A serious lawsuit: "An experimental vaccine was given to hundreds of thousands babies in Israel"
Parenting is a Luxury Few of Us Get



Thank you Age of Autism ,a successful and valuable kitchen conference ,a super resource and sign -posting service "And no bones about it!"
I'm not sure that UK celebrates thanksgiving dinner in the Uk . Just an ordinary home made chicken soup day ? but imported Black Friday deals have been around for a good while.
One in 20 Black Friday deals are genuine / The Week Uk
https/www.the week.co.uk one-in-20-black -friday-deals-are-genuine. 27 Nov 2019
advert Knorr Stock Cube in Highland -YouTube
Sylvester Mc Coy Knorr Stock Cubes 1984 Moira advert YouTube .
Yet anyone who questions vaccine risk ass-essments can expect to be perceived as some silly wee sausage and about as popular as a vegetable stock cube at a meat only barbeque !
House Vs Anti-Vaxxer /House M.D. YouTube
Don't let yer-selvies get donkey burgered on the perception pluckers -fast track-factory farmed
"Con"-veyor belt- Menu!

Andrea Franklin

Truly thankful for AGE OF AUTISM. Thank you!


Happy Thanksgiving Kim to you and your whole family! I wish you all the best and most of all the love of friends and family. God Bless.

Gary Ogden

That is what has always Made America Great, the kindness and love in our relationships with each other, family, friends, and community. Ham's in the oven at 5:300 a.m.!

Bob Moffit

I give thanks all year long for Age of Autism … Children's Health Defense … Del Bigtree's "Highwire"
and all those thousands of parents who have demonstrated all over our great country to protect our precious children from the ever growing onslaught of vaccine TYRANNY that is sweeping the entire world.

God bless all in our country and especially in our AoA community..

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