly before the pharma juggernaut, for the most part, too) to both censor the truth of this mass poisoning, and overturn the 2016 election. I reiterate, it's going to get ugly, given our dysfunctional political system, the militarization of the police and federal agencies not heretofore involved in law enforcement, and the vast sums at stake. But we, and our nation's children, will ultimately win. Though the cost may be great to our nation and way of life, good will ultimately triumph over evil.


It's here now if you want to see the interview, but probably not for long.



I said the same thing yesterday here, that it was strange that they mentioned the family in which the first four children all had autism, but not the next three. Obviously the differentiating factor had to be that the first four were vaxxed and the second three not, but they didn't say it. Why not? They went on about the eighth child, but rather than just assume that Of course not, why in the world would we ignore the object lesson here? No, they were saying, gee, do you think maybe possibly it might be considered that just conceivably it might not be the best of ideas to get him all the recommended vaccines?

This is getting weirder by the day. With all the science that we have on our side, would it be possible for them to make our constitutional free speech on the dangers of vaccines illegal?


I went to the HBO site to see if the show were there, a lot of the Real Time shows are there, but it looks to my untutored eye as though it had been sequestered. Wow, it says a lot that the bad guys forced down a program so much on their side, sort of like the Katie Couric program on the HPV vaccine six years ago. Aren't the rank and file going to notice something fishy's going on?



Exact figures matter, and they are completely lacking here. OK, children lost 33 to 40% of their immune repertoire after mild or severe measles. That is a given, I put up several studies with a link to many similar ones at Researchgate. They all say it is a TRANSIENT loss, and within a short length of time, they are recovered, as when the patients are exposed to the relevant germs again. Why did this study not say for how LONG the immunity was lost? It was NOT for a long time. And it did NOT required going back to scratch and just going through the diseases again as though they had never occurred. And Dr. Aaby showed that it was NOT true that measles increased long-term mortality, quite the contrary. That's what he THOUGHT he was going to find, but I really like Dr. Aaby because he follows his study results wherever they may lead with great integrity. What he REALLY found was that children in Senegal who recovered from natural measles (which is 90% of measles patients there) had only one-fifth the all-cause mortality in the subsequent four years as those who did not have natural measles.

George Mead

Bill Maher interview Dr. Jay Gordon:


I'm sorry, but were we all watching the same program? I could stomach about two minutes of the interview with Gordon and then I had to tune out. First, what I heard was that there was some family who had been profiled who had 7 kids, with one on the way. Of those seven children, FOUR had autism. FOUR.

Three of the children (I'm assuming these were the younger children of the 7) were not autistic. But then here's what I did not hear - WHY those three kids did were not autistic. Well - WHY? No mention is given as to why this may be. Surely, this question loomed in people's heads as they viewed this so called interview with Gordon.

But no one asked. Don't any of you find this odd? I know I do.

Then Gordon goes on to state that perhaps vaccines should be given more slowly, just not as many as one time. Surely, as a pediatrician, he knows (as our son experienced) that just one vaccine alone can cause untold damage, and even death.

I watched Gordon very, very carefully as he nodded his head in affirmation as Bill Maher is saying to him that perhaps vaccines need to be given more slowly, perhaps on a different schedule. Maher also, to his credit, did state that no one is the same (true) and not everyone is going to respond thusly, the same to the same number and types of vaccines that the power-that-be have deemed safe and effective for everyone.

But after viewing Gordon, for just a couple of minutes, I couldn't stomach him any longer and had to turn the damned interview off.

Why anyone would somehow spin this so called interview into any sort of positive thing for those that know the truth about vaccines is beyond me. I'll give Bill Maher credit where credit is due and say that sure, I'm glad he was willing to speak about this issue on his show.

But that's as far as I'm willing to go.

I have never trusted Gordon; and thanks to Laura Hayes for providing that refresher re Gordon's antics during that hearing. He was disgraceful.

Jenny Allan

Eindeker - I'm afraid I have a healthy distrust of 'epidemiological' studies. In my day statistical analyses were carried out in order to highlight 'significant' issues which might merit further, more in depth research. On their own, statistics prove nothing and they are all too easy to skew. With only 77 children contracting measles in this study we could have and SHOULD have been given the ACTUAL figures for individual immune deficits. Medians tell us only part of the story, and in this case will probably be 'skewed' by relatively few higher value numbers.

As for 'Epidemiological evidence' which has associated MV infections with increases in morbidity and mortality for as long as 5 years?" Your references(15) & (23) had common authors to the paper I commented on. 15 was a discussion document regarding the authors' hypotheses on measles induced immune deficits. There was no hard evidence just supposition.

23 was a properly conducted study using GP's records for measles and other post measles infections. I will quote from the results:-
"Children with measles were more than three times as likely to receive an anti-infective prescription in the first month and 15%–24% more likely between the first month and 5 years. The rate of hospitalisation in children with measles was increased only in the month following diagnosis but not thereafter."

In other words, these studies do appear to demonstrate a post measles immune deficit for a few weeks after contracting measles. I am not convinced about the alleged 15-24% for the following 5 years. This could be due to just about anything and needs futher research. In any case the hype around these studies is attempting to claim the immune deficits last far longer than 5 years.

If you have read MY posts properly, I have never disputed measles causes a temporary dip in immunity to other infections. This is why careful nursing is so important. As my own daughter demonstrated, vaccines are no guarantee of immunity, and there is emerging evidence the current measles vaccine is wearing off in adulthood, when the disease is far more serious.


The following 20 second YouTube video shows IMO the best 20 seconds of Bill Maher ever!

You can also find his entire discussion with Bill Frist on vaccines on youtube.
Maher does a good job countering the dr's usual talking points & LIES.

Sauce for the Goose

So, Eindecker I trust you also have taken on board Aaby and Benn’s highly negative findings about the DPT vaccine?

John Stone

Yes, the British media are running a really crass campaign at the moment and behaving like the Gestapo or at least the Stasi.

Tim Lundeen

Tim Lundeen

If you can't hide it one way, hide it another:

"Video unavailable
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Home Box Office Inc.."


The researchers were very naughty not to give actual immunity percentages for all those 77 children studied., only the span 11-73% . This could be one child with 73% and a large number with 11%, but we are not told. Why??? Jenny try reading the paper: After severe or mild measles, children lost a median of 40% (range: 11 to 62%) or 33% (range: 12 to 73%), respectively, of their total preexisting pathogen-specific antibody repertoires (Fig. 2A and fig. S3). In contrast, controls retained ~90% of their repertoires over similar or longer durations. detailing the median value overcomes your issue

Again "Epidemiological studies have associated measles with increased morbidity and mortality for years after infection." Really? What studies? again Jenny read the damn paper! : Epidemiological evidence has associated MV infections with increases in morbidity and mortality for as long as 5 years (15, 23) and suggests that in the pre-vaccine era, MV may have been associated with up to 50% of all childhood deaths from infectious diseases, mostly from non-MV infections (15).

Michael S.

I got here too late: Video unavailable
This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Home Box Office Inc..

They must really be worried about the content.


If you look at some of these studies on the transient immunosuppression caused by measles, you will be struck by the word "paradoxical" used in several of them. Measles BOTH depresses immune function for a time (not that long, as Jenny pointed out), AND enhances it in the long run for most. I think it means that we do not fully understand it, which should not come as a surprise to anyone: we have only the most superficial understanding of the immune system even now. I also think everyone would be well advised to keep measles patients quiet at home for two to three weeks after the day the rash appeared, just in case.

This is the Google Scholar link where I found them:

[HTML][HTML] Measles immune suppression: lessons from the macaque model
RD De Vries, S McQuaid, G Van Amerongen… - PLoS …, 2012 -
Measles remains a significant childhood disease, and is associated with a transient immune suppression. Paradoxically, measles virus (MV) infection also induces robust MV-specific immune responses. Current hypotheses for the mechanism underlying measles immune …
Cited by 79 Related articles All 19 versions

Measles virus‐induced suppression of immune responses
DE Griffin - Immunological reviews, 2010 - Wiley Online Library
Measles is an important cause of child mortality that has a seemingly paradoxical interaction
with the immune system. In most individuals, the immune response is successful in
eventually clearing measles virus (MV) infection and in establishing life‐long immunity …

Measles virus-induced immunosuppression: from effectors to mechanisms
E Avota, E Gassert, S Schneider-Schaulies - Medical microbiology and …, 2010 - Springer
Immunosuppression is the major cause of infant death associated with acute measles.
Hallmarks of this generalized modulation of immune functions include:(1) lymphopenia,(2) a
prolonged cytokine imbalance consistent with suppression of cellular immunity to secondary …
Cited by 63 Related articles All 10 versions

Maurine Meleck

I've been a Bill Maher fan for decades. He spoken often in the past of the flu vaccine, making fun of it.
Yes, and he questions lots of medical practices and doctors, but he does limit himself to few specifics
and having Dr. Gordon on, better than nothing, was hardly an RFK or a Del Bigtree. Good for Bill in attempting to bring a little candle to this massive vaccine problem, but it's going to take a studio full of lights to expose the massive drug company, political corruption. Why the media is worried about exposing this interview surprises me. It's not like anyone said that 1 in 36 kids now have autism, or 54 percent of kids have a chronic illness, or I can give you 150 studies showing a link between vaccines and autism or the sky is falling and people think an umbrella and a prayer will save them.

Jenny Allan

John I think we are in agreement about measles and that paper. I found nothing untoward in the methodology or reported results. My gripe was the way this was presented to the public, giving the impression contracting measles would result in long term immune deficiencies for everyone.

This was manifestly NOT reflected in the actual findings, which demonstrated only a temporary dip in immunity, post measles. In some cases this was only an 11% dip, which in a previously well nourished child would be very unlikely to result in another infection. Even a child with a 73% dip would not necessarily contract another infection. The researchers were very naughty not to give actual immunity percentages for all those 77 children studied., only the span 11-73% . This could be one child with 73% and a large number with 11%, but we are not told. Why???

Also the researchers state the immunity values apparently returned to normal levels, as they put it:-"Recovery of antibodies was detected after natural reexposure to pathogens." In other words, whatever the recorded 'dip' in immunity, a normal antibodies response to pathogens was apparently recorded.

To begin an Abstract (which is supposed to summarise the paper), with some generalisation about "Epidemiological studies have associated measles with increased morbidity and mortality for years after infection." Really? What studies? Whatever they were they were NOTHING to do with this paper or its findings, which seem to suggest the complete opposite.

John Stone

What is being said is that children are seriously at risk after having recovered from measles and those of us born before the mid 1960s may find this empirically implausible. They made us do things like standing around in short trousers and thin pullovers in freezing school playgrounds for hours - some of the conditions we were brought up in were barbaric - but we survived. The new study may be measuring something but I wonder whether it is resistance to disease in overall terms.

I think the interview is very disappointing. It still says listen to scientists not to parents, and it says it when our classrooms are in meltdown with neurological, psychiatric and immune conditions which official science continues to ignore, and it sells the new measles study which may be very misleading. If medical scientists don’t listen to parents then their data will be junk, and it is.

David m burd

Laura Hayes,

Yes, you rightly are critical of Jay Gordon's SB277 testimony: He emphasized "safer vaccines" but said nothing about the millions of those already permanently damaged (or of infant SIDS/SUID/Unexplained-Deaths each year peaking at 4-6 months in exact concurrence with "well-baby" vaccine shots). He was the opposite of supporting parental choice those 3 years ago, and still today is very pro vaccine.

Of course - because Gordon is essentionally pro-vaccine - he was allowed airtime on national TV.

go Trump

Thank you Bill Maher. The truth is so refreshing.
As before,

War is when the government tells you who your enemy is.
Revolution is when you figure it our for yourself.


I recommend two or three weeks recovery time quiet at home (bed rest not necessary once the fever is gone) after the day the rash appears (give homeopathic bryonia if the rash is slow to appear: it is necessary and beneficial), to avoid the problems of a depressed immune system. In these weeks when the patient usually feels fine and normal again, his immune system is still suppressed, and if he goes right back to school or work, he may well pick up a germ out there which may prove to be much more serious than if he had convalesced properly before going back to school or work. He'll feel well once the fever is gone, feel well during the incubation period of the new infection, and them bam! he's sick again and with an immune system not yet ready to handle it. It is true that in most cases this would not happen, but why take the chance? My mother sent me right back to school, first grade in Las Vegas, as soon as I appeared to be well. I think that was the norm, and it didn't seem to hurt any of us. But it IS a risk that it would be wiser not to take. Hitler's little brother Edgar got measles and was in the recovery stage when he got a fatal case of diphtheria. While diphtheria might have killed him anyway, it's also likely that his immune system wasn't back to normal yet, and that's why he was unable to cope with diphtheria and died of it. Probably similar to the many who got a crippling case of polio if they had had the DPT within the previous month: ALL vaccines depress immune function for about a month. And that's why many who got the Hib vaccine when it was first released thirty years ago almost immediately developed a clinical case of Hib disease, which otherwise their immune systems would have been able to handle.

Jill in MI

Thank you Bill Maher. A chink in the armor, a small hole in the dam. We all want better health for our children. Remember who the real enemy is.

Bob Moffit

As more and more are beginning to SCREAM as loud as they can …. DO THE VACCINATED V. UNVACCINATED STUDY …. the absolute refusal to even discuss this common sense study is clear and convincing evidence THE PHARMA-PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS KNOW WHAT THIS STUDY WILL REVEAL.

How many millions of children will continue being sacrificed at the altar of vaccine priests … before this SINGLE STUDY IF FINALLY DONE????


Gary Ogden

John: Thank you for that link. Fascinating. How little we actually know about so many things, yet a new expert is born every minute.

Jenny Allan

John "I don’t agree. Measles was still treated (and correctly) pretty seriously when I had it in the mid-late 1950s but when you recovered, given a day or three’s convalescence, you were better, and not considered to be in a delicate state of health."

John can you clarify what you disagree with please? I accept most children (including myself) recover well from measles, although it does require careful nursing, which today's working mums often cannot provide. My own (measles vaccinated) daughter got a very nasty dose and it did leave her debilitated afterwards. I have often wondered if the vaccine was somehow to blame.


Oh What! Vaccines, risk assessments, forbidden from the discussions menu ?

Eat a rainbow of fruit and veg a day .
Harmonise your portions of veg to match ! Or else you could end up with" Carrot-ina .immune amnesia " from too much consumption of carrots ,with buck teeth .big ears ,and an excess of fluffy hair becoming an observable, genetically inherited trait !
The Cabbage patch study " measles and immune amnesia? "
Designed by turnip and potato heads, more forensic fondling, to try and get the public perception pickled - piccalilli style!

Paulo Nutini -Coming up easy -You Tube .

John Stone


I don’t agree. Measles was still treated (and correctly) pretty seriously when I had it in the mid-late 1950s but when you recovered, given a day or three’s convalescence, you were better, and not considered to be in a delicate state of health - nor was it an epoch of high infant mortality. If this was true children would have been dropping like flies as soon as they caught anything else. Tetyana Obukhanych does not address the new paper here but she does address the general hypothesis which has been circulating for several years:

I think it also follows - if there was anything in at all - you would not want to give a measles vaccine at 12 months with mumps and rubella, Hib/Men C, Men B, and 13 strain pneumococcal vaccine (UK schedule), unless you were engaged in magical thinking.

The deaths outside the developed world are conjectural to say the least. See footnotes (1, 4-6) in my recent blog.

I and others repeatedly asked “experts” to justify this data in a professional forum and no replies were forthcoming.

Jenny Allan

@ George Mead "I am by no means qualified to analize the scence. "
Oh yes you are George and so is everyone else with a modicum of intelligence. Here's a quick tutorial on the link you provided. There's no need to plough through the paper. The abstract is perfectly sufficient.
From the Abstract:-
“Measles virus is directly responsible for more than 100,000 deaths yearly. Epidemiological studies have associated measles with increased morbidity and mortality for years after infection, but the reasons why are poorly understood. Measles virus infects immune cells, causing acute immune suppression. To identify and quantify long-term effects of measles on the immune system, we used VirScan, an assay that tracks antibodies to thousands of pathogen epitopes in blood. We studied 77 unvaccinated children before and 2 months after natural measles virus infection. Measles caused elimination of 11 to 73% of the antibody repertoire across individuals. “

OK For a start 77 children is not a big enough sample for a proper scientific survey. However, I have no argument with the conclusions stated in the abstract. It has been well known for years, measles does temporalily reduce immunity to other infections, particularly respiratory bacterial infections. My parents knew this and like my siblings I was carefully nursed in a darkened bedroom by my mother when I caught measles in the 1940s. Other viral infections have similar effects, which is why you should never try to 'fight' a cold or flu. Instead stay at home with TLC. The abstract states "Recovery of antibodies was detected after natural reexposure to pathogens. "

So there you are. This study appears to confirm measles reduces immunity for a few weeks after which natural immunity recovers. The immune reduction varies with individuals. I would be interested in the reasons why those study children were unvaccinated in the first place. Were any of them immune compromised beforehand?

I was slightly puzzled by the statement at the start of the abstract:-
" Measles virus is directly responsible for more than 100,000 deaths yearly. Epidemiological studies have associated measles with increased morbidity and mortality for years after infection.”

First of all those 100,000 deaths are not in the developed world . I am fed up of being told vaccinations save thousands, even millions of lives annually . Don’t tell me those ‘epidemiologists’ collect their stats in darkest Africa , Asia, or South America. They are figures pulled out of a hat!

Secondly, this much hyped and vaunted study only covered the two month period following measles infection and the reduced immunity varied from 11% - 73% in individuals, but we got no breakdown of these percentages in those 77 children.

There should be a law against this kind of over hyped misrepresentation of survey results.
Understand now George? ……and everyone.

Laura Hayes

Very unfortunately, Dr. Jay Gordon was selected to testify for the opposition during the final hearing for SB277 in CA back in 2015. I did not support his testifying.

His testimony begins at the 1:03:25 mark. Don't miss his comments at the 1:05:20 mark, and at the 1:08:30 mark. He may as well have testified in favor of SB277, and note his support for AB2109 (SB277's predecessor, requiring that a parent find a willing specified health care practitioner, then pay for and submit to a lecture of personal opinion by that specified health practitioner in hopes that they would then sign and make official their PBE for their effect, a medical exemption).


About "immune amnesia" from having actual measles ? Well then, wouldn't getting measles vaccine -- over and over -- do the same thing ?

I remember Mark Blaxill saying, some years ago, saying that chronic measles in gut was very common in autistic kids.

In what way is measles from vaccine(s) okay if the dreaded genuine measles virus not okay ?


This would be cutting-edge if it were thirty years ago. What is this, a tiny, minute percentage of children MAY be reacting to vaccines with autism? One family has seven children, the first four with autism? They didn't say it, but I assume that the last three without autism didn't get the vaccines? So just a coincidence, POSSIBLY, MAYBE, there's a SMALL chance that maybe yeah, the vaccines had something to do with it? No proof, gotta talk VERY quietly about it, vaccines are great, are they kidding? Can't scare the parents? You'd rather they got autism than skip vaccines for mild or very rare diseases? Don't wanna scare the parents about autism? We oughta maybe make it fewer vaccines, go slower, but still get all or nearly all of them? Come on, guys, you've got a bully pulpit, why are you acting like it's 600? Measles causes immune amnesia? You believe EVERYTHING out of the pharma mouth? Measles causes immune suppression for a few weeks, to an unusual degree for a universal childhood disease, and then you get well. That's how it's always worked. I had measles, everyone I ever knew my age or older had measles, NO ONE had immune amnesia or negative outcomes. Yes, it can be a nasty disease with a high fever, but it has SO MANY long-term benefits! Why are you sagely tossing back and forth the platitude, Oh, measles, a terrible, awful disease! More dangerous than we knew! But it gives permanent immunity, the ability to protect future infants, in Africa the 90% who RECOVER from natural measles enjoy only ONE-FIFTH the all-cause mortality as those who didn't get measles (Aaby, Senegal study). Dr. Aaby discovered that measles does NOT cause long-term immune problems. Measles prevents cancer, heart disease, eczema, skin and bone diseases, and strengthens immune function for life. Give vitamin A, do NOT give fever reducers, keep the patient quiet and well-hydrated in bed, recuperation time quiet at home for two or three weeks after the day the rash appears. YES, you have to nurse measles carefully, but it is a GOOD disease to get, and if you just believe every pharma-funded study released, you're not doing the public any good at all. Why did Dr. Gordon not say something along these lines?

Vicki L

I saw this live and couldn't believe my eyes and ears. FINALLY, someone on tv has a real discussion about the vaccine/autism connection. Thank you Bill Maher for having the balls to have Dr. Gordon on your show and not trying to portray him as a crackpot.
I watch Maher's show every week and agree with a lot of his views. I am a total liberal yet can't believe how much the dems have their heads in the sand.
We are losing our country to populist hate, greed, bigotry and liberal cowardice.
I have never been more ashamed of this country than I am right now.

George Mead

I was astonished when I watched that interview this afternoon, (I don't pay for HBO I download Bill's show). Bill stated clearly what we have been asserting for years, the vax vs anti-vax argument is a false dichotomy. Pharma is not trusted in ANY WAY on any other subject but when it comes to vaccination, any question what-so-ever is blasphemy, punishable by torture to death, (this is a minor exaggeration, I know).

I first discovered the new study they mentioned on Halloween while scanning my Google Newsfeed.

Measles virus infection diminishes preexisting antibodies that offer protection from other pathogens

The coverage is massive and even greater today. It is and will be used to insist that measels vaccination is essential to protect us all. I even saw a link to a headline suggesting the arrest oe parents for failure to vaccinate! NBC has an article titled: Measles virus could wipe out the immune system's 'memory,' new research suggests

The paper its self is at: Mina et al., Science 366, 599–606 (2019) 1 November 2019

I am by no means qualified to analize the sicence but I hope JFKjr or Andy Wakefield will respond soon.

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