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NBC Report on Clearing Classrooms as if that's Normal

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

Here’s one of the latest stories added to my website, NBC Nightly News gave the issue of nationwide classroom violence/room clears coverage, but they completely missed the real issue in their dismissive attitude in how to deal with situation.

We’re told that clearing classrooms because of out-of-control students has ‘become more common in the past decade,’ and one expert even calls for finding out ‘why that kid is acting that way,’ but NBC News has no interest in what’s really going on.

“Room clears” are the problem, not violent kids. (This practice is done here in my little town in Wisconsin, as I’ve been told by parents of elementary school students.)

NBC News calls for MORE MONEY and MORE MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTS. Dangerous students are normal and acceptable in today’s world, even as young as seven. (If we can casually watch the autism rate climb year after year, no questions ask, we will somehow learn to live with any type of dysfunctional child.

How long before things finally collapse under the strain? I’m not sure, but eventually they will.

Oct 1, 2019, NBC News: Teachers sounding the alarm over ‘room clear’ method

One of the methods often used to control a child having a meltdown, “room clear” leaves the disruptive child in the classroom, while the other kids are moved out. The result can be classrooms torn apart, desk and tables upended.

VIDEO: "The videos are shocking, classrooms torn apart. Desks and tables upended."

Teacher: “I’ve had my things thrown around the room, ripped off the walls. I’ve been punched, kicked, stabbed with a pencil.”

Reporter: “How common is that?”

Teacher: “Pretty common.”

“Ashley Mae quit her teaching job in Des Moines at the end of last year, frustrated and frankly scared by some of her students.”

Teacher: “He would body check me [a deliberate obstruction of an opponent by placing one's body in the way] and grab me by my whistle, yank me down. I had another student who pulled back and just threw a punch at me.”

Reporter: “These kids are how old?”

Teacher: “Seven.”

“Like other teachers who took these photos, Mae would call for a room clear—a practice used when a student gets out of control: leave the disruptive child in the classroom while the other kids are moved out.”

Reporter: “Is clearing the room fair to the other students?”

Teacher: “Not fair. Not fair to anybody. The other students don’t get to learn, I can’t teach, my stuff’s getting destroyed. That student can’t learn.”

“Des Moines Superintendent Tom Ahart says room clears are a last resort that have become more common in the past decade. Enrollment is up, funding is down and there aren’t enough mental health providers for kids.”

Ahart: “Expectations on schools have changed dramatically, but the challenges we’re asked to deal with have increased while resources have been reduced.”

Reporter: “Your teachers are caught in the middle of all this.”

Ahart: “Absolutely.” “It’s happening nationwide education experts are saying because of stricter rules on teachers using physical restraint.”

Bob Cunningham: “So if schools have to be much more careful about restraining or removing kids from class, then one of the simpler things to do is to remove all of the other kids.”

“Bob Cunningham focuses on education policy at the nonprofit, Understood.”

Cunningham: “We need to figure why that kid is acting that way. Behavior is not accidental. It’s a communication method."

Next we’re shown the “special needs” student who stabbed Ashley Mae with a pencil.

Mother: “And that makes me feel so bad because I know he’s a good kid.”

“His mom, Dawn, feels badly for the other students but says there’s no other place for her son.”

Mother: “I want him to be socializing and hanging out with kids, but I do think he need to be in a smaller setting.”

“Ashley Mae hopes bringing the problem to light means more support for teachers."

Mae: “As this issue gets more attention and people understand, hopefully it pushes people to make a change.”

“Lester the education experts I spoke with said the solution is smaller class sizes, more teacher training, more mental health specialists—but of course all of that costs more money.”

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.




Jeanne J

David M Burd,

And I am sure the Pharmafia also knew the young doctors knew nothing.

david m burd

jeanne j,

Well documented by many including Olmsted/Blaxill's book Age of Autism that three vaccines containing high amounts of Thimerosal/ethylmercury combined to be injected into all American babies: DTaP had mercury for decades; the Hib vaccine instituted in late 1980s, the HepB vaccine implemented 1991 were loaded with Thimerosal/ethylmercury.

So ramping up in 1990, as higher percentages of naive parents had their babies thus subjected to this neurotoxic insanity; as Med Schoolers/Interns were just starting out, they had no clue that such infants' damages were, in fact, a new skyrocketing occurrence.


I also saw the "room clears" news segment the other night. The teacher and other behaving children are reinforcing "active shooter" behavior. Instead of pushing the out of control kid out the door and locking the door to protect themselves, they are becoming victims and having to flee violence.

Terrible role modeling.

When I was in school in the 1950's it would not have been tolerated.


Pediatricians Stand By Meds For ADHD, But Some Say Therapy Should Come First [American Academy of Pediatrics pushing drugs first, behavior therapy as an add on. Why should anybody be surprised?]

The American Academy of Pediatrics issued new guidelines on Monday that uphold the central role of medication, accompanied by behavioral therapy, in ADHD treatment.

When 6-year-old Brody Knapp of Kansas City, Mo., was diagnosed with ADHD last year, his father, Brett, was skeptical. Brett didn't want his son taking pills.

Brody's mother, Ashley, had other ideas. She's a school principal and has ADHD herself.

"I was all for stimulants at the very, very beginning," Ashley says, "just because I know what they can do to help a neurological issue such as ADHD."

More and more families have been facing the same dilemma. The prevalence of diagnosed ADHD has shot up in the U.S. in the past two decades; 1 in 10 children now has that diagnosis.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I don't think the education system has the power to solve the autism epidemic. The education system K-12 is dominated by women. Their position is similar to parents. The PharmaBros and their AMA accomplices created the autism epidemic. Their organizations are dominated by men. Where school teachers and parents see children, those bastards see cash flow from liability free revenue. They are congratulating each other on their latest success - getting the state mandates in CA and NY. So they now have guaranteed, liability free revenue from four states, and they are mowing through the other states on their agenda. The vaccine injury rate could go over 50% and they would not care. They only care about money. They laugh at us. They are bullies. This is a David and Goliath type of fight. I don't know what David has up his sleeve to bring these monsters down, but I pray it happens in my lifetime.

Jeanne J

In the early days of special education (1980's), this school would immediately refer these students for assessment, to figure out cognitive abilities, academic abilities, physical abilities and emotional abilities. Federal timelines would kick in, requiring a multi-disciplinary report be generated, determination of whether there was a disability, and appropriate program supports/placement. No one questioned whether or not the behavior was appropriate, because it isn't. No one would question whether or not it is acceptable in a regular classroom, because it isn't. But because school districts are so overwhelmed, first by the autism epidemic, and secondly by all the other neurological disorders, there aren't enough fingers to plug up all the holes in this crumbling dike called "free and appropriate education". So now administrators are just going around with their arms in the air like they have no idea what to do.

So what we are seeing is the beginnings of the deadliest disease America is dealing with. I call it "I don't know" disease. It strikes when so-called experts in any field related to child welfare are asked why something is happening that never happened before 1990. It is characterize by coolly and calmly pretending that no one should be alarmed, and that we will need money to "figure it out". Ground zero for its beginnings was the CDC. It spread to the NIH. Soon doctors, just out of med school in the 1990's were catching it. Now, it seems educators who have only been working since the 1990's have it. Most adults who have lived or worked around children prior to the 1990's have natural immunity to it - we seem to be able to answer the question without hesitation.

If this deadly disease is allowed to continue, unchallenged by common sense and truth, it will bankrupt our entire education system!!!!

Angus Files

A-tishoo! A-tishoo! We all fall down.

Flu jab to be offered to 25MILLION in UK as primary school children offered for first time
THE FLU JAB will be offered to 25million people across the UK this winter as all primary school children are included in the national scheme for the very first time.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

“Lester the education experts I spoke with said the solution is smaller class sizes, more teacher training, more mental health specialists—but of course all of that costs more money.”

Ah yes .. these violent outbursts by seven year old children that have caused schools to institute "clearing out" of the non-disruptive children have ALWAYS BEEN HERE .. OUR TEACHERS ARE JUST BETTER AT DIAGNOSING THEIR DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR.

When Harvard reports that 54% of today's children have neurological, biological, physical development problems .. up from 12% in 1986 .. we are reaching the absolute limit on IGNORING THE DETERIORIATING MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH OF OUR CHILDREN .. AND PRETENDING THE 54% OF SUCH CHILDREN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE WILL FINALLY END.

Cunningham: “We need to figure why that kid is acting that way. Behavior is not accidental. It’s a communication method."

Wow .. imagine … "We need to figure out WHY that kid is acting that way … behavior is not accidental .. it's a COMMUNICATION METHOD?????????"

Really???? If behavior is not accidental … why not figure out WHY so many kids are acting this way .. instead of pretending so many children can be helped with better communication methods. Poor communication methods are NOT THE PROBLEM .. AND .. THEY SURE AS HELL WILL NOT PROVE TO BE A SOLUTION TO IT.

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