New York State Overrides Doctor's Recommendation
Poisoning Our Babies, One Meal At A Time

Ohio to Fund Programs to Prevent Custody Relinquishment for Severely Behavioral Children

Money puzzleNote: Don't punish progress. $8 million in direct funds is a start. Most states have nothing for families, like many in the autism community, whose children have severe behaviors and aggression. The boy featured in the story has autism.


Ohio sets aside $31 million to support families with children who have complex behavioral needs

The state is setting aside $31 million to support families whose children have complex behavioral health needs and require help from multiple systems. The pot includes $8 million in direct aid so that parents won’t have to surrender custody to get the treatment and services their children need.

For most of the past five years, Mark Butler hasn’t had good answers for the anguished parents who call to say they had to surrender custody to get the behavioral-health care their children so desperately need.

But when his phone rang Tuesday?

“I was able to say, ’Go to the Ohio Family and Children First Council tomorrow and apply for help, and let’s get your boy back,‴ said Butler, a parent advocate who lives in Whitehall.  Read the full article at Dispatch News.


go Trump

In memory of Elijah Cummings at an Autism hearing in 2016. Excellent clip.

@25:00 // “There is something wrong with this picture.” // “Let’s put the brakes on this.”

For some reason however, Congress still does exactly nothing. ( $$$ )
Rep Cummings is followed by Mark Blaxill with a great presentation.

Bob Moffit

Every little step in the right direction is what I hope is the beginning of the end to the Autism epidemic. Maybe when the COST of caring for our suffering children becomes a SHARED COST WITH GOVERNMENT … someone may actually ask where have all these "health care costs" come from?

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