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Controlled Human Infection Method: ‘Unethical’ clinical trials of vaccines pose threat to human lives

A Tale of Two Sides Broaches The Vaccination Debate Among Families

A Tale of Two SidesThank you to Dr. Bob Sears, a California pediatrician who has helped so many autism families over the years. He's also an author of several books, and part of the famous "SEARS" family of MDs. His latest book is a work for fiction under a nom de plume - and we can't recommend it enough!  A Tale of Two Sides by John Phillip Ryan is available at Amazon (don't forget to choose Age of Autism as your SMILE charity!) and at the John Phillip Ryan website.  He spoke at the VIE event in DC last week. Check out the video below. Like others, Dr. Sears has weathered significant career damage for daring to talk about vaccination problems. He's a rare man and we are grateful to him for his work.

Compliant parents are one of the things Julianna loves most about her job. Thankfully, most patients listen to her. After all, she is a nurse who helps them deliver their most precious gifts in life: babies. Yet even the most well intentioned parents sometimes push back, especially when it comes to vaccinating their children.

Paulina and Reuben Gonzalez want to do the right thing for their infant son. As they wrestle with the decision whether to vaccinate him for hepatitis B and, eventually, 15 other diseases, they seek advice from their doctor and others. The very mention of infectious disease strikes fear into the heart of every parent, so they want to make the right choice. There are those in the medical profession who believe vaccines are so critical they should be mandatory, and others who acknowledge that vaccines have risks that must be considered.

As the Gonzalez’s and dozens of other families, doctors, nurses, reporters, and politicians come together in an open, honest, and sometimes heated dialogue to explore the truths at the root of their beliefs, their lives provide a fascinating perspective on one of the most polarizing issues of our time.





Thank you for your response! I hear ya as well!

So sorry, but I really did get emotional/distressed when I viewed Dr. Sears' speech. It troubled me a great deal (as you can probably surmise). I normally wouldn't be this blunt about someone in this movement, but it's not just Dr. Sears' speech that riles me up, it's the fact that this issue could be eased into remedy so quickly if only enough in our medical community (mainly pediatricians) would speak up. And by this I mean those of whom I know have spoken privately to some well known speakers in our movement who are, themselves, pediatricians and WHO HAVE spoken out about this issue in a forthright way.

The amount of greed and corruption within Big Pharma and its tentacles which clearly are wrapped around just about every single entity involved in our medical, academic and political institutions, sickens me. The human race is being decimated by BP and it needs to STOP.

If I were a pediatrician and found out, in however manner, that some of what I'd been taught in medical school was actually incorrect and/or caused undue harm to many and the possibility of death, such as vaccines, I would immediately place a moratorium on this particular practice until I had more answers. Obviously, most medical procedures carry various risks for some people and not as much for others, but true informed consent absolutely cannot be given to anyone unless one has all the facts at his/her disposal.

I do not believe the entirely of our allopathic medical structure is evil and believe that there are many things our medical system does do which are of benefit to many. But preventative medicine is, to me, not one of those models. It needs a profound restructuring.

I'll get off my soapbox for now. But I really hope and pray that more physicians, nurses and pediatricians (and others within our medical community) will SPEAK UP. Quit telling the likes of Andrew Wakefield, Lawrence Palevsky, Del Bigtree and others that they 'know' and have concerns, about vaccine safety issues, and SPEAK UP.

Be Brave! as Del Bigtree says. Quit being cowards.


Bayareamom I hear ya.

16 years ago I realized that no disease was, or even could be, contagious, germs weren't the cause of disease and every single vaccine was 100.0% worthless.

I'm happy to go toe-to-toe with anybody on the purity stakes on this issue.

But if someone speaks out for us we should support them in that even though we should *always* make it clear that the moderation message is neither correct nor prudent.



You stated, ..."If there are many pediatricians who truly don’t want to harm the children with toxic vaccines, they should organize a large national/international union of conscientious, non nocere doctors who loudly protest in US Congress and state governments against massive vaccine poisoning of children..."

Yes. This would be wonderful. There is a group of physicians who have spoken out about vaccines, but can't recall its name right off hand. I was told that they did speak up during CA's latest hearing re 276, but their concerns about this issue were shelved (as we've all witnessed).

There HAS to be, at some point, groups of physicians/pediatricians/nurses who are willing to stand up in huge numbers and speak out about this issue, with no fear to the consequences. They are our authority figures on this topic! Their voices, if spoken loudly and forcefully enough, and in huge numbers, WILL help move this issue forward toward a remedy (no mandates would be a start).

Nothing makes me angrier than to hear someone state that he/she has no choice but to continue to do this evil deed 'because they're making me do it.'

That's just not acceptable, and definitely not acceptable when you are dealing with human LIVES. Innocent lives. Lives that still have yet to be lived!

For crying out loud, these pediatricians need to grow a backbone and do the right thing, and that starts with FIRST DO NO HARM to their little patients. Then learning to heal those of whom they've harmed as well...


..."Still, never shoot allies."

Question: WHAT is an ally? What do you feel that definition would be? I have one...

IF someone puts himself out there, on a public platform, and espouses that he is for, or against, a certain issue, he needs to come forth in a fully transparent manner and speak the truth as plainly and as simply as possible. From the heart. You can do this tactfully, but in this particular case, when lives are being harmed (some for a lifetime) and lives are lost because of this issue, it is imperative that those of whom are saying they are allies on our side of the fence, be as forthright and as honest as they can be.

When I see tears, as we all did with Bob Sears, call me a cynic, but that same man will go back to his private practice and continue as usual -- injecting vaccines into tiny babies and children. And yes, some of them are going to suffer because of this. Some will ultimately become severely damaged and a life cycle of pain and heartache will commence for them and their loved ones...

...and that all starts in this man's office. That's where the pain and heartache starts.

So -- is this man really an ally or is he not walking his talk? Is he crying because he wants sympathy from those in that crowd who have lost little ones to our vaccine program, or are those tears coming from another place? Only Bob can answer to that, but I would say that if someone completely evil tells you to do something to suit his/her agenda, would you do it?

If this were Hitler telling CA pediatricians to do what they are now being told to do via this new law, would there be compliance? Because...they've no choice? is that their war cry?

THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE to follow evil directives or to be brave enough to defy them. I would say that there wouldn't be nearly as much evil on this planet if more people were able to walk thru their fear and stand up to it, rather than comply with evil directives.

There are far too many excuses from many people regarding any sort of evil decree, which is precisely what happened in Nazi Germany, lest we forget that particular lesson.

I understand, completely, that many people reading my comments here feel I am being unduly harsh regarding Dr. Sears' talk. But I really do take a hard line with people who put themselves out there on a public platform, as Dr. Sears has done, and then use tears to try to redeem himself with the evil he says he knows he's committing, but HAS to, because they've forced him to do it.

HE HAS A CHOICE to do the right thing. He can find a way to HELP HEAL the children that he has most likely damaged, turn his practice around to a real healing art, OR continue to follow the directives of this evil law that has been enacted.

It's his call.

There are a few pediatricians that I am aware of, who have decided they can no longer in good conscience, continue to vaccinate their little patients. They continue to practice, but have taken steps to educate themselves re more natural ways of healing, rather than to continue with some of the techniques they learned when attending medical school.

It's taking the good with the bad and discarding the bad once you are aware and DOING something about it. All it would take for this nightmare to end would be for those in the medical and scientific communities to stand up to these cretans and tell them no, we are no longer complying.

But they won't do it -- again, because of their plethora of excuses. Oh, and let's throw outright greed in there in some respects and self service issues as well. Not all of these people are angels.

As you can see, I am hopping mad after viewing that speech of his. On the other hand, I came away completely admiring Wakefield, Bigtree and Mark after watching them. Their messages were bang on the mark.

I've never really been a PC sort of person - try not to be anyway. I try to stay tactful for the most part, but sometimes, things just need to be said.

When you water down the truth, knowingly, as Dr. Jay Gordon has done, you're not speaking truth, but speaking truth for those that would cause harm. Is that an ally or a deceiver?

To me, that's a deceiver.


The thing is, once you allow yourself to spend 30 seconds thinking about vaccines, you could never agree with anything about them.

Dr Sears must know doctors change their diagnoses based on vaccine status so how could he believe that any of them work?

Still, never shoot allies.


Thank you Dr. Sears for speaking at this event and for supporting vaccine injured children. I have a proposal. If there are many pediatricians who truly don’t want to harm the children with toxic vaccines, they should organize a large national/international union of conscientious, non nocere doctors who loudly protest in US Congress and state governments against massive vaccine poisoning of children. They should collectively refuse mandatory injections of toxic vaccines. If there were thousands of such doctors united with millions of parents, the fascist vaccine regime would collapse and we would see the vaccine criminals sharing fate with the Nazi doctors tried in Nuremberg. On the other hand, I don’t understand why the corrupt vaccine pusher politicians can be elected over and over in California.


Bayareamom, well said. Couldn't agree with you more.


Have to say, I'm with Bob Moffit on this one. I viewed the entirety of Bob Sears' talk. I watched him cry, or at least come close to crying. But I wasn't persuaded by the rhetoric that his fellow pediatricians are just following orders.

The same has been said by some of those of whom participated in Nazi war crimes. Most all of these individuals, when confronted, stated they were just following orders, as if that somehow absolved them of some and/or all blame.

I would say to Dr. Sears that if he is still injecting just one soul with a needle, then he is just as bad as Richard Pan. I realize how harsh this may sound, but that's how I feel.

And I agree with Del Bigtree when he states that there is NO EXCUSE, any longer, for any pediatrician in this country (or worldwide) to not know the potential dangers that each and every vaccine can cause to any one individual. It's not a matter of just slowing down the schedule, or giving one vaccine at a time, because as I know, and I daresay most of you here know, just one vaccine can cause untold lifetime damage and/or death to any one individual.

Further, as far as this pouring out of positivity re the Bill Maher/Dr. Jay Gordon interview. I have just one thing to say about that: I would be more inclined to feel that Bill Maher really cares about the truth if he had had either Dr. Andrew Wakefield on his show, or Dr. Lawrence Palevsky. These two exceptional and truthful physicians are great orators and speak the unvarnished truth about vaccines.

What they do NOT do, as what Dr. Gordon did, was come on Maher's show and say that we should just slow the schedule down -- give fewer vaccines -- space them out.

That's BS.

I know that Bill Maher has heard of Dr. Wakefield and quite possibly may be familiar with Dr. Palevsky. But no. He chooses Dr. Jay Gordon to appear on his show. That speaks volumes to me.

I would love to hear that every pediatrician in my state of California would be willing to band together and appear before our CA State Medical Board and tell them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine; tell them that they are no willing to comply with this horrific new law...period.

THEN I will believe that most pediatricians have a conscience and a good heart and just want to help keep our kids healthy.

Further, I don't care what it would take, but if I were a pediatrician in CA and I found that I had to comply with this absolutely evil/vile law, I would find a new vocation, and/or find a way to alter my practice so that I were in the place to help HEAL those of whom I have injured by this vaccine policy.

I would ask people to please reconsider the positive remarks made about Maher's recent show. I do understand why it may 'appear' that Maher was willing to stand up to the masses/media to discuss this subject, but when I see that the pediatrician that he chose to do this with was none other than Dr. Gordon, my red flags went full mast.

If you're going to speak the truth about this issue, speak it. Don't half-ass it. Speak it fully and without blemish, no matter where it takes you. Speak it loudly and forcefully and never, ever accept cookie crumbs from those of whom make it appear they're on your side, when they're not.

There are a few brave souls/pediatricians who have done just this.

Dr. Jay Gordon is not one of them; my opinion, but that's how I feel.


Control of medical decision making needs to be firmly in the hand of the consumer.

The recent Nightingale project is at odds with that:
wants to suggest treatment plans, tests, FLAG DEVIATIONS in care,
REPLACEMENT or addition of doctors to patient team,
Ascension may BILL MORE or for different procedures.

Dr Sears made an important point about discrimination.

Gary Ogden

Bob: Indeed we must never forget the doctor's trial at Nuremberg. It was the first of the war crimes trials. Twenty three doctors charged with, among other things, crimes against humanity. Sixteen were found guilty, and seven of those were hanged. What pediatricians are doing today, aided and abetted by government and media, is no different in kind than what those seven who swung from the gallows perpetrated.

Bob Moffit

I respectfully disagree with Dr. Sears when he says it is "impossible to ask Doctors to face the truth of vaccine injuries" … in fact … FACING THAT TRUTH IS THE ONLY PRIORITY THAT DOCTORS SHOULD HONOR. To suggest doctors are just following orders by public health officials regarding increasing mandated vaccines sounds eerily similar to doctors standing in the dock at Nuremburg following the end of the holocaust.


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