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Why Is Our Name The Age of Autism?

Dan Obit HeadshotHi, friends. We've been online since 2007 as Age of Autism. We post on a wide range of content, and sometimes I am chided for content that is NOT about autism. When our founding editor Dan Olmsted was with UPI, he wrote a series of columns that he called, "The Age of Autism' about the rise of autism. He kept hearing that the Amish did not have autism at anywhere near the rate the non-amish population, and being a Yale trained journalist, he sniffed a hell of a story. Little did he know that this story would take over his career and his heart, causing both love and ache.

Each Friday before his death, I would eagerly await his Editor's post for Saturday. Dan was sometimes pithy, sometimes his posts took a long form. He never failed to artfully dissect the story and lay it out in terms we could all understand.

I miss Dan Olmsted.

The Age of Autism has grown more dire. As the early 90s birth cohort enters adulthood we see a lack of services and supports. Families who spent their last dime on treatments, therapies, for whom cure was a goal, not a swearword, are exhausted. Most of us have not caught the brass ring - our kids are still severely impaired by autism.  At the same time, there's a flood of  toddlers being diagnosed and their outcome is no brighter. I talk to young parents who are in the diagnosis process. NOTHING has changed in the 20 years since my Mia and Gianna were diagnosed by a callous jerk of a neurologist in Cleveland, Ohio. Parents of newly diagnosed kids still do not know where or how to begin. School is not enough. Early intervention is not enough. Pediatricians have a sum total of ZERO to offer in terms of treatment.  My district took in eleven students into the autism classroom this year. 11! Districts across the nation are battling a new student body - violent, chronically ill, uneducable in any standard classroom. And Nero fiddles.

Today, healthy American children are being ostracized, demonized and expelled from school for lack of this or that vaccine. Vaccines are taking over our nation. And whether you a someone who believes you should take your vaccines and vaccinate your children per the CDC schedule, or someone who will never take one or vaccinate your children, your ears should be pricked up over this march toward mass vaccination.

We are in The Age of Vaccination and I dearly miss Dan Olmsted.



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Even i dont understand what you wrote about autism, but i know, peoplo whom live on it always be bully by other. I really2 hate they do that. Nobody want to born to austism. And thank you for article.

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Aimee Doyle

@Introvert -

I understand why they are doing things the way they are. And I do think this is an important step in terms of getting to meaningful medical research that results in actual treatment advances. At least, I sincerely hope that conferences like these move things forward. I'm hoping that someone from California will report back on how things went at the conference.

Just saying it's much easier to treat or cure a condition if one is addressing the root cause. Otherwise, the researchers can spin their wheels for a long time. And I'm not sure how much time the next generation of children has - if I remember correctly, Stephanie Seneff, a scientist from MIT, predicted that at current autism rate increases, the rate would be 1 in 2 by 2025. She blames glyphosate.


Aimee, the conference seems to be an ambitious attempt to encourage meaningful (medical) research and change the standard of care for autism. It has to include everybody under a big, non-controversial tent.

Aimee Doyle

@Introvert - that's an interesting link and it does look like they are doing some good stuff. Looks like a fairly recent initiative.

I do wish they were talking about "cure" in addition to "quality of life." I do wish they were also looking at vaccines. It does seem they are exploring immunological issues, but doing that without looking at a major immune impact such as vaccination is definitely ignoring the elephant in the room.

But thanks - I'll be curious to followup on this and see what's happening.


Aimee, there are some hopeful initiatives. For example this (spearheaded by an autism parent): Synchrony 2019 - Annual Symposium on Translational Research in Autism

Aimee Doyle

@Irena - I am really glad that your son has done so well. I agree it's important to celebrate progress, any and all progress. I agree about counting blessings. And I absolutely agree about the importance of networking, looking outside conventional medicine, etc. I agree here is hope - and I've never given up (currently trying medical cannabis with my son).

I think, though, it's also important not to forget the big picture. Despite the occasional success story, and despite incremental progress for many, the vast majority of children do not recover from autism. And the epidemic increases every year. Even with the progress that has been made (and the lucky few who have recovered), the majority of children with autism will need lifelong care and support. And for those who are severely impaired, the outlook is particularly grim.

My son has made progress over the 25+ years we've been in the autism trenches. I do celebrate that. My husband and I have done the research, talked to other moms and dads, tried everything from the conventional to the alternative to the downright fringe. We had high expectations and worked with some great doctors and therapists. Yet our son will still need lifelong care and support. He did not graduate from high school, and he will never go to college, marry, have children,have a career, live independently, etc. And it is sad and frustrating that despite enormous effort - on our part and his - autism has not given up its grip on him.

I think many autism parents are doing the things you recommend. Certainly the autism parents I know have left mainstream medicine in the dust. But, looking at the epidemic overall, small progress, although important, needs to be bigger. We still don't know why certain treatments work and others don't - why a few kids recover but most don't. We need to figure out effective treatment and therapy (trial and error is not the most efficient way to do this). I don't understand why this large research push isn't happening, given the size and severity of the autism epidemic.


Aimee - not to be overly argumentative, but :
Incremental progress is a progress. At some point it could be THE PROGRESS.
Any improvement is an improvement, and we may want to count our blessings, however few.
My son was non-verbal autistic, and he is also deaf. Despite all that he graduated from high school with a diploma, and is now attending community college. He is speaking, not well, but speaking. I am not calling it a "cure", but 10 or 15 years ago I could not have hoped for this.
There is hope, for all, or at least for most of us. And instead of waiting for mainstream medicine to recognize our plight and to cure our children, why don't we talk to each other, and learn, and help our children the best each of us can - right now?
Would not that be the best defiance of all?
And there is one more thing that I wanted to share with other moms on the front lines. I think we are wired not to notice normal. That is a human condition. We need to make a conscious effort to notice it. Say you went to the park every day and you had a complete meltdown - every day. Then you started a new diet, or supplement, or whatever, and meltdowns are only happening once a week. Then once a month. Or not at all... And then he got hold of that forbidden food again - and here you go! Another meltdown!
When you see incremental progress, make sure you focus on that progress. Not on all the pieces that don't fall into place - yet. I am so rooting for you!

Aimee Doyle

@Irena - "not all children can be cured, unfortunately" and "But things are not that dire and deteriorating, in my point of view."

Actually it's the VAST majority of children with autism who can't be cured. This is more than "unfortunate" - this is tragic. The full recovery rate is somewhere under 10%, closer to 7-8%. And there is no research to try and figure out what children recover and why, or which interventions are particularly successful. And given that approximately 1/3 of the spectrum is nonverbal and severely impaired, and another 1/3 will need lifelong support, I think that things are "dire". Given that the autism rate increases every year, I think the situation is "deteriorating."

I have known parents (including us) who have tried everything, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and gotten only incremental progress. I've also known parents who did far less and whose kids made more progress. But the bottom line is that few kids fully escape the black hole that is autism.

I agree that we need to figure out how to stop mandatory vaccination. But that won't do anything for the kids who are already impaired. That deserves attention and research. Where is the groundswell of public rage that will fuel actual help for the kids who are already impaired? I see plenty about vaccination - but almost none for those who will need lifelong care and support. I'm not talking about just "supports and services" (those popular buzzwords that everyone likes to support) - I'm talking about genuine treatment and therapy.


While I agree that allopathic / mainstream doctors have nothing to offer to our children, many "alternative" practitioners do. I was greatly helped by Integrative doctors, formerly know as DAN, or TACA. From what I read, Crazy Mothers achieved quite a lot in healing autistic children. Wider acceptance of cannabis helps a lot, with seizures, etc. Probiotics do wonders...
Not all children can be cured, unfortunately. But things are not that dire and deteriorating, in my point of view. But sure, if we could only teach all pregnant mothers and new parents to stay away from pediatricians the epidemics would slow down or stop.

Angus Files

Pft most of on here have read a pile of books about the real-world topics that Government’s don’t want us to read. Autism and vaccines, goes like hat and glove. We started to deduct all possibilities if it could have been something else. You look at chlorine you look at gmo you look at aluminium you look at emf you look at a pile of things trying to deduce how much poisoning causing autism was caused out with our sons case i can safely say zero environmental factors total vaccines= autism why? because we have two unvaccinated kids from the same parents in the same locality eating the same diet (more or less) and the unvaccinated kids both are 6 and 7 years younger than him so it wasnt even older genes etc etc etc.

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2007 was a really busy and hectic year!

Celtic Connections 2007 even musical chanters with bag pipes come in different shapes and sizes on the musical spectrum "Imagine that!

LUNASA at Celtic Connections 2007 Youtube
Dan Olmstead sounds like a really guid yin, "A good guy!"

Marianna Ferrari

@ Bob Moffit -

Amen to that. The only govt allowed religion now is Big Pharma’s vaccines, where the white coated doctors are the new priests, and when you refuse to sacrifice your child(ren) on their altar you get excommunicated from school/society.

Donna L.

So well said, Kim. I miss his common sense and of course, his humor. But I have a feeling the current state of The Age of Vaccination would have rendered even Dan speechless.
Thank you for all you do to keep AofA going strong. I think Dan would be so incredibly proud.

Dan E. Burns

Kim and all, I miss him too.


Who is to blame? It goes way beyond autism and vaccination. The baby boomers and their parents have been too willing to give up rights and freedom in many other areas with the justification to keep them safe. Every time you surrender your bottle of water in a security line is a reminder, talk on the phone or go online knowing your communications and activity are not private, or swipe your credit card , or pass any number of surveillance cameras that log your identity (or your cars) with recognition (facial, license plates) software. Forced vaccination to keep you safe is just one more thing

Unfortunately the underlying pretexts that you need to give up your freedom and that this will keep you safe are in many cases false. Many of these events and threats are exaggerated or possibly even permitted to get you to go along with the larger plan of total authoritarian control. Suggest you read Patrick Woods Technocracy for a larger perspective

Unfortunately with Big Tech , Big Education and Big Media acting as disinformation agents /“truth” enforcers its hard for people to know whats true unless they personally experience direct harm from the untruths. Even then some still don’t get it , preferring to go along no matter how they suffered , seeking the comfort that comes with going along with the crowd and avoiding facing the ugly reality that they and the crowd have been deceived. Nobody likes to be told they have been played, especially not the crowd. Ignorance is bliss.

Angus Files

Second all you write Kim miss the Friday night writtings of Dan.The Amish articles .I used to think how much more proof do you need to provide vaccines = autism no vaccines no autism as Dan explained so clearly.Things will change it always does. I think in England they will see a diffrent mobilisation when it comes to forced vaccination -i pray we do.Then i always think change has to come from America first.

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Theresa Cedillo

Amen Kim. I miss him and his kind soul too.

Laura Hayes

Speaking of the Age of Vaccination:

Upsetting to see UPS becoming more and more a part of the Evil Empire.

Autism Investigated

I miss him too!

Bob Moffit

'We are in The Age of Vaccination and I dearly miss Dan Olmsted.'

Amen to that. The way things appear to be going .. using the religious word Amen .. normally uttered at the end of a prayer or hymn, meaning ‘so be it.’ .. may soon be identified as a word of "hate".

Consider recent CNN Town Hall meeting on LGBT issues .. where certain Democratic candidates for President stated they would support removing all religious exemptions for taxes because those religions have beliefs which do not fully embrace LGBT priorities.

I believe AoA is not the proper venue to discuss LGBT priorities … except to connect recent elimination of "religious exemptions" on vaccinations .. where the State punishes religious communities unless they embrace the "beliefs" of the State on the issue of vaccines .. and .. if those Presidential candidates have the opportunity the State will punish religious communities unless those communities embrace the "beliefs" of the State on LGBT issues.

We have already lost our RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT … and …. if the State does succeed in their effort to replace religious beliefs with their own .. we will have lost our 'FREEDOM OF RELIGION" too.

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