Development of a National Vaccine Strategy in the Works
Video Interview with Vaxxed II Executive Producer Polly Tommey


Angus Files

I think Bill was just a safe perch for the canary to land on and sing then do nothing.Just asked why hes not taking it further.

Pharma For Prison


Joy Bean

Fun fact, Bill Posey's office in central FL used to literally be down the street from Dr. Bradstreet's. Actually it still is, but Bradstreet's is not.

My theory is that at one point years ago he was told just how far he could go with this line of inquiry, and has since stopped, at a safe distance. I can't judge him for any of it, really. He has chosen his family over martyrdom, most assuredly.

Grace Green

Yes, you're right. I suppose he was using them as an "authority" over us, and of course the fact that they can hide behind secrecy and are accountable to no-one gives them an advantage over politicians!
On the same point I would add to Aimee's comment, I think ALL the information we need is "out there", but those in a position of power turn a blind eye. I will never forget, after showing a document which proved my case unequivocally to a Quaker, how she pushed the paper back across the table while turning her head sideways! Keep that image in your mind whenever you wonder why your politicians aren't doing anything.


There was something in social media several years ago, photos and reports on Zuckerberg's having his infant daughter vaccinated. I don't think he's a closet antivaxxer, but a conventional pro-vaxxer who's willing to use his power to censor vaccine critics.


Aimee, me too; madder by the decade, I can't say by the day or the year anymore. Plus the list of people to target my anger at has grown rather long too. Long enough list that I need to make sure that all needs to be on the list.
I think once papers and evidence is presented to Congress, it is then public domain?

Perhaps that has always been the real plus for presenting things to Congress, getting a Congressman to take it, and presenting it to Congress.

John Stone


Yes, but surely Blair manipulated the intelligence community to produce the evidence he wanted for war: I don’t believe he was genuinely deferring to them.

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta - I do see your point, but...

I am angry at anyone and everyone who has the power to make a difference to the autism epidemic and for whatever reason, chooses not to. I don't think our Congresspeople (or Senators) are powerless. I think Bill Posey could have done more - he raised the vaccine-autism issue and then dropped it - and for four years never even mentioned it until the hearing with Zuckerberg.

Thanks, David L., for letting us know that the files are out there. Wow - who knew? I follow autism news very closely and I didn't know they were available to the public. No one else on this site has ever mentioned that they were out there. According to Benedetta's earlier post on this clip, Del Bigtree said that "[Posey] still has them and is waiting for others to call for them." So even Del Bigtree didn't know? These critical documents certainly haven't been analyzed or publicized in any significant way from what I've read. I wonder when Posey's office released the files? Was there any sort of press release or statement?

Sorry Benedetta - I'm still mad. Not just at Posey, though.

Grace Green

I sympathize with Aimee's point of view. From here in the UK - and I'm sure it must be the same in the USA - I have come to the conclusion that vaccines are a military endeavor, let's say a military weapon; they consequently come under official secrets and any like William Thompson (or seventy years ago, my Dad) who spoke out about what they knew would be committing a criminal offense. The so-called security services are above the laws that apply to the rest of us, and above our political representatives. I well remember Tony Blair saying to our parliament in exasperation when he was trying to persuade them to vote for another war against Iraq, "This is the advice of the security services!" "Not our job to scrutinize it or even to know what They know, just do as they tell us!" I think this attitude applies to vaccines.


Wow! David L; the files are out there at any one's finger tips.
Not just Posey's or others in Congress that would want to see them. They don't have to go to Posey's office.

I should have known that face book being a computer information device would (also, too) have Bill Gates hands all over it.

Sarah Lawry; So a head of a federal agency can circumvent the law and not allow an employee to testify?

John Stone is right there are laws for us, but not for them.

Aimee Surely you would not waste your energy at being mad at the one, lone guy that tried to help. That would be misplaced anger.

We are all looking at these federal agencies, our doctors, pharma, the whole medical complex, our own fellow citizen's attitude of being vaccine sheep. Here is another that we should put at the top of the list and that is the Justice Department.

Our Justice Department has been too busy plotting and scheming to ruin political opponents ' lives and careers, than do their real job. Geesh; their real job; of going up against the vaccine injured, or selling guns to drug cartels, or raiding private, doctor offices; but for God's sake never a "Sister" federal agency, and perhaps suicided some little holistic doctor, and others every once in a while. Lord knows they need the practice, cause shooting them in the chest,, and dumping them in the river is just sloppy. Heck; they sure could not figure much out about Paddock, shooting up a crowd of 22,000 people at a music festival, so I am going to assume that Paddock was one of them. You don't get rich by gambling and we know it. Our justice department has never even put forth theories of what is common between all the mass shooters, or for that matter the reason why so many are even taking opioids .

Every last one of us here have not only been deeply deceived, but when we figured it out, we were denied justice. It has all been about the justice department all along. Of course I guess we can thank our Congress for getting the ball rolling back in 1986,

John Stone

They have laws for us but we don’t have laws for them.

Marielaina Perrone DDS

Amazing how there is so much double speak

Tim Lundeen

Curiously, I just tried to post on FB a link to this:

Now I am not allowed to post on FB at all, I get "There was a problem with this request. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can."

And of course, Google doesn’t find Jack's post when you search for its title, unless you specify the website.

DuckDuckGo finds its title, no problem, without the site -- it's the first item in the list.

Censorship? Geez...

Aimee Doyle

@Jane- "I believe Bill Posey did his best but was not able to get William Thompson to testify before the senate because he could not get 14 other senators to co-sign a petition with him which is the legal requirement to call a witness. "

Bill Posey is in the House of Representatives, not the Senate. I know to testify in the Senate, a witness must be invited by a committee. But the House can hold hearings as well. Still doesn't answer why the documents have been buried.

With this comment, I'll let the topic go. But I am angry when someone sits on evidence that I think should see the light of day, especially given the urgency of the autism epidemic. Knowing what he knows, I don't get how Bill Posey can face his constituents who have autistic children. I wonder if anyone has asked him whatever happened to those documents?

David L

The CDC Autism/MMR Files Released By Dr. William Thompson - For all 10,000 CDC files that were delivered to Congressman Bill Posey by the CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson are available here These files contain not only the official data from the 2004 study but also the omitted data before the CDC deviated from their analysis plan.
This false and misleading report contributed to the CDC’s conclusion that MMR vaccine did and does not cause autism, to rejection of a causal association by the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and to denial of compensation mandated by Congress in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).
Politifact, a website run by the Poynter Institute, is in partnership with Facebook as a so called independent 3rd party, fact-checker. Poynter’s fact-checking operation however was funded by a $380,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Serving on its Board of Directors for Facebook also is Sue Desmond-Hellmann. Desmond-Hellman is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She was the first head of the foundation to be neither a former Microsoft executive nor a personal friend of the Gates.
If a group or Page admin posts this vaccine misinformation, we will exclude the entire group or Page from recommendations, reduce these groups and Pages’ distribution in News Feed and Search, and reject ads with this misinformation. -Facebook

Sarah Lawry

Would Thompson ever be allowed to testify in Congress? He was prevented from testifying before in a Tennessee court case by the now discredited Frieden: "William Acree, Tennessee State Circuit Judge, had ordered the trial extended so that Thompson could be subpoenaed to testify. In a recent letter to the court, Dr. Frieden denied the request to allow Dr. Thompson to testify stating that "Dr. William Thompson's deposition testimony would not substantially promote the objectives of CDC or HHS."


Benedetta Stilwell

Aimee; What Jane said is true, he had to get some more Senators to sign the petition. That is what the U tube that Susan Welch shared with you; Posey asking.

Could he work behind the scenes to get some of his "friends" in the House to sign up?
Dan Burton sure seemed alone and he was passionate about it.
Again; I ask, if laws were broke, broken, broken, why would we have to have the House?
Why is the justice department, the FBI, all over it?

And yeah; if you don't know the name of the exact organization even on google you have to go through pages to find what you want and they are all toward the end after they have repeated the same old websites over and over and over again.

Zuckerburg be damned.


I believe Bill Posey did his best but was not able to get William Thompson to testify before the senate because he could not get 14 other senators to co-sign a petition with him which is the legal requirement to call a witness. This is how I remember it, but I was not able to substantiate it anywhere, so I could be wrong. As regards Zuckerberg, his veracity was questionable because he said if you know the exact name of the organisation of alternative anti science vaccine groups, you will be given their link directly, but that is not true. If I type in "We Are Vaxxed" it appears the seventh organisation in the Facebook list. The first is the CDC, the second is Gates Foundation, the third is WHO etc. If I type in Australian Vaccination Risk Network here in Australia the CDC is first, Gates Foundation come second. If I type in a Google search engine "Vaccines cause Autism" I have to scroll through over 140 (14 pages) pro vax sites and misinformation before I find any info. critical of vaccines. None of this is surprising given Zuckerberg stated that that searches would be preferentially directed to information that was "true". He did not elucidate on what process existed to determine "truth" and unfortunately he was not asked.
In the UK the censorship is not nearly as bad as in Australia because my sister in law made a comparison at the same time and saw sites with vaccine risk dangers on the first page if her Google Search. I have to go to other alternative search engines to find critical vaccine info.

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta -

So Bill Posey is holding the papers because "no one has asked for them"? And he does nothing? That just seems so passive - and dismissive of all those currently injured by vaccines - and those who are going to be injured. Sorry - I have a hard time understanding/ justifying that position with the autism epidemic getting worse every day. He's a Congressman - and yet has no power to do anything? He has to wait for others? I don't get that - plenty of other Congresspeople speak out and do what they think is right - on both sides of the aisle.

Lots of people outside Congress care. I really don't understand why these documents can't be released to the public. For four years he has sat on documents that could be a game changer. If he is going to wait for others to "ask for them" then we likely have another decade of the epidemic before anything changes.


Aimee Doyle.

Where are the papers? According to Del Bigtree he still has them and he is waiting for the others to call for them, ask for them. Apparently that is the procedure. Apparently no one asked to see them, wants to know about them, and has no interest in them.

What I want to know is where is the judicial system in all of this. There are laws, why is this whole mess of throwing out data, changing the data and all of that even have to come in front of the behemoth House of Representatives?

Is it because the judicial system when it comes to such things going on in our federal agencies; our medical federal agencies are above the law?


Love you Susan, but tuche Amiee. The crux of it is that none of us is able to protect our kids because we as a culture of people are not allowed to admit the vaccines can cause the harms they cause. Black American male babies are not allowed to be protected with the knowledge the holding off on an MMR can protect you from autism. Ameer can’t go to school anymore because if honor his medical exemption we have to aknowledge that he has to live his life disabled because of vaccines. We not even allowed to try to make the program better. No science, no rule of law, no justice, no humanity for children, it is what it is, shut the eff up and take your vaccines. Where are you Thom Hartman?!!!

Aimee Doyle

@Susan - yes, I did see that, but it was over four years ago, in 2015. I haven’t heard anything since and I was wondering what happened to the documents Dr. Thompson gave Bill Posey’s office.

As far as I know, the documents have not been released to anyone, and have not resulted in a hearing. Given the urgency of the autism epidemic, I don’t understand why Rep Posey has not pressed forward.


I tried to write Rep Posey, but it was refused because I'm not a Florida constituent. Anyone have another email address for him? I saved the letter.


IMHO FaceBook is not so bad with censorship. I post and see anti-vax posts all the time.
I also think that Zuckerberg is a closet anti-vaxxer himself. At least he obviously does not vaccinate his own babies. So while I am all for truth and open exchange of ideas, I think attack on Zuckerberg is misplaced.
Obviously it is just my opinion.

susan welch

Aimee, I assume from your comments about Congressman Posey doing nothing with the documents, that you did not see the above.

Jill in MI

Thank you Bill Posey. Slippery slope Zuckerberg. I think it is hubris to say that he wants to limit anti vaccination information in order to prevent harm. He also conveniently did not address the Four Billion Dollars paid out to those harmed by vaccines. Maybe he has a different definition of harm?

Aimee Doyle

I think it's great that Republican representative Bill Posey said that he encouraged open conversation on the risks of vaccination. I am glad that he brought up the vaccine court and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. I am glad that he put Mark Zuckerberg on the spot regarding FB's censorship of vaccine discussion. I wonder why he didn't mention whistleblower Dr. William Thompson?

And I don't understand why Bill Posey never did anything with the whistleblower documents from Dr.William Thompson. As I understand it, he received thousands of documents. Whatever happened to them? No hearings were called for or held. The documents were not made public. Couldn't they have been "leaked" if he didn't want to publicly disclose them himself?

Does anyone know?


Who would have thought, besides George Orwell, that the word "misinformation" would become a meme for corporate malignancy.
May the Wilberforce be with you, Congressman Posey!


So grateful that Mr. Posey is still fighting for us.

Bob Moffit

Better late than never with his comments … Rep Posey's confrontation with Zuckerberg over Facebook's "censorship policies" .. or "tactics" as Zuckerberg defined them .. regarding vaccines was greatly appreciated by myself … having long ago lost any hope of the entrenched SWAMP in our government and regulatory agencies allowing the free flow of information regarding VACCINES.

When is Dr William Thompson going to testify … under oath … regarding his allegations of CRIMINAL CORRUPTION AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE CDC ..

I would suggest to Rep Posey that Zuckerberg's "tactics" to suppress any and all information detrimental to VACCINES and the POLICIES by which they are approved, recommended and administered … is no different than the "tactics" of CONGRESS .. who have had thousands of documents supporting Thompson's CRIMINAL ALLEGATIONS .. and have denied our country to HEAR THEM. Indeed … which is worse .. Facebook or Congress on this subject????

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