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The Science is Settled! And Pluto is a Planet.... Again.

PlanetsOh how I laughed at a Facebook post on Ginger Taylor's page yesterday.  Back in August, NASA  Chief Jim Bridenstein declared that Pluto is a planet indeed, despite its intergalactic demotion in 2005.   My quip response was:

Poor Pluto... it's like planetary ASD in the DSM V.

I thought that was rather clever of me. Until I read Jill Zammit's comment:

How? I thought the science was settled?

And Jill wins the Internet!

One of the lines that vaccine injury apologists LOVE to throw around is: "THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED." Please read that in James Earl Jones' booming voice for proper resonance.

Sure. Vaccine science is settled. Like millions of American bellies after overindulging on Thanksgiving. Settled.

Find a showing of VAXXED II THE PEOPLE'S TRUTH and learn for yourself how settled is the science. The movie is completely unsettling. Especially the segments on Gardasil and SIDS, which bring in huge communities unrelated to us crazy anti-vaxxers seeking to blame something, anything for our kids autism.

Me? I don't need the head of NASA to tell me Pluto is a planet. I already know it. STEVE told me. And my kids have loved this song long after they left the Nick Jr age bracket. That's their autism. Just as real as Pluto.  I'll bet many of you can sing it with  me.  "Well the sun's a hot staaaarrrr....."



The science is neither settled nor sorted !

Fire Chief's will shock them into caring because they are definately in this world rather than of-it!

USA Fire Journal -Fire and Rescue Service History -Forgotton and Famous By Vinny Del Giudice
Of Mice and Matches ,
The Daily Patriot. July 29 1920
" It was like riding in an aeroplane to poor old Mickey " Cartoon caption of fireman Michael Mouse .

Mice gnawing on matches had started the fire !

Blame the wee mice for vaccine injuries? is the only excuse they have left! Tinderbox tutorials for failed, fractured, hopeless, feckless,helpless and totally useless, health and safety, basic risk assessments !

The Pipkins -Gimme Dat Ding -Youtube


Pluto is a victim of its own success. That’s why my pronouns are planet neutral.

Patricia P Tursi

The US, and most of the world, does not have "science" any more. What we have is corporate and special interest control which emit edicts to pronounce conclusions from with resulting benefits . A good example is the CDC Corporation which owns, sells, profits from and sets mandated schedules for administering vaccines. This whole "controversy" could be easily settled. Withdraw the 1986 Vaccine Act. Allow Victims access to our judicial court system to seek reparations, local trials by juries with local access instead of only DC access and open public access to information about these trials. I have a Ph.D. which partly focused on research and scientific method. What passes for science is antithetical to what I was taught. In fact, it is fraud.

Bo Moffit

So much for "science" ever being declared "settled". Were science truly settled .. we never have learned there are not only TWO GENDERS … there are instead somewhere in the unfolding settled "biological" science estimates of between 2 and 52 genders .. depending upon whomever declares himself the final arbitrator of "settled science" .. that particular "whomever" also vulnerable to his/her interpretation of settled science being .. in the favored term of settled science deniers … debunked.

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