Does Vaxogynist Autumn Dayss Have Sleepless Nights Over her Mocking Sick Children?
The American Vaccination Program Why Is This Legal?

The ID2020 Alliance: The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind The Vaccine Drive

By John Stone

These days history happens by stealth: the big shifts in power are often only incidentally reported in our mainstream news-media and can be hard to detect even by experienced watchers. Until a year ago almost no one had heard of the Global Health Security Agenda, although the project started in 2014 under the Obama administration and has already destabilised nations: something which is neither conjecture or “conspiracy theory” but easily established from public documents [1, 2] . Late last year I highlighted a column in electronic BMJ by J Stephen Morrison “senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and director of its Global Health Policy Center" [3]:

“The term "smart power" was new to me when I encountered it recently in a British Medical Journal blog as part of the new-speak vocabulary of J Stephen Morrison 'senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and director of its Global Health Policy Center".  Morrison's article is interesting both because it discloses explicitly how 9/11 was made an opportunity  to draw health into the global security agenda of the United States while failing to understand how such a move might result in the shattering of "consensus" and the post war "Western post-war liberal order": "smart power" even if it is smart is not "liberal" and will not lead to consensus. But it also spells out that the global vaccine program has become a covert instrument of US power. If Morrison by any chance laments the passing of the centre-left government in Italy, then perhaps the White House putting Italy and its health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, in charge of global vaccine strategy was an error. 

“Morrison thinks it is a paradox but it is scarcely so if a government is seen to pursue coercive health measures over its citizens at the behest of a foreign power - even those who favor vaccination could be concerned at the state's new found powers over their bodies (which might also be indefinitely extended). If that was not so smart a political move perhaps the technology is not so smart either - as I remarked  to Steven Salzberg a few years ago: "The unwelcome news is that the “cruise missiles and drone helicopters” of the war on disease often hit the wrong target, and the more cruise missiles and drone helicopters you unleash the greater the risk".

“Frankly, no one knows what they are going to be injected with next. Smart bombs become too easily the agents of international chaos and mistrust: just so the smart bombs of the war on disease, both for what they can do to your body and what they can do to the political landscape, including destabilizing friendly governments. “Smart power” is also duplicitous: Italy is just the surrogate of the US. Why could the citizens of the world not have it directly from the mouth of Obama saying in effect ‘your bodies are not your own and we inject into them what we like?’.”

But the heat was turned up again at the beginning of 2019 when the World Health Organization declared “the vaccine hesitant” to be a threat to world health [2], and the Global health terror over measles was launched despite inadequate evidence either for the spread, or the casualties[1,4-6]. Also, of course, pinned to the tails of the largely artificial measles scare, was the demand for compliance with a host of other products to combat other diseases. Implausibly, health officials continue to stick to the baseless proposition that a two-month old infant can benefit from unlimited barrage of biological products without risk of harm, and never seem to have heard of the concept of “over-medication” [7].

And just in the last weeks, without publicity, the European Commission have published a document designed to lead to a vaccine ID being attached to the European passport by 2022 [8]. What is perhaps most alarming about this is that none of it has come into place with any democratic mandate at all: Obama’s manoeuvres were entirely executive, no one elected the European Commission and there has been no popular demand for such measures, in Italy one government was voted out having brought in mandates in the preceding months and another voted in committed to repealing them, and reneged on its promise. Where did it come from? Meanwhile, everywhere citizens who speak out are loaded with hatred and abuse by the mainstream media: journalists who were not there, do not know what happened, and do not know or apparently care about the complexity of the scientific literature.

But now from behind the scenes a consortium has emerged: the ID2020 Alliance with founder members Accenture, GAVI, Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation and [9], formed in 2017 with the apparent object of tagging every global citizen by the year 2030 [10]. GAVI in turn is in partnership with every vaccine manufacturer, and plainly global vaccination is at the heart of this agenda: it was also in 2017 the director of GAVI, Seth Berkley, who called for “anti-vaxxers” to be excluded from social media - which meant in ad hominem terms anyone who was critical of the vaccine program in any respect. Berkley, it may be remembered was nominated by the Mail on Sunday as “the fattest charity fat cat of them all” while GAVI’s activities are heavily bank-rolled by the British government [12]. Whatever these people are doing it is well outside the scrutiny of the global public, and not all necessarily for their benefit.

There must also be a shiver at the inclusion of the Rockefeller Foundation. As recorded in Wiki [13]:

“Beginning in 1930 the Rockefeller Foundation provided financial support to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics, which later inspired and conducted eugenics experiments in the Third Reich.

“The Rockefeller Foundation funded Nazi racial studies even after it was clear that this research was being used to rationalize the demonizing of Jews and other groups. Up until 1939 the Rockefeller Foundation was funding research used to support Nazi racial science studies at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics (KWIA.) Reports submitted to Rockefeller did not hide what these studies were being used to justify, but Rockefeller continued the funding and refrained from criticizing this research so closely derived from Nazi ideology. The Rockefeller Foundation did not alert "the world to the nature of German science and the racist folly" that German anthropology promulgated, and Rockefeller funded, for years after the passage of the 1935 Nuremberg racial laws.”

We may also recall (again from Wiki) the involvement in the Third Reich of another great American company, IBM:

“As the Nazi war machine occupied successive nations of Europe, capitulation was followed by a census of the population of each subjugated nation, with an eye to the identification and isolation of Jews and Romani. These census operations were intimately intertwined with technology and cards supplied by IBM's German and new Polish subsidiaries, which were awarded specific sales territories in Poland by decision of the New York office following Germany's successful Blitzkrieg invasion.[2]:193 Data generated by means of counting and alphabetization equipment supplied by IBM through its German and other national subsidiaries was instrumental in the efforts of the German government to concentrate and ultimately destroy ethnic Jewish populations across Europe.[2]:198 Black reports that every Nazi concentration camp maintained its own Hollerith-Abteilung (Hollerith Department), assigned with keeping tabs on inmates through use of IBM's punchcard technology.[2]:351 In his book, Black charges that "without IBM's machinery, continuing upkeep and service, as well as the supply of punch cards, whether located on-site or off-site, Hitler's camps could have never managed the numbers they did."”

Perhaps, late in 1929 (though it was a bad time) few could have quite imagined the dark misadventure on which the planet was embarked. Here we are 90 years on and we have to be alert.

[1] John Stone, 'Information and Misinformation: the Global Health Security Agenda', 5 March 2019,

[2] Childrens Health Defense Team, 'Vaccine Mandates for Everyone - A Globally Coordinated Agenda',

[3] John Stone, 'Smart Power: Reasons for Disaffection in Italy, and the Destruction of the Post-War Liberal Order', AoA 10 December 2019,

[4] John Stone, 'Re Measles cases rise by 300% globally in the first few months of 2019 - how long is a piece of string' 17 April 2019,

[5] John Stone, 'Re Measles cases rise by 300% globally in the first few months of 2019, 23 April 2019,

[6] John Stone, 'Re: Philippines measles outbreak is deadliest yet as vaccine scepticism spurs disease comeback',26 February 2019,

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[12] Ian Birrell, 'The  fattest charity fat cat of them all: Foreign aid boss who has made MILLION out the £1.5billion handed to his charity by British taxpayers', 31 December 2016,





Gary Ogden

Another relevant factoid I just recalled. Mark Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller. He is the grandson of David Rockefeller, who was the grandson of John D. The oligarchs chose one of their own for their Facebook patsy.


The ID 2020 Alliance ?

Why the Uk is in the EU
9 Feb 2012. short clip from "Yes Minister" series from 1980

Angus Files

Yep John, just like Brexit were not meant to notice the detail... a watered down version.

Pharma For Prison


Gary Ogden

I've been thinking this morning how radically our nation has changed over my lifetime. One of our nation's finest hours occurred when President Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne, then stationed in Kentucky, to Little Rock, Arkansas to escort seven black students to Central High School. A crowd of thugs, in an action fomented by the governor, Orville Faubus, were, in an increasingly violent way, preventing them from attending. The students had gathered each day at the beginning of the school year in the home of a local woman from where they had been attempting to enter the school. The troops were deployed, with fixed bayonets, surrounding the school. The officer in charge of the troops went to the house, saluted the woman, and said, "Ma'am, we're ready for the children." He then escorted them to school. One of the girls said that that was the first time in her life she had felt like an American citizen. Today it is our own government who are the crowd of thugs. We will no longer tolerate their thuggery. We will resist. Onward, rebel alliance!

John Stone

Thank you Elizabeth - most helpful.


John Stone


There is still a rather bogus feeling about the Boris video!

Well, we may be entertained in the forthcoming December election to watching MPs who were supposed to be vaccinated going down with infections anyway. Will they be kissing many babies?


Elizabeth Hart

I think it’s relevant to post here a long comment I made on David Healy’s blog article Fake Science, Fake Religion or Fake What? in January this year:

Here’s my comment on DH’s article:

Recently I’ve come across the explanation for where we are now with the sinister imposition of more and more vaccine products. This is the ‘missing link’ that has been a revelation to me in understanding the current oppressive status quo of a rampant vaccine industry supported by academia, doctors, ‘regulators’, politicians, lobby groups, the journal industry and a biased mainstream media which refuses to critically analyse vaccination policy.

A presentation by Dr Suzanne Humphries alerted me to the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI), particularly The CVI Strategic Plan – Managing Opportunity and Change: A Vision of Vaccination for the 21st Century, published in 1998 by the CVI’s co-sponsoring agencies i.e. the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Rockefeller Foundation. You can access the pdf of this report via this link:

The CVI Strategic Plan is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the current hostile situation relevant to vaccination policy, with citizens who dare to question ever-increasing vaccine schedules and vaccine safety and effectiveness being reflexively labelled ‘anti-vaxxers’ and marginalised and shut down.

The CVI Strategic Plan is the blueprint for the manipulation of the entire international community by a coalition of organisations from the public, non-government and private sectors, apparently working in the best interests of the vaccine industry.

This is a massive international political scandal, with more and more governments moving towards mandating lucrative vaccine products, e.g. Australia, the United States and Italy, and actively denying citizens the right to question burgeoning vaccine schedules and coercive vaccination policy.

Suzanne Humphries summarises the situation in this video on facebook: (How long will we have the freedom to share this information on facebook, before faceless ‘panels of reviewers’ deem dissent about vaccines as ‘fake news’ and censor discussion?)

I’ve transcribed the Suzanne Humphries’ video from 0.32, see below:


In 1997 the World Health Organisation formulated a strategy which was put into a book called The Strategic Plan, which laid out a map to completely change the way people thought about vaccines.

The plan had key points, which were using the media to structure messages that shaped public opinion to co-opt or persuade key opinion people in all levels of society – medical, lay and entertainment, to get pro-vaccine spokespeople at every level conveying one message and one message only.

This plan emphasised private/public partnership and philanthropy, with the aim to make vaccines a core topic in society. Anyone who reads this book can clearly see that this was a plan which would result in what I would call a ‘slow cooking’ of human frogs from cold water, hopefully that we wouldn’t even notice what was happening, to get us all to a point where we could see nothing else other than the dogma.

Part of that plan came to fruition in a big way when Bill Gates stepped up to take his place in the World Health Organisation plan. People who are part of this plan are called stakeholders, not just by me, but it’s an acceptable term. Private stakeholders existed for the last 20 years but never more obviously than in 2015. The whole public face of vaccination has changed, and a large part of that change has been due to the involvement of private individuals.

In 2010, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $10 Billion, with a ‘B’, to make 2010 to 2020 the Decade of Vaccines. The vaccine stakeholders have planted flags everywhere, with some startling results. In 2015 the focus in the United States was on making vaccines mandatory for all people, and they were successful in some places, making vaccines a lifestyle event for all people, from cradle to grave.

The World Health Organisation’s strategic plan was printed first in 1993, and then it was updated in 1997, and it morphed into the global immunisation vision and strategy which Bill Gates often makes reference to in his publicity, and you can see it right here in that last paragraph, the Global Alliance. Today we have a computer software billionaire, the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and the US Department of Homeland Security* and the World Health Organisation all speaking and working in unison towards the same goals.

These alliances should have anyone who listens and watches asking lots of questions because the goals are to restrict our health freedom, to censor what we read and can say, and remove our ability to choose what goes into our bodies.

(*Should this be US Department of Health and Human Services?)


Suzanne Humphries refers to the involvement of private individuals such as Bill Gates, who is exerting enormous influence over international vaccination policy via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, as described in the report Philanthropic Power and Development: Who shapes the agenda?[1]

The Gates Foundation’s tentacles are spreading everywhere, even to funding the supposedly ‘independent’ and ‘unbiased’ Cochrane group.[2] And now Microsoft, of which Bill Gates remains a director and advisor on key development projects[3], has formed a strategic alliance with Walgreens to develop ‘new healthcare models’.[4] Walgreens promotes vaccine products too.[5] Who is examining Bill Gates’ conflicts of interest in influencing international vaccination policy and promoting vaccine products?

Again, the Children’s Vaccine Initiative Strategic Plan is the blueprint for the manipulation and exploitation of the global community with an ever-increasing load of vaccine products, without adequate transparency and accountability. The impact of this strategic plan must be examined in the current context, this is a massive international scandal that must be analysed and exposed.

1. Philanthropic Power and Development: Who shapes the agenda?
2. Are Cochrane reviews truly “independent and transparent”?
3. Microsoft Leadership – Bill Gates: Founder and Techology Advisor:
4. In Blockbuster Alliance, Walgreens and Microsoft To Develop ‘New Healthcare Models’:
5. See for example: The Flu Shot: What You Need to Know:


Thanks John ,sharp observations , ID Cards not really necessary? when we have .

Medicine Time. You Tube with Nurse Ratched !
Scottish Community Health Index [ CHI ] Number
[PDF] NHS Number and the systems used to manage them... closer .
https/> CLOSER -NHS - ID- Resource-Report APR 2018

The vision of the GHSA with a narrative presentation that has more faces than "BIG BEN !"

This ain't the twilight zone !
"Midnight ,The Stars and You " You Tube
Stanley Kubricks The Shining

Who can access medical records ? well there is a tick box statement with an empty box for preusumed consent !

Angus Files

Yes Elliots arm is just puckered up as if there is no needle just the end of the syringe pressing on the skin and you dont see the plunger going down in the syringe also the nurse pulls sideways at the end of administration which if there is a needle in there you wouldnt do-FAKE!(disclaimer im not a quack by the way)

Boris seems to have been injected with some fluid as above you dont see the skin pucker and you can see the plunger going down and you seen the nurse pull the needle back out.

I use zoom In my camera on my phone and play the video at the same time highly

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


The video with Boris Johnson only looks slightly more convincing - he manages to keep a straight face (sort of) but the nurse has the same stupid grin as Christine Elliot

Obviously we cannot see the skin on his arm pucker - presumably it doesn’t do that if it is a real needle?

Angus Files

David your Delorean would have a plastic body kit and a VW engine and all would hope you never noticed..HOW FAKE IS SHE??NASTY PERSON.

Ontario Minister of Health pretends to get flu shot on TV

Pharma For Prison


John Stone

Thank you David L - I see Catherine Frompovich had their number two years ago. We still do m.p.h in the U.K.

David L
Apparently I need to rev my delorean up to 88 miles per hour (141.6 km/h for you UK visitors), a la the movie back to the future which will activate the flux capacitor to go into the past and make some changes. I'll make sure its full of plutonium so I dont get stuck in the past. Might need to replace Bill Gates with Gary Kildall

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I am fearful now that bureaucratic doctors think mandates mean the law is on their side. It gives them an excuse not to think for themselves. Even when you manage to corner one and they admit the risks of vaccination, they excuse themselves because they are following practice guidelines. At my son's last appointment, they wanted to give my 18 year old son who doesn't speak 4 shots, meningitis, flu, a second varicella and something else. I said “only if you give them to him, I don't want him to hit the nurse.” I said it in the same monotonous tone I used for the interview so she seemed to recognize I was serious because she looked shocked and backed off immediately - probably by the vision of what happens if her nurse gets hurt. There are laws about proper restraint - does she have enough big guys on staff to properly restrain my son? Next time I will say, “only after you read the adverse events written on the package insert aloud to us and I video tape the event for training purposes.”

John Stone

Science is pure

Why does Morrison even mention 9/11 - a pretext for everything, an explanation of nothing.

Science is pure.

'Morrison's article is interesting both because it discloses explicitly how 9/11 was made an opportunity to draw health into the global security agenda of the United States ...'

The motive for the anthrax letters sent in late 2001 was never established after the apparent suicide of the chief suspect, but part of the response to the letters was a multi billion dollar research effort into vaccinations.

John Stone


Well, given where Mumsnet have placed themselves on the issue - complete intolerance of anyone even with an open mind - I am surprised it was not 95%. There would be almost no one left.


Gary Ogden

John: Thank you very much for this absolutely chilling account of what is taking place in our world today. There are people protesting in the streets all over the world against the tyranny of the elites, though the mainstream press ignores it. It may very well happen here and in the UK. We are watching the spectacle of a 21st Century Senator Joe McCarthy, the sociopathic Congressman Adam Schiff, attempting to bring down an elected president on the flimsiest of grounds. This is also the congressman who wrote a letter asking the tech companies to censor all non-official information about vaccines, and has sponsored a House Resolution denying the vaccine injury exists.. They were only too happy to comply, despite Rep. Bill Posey's letter to them objecting. If the Democrats and their allies, the Trump-hating Republicans are successful, there will be 60 million people righteously pissed off. Obama turned out to be a snake in the grass, and we had such hopes after the messes Dubya (and Clinton) made. I'm certain they won't get away with it, the global wall of tyranny they are promoting. Because most people have a conscience; most people are good.


According to the BBC health page wild measles is deadly leaving us with the immune system of a baby. Amazing so many of my generation are here despite childhood infections, thank goodness they have a solution vaccines of course.

Angus Files

The truth hesitant`s politicians, your doctors, your government officials et al have always been slender with any truth and bought by corporate Pharma. This going back to Jenner how else can you promote known poisons as a health product .It goes out with money it is control of populations around the world by a few powerful wealthy families and to achieve this they bribe to have the super-rich agenda in place, The game is on its happening you just have to look around.

Great article John as always.

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

John -" I started to write about this to BMJ Rapid Responses (not unfortunately published) noting the great resistance to ID cards in the U.K., hated by almost everybody."

Yes the people's resistance. The decline in vaccine uptakes in the UK speak for themselves, particularly the MMR and Gardasil vaccines. The comment threads below the Daily Mail 'vaccine campaign' articles, demonstrate an absolute clamour for a choice of single jabs. Anti-vaxxers? I don't think so, just the people's wishes being scorned and ignored yet again. This was not journalism. This was an advertising campaign pure and simple, for an industry which makes obscene profits on the back of so called 'health promotion'. No doubt the Mail was paid handsomely. No other corporate industry would get away with this, and don't get me started on the BBC, supposed to be free from corporate advertising. Did they scoop up industry cash payments for this propaganda?

The latest pro-vaccine stuff on the internet is claiming Mumsnet voted more than 75% in favour of both mandatory vaccines and school exclusions for unvaccinated children. A properly conducted survey? Not a hope. One of those instant pro and anti jobs. ANY Joe Soap can join mumsnet and vote, or join up using multiple identities and e-addresses.

I particularly object to ths dangerous type of propaganda, designed to marginalise and demonise us. Horrible! I am not a member of 'Mumsnet' nor ever will be.

John Stone


I think one thing that has happened since the collapse of the Warsaw Pact is the increasing obliviousness to the machinery of tyranny. I would not like to say that this spread from the East, it has partly spread from forgetfulness. I started to write about this to BMJ Rapid Responses (not unfortunately published) noting the great resistance to ID cards in the U.K., hated by almost everybody - mooted by John Major in 1995, legislated for by Blair in 2006, and shut down by Cameron to everyone’s relief in 2010: maybe his only valuable deed. Less than a decade on we have a completely brain dead journalistic profession (possibly a completely brain dead political profession) and it is going to be much harder to resist something which is much worse.


It's important for them to use the phrase, "it's a matter of national security", in order to side step our rights.

Jenny Allan

Thank you for this well researched expose. I have known for some time virtually ALL political decisions concerning health are effectively made behind the scenes. There is huge money sloshing around; our own Health Secretary Matthew Hancock was revealed to have received tens of £thousands in 'donations' from an industry promoting 'think tank'. He is an economist with no apparent science or health qualifications, yet he is working hard to impose mandatory child vaccinations in the UK. At the moment only education laws stand in the way of this, but we have seen in just the past few weeks in the UK how easily laws can be changed or even 'made up on the hoof'.

In Italy thousands took to the street to protest against mandatory vaccinations, and voted for a government change on a promise to repeal these laws, a promise soon reneged on after gaining power. Yes Bob 'dark forces' are directing matters. Virtually everyone is either 'bought' to promote the vaccine agendas or under duress to keep silent about any doubts or reservations.

The destruction of the Berlin Wall did not result in democracy and freedoms; instead it allowed draconian Soviet and Nazi style policies to spread their tentacles westwards.

Elizabeth Hart

Crikey, great article John. This is so chilling and sinister, how do we get the people to wake up to this insidious threat to our autonomy and liberty? And how to resist this massively powerful medical industrial complex?

Bob Moffit

Indeed John .. dark clouds are gathering over the people in western democracies .. gathering forces of evil intent determined to control people by powerful corporations .. pharma corps being just one of many others .. who are not elected but are seizing more and more power every day ..

In my humble opinion no greater threat to personal freedom than MANDATED VACCINES …. where servants of the STATE (governments) decide what a person MUST INJECT into themselves and loved ones … denying all their right to INFORMED CONSENT …

As I have said before …. TYRANNY does not have to be installed by heavily armed uniformed military forces ,, it can … and is … being installed by medical professionals in white lab coats armed with no more than SYRINGES … all in the name of PROTECTING THEIR HERD … as you said … COLLATERAL DAMAGE TO INNOCENT INDIVIDUALS BE DAMNED.

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