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Poisoning Our Babies, One Meal At A Time

Screenshot (2324)It might be time for moms to start making their own baby food.  From their own gardens.  After having their dirt tested.

Because what is coming off the corporate shelves, even with organic labels on them, may be harming them in all the ways we are fighting against.

Healthy Babies, Bright Futures has published the results of an examination of baby food content, and found that almost all contain metals.  Their headline reads:

"A new study finds 95 percent of tested baby foods contain toxic chemicals that lower babies’ IQ, including arsenic and lead."

The source of the contamination, well, the whole world.

"Notably, parents can’t shop their way out of these exposures by choosing organic foods or by switching from store-bought brands to homemade purees. Heavy metals are naturally occurring in soil and water and are found at elevated levels in fields polluted by pesticides, contaminated fertilizer, airborne contaminants and industrial operations. Food crops uptake these metals naturally. 

Sadly, this is an IMPROVEMENT in food conditions, as the report shares that after the FDA changed their approaches, working with food safety advocates to reduce heavy metals.  

" Current arsenic contamination levels in rice cereal and juice are 37 and 63 percent lower, respectively, than amounts measured a decade ago because of companies’ success in reducing metals levels in their food ingredients to comply with draft FDA guidance. They have shifted growing and processing methods."

From the perspective of parents working to end their child's contact with toxic metals, the prospects seem grim according to this report.  But at least they offered information to make things better.

Recommendations are made to parents for choices that will lower metal intake:

Screenshot (2325)

The executive summary of the report can be found here, and the full paper here.



When he first wrote the article, he said it was a time of being extra hot; the year of Dan's story was the same year that brought us the movie "Jaws", because the heat was causing marine life to feed closer to shore, or something like that. It was just an observation by Dan. He described the canals around the sugar plants, again and observation.

In the comments, Dan commented there a lot, for he was searching for answers and he was reading , and thinking on the comments, and responding to them. There were others that mentioned penny candy, cheap candy; and Dan said yes he thought so too and had even looked at the distribution routes leading out of New York to other parts of the United States.
Dan also described the sugar from the arsenic treated cane as having a residue at the bottom of the test vials which made it a cheap grade.

Dan also told us in the comments (I think, I could be wrong, it could have been in one of the series of articles? ) but he did tell us about two children that their parents put them in almost isolation to keep them safe, even watching what they ate, and one of the things they allowed was condensed canned milk. It was heated and canned that would mean no polio virus, but arsenic could have been in the sugar added to the condensed milk. If arsenic was in there, and polio virus was around and about in the environment then, arsenic put holes in the stomach and allowed the polio virus to go to the spinal cord.

Dan also told us that the woman that ran the ice cream shop below the apartment where the little infant died of polio was later found on the floor of her shop paralyzed with ? Maybe? polio? She was rushed to the hospital and recovered completely. She then returned to her shop and succumb once again to polio and died.




He had already posted 6 segments. The link above is to Part 1.


Dan Olmsted's concept about arsenic related to polio -- which I did not explain very well, because I left out some parts -- was that experimentation was happening in the sugarcane fields in Hawaii.

There were a few years of very, very heavy applications of fertilizer. Arsenic from those applications were indeed taken up into the cane. The "rough" product was shipped to New York. The further processing produced a waste product which was expelled into canals and streams. That polluted the waters in those areas -- water used for drinking, cooking, bathing. And . . . people (and especially children) as a result were much more intensely affected by polio, which had previously been not such a dread disease. The people changed, not the poliovirus.


Nonnymouse; It could have been the water around the sugar plant, but I think arsenic tainted the sugar and it made it a cheap grade of sugar which was probably shipped out to be made into penny candy and in condensed milk.


@Bob - you're right that the FDA should be regulating.

The FDA is just another arm of pharma.

Sure they may pose as a regulator. But what they appear to be doing, is adding an air of legitimacy to what can only be described as the release of 'approved' poisons onto an unsuspecting public.

I could be mistaken, but my understanding is that prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death in the US. Right behind heart disease, and cancer.

And every one of those prescribed drugs, had to be approved by the FDA.

Carolyn McTickedOff

Can someone somewhere figure out if mercury levels spike in wastewater during flu shot season? Is it possible we can get people to care about metals in shots by pointing out that toxins from
Shots are either

1. In a body forever then cremated or ground pollution —those who cannot excrete —elderly who die of flu shot poison
2. In diapers and landfill
3. In toilets one way or another
Is the presence of mercury and other toxins I. Shots simply a cheap way for the medical monsters to collaborate with environmental monsters to get rid of toxins? Is that why we cannot get headway on such a clearly awful practice—do the criminals in coal and gas who need to get rid of toxins profit from selling the waste to Eli lily for thimeraso? Where does that mercury come from? Who is benefiting ! We must follow the money!

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - you're right that the FDA should be regulating.

But companies shouldn't be putting out poisoned products in the first place, or using lobbyists to write the legislation about their products, or inserting industry people into regulatory agencies like the FDA.


My mother has extra health care other than Medicare. The extra health care sent her a packet and a vial to spit in for a DNA test. She is 90 years old now. She claims gut trouble every since a flu shot when she was 30 years old.

So it looks like that genetic testing mapping what ever/ power to be are and have been looking at methylenating variants

I have looked through it all. My eyes are now crossed and I have a headache cause we know that they like their own language, just to make it hard.

MTHFR (A1298C) Most of the Irish - fifty percent or more has this variant. I am not sure that should be called mutation at they are calling it then? More like a variant to me. This variant of putting a methyl group on what ever? They thought maybe it leads to high homopocysteine but then again not really. The other MTHFR variant is C677T; and my mother's are not altered, it is just fine; like most of the populations. Those that do have it the most are Hispanic. This is the one that does not methyl what ever on to folic, folate or whatever very well. This is the one that a person should take B 12. Hmmmm, I can sure use my B 12, think I will do that after I finish here. Well maybe both needs a good dose of B 12?

COMT(Va1159Met) That is Val and then the number 1. This has something to do with dopamine's levels and that Sam e. I have to mention here that taking over the counter Sam e puts me in orbit, and my husband's heart will race. I really did not understand what it was saying, but it has something to do with making Sam e-- ? Sounded like we don't make Sam e well, but then again maybe, well we must? They also thought it was the Schizo gene, but doesn't look that way at all. Nope not a tall. Although it could have something to do with Mood; something about mood and bipolar. Of course you got websites wanting to jump all over this and take your money for fixing it, claiming it could be the alcoholic gene too? Oh and by the way, even though it is about the brain, it is really happening in the liver.

ADRA2A(C-1291G) Ah, this is the ADHD or ADD gene, might be, could be.

The real question is: Are these born with it genes? Or are these those types of genes turned on by things from the environment?

Just muddy the whole thing up even more.


About arsenic. At the time Dan Olmsted died, he was working very intensely on a concept which included arsenic and connected it to making polio a fearsome disease, instead of something less

This is my memory of what he was thinking at that time.

His working idea was that, back in the day -- (around the turn of the last century) -- sugar cane was grown in the Hawaiian islands. It was only modestly processed, then sent on sailing ships all the way to the New York City area. There it was processed further, which meant that toxic outflow from the unwanted processing residue went into canals, streams, et cetera and got into the drinking water system.

He had a map which correlated the areas of most pollution from the sugar refining, matched with the earliest reports of polio during those times.

He was making a compelling case. Worth thinking about.

About arsenic otherwise. Think about accumulations from various sources . . . take as an example, the person who lives in New Mexico or New Hampshire or any other state where granite mountains are slowly, slowly eroding.

Arsenic that has been trapped in the mountains eventually will get into the streams and rivers by erosion. It's a natural process.

At one time, some years back, Albuquerque had the highest levels of arsenic in its city drinking water -- highest of any city in the U.S. at the time.

Now add to that. Chicken that was fed Roxarsone during its growing-up months.

Now add to that. Rice, which because it is grown in very wet circumstances, will take up arsenic in the course of growing.

Then make "chicken, rice and gravy" for dinner from time to time. And try to figure out how much arsenic the family is getting from just that one meal.

Not to mention drinking water to make tea or coffee or soup; for taking a shower or bath. And so on.

Baby food is important, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Tim Lundeen

They are legitimately concerned about heavy metals, but glyphosate and other agricultural poisons can be worse.

I recommend Judy Hoy's book, Changing Faces, about her experiences running an animal shelter and the environmental injuries she saw first hand. Parents living in the same area wonder why their children have health issues! https://www.amazon.com/Changing-Faces-Consequences-Exposure-Disrupting/dp/1979134804/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=judy+hoy%27s&qid=1571419764&sr=8-1

I've come to think that we must all eat and insist on 100% organically-raised food. If enough people did this, it would become uneconomical to poison our food supply, and it would also improve the environment. Not only saving bees, birds and our health by eliminating agricultural poisons, but also reducing runoff of agricultural fertilizer.

Anna Quandt

Duff Wilson wrote Fateful Harvest: the true story of a small town, a global industry and a toxic secret. Explains how toxic chemicals can be legally sold as fertilizer to farmers.

elaine dow

I testified in Maryland legislature against the use of Roxarsone, a arsenic based chicken feed. Maryland's Eastern shore raises chicken, home to Perdue, five of us testified against it, it never made it out of committee. Later that summer, the FDA decided to take another look at this product and Phizer discontinued manufacting "due to a failed Maryland hearing" according to google. Chicken manure is used widely as a fertilizer thus spreading the arsenic onto other produce and polluting our waters. I brought heavy metal test results, which the Senator shared, the arsenic levels using DMSA were frightening. Joe had one with over 800 micrograms. Health officials lost their sights on lead, thinking that taking it out of paint and gas, so they got rid of the problem. Dr. Richard Deth informed us at DAN conferences that lead is the primary cause of ADD/HD. It is still plentiful in the enviorment and used in many toys manufactured overseas.

Bob Moffit

" Current arsenic contamination levels in rice cereal and juice are 37 and 63 percent lower, respectively, than amounts measured a decade ago because of companies’ success in reducing metals levels in their food ingredients to comply with draft FDA guidance. They have shifted growing and processing methods."

If "shifting growing and processing methods" have proven effective in reducing metal levels in food ingredient .. the FDA ought to be REGULATING by laws requiring companies to COMPLY .. rather than simply drafting GUIDANCE (suggestions?) that companies will surely ignore as too costly.

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