OPINION: HPV vaccine incentive payments need to stop.
People Live in the Kind of Society they Build

Ron Paul on the Slippery Slope of Mandated Vaccination

Ron Paul TweetNo matter your stance on vaccination, every American should be stopping to consider the ramifications of any forced medical procedure or medication in this nation. The fact the your government can hold your job, schooling or hard earned benefits hostage of lack of a commercial product with  risk, questionable efficacy and zero corporate liability which combats a tiny percentage of infectious disease that pales when compared to the litany of medical ills that ravage our population is contrary to our nation's very DNA. 

We commemorate Veteran's Day on Monday, 11/11. Is this what our  men and women have fought for and lost their lives for throughout our nation's history - for the Federal and State governments to tell us what we must do to our actual bodies to participate in society?

Why are there no mandates surrounding obesity and heart disease? No forced statins. No school bans on students whose A1c has them on track for a lifetime of diabetes. Even cigarettes are still legal in the USA when they are known to cause cancer and other lung disease. Chronic diseases affect and INFECT families. Medical bankruptcy is a huge threat to the herd. Families go broke. They never recover. Children drop out of college. Retirement becomes a never ending string of low paying jobs. And yet we're panicked over measles?

Ron Paul, love him or hate him, we won't ever suggest how you should vote, brings up the truth of our time. 

Where there is risk, there must be choice. Our flag means something precious.


susan welch

Liz W. Have you researched the adverse reactions to vaccines?

Angus Files

Liz everything that is true can be proven thats not the case with vaccines.Not one independent vaccine test has ever been done.

Pharma For Prison


Liz W.

Vaccines prevent diseases that used to kill and permanently disabled people.

Dan Wiberg

I am just wondering who is willing to die to enforce such a thing?

Victoria Coyne

This Government’s FDA, Vaccines, Fraudulently labeled Devices, Toxic Cancer causing Implants, Toxic Biologics have already DESTROYED my life. 2x Coma from H1N1 , catastrophic SCI from device that is CONTRAINDICATED and Fraudulently labeled , which by the way is still on the market, caused paryalisis, Neurological Disease, Numerous Autoimmune diseases , Implants so toxic I was on my Death Bed, they literally destroyed my body, no longer have breasts, because of the, 40+ TOXIC CHEMICALS that you have to wear hazmat suit to handle but it is Ok to put inside a Womans Body, again the FDA covers up Years of proof of how dangerous they are, citing they don't cause Cancer, that's why woman are dying from the FDA's SAFE PRODUCT, I know, I was diagnosed in Feb with a RARE AGGRESSIVE form of Cancer , but that's doesn't matter because we can't hold ANYONE RESPONSIBLE, Thr Manufacturers are ALL protected EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT I HAVE HAD, Still have don't belong in the human body. My livelhood was taken from me, my body is destroyed, Finacially destroyed... So bad that now I have NO INS 1 month after being Diagnosed with Cancer because with Covid no income means No Doctors appts, No Treatment ,I am watching my life slip away. And NOT ONE THING IS BECAUSE OF ANYTHING I DID. No instead Doctors got paid a Million a year from mnfg , FDA won't do a thing about ANYTHING. And NOW IM SUPPOSE TO THINK ITS OK TO POISON ME MORE, It will have to be to my dead body. Who in the Hell gives them the right to do ANY OF THIS? Oh it's so CLEAR , This is about the Deranged Elite and Democrats , their Sadistic Agenda. They have ZERO VALUE for the Hardworking AMERICANS. I was probably one of Few that is their LIVING GUINEA PIG and even with ALL the proof NOTHING CHANGES. *** This is the SHORT VERSION, there is more. It is too late for me , they wrote the last chapter of my life , BUT THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ANYONE

John Stone




Well, here it comes... population reduction curtesy of your government and the 1%.
The government created the problem (COVID-19), the population panics - reaction, the government offers the solution - mandatory vaccination. If anyone believes that this virus is natural and not engineered they are complete fools and deserve to be vaccinated with whatever poison they are creating.

Greg Burton

The U.S. Government (CIA) has experimented with forced vaccinations on a captive population before. It was called 'Jonestown'. "http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2020/march/16/the-coronavirus-hoax/"

Adela Ludeke

Kudos to Ron Paul for speaking out against this.

Dianne gill

Great site lots of good links! More people should read these articles. Thank you!


Hi Frederic Chopin,
It appears that the argument you are using is that it is fine to inject people with things that will damage their health as long as it doesn't make them contagious?The "at least it is not infectious, so who cares if it produces long term harm" argument has not worked well for companies involved, for example, in releasing toxins. Minamata springs to mind. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamata_disease
Non infectious destruction of people's health and lives is also generally considered a bad thing....


You can find the source for this quote by googling, “Ron Paul the rise of mandatory and forced vaccination legislation”.


Chopin is right, chronic disease isn't contagious in the traditional sense. Clearly something is causing the contagion like numbers of chronic illness. Mental disorders are on the rise in the US. too. The fastest growing demographic is school age children.
We've all been the study that showed mental health taking a dive right after flu vaccination and lasting for about a year ( just in time for the next flu shot).

But what about immune health in general?
This study makes one pause as clearly a immune trigger is responsible. I would love to see if they could study the number one cause of over stimulated immune systems, ie injections if foreign chemicals and proteins (vaccination). But sadly they problem would be denied funding and or the ability to publish their findings.

Marguerite Portagallo

I'm trying to find Ron Paul's original post on Instagram and it doesn't seem to be on his feed. Also his Instagram account is Dr. Ron Paul, not Ron Paul. I would like to share this but I need to see that he actually posted this. Can someone tell me where to find it?


California mandates vaccinations. Ask yourself why a one day old baby needs a hepatitis B shot. You can only get Hep B through contact with blood, saliva, or sperm. It’s like a sexually transmitted disease or a disease you find among addicts who use needles. Japan doesn’t inoculate babies with Hep B shots unless of course they are born to a Hep B infected mother. The CDC is well financed by Big Pharma to say that babies needs all these unnecessary shots. Big Pharma pays off state legislatures to make sure these shots are mandated by law. Everyone is getting money, and these shots are causing harm. These shots are not without risk, and many babies are injured. But since the media makes. Huge amount of money from Big Pharma advertising, so they won’t report this information about the risk and dangers of immunizations.

Bob Moffit

@ Fats Waller

'Actually, Bob, Tucker Carlson has a vaccine-injured child and is on our side. He had RFK Jr. on his program twice. Obviously the network limits what he can say openly, but I think he want us to read between the lines."

I do mean to unfairly target Tucker for not speaking about vaccines … after all it is quite obvious the entire foxnews network no doubt has "standing orders" to refrain from broaching the subject .. no matter how egregious things have become. Consider .. every single foxnews anchor is quite willing to rage about politicians trying to "take our guns from us in violation of our Second Amendment Right to bear arms' … yet … I have never heard a single foxnews anchor even mention the ongoing nationwide effort to deny parents their universal humanitarian right to INFORMED CONSENT .. even though THOUSANDS OF FAMILIES IN CALIF, NEW YORK, MAINE, etc .. have been demonstrating to protest their State Legislators removing religious, philosophical, medical EXEMPTIONS from vaccines … going so far as to PROSECUTE NON-COMPLYING FAMILIES BY DENYING THEIR CHILDREN BASIC RIGHT TO ACCESS TO PUBLIC EDUCATION.





At the first ever presidential debate regarding climate social justice, Senator Corey Booker gives a nod to Peter Hotez's expertise on neglected "tropical" diseases. I guess "tropical" is code for where people of color live. The good Senator is shocked to find that these diseases exist in (not so tropical) America as well. My blood boils - for a multitude of reasons. How is it possible that a presidential candidate is so out of touch with how so many African Americans feel about Hotez's denial of vaccine injury?! Where does Senator Booker sit on Dr Hooker's analysis of the race effect concerning the timing of the receipt of the MMR for AA male children?! The words, "Oh you found it" are undeniable! How can you sit in a room full of African Americans and evoke the name of someone who has played a very heavy hand in perpetuating the most racist act of all in modern times?! Not to mention Hotez shutting down Reverend Sharpton's attempt to host an event that (no doubt) many members of the African American community are concerned with. Finally, pharma's success at maligning families living under some of the most brutal circumstances watching their children live with vaccine injury, with climate change denialists, is one of the most egregious acts ever. Why does no one ask how much of impact sustaining a population of chronically ill human beings has on the environment? What kind of toll is the manufacturing and distribution of insulin, epipens, ibuterol, seizure meds, etc. having of Planet Earth?! Why are we using even a drop of jet fuel to deliver the DPT vaccine to remote regions of the world to (according to Dr Aaby) will kill more children then it will save. Yep, Senator, it could very well be the fact that we have twelve years to save the planet, which means you one month to wake up to real vaccine science.

Angus Files

If they were having and giving their own children the vaccines, you would sit up and listen. As with cigarettes the Original Marlboro Man Robert Norris died sadly this week having never smoked a fag in his life.The reason he quit doing ads was so that he could set a good example to his children .Now wouldn’t that be an idea Chop et-al? I think that with vaccines and the ones pushing them the same trick applies do as I tell you....or will they provide the evidence that says different.

A great article many thanks..


Pharma For Prison



Mandatory tetanus vaccination makes the infectious argument a moot point. I would also argue as does the targeting of infections that are blood-born pathogens. In addition, as chronic illness can be the result of vaccination the fact remains that we are spreading disease infectious or not. To suspend, or eliminate, participation in civil society because not everyone wishes to participate in a practice that spreads disease is the exact opposite of civility.

Fats Waller

Actually, Bob, Tucker Carlson has a vaccine-injured child and is on our side. He had RFK Jr. on his program twice. Obviously the network limits what he can say openly, but I think he want us to read between the lines. His denunciations of state takeovers of parental responsibilities implies that parents should decide their children's vaccination schedules (even if he doesn't explicitly say that). Try listening to one of his frequent jeremiads against the opioid epidemic, and whenever he says the word "opioid" substitute the word "Vaccination": you'll find it makes perfect sense.


Hi Barry. Chronic disease affects the herd far more than measles or chicken pox. It bankrupts families It costs taxpayers billions. That’s my point. Protecting citizens is not the goal of mass vaccination. Thank you.


I wasn't trying to argue your point about chronic disease. I agree that chronic disease is a major issue in today's society, and I also believe that vaccines are responsible for creating a lot of that chronic disease. But that's a whole other conversation.

It struck me that Fredrick was trying imply that mandated vaccination is somehow OK, because it counteracts the spread of infectious disease.

Not only do I disagree with that this reasoning somehow makes it OK, I don't even believe that vaccines prevent disease.


Theaters Cancel Vaxxed2 Q&A Sessions:

Theaters across the nation, cancelled previously authorized Q&A sessions which were scheduled to take place following the screening of Vaxxed2. In this Boston AMC theater, Dr Ayyadurai gave an impassioned call-to-action to audience members outside the theater. (7 Mins)


Greg Hill

I believe a good case can be made that the epidemic of "Obesity, heart disease, hyperlipidemia and diabetes," often starting in childhood, are every bit as much caused by mass vaccination as the kind of brain inflammation that causes ASD. Andrew Wakefield was among the first to notice the connection between vaccination and gut dysbiosis, and between gut dysbiosis and brain disfunction. The now widely recognized "gut-brain" axis of those suffering from gut dysbiosis appears to be largely responsible (along with the food processing industry, of course, and government dietary recommendations) for the poor diet and lifestyle choices that underlie all of these chronic diseases. So vaccination causes gut dysbiosis, gut dysbiosis causes poor choices in diet and lifestyle, and poor choices in diet and lifestyle causes chronic diseases. It appears to me that in order to deny that connection is like admitting that vaccination does cause brain encephalitis, and brain encephalitis does cause autism, then turning around, as the "vaccine court" does, and claiming "but vaccination does not cause autism."


LOL! Mr. Music man! Chop in:

Obesity, heart disease, hyperlipidemia and diabetes may not be contagious (they don't spread to other people), but ya have to live with them for the rest of your shorten life span.

I love Ron, I love Rand too. Being his constituent; he calls me every once in a while and I get to listen to him about things that concern my area. He has his finger on our plus here. McCreary county loves their national forest (government bought up most of the land there), but they would like just a little of it back to put up a few stores on the sides of the road here and there.

Once the government owns it --our land, our country or even our bodies; stagnation and tyranny follows.

Igor Stravinsky


Don’t talk drivel: you have survived most of your life with exposure to people who were not vaccinated against most of the infectious diseases covered now, or whose immunity may have lapsed - perhaps you even had to examine them closely - but you were not shaking in your shoes at every encounter. Perhaps, you would support a vaccinate vs unvaccinated study to the relative likelihood of getting these non-infectious diseases you mention among the two groups, or perhaps you think you wouldn’t like the results.


Hi Barry. Chronic disease affects the herd far more than measles or chicken pox. It bankrupts families It costs taxpayers billions. That’s my point. Protecting citizens is not the goal of mass vaccination. Thank you.


Obesity, heart disease, hyperlipidemia and diabetes aren't contagious (they don't spread to other people).


And there is no scientific proof, that any vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

So what's your point again?

Gary Ogden

Right on the money. Thank you, Ron Paul.

Frederic Chopin

Obesity, heart disease, hyperlipidemia and diabetes aren't contagious (they don't spread to other people).


The following is just a partial of toxins that are known to be in vaccines:

Polysorbate 80
Aborted human fetal tissue

If the word 'vaccine' was removed from this story line, can anyone imagine a single other scenario where parents would allow a complete stranger, to inject any one (.. much less all!) of these toxins into their child?

Or where doing such a thing would ever be considered sane, or even legal ?

Bob Moffit

Watched Tucker Carlson last night … segment on proposal of Dem Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris to lengthen the school day to 6:00 PM .. a former teacher explained this proposal is being pushed by teacher's unions .. it signals the growing agenda of having our children raised by the State .. rather than parents. Predictably Tucker did not mention growing control over children by mandating vaccine compliance regardless of parent's universal right to informed consent.

Which is worse … lengthening school day or mandating vaccines for children without parental consent? Seems obvious to me .. but .. Tucker somehow doesn't agree.

John Stone

Yes, and it is the ultimate means to the political control of everything by the pharmaceutical lobby - politicians may cheat themselves that they are making wise choices for citizens about health but they are choking any independence from corporate control they ever had. Probably does not matter to most of them providing they can behave like big-shots and enjoy the patronage. Swank.

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