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"Standing Orders" Is The Term for Covert Vaccination without Consent

Forbes VaxShames Bill Maher with Jenny McCarthy Treatment

False tunnelNote: Oh how quickly the busy pharmedia bees have been buzzing about in a frenzy after Bill Maher made a NEW RULE and allowed a conversation (that was rather tame overall) about autism, vaccines, and safety on Real Time last Friday night. There mere mention of "maybe it's true.... we don't know for sure.... Pharma has made some egregious errors....." causes meltdowns we only WISH we could witness in editorial rooms across the country.  And the phone lines to politicians were burning, I'm sure. Forbes, never one to turn down an opportunity to VaxShame a woman or man, jumped in with both feet.

Bill Maher, I've seen you in person. I adored Howard Stern on your program a few weeks ago. I am a fan. STAY STRONG. Do not let them tar and feather you because you voiced dissent. Fight back. Please.

The writer - a Nina Shapiro -  is like Paul Offit. An MD who wrote a book to "dispel myths."  Ha ha - as if we haven't heard that often enough. Sure, when a medical disaster that's as plain as the nose on your face enters the conversation, shut it down by calling it a "myth" that needs to be debunked or dispelled.  From her bio:

I wrote a book dispelling health myths called HYPE: A Doctor's Guide to Medical Myths, Exaggerated Claims and Bad Advice-- How to Tell What's Real and What's Not, to stop our heads from spinning from overwhelming rapid-fire health information.I'm the Director of Pediatric Otolaryngology and Professor of Head and Neck Surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. I've been in academic medicine for over two decades, setting the record straight about the latest health fads and misconceptions. As someone who's had their feet firmly planted in both clinical and academic work, I help patients and families make decisions every day about their health. Living in times filled with suspicion, I find myself dispelling a lot of myths in response to swarms of information triggering fear or unnecessarily pushing us to change our habits overnight.



On the November 1, 2019 episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he had a conversation with pediatrician Jay Gordon, MD, known for providing troves of high-profile families with personal belief exemptions and medical exemptions to postpone or forego vaccinations for their children. As the tony pockets of Los Angeles county have seen some of the lowest vaccination rates in the nation, coupled with increasingly frequent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles, pertussis (whooping cough), and flu, many have raised concerns about the validity of such exemptions.

Bill Maher, known for having his share of skepticism of health care recommendations and physicians (”the people in the white coats,” as he refers to them with a pejorative tone), brings up the point that vaccines may play a role in causing autism. Within hours, the Twitterverse, physicians, and mainstream media outlets dug in their heels on this seemingly endless debate. The idea that it should even be a debate is, well, debatable.

Check out minutes 6:30 to 20:00 to hear the discussion of vaccines and autism, if you must.

The host and guest had a mutually supportive banter about how we must not trust pharmaceutical companies, most physicians, and certainly not the laws in place to protect our children. Mr. Maher even made a jab at dentists, who “put mercury in my teeth.” The notion that mercury-containing fillings from nearly six decades ago can cause neurologic disorders in grown adults has led to countless baby boomers getting their fillings removed and replaced. No study, nor any mainstream dental association, recommends removal of mercury fillings purely for the sake of reducing mercury toxicity. Even if you have up to 15 mercury fillings, the amount of mercury vapor is too low to cause any damage. And if, indeed, you do have 15 fillings, did you ever brush as a kid?  Read more HERE.



What an arrogant jackass. She exemplifies all that is wrong with medicine, the smug lack of intellect, lack of curiosity and closed-minded thinking. She is pitifully ill informed about mercury as well as vaccine safety. Forbes used to be a decent magazine. This article has drastically lowered my estimation of the publication.

David L

Wi-Fi exposure of 2.4 GHz for 20 minutes significantly increased (approximately doubled) the amount of mercury released from dental amalgams into the body of the Wi-Fi exposed group compared to the non-exposed group. Other research showed exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) such as mobile phones and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and x-rays significantly accelerates the release of mercury in dental fillings. The blood and urine mercury load of a person with amalgam fillings is often five times that of a similar person without. Studies have consistently found that modern, high copper, non-gamma-two amalgams have a high negative current and even a much greater release of mercury vapor than conventional silver amalgams and are more cytotoxic. Recent studies have concluded that, because the high mercury release levels of modern amalgams, mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings is widespread throughout the population. Amalgam also releases significant amounts of silver, tin, and inorganic copper which also have toxic effects, with organic tin compounds formed in the body being even more neurotoxic than mercury. Maternal exposure to electromagnetic fields in mothers with dental amalgam fillings can cause elevated levels of mercury and is but one factor that can trigger an increase in autism rates as mercury has been shown to be passed down through the placenta at birth.

Donna L.

Couldn't agree more with your statement: "For the first time, I can see how most of an entire society was herded into hating Jews to the point of genocide, with a huge sector of the population being Hitler's willing executioners."
I remember visiting the site of the Dachau concentration camp in Germany in the late 80s and wondering how on earth the Nazis could have pulled off that entire operation, being so close in proximity to the town -- surely someone would have noticed and put a stop to it? Now after watching the pro-vax side's ugliness these past few years, I completely understand how it happened.

But this Forbes article is almost laughable in its naivete. Nina Shapiro must be living under a rock if she thinks that most people still believe mercury fillings are safe because the ADA tells us they are safe! Does she really expect educated people to fall for this nonsense?! She might as well come right and say, "There, there, little imbecile. The people in the white coats who make money off of putting mercury amalgams into your teeth and vaccines into your body tell us they are safe, so they are safe! End of argument!"

And her last line: "Let 'the white coats' do their job"...where to begin?! It's precisely because the white coats have NOT been doing their jobs for the past 30+ years, that we are in this entire mess to begin with!

Although I am grateful to Bill Maher for having the courage to even bring up this issue in public, honestly, this Forbes article and Dr Jay Gordon's appearance all feel to me like we're reading/watching stuff from the Wayback Machine. These people are years behind, if they think the general public is this uninformed.

Katie Lunduke

It's worth noting that Forbes magazine is doing so poorly they no longer pay "journalists." (Forbes petitioned my husband, Bryan Lunduke, to write for them for free as they couldn't pay. He refused.
We have a family to feed.)

Forbes takes articles from people pushing an agenda their editorial staff isn't opposed to who are compensated by other parties. Pharmaceutical companies have repeatedly offered my husband money to rewrite pro-vaccine articles they supply and submit them to magazines as his original work. He has never taken pharma money, but other tech journalists we know have succumbed to the temptation. Sometimes they use a novel nom de plume to hide their shame.

It is obvious this is a pharma-financed piece accepted by Forbes because it was free-to-them content. It bears no actual relationship to actual journalism. It it what it is, a paid advertisement.

Montana NAR

CIA - I'm with you on the mercury. I am one of the baby boomers (from the article) with 50 years of mercury toxicity who is now in the process of going to a IAOMT biological dentist to attempt to recover my health.

I don't like the author Nina Shapiro's smug attitude and don't appreciate her use of the canned American Dental Association blather that amalgam mercury is safe. If dentists step outside the ADA's protocol, they risk having their state licenses taken away. If it is so safe, why do dentists who remove amalgam fillings have to dispose of it as hazardous material?

In response to ONE person (Bill Maher) speaking out about dangers of vaccines, it's amazing to see the amount of corporate media outcry and propaganda! It reminds me of the "danger" of a single member of Congress who might rock the boat. Think Paul Wellstone, who died in a plane crash, or Dennis Kucinich, whose district was gerrymandered out of existence.


Many countries have banned the use of mercury in dental fillings, including Canada. Because it is dangerous, and the mercury can seep into the bloodstream through small fissures between the edge of the cavity with the mercury-containing amalgam filling and a blood capillary. Andy Cutler experienced the mercury poisoning which led to his development of the AC mercury chelation protocol (which I've been using for six and a half years now) to pull stored vaccine or amalgam mercury out and force it to be excreted. It's just another one of those things, some people are more susceptible to the damage than others, both because of predisposing genetic factors and environmental exposure. When I first started the chelation protocol in late 2012, the dentist told me that I had some mercury in a filling, which shocked me, as I had had the mercury taken out when I was first diagnosed with MS, and had told every dentist since then not to use any mercury. I was really anxious to start the protocol (many years later, I don't know why I thought it was so urgent), but I read that you weren't supposed to start the protocol until you had had all the mercury in your teeth removed. I wrote to the woman who had the blog Regarding Caroline, where I had first read about it, asking if I could start since I already had an appointment to have it removed. She said absolutely not. I did it anyway, and suddenly, standing in my kitchen, I felt as though a train had hit me, sudden waves of extremely severe dizziness, nausea, and loss of balance. These have always been major symptoms of both my MS and my mercury attacks, just in the last month caused by drinking a liter and a half of Fiji water a day for a couple of weeks. Now I know that I need to maybe drink one liter every other day and observe the results. But the point is that YES, the alpha lipoic acid DOES pull mercury from your brain and sets it to circulating and causing symptoms, and the DMSA does the same with mercury in your blood, bones, and organs (except the brain). And the silicon in the Fiji water. And the oil-soluble vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate, that I took four and a half years ago, and it did the same thing. And the Mer Detox homeopathic remedy. The result, of course, was MS in me and autism in my daughter (together with just plain brain damage from the vaccine encephalitis in her case).

Nina is just feathering her nest, having staked out her territory as the debunker of pernicious "nonsense" like vaccine damage. Boy, I'm glad that 45% of Americans now recognize that vaccines cause autism. Up from 25% ten years ago, according to a survey referenced in J.B. Handley's "Tinderbox." Up from almost 0% twenty years ago. At this rate, 2% a year, we'll be the majority in just three years. And then, yeah, the sky will come down and we're going to demand justice for the vaccine-damaged. Billions of dollars. And the destruction of the vaccine program. They're just trying to force their diktats through as quickly as possible, complete vaccination records required for everything, school, passports, coming soon, driver's licenses, and all jobs entailing contact with humans. Hoping against hope they can make it the new normal, accepted and trusted by everyone. Hilarious! That being said, I talked to a friend in St. Louis a few months ago about the new censorship, and she said she's totally fine with it, they're just trying to "protect" us from lies and scams. I talked to my elderly neighbor yesterday, and she said exactly the same thing, they're just trying to protect us from lies and scams, hucksters trying to steal our money. Staunch Dems both of them, who implicitly and enthusiastically believe, support, and obey every single tenet of their party's platform. I am 100% certain that they will both go right out and get caught up on every vaccine demanded of them. Even though both had measles growing up, and my neighbor had five children, all of whom got measles. She knows what measles is. But if she's instructed to regard it as the equivalent of the bubonic plague, she will do so. I really don't know what to say or do. For the first time, I can see how most of an entire society was herded into hating Jews to the point of genocide, with a huge sector of the population being Hitler's willing executioners.


I have faith that Bill Maher will not back down on this. He's been on our side for a long time.

elaine dow

At my dentist's office there were during the time I went to the office about eight employees. First hygienist had a child with I believe Rhetts syndrome, the next hygienist had Celiacs disease, the dental assistant had a child with CP and autism. The Xray technician had a children with ADD/HD and she died of breast cancer in her thirties, the dentist's wife died of cancer. The toxic load in the office of mercury and other procedures had to have something to do with this.

Bob Moffit

"As the tony pockets of Los Angeles county have seen some of the lowest vaccination rates in the nation, coupled with increasingly frequent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles, pertussis (whooping cough), and flu, many have raised concerns about the validity of such exemptions."

Odd this woman would use California as her example for frequent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable illnesses .. as I understand it .. California is burdened by hundreds of homeless encampments throughout major cities .. where basic sanitary facilities are not provided .. causing serious dangers to public health from diseases that were thought to be extinct in our country for decades upon decades.

Not surprising she did not mention HEP V vaccine within hours of birth … somehow THAT vaccine is NEVER mentioned as being the very FIRST vaccine a newborn infant receives .. followed by a second dose at 2 months .. another at ten months.

Again … I would have at least some respect for her opinion if she issued a demand for that damn vaccinated v unvaccinated study that would prove all her assumptions of the safety and efficiency of vaccines are valid. But .. nah … she regurgitates the same old same old numerous studies … yada, yada, yada.

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