R is for Reverse: NY Assemblyman David DiPietro Seeks to Restore Religious Exemption
Blaming Social Media for Vaccine "Hesitancy"



The Ethics of Antigone/Boeotian Mythology /Religion and Belief . By J Churton Collins
https/www.scribed.com>documents>science & Tech>science.
Different style of shirts and shoes,polital caps and cap badges but still same old colour and pattern on the wallpaper?
What's next on the critical care hit list, after mandatory vaccinations opressions?
Modern forms of euthanasia Active ,Passive ,Involentary , Indirect ?
Ethics -Euthanasia- Forms of Euthanasia -BBC
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Jeanne J


It would be the same religions and individuals who believe in a righteous God that were against the Nazis performing forced "medical" treatment on people without their consent.


Yes, there is a large movement in Mississippi to take back the freedoms they lost.
Two years ago; there was plenty on the net, but it seems that they are up against too much power?
This is their facebook page.


Grace Green

Religion is a matter of conscience, not signing up to an organization. It seems you know nothing about the humanities, or the sciences. Several writers have given well-informed replies to your question, but why is it that you never address the arguments?

Hans Litten

Posted by: Beleaguered Autism Mom | October 02, 2019 at 10:57 PM

Thanks for the invaluable info... I didn't know that.


Complete Human Genome DNA Found in Contaminated MMR Vaccine by Italian Researchers

Autoimmune disease: fetal human DNA triggers a child’s immune system to attack his/her own body.
Crime of ALL centuries

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Fred, Muslim religious authorities have declared vaccines to be unacceptable. The Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Scientists) and the Dutch Reformed Church openly discourage vaccination.

Gary Ogden

Master Frederick: What a silly question. The religions of the world, of course, vary widely in their tenets, beliefs, practices, and history, but generally, all favor good and oppose evil. Since anyone with more than two or three functioning brain cells who is knowledgeable of the history of vaccination and the biological effects of them knows with certainty that forcing a medical treatment such as vaccination on helpless infants and children without the informed consent of the parents is the epitome of evil, the only possible answer to your question is: all of them. By the way, are you up to date on your adult vaccines? If not, shame on you! I'm going to tell teacher. Also, how many pharmaceutical companies pay you honoraria (or salary)? Full disclosure now Master Frederick.

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Which religions support injections of glyphosate?

Frederic Chopin

Which religions are against vaccination?

susan welch

Aimee. I agree with you. I live in UK and at the moment, at least, vaccines are not mandated. I think it is reprehensible that any government, whether state or federal, should have the power to decree what is injected into our, or our children's bodies.

I also agree that it appears to make no difference which party any politician belongs to (whether in UK, US or any other country for that matter). Those that reach the top and have the power all appear to be bought, bullied or blackmailed by, presumably, corporations.

Aimee Doyle

Thanks, Susan - that was really interesting. I've been wondering about this for a while, and I've been baffled why these states have not been discussed in the larger context of exemptions nationwide.

I'm glad to hear there is resistance to the lack of exemptions in W. Virginia and maybe to a lesser extent in Mississippi. It hasn't gotten the same kind of press that New York and California protests do. I have also wondered how families in those states cope, since I believe that Mississippi has never had a religious exemption, and W. Virginia has not had one for decades (not 100% sure on how long, but I know it's been years). I'm sure families in NY and California would like to know if there is a way around the laws.

To me it does show, though, that this isn't a red-blue state issue. W.Virginia and Mississippi are solidly Republican (just as New York and California are solidly Democratic) and yet religious freedom is not respected in those states, just as it is not respected in New York and California. In Arizona, too, a bill expanding exemptions didn't even make it to Governor Doug Ducey, who has vowed to veto any such bill. I think resistance needs to encompass more than just the religious freedom issue. Pharma doesn't respect religion, and neither do the politicians who are bought by Pharma (which unfortunately, seems to be most of them).

I do think the battle is bigger than exemptions. Even if we kept religious exemptions in all 50 states, that would still leave us with the status quo for the autism, which doesn't solve the problem. Not everyone can use a religious exemption.

susan welch


Aimee, It doesn't look as if there has been any effective opposition to medical exemption only in West Virginia and, according to this horrible article, it is the only state that has resisted dissent (don't know why Mississippi isn't mentioned).

I did know about the people of Mississippi fighting to get religious exemptions, but have never heard about people from W Virginia fighting back. I wonder, therefore, if they have some 'underground/backdoor' way of getting around these awful laws? If so, no-one will be telling us!

susan welch


Aimee, the people of Mississippi have been fighting for religious exemptions but, as far as I have been able to find out, have failed so far.

Aimee Doyle

Are the families in West Virginia and Mississippi protesting? Why don't these states get any coverage? They haven't had religious exemptions for years.


Here's one small article for what it's worth:


Bob Moffit

Media coverage of the thousand or so families that showed up and overran existing facilities in the small town of Bath .. predictably .. nada, zip, none.

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