New York Public Health Bureaucrat Overrides Neurologist's Medical Exemption For Disabled Child
NY Judge Denies Stay: Children Locked Out of School

New York Board of Regents Monthly Meeting: Public Banned with Plywood Over the Door

New York Regents doorThis seems impossible at best and a fire code violation at least. Public turned away from the monthly meeting of the Board of Regents. Plywood covering the front door of the Education Department in Albany, and employees with IDs hustled in with security through a side door.  John Gilmore reported that close to 100 tax paying citizens were turned away.

This is what vaccine policy has done to education in the Empire State. Public education is not for the public. This is horrifying.

Here is the list of Regents in New York.



Oops, they did it again.
Time for Lady Liberty to move?


I suspect the revolving door entrance is broken and it was boarded for safety reasons so people don't get stuck if they tried to enter (assuming they ignored signs and the security)


Forced injections, boarded up federal buildings. More sooner than later this publication will have to change its name to Age of the Apocalypse, at the the acronym will still work.


UM, ok, I have to ask.... *WHY* was the door covered with plywood? From the door next to it, it's obvious that the plywood-covered door was a distinctive curved design. Maybe the door broke, and is in process of repair? I hope AoA isn't seriously suggesting that the NY Regents had the door plywooded for "security"? Yes, not allowing the public *IS* VERY CONCERNING!.... And, is this really the result of "vaccine policy"?.... I'm very concerned with forced drugging by vaxxes. I'm very concerned that persons, and KIDS, are forced to consume a private, for-profit product. If vaxxes are so "good", then why are they only available as private, for-profit products? If vaxxes are so good, then why aren't they PUBLIC, NON-PROFIT products?....
Seriously, I hope somebody here at AoA can answer some of my questions. And remember:

Paul Picha

Did they use tax dollars to purchase that large piece of plywood?? Disgusting


obstructing education.
obstructing democracy.

Bob Moffit

Where is the NYS Attorney General … where is the United States Attorney General .. on this clear and present danger to the citizens of NY … where the public is routinely banned from attending public meetings by use of police agencies??

If it were any other group of concerned citizens .. LGBT, Black Lives Matter, etc .. it would be stopped by enforcing existing laws protecting the PUBLIC'S RIGHT TO ATTEND SUCH MEETINGS???

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