Twas Brillig and The Vaccines Are Safe
Can You Tell Me How To Get Off Sesame Street?


Jenny Allan
"Should you have TWO flu jabs this winter? It seems the trusted injection wears off faster than we think
• This winter, an estimated 26 million people in Britain will be offered a flu jab
• Professor Stanley Plotkin, a pioneer of vaccines, revealed that he has two flu jabs
• British experts have said that Professor Plotkin may be on to something
PUBLISHED: 22:00, 23 November 2019 | UPDATED: 22:41, 23 November 2019
The problem is, out in the real world, live flu viruses mutate quickly. Often, the versions being passed around are slightly different from the vaccine versions. This is why the vaccine is effective in only about two-thirds of people."

It is now admitted the flu virus mutates faster than the so called 'protection' provided by the vaccines. To say the jab is effective two thirds of the time is ridiculous. In a good year it might be up to 50%, but mostly it is less than 20%. Another dose of the same old vaccine administered earlier is unlikely to make any difference.

Last year I caught the flu for the first time in decades. I refused the vaccine, formulated for the UK over 65s with Squalene adjuvant, an ingredient linked to Gulf War Syndrome, and an adjuvant in the banned H1N1 flu vaccine Pandemrix linked to narcolopsy. My husband accepted the jab, but got flu same time as me. The vax made no difference.

Civil Disobedience

The flu isn’t the only thing going around - two coworkers developed some type of encephalitis after their forced shots. It’s ironic, they took the shots to save their jobs and now they can’t work.


My daughter just quit her job TODAY at a Cleveland hospital, rather than submit to a flu shot. This was part time, while she goes to college to be a special ed teacher.

She knows what is really important. I'm very proud of her.

Gary Ogden

I recently went to my new doctor. From the receptionist I heard the script: "Have you gotten your flu shot?" I handed her my advance medical directive withholding informed consent to all vaccinations along with my insurance card, to be photocopied for my medical record. She didn't bat an eye, and did as I requested. The doctor was totally cool, too. The following week I went to the dermatologist, and heard a revised version of the script: "Are you up to date on your pneumococcal vaccine?" I told her that vaccination is 18th-Century quackery, and that the pneumococcal vaccine was especially dangerous and worthless for those over 65. Both of which are true statements. She didn't quibble, but may never have heard that before. What is astonishing about this script is the use of the possessive. We have our very own dose awaiting us, like an early Merry Christmas present!

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