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Connecticut Holds Informational Forum on Public School Vaccinations at Statehouse

CT MapBelow is a video recording of a November 22, 2019 Information Forum on Public School Vaccinations at the Connecticut Statehouse in Hartford. (I live in Connecticut.) Connecticut is looking at removing the Religious Exemption. This forum seems to have been open and thoughtful. I have not been able to sit down to watch the full two hours. The Firum was organized by State Representative Jonathan Steinberg, of Westport. You u will see familiar names presenting including Amy Pisani, who was with Every Child by Two and who si now with the "next generation" called Vaccinate Your Family, because this includes older children, teens, Mom and Dad and grandparents as well.  Also speaking are Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, Pediatrician, Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, and a scientist and engineer with 4 degrees from MIT, who went deep into risk analysis named Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. The moderator was Jessica Cadieu, whom I have met. She has a Masters degree in Public Health with a concentration in biostatistics and epidemiology. You can read her May, 2019 testimony to CT legislators arguing to retain the religious vaccine exemption here.

There is a Q&A at the end of this recording. We'll come back to you with more and will seek a transcript as well.  Kim



A knowledgable person,

You do realize that *total* intellectual disability rates have skyrocketed don't you? So the rise in autism is not shifting diagnoses.

Check US census data between now and 1950 for yourself if you don't believe me.

By the way, if you thought the rise in autism was just a case of rebranding why has it never occurred to you that the supposed falls in polio, measles, smallpox, diphtheria etc were also just rebrandings?

You didn't actually think about this did you?


Ms Taylor's position on religious exemptions is morally vacant.
Her position that generic statements of a select number of religious leaders can determine the removal of religious exemptions for everyone is discriminatory.
It cheapens the personal exercise of conscience of Godly principles.

The ethics of the vaccine program itself is burdened with moral quagmire.
The same agency is responsible for both vaccine uptake and safety, which are incompatible goals.
The Public Health Service, too, has had enormous transgressions, Tuskeegee, the most obvious, and its employees are compromised by career concerns that reward mollifying pharma.
Physicians' ethics are compromised by monetary incentivation, that diminishes patient welfare on the scale of economic survival.
The patient alone has ethical onus, such that eliminating the right of religious exemption is elimination of the last moral compass of the vaccination program.

Bob Moffit

@ A knowledgeable person

"As a Jew, religious exemptions make no sense due to the fact if you get a vaccine, god allowed you to get the vaccine."

You are right .. God allow us to get the vaccine .. it being our choice .. Government REQUIRES us to get 16 vaccines

There is quite a distinction between 'allowing' and "requiring" .. if it were God's will to get a vaccine .. he would have made us IMMUNE in the first place.


Want more proof of how desperate, and determined the vaccine pushers are becoming with their quests for forced vaccination? In New Brunswick their Provincial Government have introduced such a bill for school kids. After consulting with their lawyers, however, they were instructed that the bill would likely be struck down as unconstitutional in the event of a court challenge. To overcome this, the government is now resorting to the 'nuclear option' or invoking the Charter's Notwithstanding Clause. In the history of our county, that clause has only been invoked nine times, and has only went into effect thrice.

Mandatory-vaccination bill could be in trouble over suspension of charter rights | CBC News

valerie Seep

How is aborted cells in vaccines not a religious issue? Only non-religious people say such things, Dr. Taylor.

John Stone

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Yes, as acknowledged in Mark & Dan’s last collaboration Denial there may have been very rare examples of autism prior even to the subjects of Kanner’s first paper - perhaps it would have been toxicologically implausible for there to be none at all, but I don’t think the character Lennie is an example. A while back I looked at learning disabled cases in literature (Nicholas Nickleby, Of Mice and Men, The Secret Agent, The Adventures of Augie March) and could not find them to be distinctively autistic. I think our knowledgeable person ought to look at the CDC graph in this article by Ed Yazbak:

I suspect in families (as our correspondent Grace Green points out) where people had messed with chemicals there was a risk.

PS By contrast in Sarah Perry’s excellent and popular novel The Essex Serpent published just three years ago, but set in the 1890s, there is a very clearly autistic character.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear A(n) [insert word] Person, Please read the book Age of Autism by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill to learn the history of autism as a diagnosis. Autism did not exist prior to vaccines. Intellectual disability formerly known as mental retardation is not one of the defining characteristic of autism. You can look up the definition in the International Classification of Diseases, if you don't believe me. Intellectual disability is caused by Infections, Chromosomal abnormalities (such as Down syndrome), Metabolic (high bilirubin levels in babies), Malnutrition, Toxic causes (intrauterine exposure to alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, and other drugs) Trauma (before and after birth). According to the CDC the cause of autism is not known. You should not refer to yourself as a knowledgeable person regarding autism.

A Knowledgeable Person

As a Jew, religious exemptions make no sense due to the fact if you get a vaccine, god allowed you to get the vaccine. Second, autism didn't start until vaccines were a thing, because before then people were considered retarded (it's all vocabulary). For example, if you know the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, one of the characters (Lennie) is quite obviously mentally retarded. He wasn't the only person back then to be mentally retarded back then, but would now be called Autistic. He probably never got a vaccine in his life due to how and when he was raised (an assumption), but he still had what would be considered autism these days.
What I'm trying to say here is that we have always had people with autism despite the existence of vaccines. I'm not saying that they don't cause autism (a comment I will save for a later date), but it always has existed. These days we have been trying to accept people who have mental differences, so the amount of people who don't have your capacity for thought that you interact with daily is higher because they aren't locked away or sheltered from people as much.
Have a Good Day,
A(n) [insert word] Person


I think this is one of the best presentations I have ever heard from the voice of reason (our side of the argument). It was so informative and entertaining I watched it twice and my husband agreed. Drs. Shiva, Palevsky, and Obukhanych were an amazing team together. On the pharma side were Dr. Taylor and Ms Pisani who as others commented here were so indignant and pathetic. It did not matter how much scientific data our doctors presented them with they kept preaching from the CDC propaganda herd immunity handbook. I don't think the legislators will vote on our side because they have been brainwashed too much by the CDC and the need to court pharma donations for their party. Still you have to keep trying and I commend our Doctors from keeping their cool in the face of such obvious bias.


Millennial mothers - with you all the way, also I am a grandmother now.
I was boiling and screaming at my screen while listening to all that bullshit from Pisani and Taylor.
Mothers in Africa and other poor regions have their babies vaccinated at gunpoint, and hide in the bush to save their babies.
Who do they think is stupid enough to believe those lies?


Pisani made it clear she has enormous conflict of interest.

Greg Hill

Thank you, Kim. I would love to get the link to a transcript if and when it becomes available.

I'm from the gov and I'm here to help

I seriously wonder if legislators who listened to the presentations, but are more concerned about bots than the information presented, or whether parents are "smart" enough to make their own decisions, are intellectually qualified to make decisions on mandates.


Millennial mothers to Amy Pisani:

2003 called and it wants its propaganda back.


This "Information Forum" can also be fairly called a "Propaganda Meeting". It's whole focus is on "Government-imposed Mandates", and "Private Profit" from sale of a "Commercial Product".
What we do NOT see, is any serious, scientific discussion around so-called "vaccine science".
So what these people are doing, is distracting and directing attention away from a more rational scientific discussion, and towards a fear-based, government-control and private profit scheme.
What we do NOT see, is any question of WHY are vaxxes only a PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT PRODUCT, if they are indeed so "safe" and "necessary". Why aren't vaxxes a public, non-profit product?....
What doesn't get talked about at these meetings, is how PhRMA & FedGov are colluding to force vaxxes on people, and then having PhRMA reimbursed by Gov't, with TAXES, even if the vaxxed people can't afford to pay for their own vaxxing themselves! Vaxxes are simply another octopus tentacle, like the OPIATE EPIDEMIC! See how this works? It's all making sense now, isn't it?....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!....


Painful listening to Dr. Taylor and Amy Pisani.... painful in the way of listening to so many untrue pro-vax talking points (Taylor) and even outright falsehoods (Pisani, re. the Disneyland outbreak and Dr. Wakefield). If there was a drinking game, one would get rip-roaring drunk with all the shots would have had to take with each point mentioned by these two ladies.

I'm very glad that I don't drink!

To conclude.... I am very glad that Drs. Shiva, Palevsky, and Obukhanych where there...….. betw all their testimonies, they nailed it.

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