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Traumas of severe autism and psychosis haunt a mother as she repairs her broken home and heart.

Support Legal Action Against UK State Abduction: 'Our SON needs YOU to HELP get HIM his FREEDOM by HIS FAMILY who are really desperate for YOUR HELP'


This is the case was reported in the Mail on Sunday in March and featured here.

Secret Court Hearing Takes Son with Autism Away from UK Mother

The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It was a cold day in February five years ago when a psychologist sent by the local authority issued a chilling warning to Sinead: Give up your rights to protect your son or we will take him from you.

After 25 years of caring for someone with autism, including winning a judicial review to ensure funding for his education, Sinead was not too scared by the threat. 

‘There is not a court in the land that would do such a thing,’ she replied.

One month later, police turned up on her doorstep with a council official to say that a secret court hearing had empowered the authorities to seize her son Martin. 

At the same time, social workers arrived at the farm where Martin was enjoying work experience and told him that they needed to take him into safety since his parents were unable to care for him – and then put him in a care home two counties away.

Read this chilling story at here.





Angus Files

Thanks Janette and one who has got away..just dont take your eeyes of the girl!

Mum falsely accused of trying to kill disabled daughter at scandal-hit hospital thrown in police cell
Kirsteen Cooper was arrested after being wrongly accused by QEUH staff with the mum then enduring a harrowing two years of limited access to her daughter Baillie before being vindicated in court.

Pharma For Prison


Janette Robb


“Do kids belong to their parents any more?”
Thank you for that link. It is a real eye-opener to horrific events happening behind closed doors and gagging orders! What on earth is going on in this country? What about Human Rights? Can they just be ignored? This is a heartbreaking story – I do so feel for the family – especially poor Martin who just wants to be home. Do the authorities have no understanding at all of human behaviour and its basis in emotional trauma? Give people a little bit of power, and it goes to their heads! It's addictive. This should be a wake-up call for everybody concerned in care and treatment of people with autism or learning difficulties.

Though nothing like the nightmare Martin and his parents are living through, our family here in Scotland has had a taster of the experience After spending long spells in psychiatric hospitals and residential units, our adult son finally came home. Now it wasn't all bad as we did meet with some kindnesses on the way, but these years of separation left him traumatised. Since return to his home community the all round improvement has been very encouraging. His healing is slow but sure. I hope this can happen soon for Martin. This can't go on.

Angus Files

US to the UK join the dots..

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

Chop the details are there its just you dont want to believe them unless it favours vaccines in a favourable light and the parents supporting their kids in a terrible light-grow up!

Pharma For Prison


Clara Schumann


I suppose you might but then if the court keeps the details secret the question is begged.

Frederic Chopin

"The council moved to the High Court and held a hearing without notice, at which social workers claimed Martin’s safety was at risk from his mother. This led to his seizure five years ago."

You'd need to know the details of this before making a judgement wouldn't you?


The Guardian> state -secret-kidnaps-children-herefordshire-council.
The state has a terrible secret :it kidnaps our children . By Louise Tickle 3 May 2018 .

Accountability - Responsibility -Transparency - neither safely or effectively kept gagged!
Therfore not out of sight within or out of the secret family court's or archived health and social care Ombudsman's unnacountable or transparent determinations,and not out of mind of the public's naive perception of same ?
If families have to resort to" cap-in -hand, pass the cap round collections" to access the process to rectify /identify
instutionialised abuses of power ? Then," Time to call it a day and move on from it " We have !

John Stone

Just to say I do not see this as problem of privately owned care facilities per se. In principle, and often in practice, there may be benefits to privately run facilities subject to government inspection and validation rather than the government inspecting itself. I think in this case it is an incidental aspect of a situation with government offices at the heart of it.

There is a particular problem of very expensive and inappropriate privately run safety facilities costing up to £500,000 a year. I am not sure that this is what is involved here, although the young man’s removal from anything he is used to and without any means of getting back is appalling: shades of Nicholas Nickleby after two centuries of alleged reform!

Jenny Allan

Grace is right. There are many such cases in the UK of autistic young persons being locked up in these horrific institutions. It suits our governments to throw money at these privately owned and run places, which employ persons who would otherwise be on state benefits. There was something on the TV this morning about this scandal and an apparent government acceptance that something must be done, but right now we don't even know what government we will have after October 31st.

Grace Green

Bob Moffit,
As I understand it, many of the homes where these adults are kept are run by private companies who charge massive amounts per resident whilst giving totally unprofessional "care" by unqualified people on the minimum wage. Obviously, if this system was entirely in the private sector then no-one but an idiot would pay such money for such a "service". But the services of these large companies are bought by the NHS and "customers" are supplied by local authorities apparently with the support of corrupt courts. In my experience as an autistic person in the UK this comes as no surprize. (I have also heard of similar things happening in the USA, as described on the website Medical Kidnap.) Even though the BBC has highlighted these events on several occasions and the government keeps promising to change the situation it still continues. Public opinion seems to be powerless.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

This wonderful family, who cared so lovingly for their son, have been through hell in having him forcibly removed from them, and in the long fight to try to have him returned.
That this could happen in 21st century Britain is beyond belief,and beyond terrible.
Please support the family's Crowd-funding appeal if you can.
This fight is important to us all.

Jennifer Horne-Roberts

Joan Campbell

Very sad state of affairs, my heart bleeds for this family. May they get their son back soon.


Why did the court remove this young man from his caring and loving family? What is the purpose of doing something so cruel and totally unnecessary to a young man who was living a good life with his family? The whole thing sounds like Nazi Germany rounding up all the disabled from their families and sending them to the death camps with no hope of return. How can Britain allow this to happen and where is the justice in the courts of law to allow this to happen? I can't believe such a tragedy is happening to this family.

Bob Moffit

What is the purpose of removing this young man from the care and love of his family? Why would they do this? It makes no sense to me … other than demonstrating the sheer power authorities have in controlling the people of the U.K.

Somehow there must be MONEY involved .. but .. I can't see it. Sheer madness.

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