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The Sadness

2DEACC75-A0C7-4E81-BF5A-9915ABCFD575  Note: She woke up trying to explain to me. She added elements from the scene. “Apple. Rabbit. Bottle. Hat. Oscar.”

This was what I Tweeted last night. 

Almost 25. Sobbing. She wants “Oscar bunny apple hat” Something from 50 years of Sesame Street episodes. This is autism..

My daughter went to bed so frustrated. I was so sad.  I can usually figure out what screenshot she wants from the Internet. Not last night. 

This. Is. Autism. 

57257142-B417-4032-91E4-B9204654166BShe like to carry small slips of paper. I have a system where I can print teeny from my phone. We cut and tape. She carries. That’s an example. Upside down. Like our lives. 

This. Is. Autism.




A bedtime "Comfort and snuggle down blanket " for the Rossi Lassies ! Suits all ages!

Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion - The Prayer .

Angus Files

Thanks Kim, that’s clever Jill, I never thought the repetitive playing of Thomas The Tank Engine (in our sons’ case) as a cosy blanket. We tried the sequential homeopathy from a classically trained homeopath and various protocols homeopathic based before and after that but alas one size doesn’t fit all, great to read it worked for your child. With our son the homeopath just thought he was to far gone body function wise, but who can say maybe one day he will just wake up and it will all be just a bad nightmare.

Much appreciated I will pass this onto my wife.

Pharma For Prison


Jill in MI

Hello Kim. I am sad for your girls and sad for you. Instead of the world embracing the stress, hard work and pain that you have been through, we are still hearing autism is just different. The day is coming when the man behind the curtain will be revealed. Looking forward to seeing VAXXED II tonight.

This is my two cents. My daughter was born perfectly healthy in July of 1993. The first Disney movie we took her to was The Lion King in June of 1994. She was not quite a year old and she fell asleep for most of the movie in my arms. I still have the little ticket stub in her baby book. Diagnosed AI at 2 1/2 years old, she obsessively watched The Lion King. Again and Again and Again and Again. As she got older she would switch to watching other Disney VHS tapes, but would always go back to The Lion King. Fast forward through intensive ABA, speech, sensory, vision, OT, etc., etc., we started sequential homeopathy. This is treatment of specific shocks and traumas (mainly drugs, vaccines, surgeries, but also emotional traumas) in a person’s life using homeopathic remedies. The traumas are identified by creating a “timeline” and then are treated in the reverse order (backwards from the present, to birth. Through her healing, she would revert to specific VHS Disney tapes and watch them obsessively. Many times, we could see where she was on her healing timeline by the date of that video. It didn't happen every time, but it was pretty consistent. When she had really tough clears, she would always go back to The Lion King. I knew we had reached a good place when she no longer watched Simba, Nala and those god awful hyenas.

These are just my observations. At the time I thought maybe she reverted to the Lion King because she felt safe there. A time when her brain was calm. Like a special blanket. A happy place before the storm. Maybe Sesame Street and Thomas the Train are the same safe places. I pray that all of our young adults heal. None of us are getting any younger. I pray that we can move past the paranoia of mandated MMRs and into intensive help for our families who have carried the craziness of autism for way too many years. Thank you for all you do Kim.


They are called losers.
The ones that are in their 30s and still living with their parents, playing video games.

The above is what my son wants for Christmas.
Do I get it or not? It is really expensive?

Brian Nomi

A moving post Kim. Thanks for sharing. It's a real glimpse of life with autism. I read AofA mostly because I'm trying to find the cure. I also agree with the principal that nobody should be compelled to undertake medical treatments that could cause autism, and parents should receive full information about vaccines and pollution in the world. I continue to believe life will get better, and someday there will be treatments that recover our beautiful kids. Hang in there, and don't give up.


Hi, Will. Are you are reader who is on the spectrum, yourself? Yes, you have a good eye. That's the CD-Rom Sesame Street Let's Make a Word from the mid 1990s - Mia still remembers it well and returns to it on YouTube often. It's one of the places I find screen shots for her.

Most of our readers' children on the spectrum remain connected to the TV shows, toys and songs of their toddlerhood. And yes, there are severely disabled. Curious as to why you put "autistic" in quotes. Do you not accept that my daughter and so many others share your diagnosis?

Thank you. Kim


That uploaded image looks like a 16 or 32 bit video game not a episode of Sesame Street . Most people with autism do not like Sesame just the significantly Intellectually Disabled "autistics".

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Some of the biggest meltdowns my son has ever had are when someone has used his iPad for an internet search - which screws up his primary means of navigation - the back button - to take him to the same old kiddie videos. My husband often wonders why our son watches videos aimed at two-year-olds. We both fear all the bridges to fuller development been burned.

Maurine Meleck

Everyday when Josh runs real trains on his computer, I am required to imitate the toots.
Same with the lions on his animal planet tapes. I am really good at the lion protecting its babies from an alligator.
any questions? This is fucking autism for a 22 year old boy.


Kim, I totally understand your sadness as I have an adult son who is also still watching Sesame Street videos and Thomas the Train and Winnie the Pooh. It is hard to accept that they are still interested in watching these things from childhood. This is autism.

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