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The Immaculate Infection Blesses New York School

Robert Kennedy Jr Silenced at Harlem Vaccine Forum Event

18133E80-8C69-4E0D-84E7-EC32E0DAB3EENote: Thanks to The Fed Up Democrat for a fantastic summary of the Harlem Vaccine Forum event on Saturday.  Al Sharpton, no stranger to controversy or confrontation, begged off at the last minute. That's a shame. African American toddlers are in the thick of the vaccine debate. CDC Whistleblower William Thompson has stated in no uncertain terms that the CDC fudged, altered, massaged, changed data signals that implicated autism and the timing of the MMR vaccine specifically in black toddlers. How many families are facing autism today because of the CDC's lies and corruption? And why doesn't Al Sharpton, or any prominent Black leaders in America care?

There were reports that workers at the Church where the event was held actually assaulted Robert Kennedy Jr as he left the event which was unceremoniously shut down.  See the Kim 10 20screen shot from Facebook.

Here's an excerpt of the report of the Fed Up Democrat (great name, any of us who have been or even voted for Democrats are sickened to see the lockstep votes against religious and even medical vaccine exemptions that are closely following party lines, with almost 100% of democrats voting to remove your rights.

TheFedUpDemocrat Blog

Health Freedom in Harlem - The Fed Up Democrat

"The Harlem Vaccine Forum was nothing if it wasn’t controversial. From Al Sharpton almost ending the event before it ever happened, to RFK Jr. having his mic cutoff and police called on him. 24 hours after the event it appears there is no mainstream news coverage of the event at all – not even to slam it. They couldn’t stop it, so now they ignore it.

After attending the event it is clear to me why there were so many attempts to stop it from happening: it was the broad range of diversity that came together in one place. This is the most dangerous aspect of the forum; Black, White, Brown, urban, suburban, old, young all represented in the same space for the same reason – Health Freedom! When I say “dangerous,” I mean dangerous to the political establishment in Albany, NY, people such as Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Brad Hoylman, and Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz.

When Health Freedom Activist Sheila Ealey spoke she reminded everyone that Black folk have never been given a fair chance in America, still till this day. As I sat with White mothers (many who were in tears ) whose children have been kicked out of public school, it was painfully clear to me none of us at that forum had a fair chance now. I felt as though I heard Sheila gently welcome us White folk to the club. This was the most powerful take-away from The Harlem Vaccine Forum for me: our strength will come as we unify and rise-up, and The Powers That Be (TPTB) know this and are afraid of it. It may be the only thing they are afraid of. – Fed Up Dem


October 20, 2019 — The Harlem Vaccine Forum was phenomenal!

As GPS directed me to the event I cracked a smile as signs took me over the RFK bridge. When I arrived I saw the amazing Sheila Ealey who was selling Mary Holland’s book VACCINE EPIDEMIC. I have seen Sheila speak other times, including in Albany during our NYAVR Lobby day. I introduced myself. When I told her I have a blog called The Fed Up Democrat she said “I love your stuff!” and gave me a big high five! (That was pretty cool). The event was as diverse as New York City – Black, White, Brown, old, young and children everywhere. The sound of children playing, crying, talking was almost a constant filling the air before and during the event.

Curtis Cost who wrote the book “Vaccines Are Dangerous” was the master of ceremonies for the event, and did an outstanding job. “They tried to stop us but we are here anyway,” said Cost to crowd cheers and applauds.

The first speaker was Mary Holland, who Cost just gushed love and admiration for. He said it was like the two of them were married because they spoke everyday on the phone for months planning the event. Cost thanked Children’s Health Defense (CHD) profusely for “putting their money where their mouth is.” The event would not have happened without CHD. Holland is the full-time General Council for CHD, and she was just as gracious with her thanks to Cost when she got to the microphone.

“This is a make or break Civil Rights Movement for the 20th Century,” said Holland.

Holland detailed exactly what the problems are in New York right now, specifically how we lost the Religious Exemption to Vaccination for students which New York had for over 55 years. Holland outlined the current litigation CHD has fighting mandatory vaccination. Her most memorable moment was when she discussed the legacy of the great Frederick Douglas, the 19th Century African American abolitionist and civil rights leader. Something very few know is that Douglas was staunchly opposed to mandatory vaccination. He noted that many people who were vaccinated for small pox still died of small pox, so what was the point of the vaccination! It is important for the Health Freedom Movement to remember we are in good company: many brilliant historic figures were staunchly against mandatory vaccination, including Gandhi...

October 19, 2019 — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s microphone was cut-off about 10 minutes into his speech at the Riverside Church in Harlem, NY. 

...The event was outstanding with over 500 people in attendance with standing room only. When RFK was cutoff Mary Holland came and spoke to Curtis Cost who was running the event. I heard her say it will cost $2500 for the extra time (the event had gone overtime at that point) and RFK said he would pay for it.

However that didn’t solve the problem. Eventually another employee of the church came and got on the mic and told everyone the event was being closed down because it was over capacity.  Read more at the Fed Up Democrat blog.


E Baker

Shame on the officials of Riverside Church, Harlem. But thank you, Robert Kennedy Jr., for never stopping your intent to save our children, save us.
E Baker

Gregory Gardener

It seems like people do not want to doubt the pharmacy industry. I guess we all just want to feel like we're being taken care of.

Carolyn Kylemom

After I leaned about vaccines I started thinking about who are the smartest people in our country, who thinks for themselves? It was older African Americans born 1940 1950 1960 or so.

Think of Barbara Jordan. Powerful.
First of all the media has lied about their experience for centuries. So they know to be skeptical. But also —is it possible that they were less vaccinated than us? That vitamin K vax ... would home born get that? Would less affluent get all the shots? And to think that now states are targeting a group with higher exposure to lead which is st synergistically toxic with mercury and other toxins— with vaccines makes me ill. We need the amazing strong undestroyed brains of all but especially if Our black brothers and sisters. Perhaps this is all accidental ignorance but it is hard not to suspect that the elite are skipping shots for their children and happily crippling everyone else. They know they cannot play in a level playing field as their main “strength” is sociopathy and the callous advantage it gives them.

Aimee Doyle

Why isn't anyone upset about the lack of religious/personal exemptions in West Virginia or Mississippi? The lack of exemptions has been true in these Republican states for years. Why is the focus solely on New York and California?

The pharmaceutical industry is corrupt and it buys politicians of all political stripes. I haven't seen any examples of Republican-controlled red states (governors and legislatures) doing anything to expand exemptions or address the autism-vaccine issue.

I don't think we're going to make progress on this issue by blaming one party or the other - since both parties seem to be complicit with pharma. The focus should be on pharma, which buys the politicians, runs the regulatory agencies, and controls the media (liberal, conservative, and alternative).

Angus Files

Oh well!divide and rule failed,keep up the great work everyone well done Mary Holland RFK et-al.

“Don't count the days, make the days count.”

― Muhammad Ali

Pharma For Prison



Bob-you are 100% correct in everything you say about the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. We are also one of the families suffering from the lifelong, life altering, life threatening tragic consequences of their cruel indifference. My son is an adult now and I worry about him and his future every day. What has happened and is still happening to an entire generation of children is the biggest tragedy our country has ever faced. It can not be ignored any longer that we need qualified researchers to do the necessary work and discover a CURE for the damage done to our children's immune and neurological condition. They have an illness that can be reversed if the right qualified medical researchers put all their effort into finding the cause and CURE of this devastating disorder. Our children deserve a normal future and should not be condemned to a lifetime of autism!

Jonathan Rose

Just one small correction: Mary Holland actually said, "“This is a make or break Civil Rights Movement for the 21st Century." But it certainly was a moving and inspirational experience. The audience gave standing ovations to all the speakers. Some of the participants were parents of vaccine-injured children, but many were parents whose children were not vaccine-injured -- and those parents were absolutely determined to keep their children that way.

The Original Someone #1

Why were church workers assaulting RFK, Jr. and others, essentially forcing them out of the church? That needs to be explored fully. Who from the church was in charge of the event that this could even happen? Who made that huge, printed sign that said "Vaccine Forum Closed Due to Max Capacity", and who placed it into a wooden frame on the podium? When did that person (or group of people) make this sign, and at whose direction was the sign made? Sounds like a set up to silence RFK, Jr., to me, by people present at the event who were secretly and closely monitoring it with ill intentions. There is way more to this sordid story for sure. Who, exactly, called the police?


The event closing was bizarre.
A very young girl (who gave this child authority?) in a ponytail grabs the mike angrily says its over (angry why?) appears to try to back up into Mr Kennedy at one point, (accidental?), he took several steps back, she never makes eye contact or apologizes to Mr Kennedy and those in attendance (when did young people become so willfully rude in a house of God?) and the other youngster similarly never makes eye contact, except with her watch in a staged display.
We will overcome.

Bob Moffit

“This is a make or break Civil Rights Movement for the 20th Century,” said Holland.

It appears the Democratic Party learned nothing from their historical record of resisting the Civil Rigth's Movement the first time .. which forced then Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson to rely upon Republican support to pass the Civil Rights Act .. bringing an end to the "Jim Crow" .. separate but equal .. Democratic South. Without Republican support … that Civil Rigths Act would have been defeated.

" This is the most dangerous aspect of the forum; Black, White, Brown, urban, suburban, old, young all represented in the same space for the same reason – Health Freedom!"

Indeed … the forum comprised the political HERD demanding it be protected from medical tyranny being imposed by mostly Democratic politicians in New York .. and … Democrats will rue the day when they decided to ignore the political HERD in favor of a morally bankrupt, scientifically corrupt pharmaceutical industry .. that is being exposed every day in civil courts all over the country … Opioids .. talcum powder asbestos, Vioxx, Zentec, on and on .. BILLIONS IN CIVIL PENALTIES and only a matter of time before CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS begin.

"They couldn’t stop it, so now they ignore it"

Again .. I repeat myself .. the greatest power of the press is their power to IGNORE.

"How many families are facing autism today because of the CDC's lies and corruption? And why doesn't Al Sharpton, or any prominent Black leaders in America care?"

Unfortunately .. there are far too many politicians, celebrities, prominent media and activists .. of all races and ethnicities .. who "do not care" nor .. God forbid .. want to investigate the CDC's record of LYING AND CORRUPTION. It is the biggest public health disaster in THEIR LIFETIMES and our nation's history … as evidenced by the sickest generation in our nation's history … and when truth prevails … there will have no excuse to offer the thousands suffering the life-long, life-altering, life-threatening consequences of their callous indifference.


Young-ish in appearance ,early 1980's ? Otherwise as old as the hills tactics and handed down jeans self determination , advantages !

Runrig -At The Bethany Church in Harlem New York Youtube

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