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With all due respect I have to disagree.

You are drawing a false equivalency between what you read on the internet and understand as a lay person to what has been published in previously respected peer reviewed medical journals for decades BEFORE the Daubert evidence standard was placed into the US courts and medical data was manipulated outright etc.

To be suspicious in this day and age is not only prudent but laudable and I get it and I am with you however there are limits as well as with anything. What you are controverting here is pretty much factual science for real. Does not mean it cannot be exploited but it does have a much longer history and track record than most other pathogens and belongs to a class of diseases called childhood exanthemas and they have been studied extensively for decades.

There is an entire discipline of medicine devoted to the etiology, natural history pathogenesis and resolution of disease. That is discipline is called EPIDEMIOLOGY. Please enlighten yourself and look it up for your own edification and I mean that with sincerity.

Harrisons Principles of Internal Medicine and Robbins and Coltran were the staples of internal medicine and the Pathology of disease for decades along with the New England Journal of Medicine and a plethora of other journals that I will not bother to recognize.

Your facts are all wrong and your reasoning is flawed and defective concerning the 2 diseases at issue here. One is a caused by a bacteria and the other caused by a virus and they have a consistent and different presentation. The clinical presentation and history are huge but must be verified by objective evidence as a rule. Thus, nearly all medical offices for decades now will swab the lesion and get a culture for the lesion for a definitive diagnosis. So you are clearly wrong about that. This is standard fare for over 50 years.

Chicken Pox is a childhood exanthema that is typically totally benign in the general population caused by VZV and I specifically outlined that for you. It is self limiting in general and you do not treat it with antibiotics

Impetigo is a bacterial infection and I gave you the 2 pathogens Staph aureus and Strep. This is usually but not necessarily self limiting and may require antibiotics topical or oral or both.

This is not a touch trauma this is in my example the exposed skin of a immune compromised person who is cutting weight to get to a lower weight class and who is exposed by his clothes or his opponent to an opportunistic infection because he is not eating so he can lose weight.
There are 2 ways to get impetigo primary through a skin cut or injury which is common in wrestling or secondary wear the skin barrier is broken down from another infection.

Bullous Impetigo, caused by staph only makes up 30% of the cases, commonly occurs in infants as early as 2 days of life and can be everywhere on the face( most common) thigh buttock etc. Bullous impetigo is typically found on the trunk, axilla, and extremities, and in intertriginous (diaper) areas. It is the most common cause of ulcerative rash on the buttocks of infants. Systemic symptoms are uncommon but can include fever, diarrhea, and weakness.4Also in adults in a warm climate. Rx is antibiotics and great hygiene. Very contagious so wash your hands.

Nonbullous ( Impetigo contagiosa- primary and secondary- most common form of the 2) 70% of the cases ,typically staph or strep or both cause it and skin be healthy and invaded directly or the skin may have been injured already as in a blister or a bite or a burn. Different clinical features, discrete fragile vesicles with a red or erythematosus boarder referred to as a maculopapular rash that become pustular and fragile and rupture discharging a honey colored fluid. This is the fluid they will swab and send for culture as that will confirm the diagnostic suspicion one way or the other. Typically no constitutional symptoms like cough and may or may not have itching . Diabetes or other underlying systemic conditions also increase susceptibility. Nonbullous Impetigo starts as maculopapular lesions that transition into thin-walled vesicles that rapidly rupture, leaving superficial, sometimes pruritic or painful erosions covered by the classic honey-colored crusts. The exposed skin of the face (e.g., nares, perioral region) and the extremities are the most commonly affected sites.

The diagnosis of nonbullous and bullous impetigo is nearly always clinical. Differential diagnosis includes many other blistering and rash disorders. Skin swabs cannot differentiate between bacterial infection and colonization BUT THEY CAN DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN A VIRUS AND A BACTERIA and that is most important for empirical care.

Topical antibiotics will can effect the course of Impetigo but not chickenpox and the VZV. A seven-day course was more effective than placebo for resolution of impetigo. Three topical antibiotic preparations recommended for impetigo are mupirocin 2% cream or ointment (Bactroban), retapamulin 1% ointment (Altabax), and fusidic acid (not available in United States).

Treatment options for impetigo include topical antibiotics, systemic antibiotics, and topical disinfectants. There was no clear evidence as to which intervention is most effective. Topical antibiotics are more effective than placebo and preferable to oral antibiotics for limited impetigo.

I hope that helps


John Stone


I agree with you about the unreliability of data from past eras - and even from this one. Most of the WHO measles data which has driven the present fake global crisis is shaky or fabricated. Nevertheless, infectious diseases are plainly identifiable - identifiable, for instance, by scientists and doctors I do trust as well as those I don’t. You are replacing this with what you happen to think - and it is just making up stories.


"They are wearing dirty funky clothes to sweat their guts out and they work out in a room that the heat is turned up so they can lose weight."

They are suffering from a touch trauma (in this case, touching something disgusting (their funky clothes)). So they get rashes in those places in the body.

An infant gets a nappy rash.

But a child missing their father might have a rash behind their knees and inside their elbows. For them, the touch trauma is about *not* touching something/someone they want to touch.

The biological purpose is the same in both cases. A desensitization of the skin in the early phase (which we usually don't notice) followed by a healing (return to balance) phase which we do notice (ie the rash).

The easiest way to notice the first phase is in psoriasis because that is where the person is suffering from two conditions simultaneously - one in a healing phase, one in an early phase.


Willie and Cia, you keep referring to the supposed different germs but you ignore the critical fact.

99.99999999+% of all diagnoses of rashes in history have been made *without* a lab test. Regardless of whether *you* believe that different germs = different disease, the fact is that point has no relevance when describing the historical (or even current) data.


"They do. It just gets called impetigo (and other ddx)."

I should have clarified here.

Most of the ddx of chickenpox are *not* notifiable (and chickenpox only became a notifiable disease after the vaccine). This means we have absolutely no idea how common they are because that data is not kept (even ignoring the myriad problems with notification data).

There could very well be 4 million cases of chickenpox like diseases each year. Or a million. Or ten million.

We don't have the slightest clue. And we don't have the slightest clue how common chickenpox was before the vaccine either.

That is your problem Cia. You look at statistics and just blindly believe them and never ask yourself "how do they know?"

If you never ask "how do they know?" then it is guaranteed that you will be deceived.

How did they know that hundreds of millions of people died of smallpox in the early 20th century?

They didn't. They couldn't - their speculative numbers were from countries with almost no population data, let alone cause of death data. They made it up. And they did the same thing recently with measles deaths in sub-Saharan Africa.

How did they know that smallpox wiped out indigenous populations?

They didn't. They couldn't. They had no idea how large these populations were before Western contact, only vague guesses as to how large they were after contact, and they certainly didn't do autopsies of those who did die to determine what caused their deaths. It is worth noting here that Cortes - who was there - paid almost no regard for smallpox in his writings. It was only later that historians decided to supplant their prejudices into the narrative so that we all started believing that smallpox wiped out indigenous populations.

"How do they know?"

You only have to ask that question half a dozen times and the whole edifice of medicine collapses.


"I had both chickenpox at 7 and impetigo at 9. They are easy to tell apart, and quite different conditions."

They are both listed as differential diagnoses of each other - which means they can be, and are, easily confused. Just so you know, whenever differential diagnoses listings have words like "or" or "often" or "can" or "typically" etc then the differential diagnosis is, by definition, ambiguous guesswork.

It is hardly a surprise that on the second occasion you were diagnosed as having impetigo because the doctor probably would have assumed you were immune to chickenpox (assuming your mom told him you had it). That's how differential diagnosis "works" for diseases thought to result in immunity.

"So why does almost no one develop the florid type of case my daughter had?"

I have no idea how you could possibly know this. Can you help me out with the lotto numbers too?

"If it was always really impetigo all over their body, four million a year, then why does almost no one get it now"

They do. It just gets called impetigo (and other ddx). That is what I just said. And you have no idea how many people got chickenpox before the vaccine. Nobody does. You are using made up numbers. Stop that. Made up numbes don't become accurate just because someone in a white coat says so.

"and stopped getting it as soon as the vaccine was introduced?"

Doctors use vaccine status to differentially diagnose - hence it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. No matter how many times you get me to repeat myself, the message is the same because what I am saying is coherent, evidence based and correct. None of which can be applied to the germ theory.

"Impetigo is caused by a bacterium."

No it isn't. Doctors *blame* a bacterium. Just like doctors *blame* coincidence whenever a vaccine injury occurs. You really need to stop relying on the authority of the most evil and stupid and people to have ever graced this earth - doctors.

"Since you don't believe in germs,"

Yes I do. The fact that you have to misrepresent me shows your argument is weak and you know it.

In fact, the ubiquity of germs is almost the most compelling argument against the germ theory (if there were one trillionth as dangerous as doctors claim, we would all be dead). The only argument *more* compelling is an actual mathematical proof showing that germ theory is impossible. But the ubiquity of germs is more than sufficient to reject germ theory.

"what do you think causes impetigo?"

Impetigo, like all epidermis rashes, stems from a trauma of "touch". Either touching something we find dangerous, or not touching something we find keeps us safe. This is so obvious too. All you have to do to realize I am right about this is do something nobody in history has ever done. Actually *look* at rashes. How they are distributed around the body (almost always a non-random distribution). When you actually look at (epidermis) rashes, it is clear I am right. They are about a trauma of touch. Nothing to do with viruses/bacteria/whatever/

"Why are cases of shingles going up in the wake of the absence of the varicella virus which gives natural boosters in the environment?"

Whilst it wouldn't surprise that shingles cases are going up, I have zero faith in medical statistics and linking a supposed rise to the absence of varicella virus is about a tenuous connection as anybody could possibly imagine. You think it makes sense because you already believe the connection. But it doesn't. As dermis rashes like shingles are caused by a trauma of feeling attacked, any increase or decrease in their prevalence stems from the prevalence of such traumas. It is obvious that shingles isn't caused by a virus because shingles has laterality and viruses don't know the difference between right and left. The only thing in the universe that knows right from left is your brain.

"What do you think causes shingles, since I assume you don't believe the varicella zoster virus does so?"

See above. How can you not work out that the whole "varicella virus causes shingles" claim actually disproves the entire notion of immunity? If harboring varicella virus *increases* our likelihood of getting sick from the virus *in the future* then isn't that the *exact opposite* of immunity?

R's Dad

Thanks to John Stone’s comment, I found it very instructive to read what the NHS website says about chickenpox:

"Chickenpox is common and mostly affects children, although you can get it at any age. It usually gets better by itself within a week without needing to see a GP."

Compare that to the scaremongering on the CDC website:

“Chickenpox is a highly contagious disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV). It can cause an itchy, blister-like rash. The rash first appears on the chest, back, and face, and then spreads over the entire body, causing between 250 and 500 itchy blisters. Chickenpox can be serious, especially in babies, adolescents, adults, pregnant women, and people with a weakened immune system. The best way to prevent chickenpox is to get the chickenpox vaccine.
Chickenpox used to be very common in the United States. In the early 1990s, an average of 4 million people got chickenpox, 10,500 to 13,000 were hospitalized, and 100 to 150 died each year.
Chickenpox vaccine became available in the United States in 1995. Each year, more than 3.5 million cases of chickenpox, 9,000 hospitalizations, and 100 deaths are prevented by chickenpox vaccination in the United States.”



Hi Cia,

I hope all is well

You are correct Impetigo and VZV are completely different.

The most common cause of impetigo is bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes invade the skin to cause impetigo, by releasing toxins that break down the skin layer, forming blisters. Hot and humid weather, crowded conditions, and poor hygiene aid the spread of bacteria. This is very common in wrestlers. They are cutting weight to get to their weight class and so their immune system is down. They are wearing dirty funky clothes to sweat their guts out and they work out in a room that the heat is turned up so they can lose weight. I was a wrestler, captain of the team and All State, I cut weight to 167 and got impetigo. I can still smell that dirty funky room even now. I loved every second of it.

Shingles and Chicken Pox are caused by the same virus, varicella zoster virus VZV and it is in the herpes family of viruses Herpes Simplex Virus/HSV and designated alphaherpesvirus 3. VZV is a ubiquitous in the world and is called chickenpox virus, varicella virus, and zoster virus or HSV 3. This is exclusively a human virus. When it occurs in a child we call it chicken pox, typically the course is mild the infectious period is a couple days prior to the full blown infection and a couple weeks after the symptoms are gone and until the rash dries up completely. Coughing and sneezing may spread it as well.

If you had chicken pox as a child then you should not get it again and if it shows up as an adult then you have Shingles. Same virus different disease. Remember this is a Herpes virus. They are attracted to nerve ganglions and nerve cells and hide there for life they are what we call neurotrophic. They are defeated by cellular immunity and when you get a break out then your cellular immune system is down and they take advantage of it.

Shingles causes open, oozing blisters, like chicken pox in kids and the VZV can spread through contact with unscabbed shingles blisters. That virus is shedding and If you haven’t had chickenpox, you can get the varicella-zoster virus from contact with someone else’s oozing shingles blisters. That is what happened to your daughter.

If an adult had chicken pox as a child it would be foolish to get the shingles vaccine, you already have that virus in your genome so why get more?

However you are not correct that the chicken pox vaccine works. In fact it does not work depending on your definition of "works". Does it decrease the cases of chicken pox in children? Yes Do you need a booster ? Yes Does it put you at risk for shingles? Absolutely as a matter of fact it guarantees shingles.

Well predictably the drug cartels took advantage as usual. They gave you measles to kill your thymus and chicken pox vaccine to guarantee that you got shingles and now they can sell you a shingles vaccine too because everyone with a weak immune system who gets the VZV virus will get the shingles manifestation later on and that means MORE VACCINES !!!! !! YAYA !!!!

See how that works? They make you sick with a compulsory vaccine so they can cure you with another compulsory vaccine and claim that you needed it and that they saved you and give themselves an award for being a hero and makes lots of money too!!!

There are numerous papers written on this very subject and scenario and for some time now and they even tried to cover it up at the CDC.

The only people who think like this, this pathologically, about drugs/vaccines are of course drug dealers because that is their nature


John Stone

In the U.K. we still have no chickenpox vaccine on the schedule and children get the disease routinely - it is let’s face it pretty unpleasant and easily recognisable. Despite this, so far health officials have decided correctly the vaccine is more trouble than its worth.



Before the vaccine was introduced in the US in 1995, there were four million cases of chickenpox a year. Within a few years of 1995, that number sank to very few. I had both chickenpox at 7 and impetigo at 9. They are easy to tell apart, and quite different conditions. When I had shingles in 2002, my daughter caught chickenpox from me. She got two lesions on her chest that I thought were the beginnings of chickenpox, which I had been hoping she would come down with from getting it from me, and took her to the doctor to get it on the record before she started feeling sick. He had two medical students with him, and asked them to diagnose what it was. Neither one of them said chickenpox, much to his disgust. He then used me as the example of the sage and knowing mother and asked what I would do to relieve the itch. I said baking soda or oatmeal in the bath.

She soon got the lesions all over her body. She felt sick for one day and threw up her lunch, apple and sweet potato, her favorite. She had a low fever of 101 Fahrenheit. The lesions would develop, get red and large, crust over, then heal. It lasted for about two weeks. She had a chickenpox scar next to her nose for several years, but it eventually disappeared.

Now very few get it. If everything was always the same, no contagious disease has ever existed, then the varicella vaccine has not really diminished the number of people really getting chickenpox. So why does almost no one develop the florid type of case my daughter had? If it was always really impetigo all over their body, four million a year, then why does almost no one get it now, and stopped getting it as soon as the vaccine was introduced? Impetigo is caused by a bacterium. Since you don't believe in germs, what do you think causes impetigo? Why are cases of shingles going up in the wake of the absence of the varicella virus which gives natural boosters in the environment? What do you think causes shingles, since I assume you don't believe the varicella zoster virus does so?



4. The blood brain barrier closes on average at 18 months from the center of the brain out however the corpus collosum which allows for the transfer of information between the hemispheres also closes late. So the children are vulnerable. Most autistic children have issues with an askew gaze and loss of dexterity and need Occupational Therapy because they cannot hold a pencil correctly etc.
This is because the cerebral cortex also controls motor movement and you can look that up as it is easy to find on the internet. The pathogen that invades is also readily identified in about 20 papers but I will let you look it up. I will confirm though you guys are smart and determined and if you cannot get it I will disclose.

5. CORPUS COLLOSUM- With respect to injury to the CORPUS COLLOSUM look up injury to the CORPUS COLLOSUM and they are describe it in detail. What they are describing is the presentation of autistic children. After you wipe away your tears you can thank God that you finally know what happened to your child. That is what I did.

By the way the Pharmaceutical Cartels make a tremendous amount of money on sick people so they keep making us sick. The vaccines are then considered a self serving vehicle. These "devices" are not made in good faith because they know that it will have a negative impact and require more drugs to mitigate the effects of the damaged caused by the vaccines.

If you are skeptical of that allegation and find it incredulous consider this. They do not even know how many people have been killed by the opioid epidemic engineered and contrived by the same people/persons and Pharmaceutical companies that took over the pediatric medicine discipline, as they also took over pain management and the entire medical industry from the AMA down.
We are talking about Pharmaceutical Cartels here people. Perdue Pharmacy has paid out billions, and so has Johnson and Johnson. In fact J&J was just hit with a 1.2 or 1.8 billion dollar punitive fee for placing a drug called Risperdal into the stream of commerce without sufficient warning. It caused a male to grow breast, a condition known as Gynecomastia. The drug Risperdal may be familiar to some of you, it is used to treat AUTISM.

Conspiracy theory you say? You don’t believe it? Pray tell me then who else, what other country or corporation could kill over 500,000 American citizens and not even one person from the corporation goes to Jail? That is the current toll and rising from the opioid crisis here in the US.

We went to war over 6000 Americans being killed on 911. We spent trillions of dollars and blood and treasure for this hostile event. So what we don’t fight over ½ million Americans killed by opioids? No one raises an eyebrow to millions more children and adults disabled from vaccines that spread disease and pestilence created in a lab and foist into the stream of commerce by statute and legislation ? It does not seem unusual that the constitutional right to seek recompense in the court has been suspended and we are left with no legal remedy in the court available not only to make you whole but to inflict punitive damages to deter further malfeasance?

Who could conjure up such evil? Who could effect our courts and schools and state and federal legislature to this extent ?

Well we know that the governments are influenced by lobbyist and that they, lobbyist purchase influence with money, BIG MONEY. Who then would have that sort of liquidity in vast amounts of monies? Oh I remember now Drug dealers have that kind of cash but we don't call them drug dealers any more they are otherwise known as Pharmaceutical companies/cartels.

Great talking to you guys. Like the man says




2. THE STRAIN MUTATED. God is smarter than you are and you should just take that at face value. He designed the pathogens to be able to adapt and natural selection allows for their adaptation through a Mendelian genetic inheritance scenario where the strong virus survives or adapts despite being the target of the vaccine. This commonly occurs in retroviruses like the flu virus and HTLV3 or the HIV virus. They just adapt faster than we can produce a vaccine. That is why when you get a flu shot it is not one flu strain but at least 3 strains in the vaccine. It also why it does not work and why they have had such a difficult time making a vaccine for HTLV3

3. YOU INJURED OR COMPROMISED YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. This begs the question how a person can injure their Immune system? There are viruses that injure the immune system and it is devastating because the injured party is now susceptible to more infections and cancer and autoimmune diseases. These people typically get more infections and the infections last longer and they are at risk for death and morbidity. The next question then is which virus injures the immune system? Well we all know about HTLV3 or the HIV virus. It destroys the T killer cell activity and as the T killer cells decrease the host/patient is vulnerable to TB, infections, Kaposi Sarcoma, various cancer etc. The virus that is more to the point here though is the MEASLES VIRUS. That is correct the MEASLES virus destroys your immune system and allows for children to get autism and a myriad of other infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer as well which is on the rise and related to the increased vaccination rate.

HOW DOES MEASLES DESTROY YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM? That is incredibly straightforward as a question and has an incredibly straight forward answer. The MEASLES virus destroys the THYMUS. That is the whole point of the MEASLES VIRUS TO DESTROY THE THYMUS. What does the THYMUS do? The THYMUS makes T cells, T helper and T killer cells. So when you kill the THYMUS there are less T cells to respond to the opportunistic pathogens and normal flora that becomes pathogenic in the face of absent T cells. So the normal flora is now a pathogen? How? Correct what was once a innocuous flora now becomes a pathogen because the T cell activity that kept them in check becomes so low. This is what essentially happens to AIDS patients. Children are equally vulnerable after they get vaccinated with the MEASLES VIRUS and many get viral ear infections and this is an indication that the virus is in the brain. A lot of these kids get tubes in their ears.

Remember the MEASLES VIRUS itself does not kill children it allows secondary invaders or other bacteria and viruses to attack and injure the host/child. That is why the children who get vaccinated get so many infections even if they do not get autism, their immune system is damaged and they are now more susceptible to ALL INFECTIONS AND VIRAL INVADERS. This includes cancer. Remember Cancer is an indication of a failed immune system no matter when it occurs. In fact if you have cancer vaccines are discouraged because you cannot fight it with your already failed immune system


This is not the first time that the vaccinated crowd has caused the spread of the exact disease and pestilence it was to protect against and in fact it is the rule and not the exception. Vaccination is a failed scientific theory that accounts for billions of dollars in profit and thus must be protected from the truth of the reality that vaccination does not actually work and never has and never will. Let me say that again the drug dealers make billions of dollars in profit. The question then is Why? Why do vaccinated kids still get ill ? THERE ARE SEVERAL REASONS WHY

By the way you can check this out online because it has been around for a while the issue is just putting it together. Like I said I am pretty good at puzzles so here you go. Also you should know the drug dealers already know this and they will start freaking out soon because they thought there secret was safe. NOPE ITS NOT.

1. THERE ARE NUMEROUS STRAINS OF THE SAME VIRUS. Thus protection against one strain does not translate to the other strains thus you have an equal opportunity for infection with a new or unvaccinated strain. For example HPV virus has anywhere from several hundred to several thousand strains of the same virus. It is not directly related to Cervical Cancer because it is part of the normal vaginal vault flora. In other words it belongs there. Just like your gut has normal bacteriological flora and you may replenish it with probiotics the vagina has normal flora too. It was designed that way.


The varicella vaccine does work, that's why there's so little wild chickenpox around for children to get and benefit from.


When I was growing up, every single person I knew had chicken pox.

And every one of those people have gone on to have children, some even have grandchildren.

Before you jump to giving vaccines all the credit, do you not think those parents might have passed along their antibodies to their children? And that those antibodies might be the reason, that chicken pox is is no longer around?


No Cia the chickenpox vaccine does not work.

Doctors have been diagnosing impetigo instead.

John Stone

Remarkably the chickenpox vaccine is still not on the British schedule because of its relative ineffectiveness and because it could make shingles more common. We have indeed several old posts on this.


I think as Brett says that the next solution is going to be mandates, first for ALL children, in school or not, and then for everyone else. In Europe they're planning to make vaccination mandatory to get a passport by 2022, ditto in the US (bill this October). But then there would/will be so many severe reactions that the whole thing will come apart.

The varicella vaccine does work, that's why there's so little wild chickenpox around for children to get and benefit from. But, like all vaccines, it doesn't ALWAYS work. And in some cases live viral strains revert to wildness and escape into the community, which may be what happened here. I don't think it's a big deal in any case. There should be no mandates, but this outbreak is an isolated thing and really doesn't mean anything.

Angus Files

100 lines you wicked child

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Pharma For Prison


Tim Lundeen

It is too much to hope that there will be a full and open study of this, to find the index case. If this is done, it is extremely likely the index case was from a live-virus vaccination.

fatal varicella due to vaccine strain varicella-zoster virus


Seems pretty obvious that vaccinated kids are spreading diseases for which they are vaccinated against. It does put into question any reason to keep unvaccinated kids out of school. I wonder which vaccinated child is designated as patient zero at this school? Had they been recently vaccinated and are now spreading the disease through viral shedding? We all know chickenpox vaccine is a live virus and can spread the illness . Interesting to see this happening in a 100% vaccinated population.

I don't think this can be used against unvaccinated kids in any way, because we have been told again and again that herd immunity protects everyone and that the virus can't spread if everyone is vaccinated. And; the unvaccinated aren't allowed in school in New York...

Do your own research

Perhaps you dont understand. The vaccine doesnt work if you can still be infected! An important question to ask, especially if its shed and spread among only the vaccinated, what is the vaccine containing if it cannot prevent contamination from a "dirty un-vaxed" person. People who aren't inoculated aren't walking contagion, that is a preposterous notion.


Brett you make a very good point about banning vax free kids from school does not keep kids away from seeing each other outside of school. The next solution is to lock these kids away in their homes and not have them socialize with anybody! The insanity of it all is too hard to believe!

Tonya Prim

I do agree with Brett that they'll use this as an opportunity to push more discrimination against the unvaccinated, but I hope that in the process it wakes more people up so they will say enough is enough.

Tonya Prim

I'm afraid Brett is right.

Brett Wilcox

Banning vax free kids from school was never about preventing outbreaks, it's about controlling the herd. School makes up about 6 of 24 hours, 5 days a week. Banning vax free kids from school does not keep kids from hanging out with each other when they're not in school. Vax Nazis will not blame this outbreak on vax$ine failure, they'll blame it on dirty vax free kids who infect clean vax$inated kids when they're not in school, which will result in more discrimination, persecution, and stronger mandates. This is nothing to gloat about.

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