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"Standing Orders" Is The Term for Covert Vaccination without Consent

Standing orders
US Citizens, whether fully pro vaccination or those who choose to select individual vaccines or none at all, need to understand that there is a workaround in place to make sure adults are agreeing to vaccination even when they don't know it.  The nurse will make you feel like you MUST have a vaccine because your d0ctor ordered it.Look at the info below - they make you think that adults are dying from "vaccine preventable" diseases in droves over children. And people are buying this!###


Standing orders streamline the delivery of adult immunizations by simplifying the process of identifying and vaccinating appropriate patients in your practice. By putting in place a routine, standardized process, such as a standing order, you empower your staff to assess and vaccinate patients according to current CDC recommendations, while you maintain overall control of the process.

Using standing orders (1) improves efficiency in delivering adult immunizations, and (2) increases overall adult immunization coverage rates, leading to improved patient health.

The Need For Standing Orders

Immunization rates for adults in the United States are unacceptably low: Influenza (49%), Tdap (17%), Zoster (24%).

As a result, more morbidity and mortality are associated with adult vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs) than with pediatric VPDs, where stronger immunization efforts exist.

In a busy adult practice covering a broad range of services, delivery of adult immunizations can become an overlooked preventive intervention, despite the fact that full insurance coverage for patients up to 65 years of age is available under the Affordable Care Act.

Medical practices can help remedy this situation by implementing standing orders. These key practice components have been demonstrated to:

Streamline assessment of the need for and the administration of vaccines
Improve vaccine coverage rates in the practice
Improve patient care

Despite the endorsement of the use of standing orders by multiple major medical and public health organizations, these simple tools are not being implemented in many adult practices, leading to multiple missed opportunities to vaccinate patients and to prevent unnecessary disease and death.



Kathryn Gaber

I would like to know how to make sure I am not given vaccines without my consent and knowledge should I arrive at the hospital in a state, conscious or otherwise, that prevents me from refusing them.

David Goldstein

This is yet another reason to boycott the sick bay for delivery !!!! Only when we realize how factory child birth at this institution is the worst , most dangerous place on earth to deliver , they will be forced to change their behavior . Combined w/ avoidance of their #1 profit center---the oncology ward --- a real revolutionary effect will happen---- Industrial health "care" will cease to exist as we know it . Hospitals are needed for surgery . Not for profiteering off our destruction ! Women have been successfully delivering babies for far longer than they have allowed doctors to control the process .....


When a person goes into the hospital make sure you do not sign the electronic forms. There is wording in those forms that you want to see on a hard copy, so you can cross out and add what you need to, such as crossing out words like "biological, vaccination." I had surgery a few years ago and when I returned to my room from recovery there was a nurse there waiting to give me a pneumonia shot. When I declined the shot, she just stood there and then looked at the syringe and said "What do I do with this, now." I told her; "Not my problem. Get it out of here."



Any time a person is treated without consent that is legally a battery or the unconsented touching of another with or without the intent to cause harm.

That is the basis of a legal action as well no matter what their protocol is as they have a duty to disclose all of the risk and complications in an informed consent. A law suit of that nature is not concerning the vaccine per se but the unconsented touching with intent to touch. You do not even have to bring up the vaccine, what is at issue is the lack of consent and the state cannot provide authority or consent the parents must do so.



And all hospitals gave the hep-B vaccine at birth to all newborns without their parents' knowledge or permission.


When a doctor tells parents that their child has autism, that blurb usually includes the assertion that the cause is somehow rooted in the child's own genetics ( .... ie: they completely absolve themselves, by blaming the defenceless child).

Does anyone understand how a doctor can tell the difference between a child who was (supposedly) born with autism, and one who was born healthy... and then was MADE autistic, by a Hep B vaccine that was given without the parents knowledge??

David m burd

Montana NAR,

Thanks! For you info. It is perplexing since the FDA 2018 data sheet says WI-38 diploid cells are used in making the MMR vaccine.

And you are indeed correct with your graphics of the 2019 CDC Vaccine Excipient chart showing the MMR vaccine is now missing the WI-38 component.

It would not surprise me that WI-38 diploid cells are still in the vaccine but have been dishonestly "censored" by our hopelessly corrupt CDC.

Montana NAR

If you are not already aware, there is more sleight of hand by changing or omitting ingredients in the CDC's Vaccine Excipient Summary.

"Measles Vaccine: CDC erases evidence of abortion-tainted ingredients"

Older Americans are at risk for this "Standing Orders" BS. I know two men in their 80s who just do what their doctors tell them to do. They submit to the authoritarian conduct of the doctors and staff, and do not question any medical procedures.


And all hospitals gave the hep-B vaccine at birth to all newborns without their parents' knowledge or permission. The law theoretically requiring informed consent was overridden by the concept of standing orders. When the pregnant woman checks into the hospital before giving birth, she signs a form which says that she consents to any medical procedure deemed advisable, including the hep-B vaccine.

Bob Moffit

During the Nuremberg trials following WWII … many of the defendants in the dock claimed they were merely following "standing orders" when they willingly .. some even eagerly .. participated in the "evacuation" .. (a better term for them than "extermination") .. of various ethnicities and religions who were loaded onto railway cars destined for the now infamous concentration camps where millions were ultimately "evacuated".

In their published Goals 2020 plan to MANDATE ADULT VACCINATIONS .. the euphemism "stakeholders" identifies those professions and organizations who will be implementing the STANDING ORDERS .. no different than those who stood in the dock at Nuremberg.

Jenny Allan

UK too. Parents need to be aware of this new 'vaccination by stealth' policy. In the UK this has been going on for years. Children older than 10 years, (or younger if they are deemed to understand the issues), can consent themselves to a range of medical procedures, including vaccines, under something called the Gillick Competency. There is no need for parental consent, or even a requirement to inform parents.

"Nudging Immunity: The Case for Vaccinating Children in School and Day Care by Default
We propose a policy under which children would be vaccinated at school or day-care by default, without requiring parental authorization, but with parents retaining the right to opt their children out of vaccination."

we propose a policy under which children would be vaccinated at school or day-care by default, without requiring parental authorization, but with parents retaining the right to opt their children out of vaccination.


Standing orders is code for removing informed consent.

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