New York Board of Regents Monthly Meeting: Public Banned with Plywood Over the Door
SAFE: officially listed side-effects for the 4 vaccine products routinely given to British infants at 8 weeks of age



The Merck MMR fraud case may yet be a fly in the ointment, when finalized.
Perhaps a door will open there.


I am guessing the judge was threatened or incentivized to rule the way he did. Perhaps we will face a similar situation at the Supreme Court level. There are compromised players throughout the judicial system. I want to believe that there can be justice, but what makes us think the industry hasn't already locked in the deal at these higher levels of the court system?


My sense is that this is deliberate in that powers-that-be want this to go all the way to the Supreme Court and let them deal with it.

That's my intuition; I don't base this on legal authority, but this is what it seems to me.

The Supreme Court is where this issue is headed...

Marianna Ferrari

When I broke the news to my kids about still not going back to school, the first thing they said was that the judge was probably compromised by Big Pharma. I think I’ve trained them up well! Very smart. What other reasonable explanation could there be?


I’m wondering if arguing on religious freedom is a tactical error, when the real issue, clearly noted in the decision, is the blind belief that “mass vaccination is necessary for public health.”

Until we successfully attack the multiple instances of fraud supporting that belief, I fear we will continue to lose suits based on religious belief.

Grace Green

I wonder if, in New York, they have picked on the wrong community. I understand they number among them many very able lawyers. They are also seen by many of "us" as having been victims of previous persecution, and will therefor attract the sympathy of the wider community.

Bob Moffit

Sophistry is defined thus:

"a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning."

This judge's decision is nothing but sophistry masquerading as credible judicial opinion .. he should be ashamed of himself for being a coward in a position that demands courage .. he is an embarrassment to our justice system.

Aimee Doyle

@Irena - "blatant violation of human rights by NY and CA legislators."

I wonder whether anyone in Mississippi or West Virginia (neither state has a religious or personal exemption) has ever sued over violation of religious freedom. The lack of religious exemptions in these two states has been the norm for years, so I'm curious if lawsuits have been pursued. I haven't read about any and I don't know of any cases that have gone up to the Supreme Court yet.

It's important to look at what has happened in West Virginia and Mississippi to try and figure out how to move forward with the violations in NY and CA.

Not Blind

So the judge didn't bother to read, or chose not to understand the depos (or perhaps anticipated imminent horse head delivery?).
Quoting the Prince v Mass ,1944, (notably before vaccines were indemnified in 1986, and before due process was denied for design defect in Scalia Breusewitz v Wyeth decision) , the judge mentions
"the right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease"
(non vaccinated does not equal infected and NEVER has ,not even in 1944, quite the OPPOSITE in recent outbreaks of pertussis and mumps),
and no one is arguing that infected children expose others , with the exception of the state, who allows recently vaccinated with MMR and varicella in schools-without restriction, knowing MMR and varicella can cause infection,
, (and such knowledge of vaccine infections was excluded from discovery for lack of testing in NY measles outbreak, likely to manufacture such an outcome);

"or the latter to ill health or death" (more die from MMR than measles, and then there is the whole issue of exposure to foreign genetic materials and neurotoxins, including aluminum and thimerosal and mutagenic materials and DNA and glyphosate, and multitude of autoimmune problems, seizure disorders, gastrointestinal, neurological, and developmental disorders, that these older decisions had no knowledge or concept of in relation to conscientious religious objection !!!
Body as a temple, Hellooooo. A parent must deny the basic religious obligation of do no harm to their child for state prevarication?
I call this decision deliberately uninformed, whether for lack of diligence or other motivations.


The further it is going, the closer to the Supreme Court it gets.
Blatant violation of human rights by NY and CA "legislators" will be the downfall of that vaccine Holocaust!

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