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Gardasil Sidelines Young Man's Tennis Career

People Live in the Kind of Society they Build

The Jesse TreeNote: Cathy has the weekend off with her beautiful family. One sentence from this post she wrote in 2016 caught my eye. And felt like a punch to my stomach. "People live in the society they build." What have we built here in the USA. A culture that protects everyone except the vaccine injured. A country where the government gleefully denies basic constitutional rights in favor of industry. A nation that exalts celebrities and pretends to care about victims. A population unable to stick to a story for more than a screen shot - the result is the major stories that impact us Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself are quickly forgotten and buried. We live in the society we built. Lord help us. XOX  Kim

By Cathy Jameson

Every evening for the last two weeks, I’ve read a page from a book called The Jesse Tree.  Bought years ago when I was still teaching, the book rests on a shelf in my living room for most of the year.  Filled with hope and thoughtful reflections, I look forward to using it with my own children starting the first week of Advent.  The book is very simple and helps us remember the reason for the season.  Read aloud right before we eat dinner, the kids learn something from it.  Most days, I do, too. 

The book I have encourages conversations about Jesus, about His lineage, and about how we’re called to serve others in His name.  The messages are quick and concise, and the symbols that accompany each story are meaningful as well.  The very first symbol is a family tree.  The tree’s branches are empty on day 1, but the excitement of which story and which symbol will be next keeps my kids interested.  Ronan isn’t as in tune as his siblings are, and he offers no input when I ask the kids about what they think the next story will be, but he sits and listens to the chatter around the table each night. 

One message that popped off the page at me on Tuesday evening had me going back to meditate on the passage and the short prayer that accompanied that day’s devotion.  The reading was from Exodus, the reflection was about Moses and the people of Israel, and the symbol was the Ten Commandments.  But it was something else that the author stated that caught my attention: “People live in the kind of society they build.” 

How true. 

As a child, the society that I envisioned I’d be living in as an adult is much different than the one I am living now.  Plus, never did I ever think I’d be part of two societies–one where my typical kids hang out and one where my child with special needs hangs out.  Sure, we crossover, but many times Ronan will stay in his own world while his siblings frolic and thrive in another.  As a family, we try to bridge the two societies as much as we can.  Ronan joins the siblings at their sporting events.  They join him for some of his therapy sessions.  They share some time together which we all find inspiring.  Some things shouldn’t be shared, though, like when Ronan becomes aggressive and attempts to pull his sisters’ hair.  We work through those terrible times always praying that positive encounters will be right around the corner. 

As a child of the 70s, I knew nothing about autism.  As a teen in the 80s, I still hadn’t heard of the disorder.  As a teacher in the late 90s, I had yet to see a student who struggled like so many children do today.  By the 90s, I’d finally heard of autism, but it wasn’t until the next decade did my son’s autism introduce me to a society where I have become a long-term resident.   

Thinking about who’s helped me find my way in a place where I had no direction and that I had desire to be, I recalled past conversations with other newbie parents.  I remembered other parents, the veterans of the community, and their words of wisdom.  I also thought about the groups and companies that helped me learn how to help Ronan.  Honored to serve others, each person I’d encountered had become a beacon for me.  Their acts of kindness were forever etched in my heart, and each one is still very much cherished by me. 

We’ve been helped by many people.  Through prayer, through donations, through heartfelt messages, I couldn’t do what I Tree AofAhave to for my son without the help of others.  I couldn’t contribute to or build up both societies that I now belong to either – Ronan’s and his siblings, without that help.  The author’s words reminded me of that last Tuesday night.  That night I thought, if I had an autism Jesse Tree, the symbols I’d place on its branches would be of those people, those groups, and those businesses who continue to provide hope to families like mine. 

Helping us to prayerfully prepare for Christ’s birth, my children are happy with the simple tradition we’ve created with our Jesse Tree book.  We begin by lighting the candles of the Advent wreath.  We then recall a short Bible story.  We think about each symbol presented and also reflect on a question or two.  Saying a simple prayer that ties in that day’s topic as well as naming some special intentions, we get to enjoy a few peaceful minutes together.  Peace and autism don’t always go hand-in-hand, but those 5 – 10 minutes that this devotional experience has provided us has been such a blessing to me and my family.  This season and always, I pray that each of you may also filled with an abundance of blessings.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


Jenny Allan

Big Bill Gates vaccinations article in the UK Mail today:-
"Bill Gates backs Mail on jabs: Microsoft founder joins fight after witnessing horror measles inflicts on young and writes article arguing anti-vaxx scare is harming our children."

I think we can safely assume the 'backing' is financial, with money funnelled from the very profitable vaccine manufacturers too. It's ridiculous to state 'thirld world' diseases and conditions are applicable to the developed world. In any case, it appears many of the diseases vaccinated against are making a reappearance in the US and UK and elsewhere due to the vaccines wearing off or the viruses and bacteria evolving resistence. They include mumps, in young adults, measles in older adults, and dangerous whooping cough in young infants.

Jenny Allan

@ John Stone "Mail just had Gates on plugging MMR. I went to look for their Bill Gates/Epstein story and it was missing. "

Scary isn't it. These people have endless money and plainly think they are not only above the law, but are quite determined to ensure laws are implemented to enforce their aims. No matter whether tbeir intentions are good or evil, although trafficking under age girls to satisfy the perversions of paedophiles is disgusting. I have copied this article, before it is pulled. It does not sit well with the Mail's current vaccine campaign, although that should also be seen for what it actually is-paid for advertisments, dressed up to look like a health initiative.

' The road to hell is paved with good intentions.'

In the UK, we are faced with the spectre of enforced child vaccinations, via a Health Secretary who happily accepts corporate sponsored bungs of cash. Maybe we should just 'call a spade a spade' and call these payments bribes.

John Stone

Epstein/Gates story has come up

John Stone

And, of course, there is Epstein and Bill Gates. The Mail just had Gates on plugging MMR. I went to look for their Bill Gates/Epstein story and it was missing. It is about the first time I have known them remove a story, though I fear it may be the shape of things to come.


In your wildest dreams when you took your little sweetie to get its vaccinations did you think it would it would end up the way it did?

That said; Deep state; Did you spend hours in front of the computer watching the IACC meeting for those few years? What did you see? A bunch of government people covering their asses as they feigned stupidity? Deep state is what we all know best. WHY would it end with the carnages of vaccine harmed children?

Let us start a list of other deep state evils, and then debate it by the standards of the left vs the right which will then go back and forth forever.

We thought it was bad watching the IACC meetings, how about a high profile prisoner killing himself in a federal prison that has not had murdered/suicided for decades?

How about that ozone layer that gets bigger in the dark winter months and then gets smaller when the sun hits it during the summer, but darn we are still paying plenty for air conditioning gases.

So much; but then you got it figured out that I am leaning to the right so no need to think about what I have to say at all about the matter. I am just stupid.

And Eindecker run along some where else and harassed CIA no more.

Donna L.

I'm afraid I don't understand, Carol. You seem to be implying that we are not allowed to question what we're told by the media, by the so-called authorities, etc.
This site wouldn't even exist if that were the case. What would be the point? We would all just rest comfortably knowing that our doctors and the CDC and GAVI, etc. had our best interests at heart.

John Stone


It is obviously how power is wielded - it’s like there is no need to offer a credible explanation either for events to ordinary citizens or for the actions of the state: we are just continually treated with disdain as governments and global corporations construct fake narratives. For instance, according to the MSM we are all supposed to be terrified of measles but it has all been cooked up by the White House (Obama), the WHO, GAVI etc as I have among others documented comprehensively. With a case like Epstein there is no attempt even at a coherent narrative and it is in insult. If it’s Mossad or something the machine is still covering for them.


So, John, is it deep state if, say, Israel murdered Epstein? Just wondering how much you've thought this through. That's OK. Don't bother to answer.

I suppose this has become a QAnon site or at least QAnon-adjacent. That makes me sad. I don't think Dan would have fallen for that.

John Stone


The question might be not how it was done but who had an interest in Epstein not giving testimony. Well, many people will no doubt be relieved. But we are confronted with the deep state, and the pusillanimous mainstream media.


Here is the link to the Daily Mail article re Snopes:


@Eindecker: You may want to perform a bit of due diligence re before you start quoting it as some sort of reliable source.

*And before you start trashing the source of this story, the below is taken directly from court docs...

Fake news arbiter 'defrauded his own site to pay for prostitutes'


..."The Mikkelsons founded the site in 1995. The couple had met in the early 1990s on a folklore-themed online message board, and married before setting up the site.

Profiles of the website disclose that for some time before it was set up, the couple had posed as The San Fernardo Valley Folklore Society, using its name on letterheads, even though it did not exist."

A profile for the Webby Awards published in October describes it as 'an entity dreamed up to help make the inquiries seem more legit'.

David Mikkeleson told the Los Angeles Times in 1997: 'When I sent letters out to companies, I found I got a much better response with an official-looking organization's stationery.'

In 2015, their marriage ended in divorce - but a bitter legal dispute continues.

Both stayed on as co-owners of Snopes - which is registered under its legal name of Bardav, Inc. and were its sole board members.

Headline re Daily Mail article:

Facebook has announced plans to check for 'fake news' using a series of organizations to assess whether stories are true

One of them is a website called which claims to be one of the web's 'essential resources' and 'painstaking, scholarly and reliable'

It was founded by husband-and-wife Barbara and David Mikkelson, who used a letterhead claiming they were a non-existent society to start their research

Now they are divorced - with Barbara claiming in legal documents he embezzled $98,000 of company money and spent it on 'himself and prostitutes'

In a lengthy and bitter legal dispute he is claiming to be underpaid and demanding 'industry standard' or at least $360,000 a year

The two also dispute what are basic facts of their case - despite saying its 'ownership' is committed to 'accuracy and impartiality' founder David Mikkelson's new wife Elyssa Young is employed by the website as an administrator

She has worked as an escort and porn actress and despite claims website is non-political ran as a Libertarian for Congress on a 'Dump Bush' platform

Its main 'fact checker' is Kimberly LaCapria, whose blog 'ViceVixen' says she is in touch with her 'domme side' and has posted on while smoking pot



Well, there you go. Who says that Pizzagate was fictitious? The staunchest supporters of De--- fictional narratives. "It has been judged to be false after detailed investigation by the fact-checking website and The New York Times.[47][61][62] Numerous news organizations have debunked it as a conspiracy theory, including: the New York Observer,[63] The Washington Post,[64] The Independent in London,[65] The Huffington Post,[66] The Washington Times,[67] the Los Angeles Times,[68] Fox News,[69] CNN,[70] and the Miami Herald.[5] The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia characterized the matter as "fictitious".[5]"

Every one of them a lying news outlet. Anyone who can read the article I linked yesterday from aceloewgold and say it's fictitious is either mentally challenged or a liar. Did you read it? No one has disputed that the emails are genuine. "Let us know if you're coming. We only have a single piece of "pizza" and need to know how thinly to slice it." "Do you want the handkerchief we found back? It seems to have pizza-related stains on it." The whole sordid story of certain parties engaging in stealing children in Haiti to spirit them out of the country. A comment on a photo of an infant with an open mouth in his Instagram which Alafante labeled Hotard. So why do you think that some of the parties involved, major actors in the - Party, have paintings in their homes of children tied up wearing only their underwear?

Who do you think would defend all of this? Oh, yeah, just like with the vaccine lords, those who are hoping to drag this out and die before they get their life sentences or worse.

Eindeker, I like you, but listen to yourself. You're saying that those who have the most to gain by disseminating the party line are undoubtedly telling the truth, and this is demonstrated by the sheer numbers of liars parroting the same approved party propaganda. Now look at the sheer numbers of those arrested and convicted of participating in child sex trafficking, either the structure or the abuse of the individual children trafficked. Epstein and the ---s were deeply involved in this: several underage girls have given testimony about their grooming and being taken to E's island, and what they were forced to do there. Or in his home. And just like awards in Vaccine Court, the true numbers are magnitudes higher. Just as with vaccines and illegal drug trafficking we've got money and power on one side (and the lying, bought mainstream media) and the suffering of victims and the truth on the other.


John, your comment is ridiculous unless you actually think Hillary Clinton killed Jeffrey Epstein, or Jeffrey Epstein happened to be a friend of yours. I'm puzzled. You don't have to be Carnac the Magnificent to know the answer is always "Hillary Clinton," but what is the question?

I've become interested in World War I, which I had always dismissed as an idiotic mess. I was surprised to see how much there is on Amazon Prime. (The footage does become repetitive pretty quickly.) In one video a mention was made that Germany gave millions to Lenin to overthrow the czar of Russia (who had it coming, imo). Of course! Smart. Why be in some horrible shooting war when you can destroy your adversary from within? Lenin withdrew Russia from World War I and Germany got breathing space on her eastern front. Russia learned that lesson well. Happy Armistice Day.

John Stone


I am sure it is incredibly funny, like so many things said about “anti-vaxxers” perhaps? I am still laughing at those.

David L

Outraged Thai officials say they have been forced to “clearly explain” to US officials that Thailand’s priority is the health of Thai consumers. “Our job is to take care of the people’s health,” the public health minister, Anutin Charnvirakul, told the press. ...If only US leaders had such moral clarity.

"People live in the society they build." What have we built here in the USA. A culture that protects everyone except the vaccine injured. A country where the government gleefully denies basic constitutional rights in favor of industry. A nation that exalts celebrities and pretends to care about victims. Thank you Kim.

People over Profit, NOT Profit over people. The movement begins.
Alone, a snowflake. Together, an avalanche.


Trevor Noah asked Hillary Clinton *how* she killed Epstein, which is a whole lot funnier than what I said.


Cia take your head out of the sand & smell the coffee:
The conspiracy theory has been widely discredited and debunked. It has been judged to be false after detailed investigation by the fact-checking website and The New York Times.[47][61][62] Numerous news organizations have debunked it as a conspiracy theory, including: the New York Observer,[63] The Washington Post,[64] The Independent in London,[65] The Huffington Post,[66] The Washington Times,[67] the Los Angeles Times,[68] Fox News,[69] CNN,[70] and the Miami Herald.[5] The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia characterized the matter as "fictitious".[5]

Much of the purported evidence cited by the conspiracy theory's proponents had been taken from entirely different sources and made to appear as if it supported the conspiracy.[4] Images of children of family and friends of the pizzeria's staff were taken from social media sites such as Instagram and claimed to be photos of victims.[61] The Charlotte Observer noted the diverse group of sources that had debunked the conspiracy theory and pointed out that this included the Fox News Channel in addition to The New York Times.[41]

On December 10, 2016, The New York Times published an article that analyzed the theory's claims.[2] They emphasized that:

Theorists linked the conspiracy to Comet Ping Pong through similarities between company logos and symbols related to Satanism and pedophilia. However, The Times noted similarities were also found in the logos of a number of unrelated companies, such as AOL, Time Warner, and MSN.[2]
Theorists claimed an underground network beneath Comet Ping Pong; the restaurant has no basement, however, and the picture used to support this claim was taken in another facility.[2]
Theorists claimed to have a picture of restaurant owner Alefantis wearing a T-shirt endorsing pedophilia. However, the image was of another person, and the shirt, which read "J' ❤ L'Enfant," was actually a reference to the L'Enfant Cafe-Bar in DC, whose owner was pictured in the image, and which itself is named after Pierre Charles L'Enfant, the designer of much of the layout of Washington, D.C.[2]
Theorists claimed John and Tony Podesta kidnapped Madeleine McCann using police sketches that were, in fact, two sketches of the same suspect taken from the descriptions of two eyewitnesses.[2]
No alleged victims have come forward and no physical evidence has been found.[71]




They said at the time that Epstein had been under 24-hour suicide watch since it had appeared that he may have tried to kill himself earlier in July. So how did he manage to strangle himself with no materials with which he could have done so? Why were there no guards, no video tape surveilling him? And now this autopsy report appears to say that he could not, in fact, have strangled himself, that he had been murdered. At the time there were reports of loud screams for help coming from the area of his cell. And there were reports that he had seemed to be in a good mood, adjusting to prison life, seeming resigned to the calm of his new life, eating well, interested in his own defense, talking with his lawyers.

While there were many thousands of pages of documentation on the events which had just been released. They were going to be used in court proceedings against him. Don't you think there was probably a lot of evidence incriminating some of the many powerful people involved in what he did? Evidence which they knew would never be made public if his death put an end to the possibility of any court proceedings.

John Stone


I wasn’t aware of the meme, but there’s still a basic problem of how Epstein died.



Not true. I kept a lot of links from the time and just went to some of them to find this. Alefantis SAID to a BBC reporter that Comet Ping Pong had no basement (after he realized that it might behoove him to cut links with reports of a basement), but to Metro Weekly the year before, he had said that his restaurant grew its own tomatoes, canned them, and stored them in the basement.

Yeah, they talked a lot about there being no basement where the criminal activities allegedly took place. But David Seaman discovered that there was a place called Pegasus Museum, which wasn't a museum, owned by the same people as Comet Ping Pong (Pizza), which overlooked a playground, and it appeared to be the location of what Alefantis had called a "kill room" in one of his Instagram posts (a photo of his post is in the link here at aceloewgold). I don't know if you saw the "art work" that was at Comet until they got scared and painted over it: photos remain of it. Also that at the Podestá residence.

"When speaking to the BBC recently about the theories that Comet Ping Pong’s basement is somehow implicated in child trafficking, Alefantis told the reporter that Pizzagate researchers have been unable to get basic facts straight, as Comet Ping Pong has no basement. However, this directly contradicts a claim he made when interviewed for a 2015 article by Metro Weekly, in which he says Comet Ping Pong does indeed have a basement, used to store supplies. This would be normal for a restaurant, but what is abnormal is his self-contradiction about a basic feature of his own eatery."

ALEFANTIS: Well, we make everything from scratch. Other restaurants, even good restaurants, will, like, not roast their own peppers. You can just buy the roasted peppers in a can. Or you can buy garlic oil. Some products you can get, and they’re consistent and they’re easy. But I didn’t even know that existed actually until they said that. I was like, “What do you mean? There’s another way? You can just buy these things?” Because a lot of restaurants will open a can and put it on. Like our sauce — we harvest a whole crop of organic tomatoes — 10 tons of tomatoes every year. Can them all, store them in the basement, have like a harvest party when it gets loaded in.

And those who tried to "debunk" the whole thing were the same MSM outlets that we're talking about now. You have to ask yourself if they were trustworthy sources of news, and I would say that they were and are not.


Sometimes my ears ring from the sound of my own whistle.


This just in:

Dozens of women trafficked by Jeffery Epstein demand to reopen an investigation into the death of Sandra Bland.



Exactly. Just last week when I was talking to my friend about the new censorship, she used the phrase conspiracy theories several times, in an effort to place herself in the camp of the rationalists (a word another friend mistakenly used yesterday to characterize himself). And a third friend last week said on the phone that Google was just trying to protect us from scams trying to steal our money. All of them believing that is it THEY who are the clear-thinking, sensible people in line with the truth as presented by the MSM and Google. And NONE of them give any credence at all to my certainty that my daughter has autism from obvious and dramatic reactions to vaccines. It seems very odd that if you give sheep an insulting word to characterize the unfavored side, so many will grab onto it enthusiastically and tirelessly use it to demonize those like us, who reject the party line. And it goes without saying that none of them believe the sex abuse scandals I mentioned earlier. No, that's not quite true. The rationalist is very keen on the abuses perpetrated by Catholic clergy, as, as was to be expected, he rejects belief in God and believers.

I think I will scream if I hear the word "conspiracy" used one more time about these issues. J.B. Handley said some years ago that sometimes conspiracy theories are true, and that is the case now. It's just a way to insult us and shut us up. They wish.


Cia "Pizzagate" has been totally and utterly debunked numerous times, the cellar didn't exist in the restaurant for starters, the supposedly mysterious door allegedly leading to the cellar actually led to the computer used in the restaurant. There was a recent program on the BBC showing what utter nonsense the whole thing was. Even Alex Jones has now had to issue a public statement ""To my knowledge today, neither Mr. Alefantis, nor his restaurant Comet Ping Pong, were involved in any human trafficking as was part of the theories about Pizzagate that were being written about in many media outlets and which we commented upon." Wiki gives a detailed summary of the whole sorry affair



That Hillary Clinton is being accused of killing Jeffrey Epstein is...well I guess you could say it's a meme. Trevor Noah (jokingly) asked Hillary Clinton about it. I don't even watch Trevor Noah and I saw that clip. As far as I know, few in the meme-isphere are talking about Russia or Israel (or Trump) being responsible.

I don't know what Kim had in mind, of course.

Donna L.

What John said.
Carol, I probably represent the average AofA reader/autism parent, and I can tell you for a fact, personally identifying with either the Right or the Left is a luxury that left the building at least ten or fifteen years ago. We are dying -- literally -- out here in the autism trenches. We could not care less about who it is that exposes the truth to the public. We just want the carnage to end.

John Stone


People from all corners think there has been an Epstein cover-up - we’ve all lived to see the political landscape change beyond recognition. This has got nothing much to do anymore with Right or Left as we understood them, which I guess is why Kim mentioned it. It has a lot to do with the universal perversion of the MSM. Although it has never been satisfactorily resolved how Robert Maxwell died there was at least some level of curiosity from the MSM, but they have pretty much given up over Epstein. Likewise they gang up mindlessly against anything vaccine critical to please their corporate masters. Anyone not in step with the mainstream narrative is just “a conspiracy theorist” which is just another kind of name calling. But the MSM long ago stopped doing their job.

I also btw believe that RFKjr’s book Family Values is essential to negotiate the shifting political landscape of seven decades.


I rest my case.

I'm guessing that half the vaccine-injured and vaccine-concerned are Democrats. Most of them probably voted for Clinton. Either wittingly or unwittingly you've alienated a large percentage of them by dog-whistling the far right.



An even bigger child sex scandal was Pizzagate. I don't know that many people offline anymore, but all of the several I'm still in contact with said that was another Russian bot invention. It was not. You would think that since the Robert Mueller blowout, they would stop with the Russian bot accusation, but no, not at all. I will note that those are the same people who are totally fine with Google censorship, thank Heavens Zuckerberg is out there protecting us from those nefarious LIES about vaccines.

In Pizzagate there was an absolutely stunning amount of evidence of all kinds that it was massive and real. And the -- family was deeply involved in it. And it went beyond sex with children, including the -- of some of the children exploited. And that year they arrested hundreds in several different states for involvement in child sex trafficking rings.

And I hope I may mention that in the UK and other countries, like Finland, in recent decades there have been massive rings of child grooming gangs which prostituted underage girls, some sources say as many as a million since the 1980s. Look up Rotherham if you've never heard of it, but Rotherham was just one city among hundreds where the same thing happened. One of my erstwhile friends who lives in Europe now since retirement from having been a university professor had never heard of it when I mentioned it last year. I sent him dozens of links with the numbers prosecuted for it in many different cities. Yet he still denies the whole thing. Very eerie, like millions of people's brains have been altered to only process the desired PC narrative. Again, whose interests does this suppression of the truth serve? Certainly not those of hundreds of thousands of children and their families.

And at every Mass recently, at the end the presiding priest reads a bulletin about upcoming events and important news, and every week he says that the archbishop has posted online a report with the names of over a hundred priests in this state (I was going to say diocese, but it may go beyond that), involved in sexual abuse of minors since the 1970s. He says that anyone with information about such crimes should report them both to the Church officials and to law enforcement, and that the Church hierarchy is cooperating to the utmost in these investigations and arrests.


I have an inkling that right-wingers are accusing Hillary Clinton of having Jeffrey Epstein killed. (That would be a case of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted if I ever heard one.) Is that what you're hinting at? Some of your readers might think you are.

I'm not really meme-aware, I have to admit. But it sounds like people haven't actually forgotten about Epstein's death and child sexual abuse if they're memeing about it.


I think it is relevant to mention Jeffrey Epstein. You really don't have to go further than the Clintons to find who had the most at stake if the details of their many trips with him to Orgy Island on the Lolita Express were proven in court with the release of his documents. Their names are on the passenger lists for the flights, which I think is important prima facie evidence. This is a matter of public record, so I hope you will allow this to be put up. Prince Andrew also had a lot at stake, as well as many more who are not household names. But Epstein's murder ended the possibility of legal action based on these crimes. There are several more issues of vital importance for all of us which are subject to this censorship, including vaccine damage and autism, completing blacking out factual information which the public has a right to know.


Haven’t you all seen the memes where Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself is embedded into another thought? Mama mia.... The biggest underage sex scandal if our time disappeared like the autism signal on MMR. I thought that would be clear to our bright readers.



It's at least the second time Kim's mentioned Epstein's death on AoA. If she wants her readees to focus on it, shouldn't she tell us why?


I think Kim was speaking to a broader point in using Epstein’s death as an example. She said that major stories that impact us are soon forgotten and buried, seemingly due to our society’s collective ADHD. Vaccine injury and corruption is the example we are all painfully familiar with here at AofA, but clearly there are others in today’s society. The overarching point is sadly not as convoluted as one might think. I wish it were. If this is the society we have all built, what does that say about us?

Another line I have heard before is that people get the kind of government they deserve... Lord help us, indeed.


Since you mention it, there are a few entities which might have wanted Jeffrey Epstein dead. Which state actors are suspects in the (probable) murder of Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell's father? I would put my money on one of them.

I could make up a convoluted connection between Epstein's death and vaccines, I suppose, but is that what you want to do here? I appreciate AoA's clarity of purpose and vision. Heavy hinting about Epstein's death muddies the waters, imo.

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