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Are You Vaxcurious?

VaxcuriousNew word! Vaxcurious.  There are other versions of "-curious" that are en vogue today, so why not a version devoted to an important topic like vaccination?

A person who is vaxcurious is one who asks, or WANTS to ask questions about vaccination. Most AofA readers are way past being vaxcurious - we have solidly formed opinions based in fact, science and personal experience. But much of America does not. And we need to let them know that they have the right to ask questions. 

Vaxcurious. Hashtag it. Share it. It will encourage conversation in a way that cuts "anti-vax" and it's pejorative connotation off at the knees.


David L

There are the 'vaccine uninformed' and the 'pro vax quacks'. There are the 'vaccine informed' or 'vaccine educated', 'exvaxxers' and 'antivaxxers'.

Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn't mean they are bad people, it means they're human. A snowflake never blames itself for the avalanche, for it is just a small part of a much larger problem. It is easy for each individual person or company to see themselves as having no part in it. Many are unintentionally contributing to the eventual avalanche being caused from a lot of snowflakes. Those individuals who are blindly dismissing are not to be blamed, they just are not aware yet of the influence over regulatory agencies and those who were put there to protect and serve the public interest and not corporate profit - those they trust to help make their personal choices without doing their own investigation. Our public health regulatory agencies are now appendages of the very pharmaceutical companies that Congress charged them to regulate. I believe more people are becoming much more aware as this is not limited to the problems with drugs and vaccines, it is occurring equally with regulating agencies no longer protecting the public from potential dangers and known harm of pesticides, chemicals, and herbicides, 5g, fluoride etc. Seems every week there is some article on this.,
Pro Vax Quacks many times have an agenda, The corporations along with the pro vax quacks bribe, manipulate the legal system, the media, the government and the public with half truths, misdirection, fraud and outright lies... Complete with Inadequate safety testing with forced coercion for a medical intervention, and nearly full protection from liability except in cases such as fraud.

The loudest voices out there are the 'exvaxxers' parents who did vaccinate. They never missed the checkups for those scheduled vaccines. They are the voices out there asking that health officials to clean up vaccines by getting rid of the countless toxins currently and routinely injected into children, and ask to start protecting the public interest rather then industry. Being critical of these government agencies who are no longer protecting us and pharmaceutical companies is not helpful for positive personal growth (wakefield was a great example), but it is the right thing to do and we all should stand with others who do the same.

Julie Thomas

I have absolutely no problem being identified as an 'antivaxxer'. I do, however, have difficulty with the idea of 'freedom of choice'. To me, it is synonymous with freedom to poison children. I am not pro poisoning, as I am not pro any form of child abuse. I do, however, believe everyone should have the right to refuse vaccines or any drug full stop without any fear of punishment.


I just thought of an even better term than pro corruption.

Pro fraud.



Also, to others I call myself not so much an antivaxxer as an ex vaxxer or former vaxxer.

We should start calling those who try to use the term antivaxxer against us pejoratively ... something like pro-corruption, etc. Any other ideas out there?

Bob Moffit

"curiosity" is not allowed when the "science is settled" .. so says George Orwell's farm animals that seized control of their farm .. where all animals were deemed equal .. but … some animals were deemed more equal than others.

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