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A Report from VIE in DC For the Unacknowledged Vaccine-Injured Children: We See You

3000 at DC Mall for Vaccine Injury Awareness: A Report by June Fakkert

VIE DCNote: Below is a terrific summary of the event last week in Washington, DC. Has anyone pointed out that "VIE" in French means "life?" Appropos, n'est pas?

Thousands Rally in DC for Vaccine Injury Awareness

By June Fakkert, Epoch Times

Nearly 3,000 people attended a rally on the National Mall in Washington on Friday to bring attention to what they say is an epidemic of vaccine injury in America, an epidemic that is not getting either the medical or media attention it needs.

The event, called the Vaccine Injury Epidemic Event, was organized by the non-profit group Crazymothers. Founder Hillary Simpson told Epoch Times that she organized the event to bring doctors lawyers, scientists, legislators, and mothers together to address the vaccine issue from every angle.

“I think when you have 53 percent of American children suffer from a chronic issue you have to start to look at it,” she told The Epoch Times.

Simpson’s son had a severe reaction after receiving several vaccinations on the same day. After she made a video describing what happened, she estimates that she heard from thousands of parents who reported similar symptoms to her son’s. Common symptoms described in the reports were very high fevers, immediate signs of gastrointestinal issues, encephalitis (swelling of the brain), and seizures.

The other common theme she said is that when parents take a child with these symptoms back to their doctor, physicians say this isn’t a vaccine reaction.

Event speakers included Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree a journalist and producer of the documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” which looks at evidence of fraud in one of the key MMR safety studies done by the CDC, and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the director of “Vaxxed.” The film’s makers say the film has been heavily censored.

The event also included a screening of “Vaxxed II: The People’s Choice,” a compilation of interviews with parents collected by the “Vaxxed” film team while on a screening tour for the first film.

On the 18-month tour, over 7200 people wrote on the tour bus the names of their loved ones who they believe were injured or killed by vaccines. At Friday’s rally, over 1200 new names were added, “Vaxxed” team members told Epoch Times.  Read more at Epoch Times here.


Barry Stern

What do you expect from the main stream media when almost 70% of their advertising revenue come from pharmaceutical companies, including those that manufacture vaccines. Politicians also get a fair share of their campaign contributions from this industry. And the federal agencies that are supposed to regulate medically-related industries MAKE MONEY from much of the research government scientists have done to assist vaccine development. Hope President Trump in his second term will expose this outright corruption for what it is and that every candidate running for Congress will get a briefing book outlining the collusion between public officials, the media and Pharma to hide the truth about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.


Maybe each year the rally should be rotated through the major networks. Next year the rally could be held outside CNN, the year after outside CBS, the year after that outside Fox and so on and so on until someone reports on it. I wonder how many years it would take until they gave in and reported.

Angus Files

Well done Ms Fakkert thank you very much.

I once heard
A thief tries to steal money
A liar tries to steal reality

Phits with the Pharma Phaithfull agenda lies lies lies and more lies.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Extremely grateful for June Fakkert's report in the Epoch Times .. it is the only report I have seen on this event .. attended by "nearly 3,000 people" on the Washington Mall .. an extremely public and hard to miss event.

I think someone should do a report on the media's "blackout" of events such as this … call all the major media outlets that have reporter's covering daily events in Washington D.C. and inquire of editors why this event received no coverage. Someone has to put them on record of having deliberately avoided any and all coverage of any event that raises serious concerns of vaccines … how they are recommended and approved .. administered … monitored for safety and efficiency … how parents are increasingly denied their humanitarian right to informed consent … etc, etc, etc.

Someone must FORCE the media to acknowledge their BLACKOUT of such events … why they do it .. why they do not demand the common sense study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated study …

Indeed … the MEDIA is as responsible for the ongoing catastrophe of our country's deteriorating health in our children as are all the rest … public health life-long career bureaucrats .. doctors .. especially pediatricians .. medical organizations AMA, APA, etc … politicians … on and on … and when that damn band finally stops playing … the MEDIA … under existing RICCO CORUPTION LAWS … should stand in the dock alongside all the others who have conspired to protect the BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS OF DOLLARS REAPED BY THE VACCINE INDUSTRY.

Everyday we hear of the "hero whistleblower" who remains anonymous for launching ongoing Impeachment hearings … yet … Dr William Thompson who 'blew the whistle" on CDC criminal acts to protect the vaccine industry remains UNHEARD BY THE VERY SAME POLITICIANS WHO ARE DESPRATELY TRYING TO IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT … SHAME ON ALL OF THEM.

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