That Big Tree in Rockefeller Plaza Had Competition from Big Signs in Times Square
A serious lawsuit: "An experimental vaccine was given to hundreds of thousands babies in Israel"

HPV Now Stands for Help Pay for Vioxx

Merck HPV for Vioxx
Read this meme once. Then read it again. How far fetched is it that a corporation would choose to push as brutally as possible the one product that they can market and sell to every single American, from childhood through adulthood, without a shred of fear of liability to profit? Heck, if you owned a company and could choose between selling product A - with risk and liability to your bottom line - and product B - with consumers bearing 100% of the risk with zero liability to your bottom line - which would you choose? Assuming you were a soulless, heartless machine hungry for power, profit and political gain and not a

Vioxx now gardasil
Credit: AG

human being.

We'll follow this story that Robert Kennedy Jr is pursuing. Gardasil will topple the vaccination nation called the United States. Mark our words. Its damage is so severe and so unmistakable that it will make even the staunchest vaccination advocates take a second look.

Look at this Tweet from author Candace Owens: Candace Owens is a political commentator and the former Director of Communications for Turning Point USA. She is the founder of the #Blexit movement. She now tours the country delivering speeches to sold out crowds. Originally from Stamford, Connecticut, she now lives in New York City.
` Candace Owens HPV


Bob Moffit

Here is a column by Michelle Malkin .. well worth reading all …

"Very rarely do Hollywood celebrities stick their necks out on behalf of the concerns of ordinary parents whose voices have been suppressed by the liberal media, Silicon Valley and the political establishment of both parties. But this week, the actor and comedian used his formidable Twitter platform to stand against the increasing censorship of vaccine skeptics by Big Pharma and Big Tech. This is what speaking truth to power looks like.

David m burd


Sorry to say our presidents ALWAYS rely on the pro-vaccine garbage fed to them by the hopelessly corrupted leaders at CDC, NIH, FDA, etc. Trump's brief ray of common sense, the only time a presidential candidate dared criticize vaccines, has somehow evaporated. At any rate, our medical Leaders will in time be known as the Greatest Criminals in history, abetted also by a chicken-crap mainstream media being whores to $billions daily Pharma advertising.


Corporations are not people. They are heartless profit machines. Most CEO’s of large corporations are sociopaths, as thats the only way you get to the top

Its up government to restrain corporations while maximizing the benefits corporations bring (jobs, innovation, taxes).

Unfortunately government is now just a corporate tool, completely captured, and its not just 1 party. Reagan, Bush Sr and Bush Jr administrations did more for the vaccine industry than any Democratic administration (and they did plenty too from JFK to Clinton and Obama

Its not limited to vaccines either.

go Trump

As we all know, Gardasil was tested against "Gardasil minus the antigens" as the inert placebo.

Test subject deaths in both test groups were about the same so the vaccine was determined to be safe. Does anyone recall the number of deaths or have a print of the test procedure ?

Of course with the new Gardasil 9, all the old data can be stated as debunked as the vaccine is new and improved.


A Forbes headline from 2011 read "Merck Pleads Guilty and Pays $950 Million for Illegal Promotion of Vioxx"

According to what I've read , VIOXX revenues were $11 BILLION over the 4 years that VIOXX was on the market.

In those 4 years, Vioxx is reported to have caused ~ 140,000 heart attacks, and an estimated 60,000 deaths.

Those numbers truly are staggering. And they leave me wondering... who the hell is this Merck person who plead guilty? And how did that person manage to walk away with just a fine ( < 9% of total VIOXX revenues), when so many people are reported to have been hurt and or killed?

Angus Files

Its up to the parents to refuse.Start locking up the inventor lest we forget Mr Ian Frazier then confiscate his assets and his familys assets whythe F not!.

Hundreds of HPV Vaccine Victims Take to the Streets in Dublin to Protest – 2 Girls Suffer Seizures During Protest

Pharma For Prison


Shell Tzorfas

The Vaccine Coats are coming, the Vaccine Coats are coming!

Tonya Prim

@Gary Ogden
Make sure the jail time doesn't just happen to some low-level fall guy. Everyone in the chain of command needs to go down.


Candace Owens?.... recently, I have watched several youtube videos, where Candace "speaks TRUTH to power".... I'm very impressed with what I see from her, so far....
She doesn't play the media/political, FAKE NEWS misinformation/disinformation game that MOST politicians play.... Thank-you, AoA.... and as usual,
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!


The depravity of it all is mind boggling! Targeting children to bear the brunt of a bull puckey (not my first choice of word) attempt to halt the spread of an STD to recoup the loses of a product that killed thousands of people. And no adult in Pharmedia has even the decency to look at the accurate science, thus resulting in the maiming and murder of thousands of more children......CHILDREN!!! Every pro-mandate adult’s right to vote should be contingent on his vaccination status!


You are right Bob. Why hasn't the governor signed the Child Safe Products Act after six months? He does not care about children's safety or he would have signed it long ago. However you are also right that he will sign legislation mandating HPV for children in our state of New York right after it reaches his desk. He is on the side of big business without a care for our children's safety. He has shown callous disregard for the disabled ever since he took office by slashing the budget for services time and again. Marcus Molinaro, who is my cousin and has a daughter with autism, should have beat him in the last election and then we would have seen real change for our children.

Gary Ogden

It is time to give jail time, rather than fines, to executives of companies who knowingly harm the public. Hard time. Fines are simply the cost of doing business.

Bob Moffit

The question: "How far fetched is it that a corporation would choose to push as brutally as possible the one product that they can market and sell to every single American, from childhood through adulthood, without a shred of fear of liability to profit?

A comparable question would be: "How fetched is it that a GOVERNMENT would choose to push as brutally possible the one product (VACCINES) that they can MANDATE to every single American, from childhood through adulthood, without a shred of fear of POLITICAL LIABILITY?

Consider pending legislation .. "Child Safe Products Act" .. now awaiting Gov Cuomo's signature blessing to protect children from TOXIC CHEMICALS .. at the very same time Cuomo will soon be signing legislation MANDATING HPV FOR CHILDREN IN NEW YORK STATE …..

"Due to serious gaps in regulation, many children’s products — including toys, car seats, baby care products, toiletries, school supplies, and even furniture — contain chemicals that are linked to cancer, asthma, and other health problems.

That’s why our New York State Legislature passed the Child Safe Products Act — also known as the “toxic toys bill” — a much-needed measure to protect our children from the toxic chemicals that we know are present in toys and other products they use every day.

However, six months later, Governor Cuomo still has not signed this bill into law, and we need your help.

The bill gives parents the information they need to keep their kids safe, requiring manufacturers to disclose the presence of toxic chemicals in children’s products. In addition, it will stop the most dangerous chemicals, like asbestos and toxic flame retardants, from being used in children’s products altogether. Significantly, the bill also creates a framework for banning additional dangerous chemicals in children’s products in the future."

I predict it will not take SIX MONTHS for Gov Cuomo to sign legislation mandating HPV for children in New York .. indeed … Gov Cuomo will sign THAT bill within hours of reaching his desk.


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