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Age of Autism Facebook Face Off Censor Free Vaccine Topics: 11/20/19

Facebook Face -offFACE-OFF: A face-off is used to begin and restart a game like hockey and lacrosse. We need to begin and restart our writing freedom.

Good morning. Each day we see more and more censorship on Facebook on the topic of vaccinations. Facebook ages are being stamped with WARNINGS to readers, as if they are entering the XXX'iest of porn sites.   In fact, every one of our pages about vaccines should start with: "LIFE AND DEATH CONTENT! ARE YOU HUMAN?"

We go to Social Media because it's the fast food of online communication. We used to blog. We used to Yahoo Group. Now? We Tweet and Insta and Pin and Facebook. I'm trying an experiment and I need your help. Every so often, I will create a post with the same headline, changing only the date. Maybe I'll throw out a conversation starter. Or a link. And readers can go to the comments and write what they want about vaccines. Other readers can respond to the comments with their own.  You can also include URL links in your comments to direct readers to posts you think are important. We are NOT changing our position, and we will monitor for courtesy and outright rudeness.

Today is the first day of this trial. As we say in martial arts at the start of a sparring match: "Hajime!"



Truth seeker 2

Unfortunately the censorship has infiltrated the front lines. Writers guilds, communications programs are have all become somewhat of a circle jerk in terms of what is allowed to be said.


Very good idea .
The shinty referee. by Fergie MacDonald YouTube

Face of -in the secondary school playground ,outwith the hockey pitch, was when some wee playground bully asked ?
Are you looking at me , or chewing a brick ?
The only answer available was , I'm Looking at ye !

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