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Does Vaxogynist Autumn Dayss Have Sleepless Nights Over her Mocking Sick Children?

Mama Says Vaccines Cause Autism Halloween Costume by Carzylla

DE8E8888-A30B-4B76-9580-160FE87B1100By Kim Rossi

Well, at least she broke the "I finally get to dress like a trashy, sexy woman" tradition for Halloween.... Instead, she dressed like a vicious bigot.

Welcome to social media in 2019. Where grown women can make fun of vaccine injured children and their families by dressing up as a "baby" with measles. I don't even know if this is carzylla herself in the photo. She shared it, so it's public. Complete with a proud American beer brand in one hand. I'm sure Coors will be calling any day to sign this lovely lass for an endorsement. Never. My guess? She's in the medical field.

MMR has injured many of our children. MMR has been at the center of the autism/vaccine debate for decades. MMR has been reworked, its data fudged, its elements changed, its very existence sued by its very manufacturers own scientists.  Measles has been the TrojanHorse used to ram through laws denying exemptions , banning healthy kids from school and just you watch - much more is coming.

So I say to carzylla, whoever and where ever she is - How do you feel making fun of children, parents and families who have been through the kind of hell you could never imagine unless you lived it. Live it. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Like we do.
Here's a photo of a vaccine injured adult riddled with seizures and autism and PANDAS that I hope will make her laugh and smile and golly jiminy biminy boop maybe even pee her Depends.Brandon Guppy

Not amusing enough for you, you nasty woman? Try this one for a double giggle. Brothers (2 of 5 siblings with autism) and their diaper supply.

Diapers Anthony Karen Credit
Credit Anthony Karen

Still not tickled pink? We invite you to read an AofA story we posted years ago about Josh Edwards, in the UK. Take a look at his body. Yuck it up, babe!  I Am Josh. A Boy After His MMR.

It’s January 1994; I’m 13 months old. Off to the
doctor for my MMR! Tonight I have a high fever.
I don’t feel so well in the morning, with severe
diarrhea leaking through my clothes and onto
my bedding. My stool is bright yellow, runny,
and then like oxtail soup. Can you imagine?
This went on for 5 days, and then I stopped “going” so
much . . . Mum says “constipated.” I used to poop
every day before the MMR, sometimes twice a day.
I’m so sorry, Mum, I don’t know what is
happening. I am miserable and upset.

I’m sorry that I scream and cry and nobody can figure out why.
Please don’t pick me up, please don’t cuddle me - I can’t stand it!
I don’t like being touched anymore.

I am Josh. I am obsessed with light switches,
climbing on chairs and tables to get to them,
turning the light on and off. It is the same with door
handles and opening and closing doors. I engage
in repetitive behavior. I hate eye contact and ignore
the cameras that I used to “ham it up” for.

I am scared to go outdoors, screaming when
Mum puts on her coat. I tantrum and become a
prisoner in my own home. But I am a prisoner in my
own body. I am Josh.

I’m about 15 months old. Six weeks since
my MMR vaccine, and I haven’t verbalized a bit
of language for at least 2 weeks. I’m not even
trying. I used to sit on the potty, but I don’t seem
to remember what it is for. I used to sleep well,
sleeping through the night from 6 weeks old. Now
I don’t.

I am Josh at 18 months old. I have poor behavior,
poor interaction, little eye contact and a total loss
with my screams.  I am only pooping once a week.
I stand and spin and spin and flap my hands.

We will not accept this bullying. The social media discrimination. Our children with autism, our children with vaccine injury are NOT the last and ONLY group in the USA that people are allowed to mock and openly disdain. I will call out people like carzylla at every opportunity.  One day, and I hope that day comes soon, and that I help bring it about, this kind of mocking will be looked at as as vicious as blackface. Yeah, that's controversial. I know. But I own my feelings. You can NOT MOCK us and get away with it. Our children deserve respect, compassion and kindness. Not ridicule.

Stay tuned. I'm pissed.




"I think it is ridiculous that we are still believing a false research hypothises, that says vacines cause autism. It is a gene, whether inherited or a mutation,"

What is ridiculous is that if my child is perfectly healthy, then I see her get vaccinated, then unhealthy, I am supposed to reject the possibility it was the vaccines.

On the other hand, if my child is perfectly healthy, then sick I am perfectly justified in blaming a bunch of viruses or bacteria that I can't see and have no idea when (and usually if) they entered my child.

We refuse to believe vaccine injury despite the evidence for it being sufficient to prove causation for literally any other phenomenon.

But we believe in virus injury despite there being literally no evidence to support it.

Amazingly, 99% of anti-vaxers are too scared to make this argument.


I think it is ridiculous that we are still believing a false research hypothises, that says vacines cause autism. It is a gene, whether inherited or a mutation,


Yeah, how ridiculous for parents (.. by the thousands) to deliver children for vaccines, watch as those children become maimed from the experience, and then be silly enough to believe that the vaccines had anything to do with it.

Of course, it makes way more sense for those parents to ignore what they know they saw, and just trust 'the scientists'. Who are 100% sure, that autism couldn't possibly be caused by vaccines. Because they're kinda sorta confident, that the cause has to be the victims own genetics.

Even though those same scientists have yet to identify exactly which gene is responsible. Or if that gene is inherited. Or if that gene is a mutation ......

How ridiculous indeed


Hera, I'm a big fan of you and your posts but you need to understand the harsh reality.

Some (many) people are simply evil. They aren't well-intentioned in any meaningful sense. Yes, all else equal, they would *prefer* their horrible ideas to pan out the way they claim they will but when they don't pan out (and they never do) they *never* change course because the outcome is of a trivial importance to them. What they care about the most is virtue signalling.

There is no point expecting pro-vaxers to respond to stimuli in a way that makes sense to you - they just aren't hardwired that way. The suffering of children is only important to them inasmuch as they need to pretend to care about it in order to win social brownie points.

That is why they "care" so much about children dying from measles (which has never happened in history) but couldn't care in the slightest about children dying from vaccines - the former = virtue signalling the latter does not. There is no value in showing them vaccine injured children - it won't melt their hearts. What you need to do is make them look foolish by pointing out that they have no evidence that anybody has *ever* died from measles (ie a measles virus being observed jump from one person to another and then immediately cause sickness/death).


As Hera says, adverse reaction to veterinary vaccines is a well-known phenomenon. Just one example:

"There is increasing evidence in veterinary medicine that vaccines can trigger immune-mediated and other chronic disorders (i.e., vaccinosis), especially in certain apparently predisposed breeds. Accordingly, clinicians need to be aware of this potential and offer alternative approaches for preventing infectious diseases in these animals. Such alternatives to current vaccine practices include: measuring serum antibody titers; avoidance of unnecessary vaccines or overvaccinating; and using caution in vaccinating ill, geriatric, debilitated, or febrile individuals, and animals from breeds or families known to be at increased risk for immunological reactions....The clinical signs associated with nonanaphylactic vaccine reactions typically include fever, stiffness, sore joints and abdominal tenderness, susceptibility to infections, neurological disorders and encephalitis, autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) resulting in icterus, or immune-mediated thrombocytopenia (ITP) resulting in petechiae and ecchymotic hemorrhage. Hepatic enzymes may be markedly elevated, and liver or kidney failure may occur by itself or accompany bone-marrow suppression.

Furthermore, MLV [modified-live virus] vaccination has been associated with the development of transient seizures in puppies and adult dogs of breeds or crossbreeds susceptible to immune-mediated diseases, especially those involving hematological or endocrine tissues (e.g., AIHA, ITP, autoimmune thyroiditis). Postvaccinal polyneuropathy is a recognized entity associated occasionally with the use of distemper, parvovirus, rabies, and possibly other vaccines. This can result in various clinical signs, including muscular atrophy, inhibition or interruption of neuronal control of tissue and organ function, incoordination, and weakness....."


Jeanne J

Diana Ford,

Could you please site the reference or references you have for your statement "It is a gene..."? Somehow none of the doctors and researchers that I have read who are earnestly attempting to provide via support for the medical issues of individuals diagnosed as having autism have named any specific gene involved in what is expressed as autism spectrum disorder. So, please, enlighten us.


Hi Kim, thanks


Hi Hera. I appreciate your thoughtful comment. Thank you,


Hi Kim,
Everyone is going to do what they feel is morally right and we may have different points of view.. But you asked about motives.
Motives; well my already immune compromised child whose privacy I try and deeply protect here and elsewhere, may well be forced to have a vaccine that could cause life long epilepsy ( his doctor agrees that the"required" DTP may indeed trigger lifelong epilepsy, given his current neurological condition, but says he will "probably" be all right , and won't write a medical exemption because well; vaccines) so if things continue as they are, I may well be facing the choice of pulling him out of school/and or leaving the state, and of him therefore never getting what he needs to find a job ( and he will need a school vocational rehab type program for that) or him having epilepsy ( more than 40% is uncontrolled) which may mean he will never even be able to take a shower alone anymore, so good bye to any chance of his holding a job anyway.. There is more to it, including the doctor not being willing to write the contraindications in his chart .My husband is understanding and says well it is his our doctors livelyhood and he doesn't want to risk it by writing exemptions.. I am a lot more hurt by it as he has been a good doctor for years and he has cared for our family many times.

My neighbor calls me sometimes to check on her brother, in his 50s, who when she took over helping him after the death of his mother, , took him to get all his vaccines, and a month later he started having seizures for the first time in his life, and could no longer live by himself, even with family support. Oh, and she worries about him getting burned in the shower when he doesn't answer the phone while she is at work....
Another family member is getting harassed by a person who has taken to sending articles at home and calling him diseased. This person has no filters and the family member in question is being as kind as possible while setting boundaries and now blocking them on social media.
Yes, I have skin in the game.
I have politely talked back to nurses and doctors, I describe what the anthrax vaccine did to my family, ( it is surprising how many agree that the anthrax vaccine was dangerous; maybe because it is one they are not pushing themselves) and have written polite informative letters to government officials talking about vaccine injury. Compared to the rest of it, one imo silly woman in an offensive costume doesn't even make the cut. But more on that later.
I am ok with nurses and doctors who post ridiculous things being informed about the reality of vaccine injury, and what it is like, and am willing to do so myself..People who do social media responding on social media to posts on social media also seems fair. By the way, I like your matter of fact responses online that actually talk about vaccine injury to your family. Again imo just calling people unpleasant names is absolutely useless, and I suspect (given that we are all questioning motives here), is sometimes done by people trying to make us look like "crazies" There are plenty of facts about vaccine injury, the names of people who have been killed or injured by vaccines etc, that no one can argue with, and which actually teach people something..
A long time ago, I was doing some activism work in a completely different area, and had a person involved online who was doing some major boundary overstepping., harming people with what they did. I had huge problems with this person,and sometimes it was all I could do to be civil, but I did my best. Turned out this person had huge mental health problems, was borderline suicidal, and and was possibly high functioning autistic. I never regretted having been as good as I could to him.
Destroying someone at work, for me , crosses moral boundaries unless there is a severe emergency. Pedophile and they work with kids; yep, go for it. Abusing the elderly, our children, etc, go for it.Stupid bloody halloween costume, well; imo respond on the same media she wrote on, and hope she grows up a bit/and or gets educated. ..( On a side note, I am surprised she is an actual vet; most of them know that the rabies vaccine can cause cancer in cats, and best practice is to inject the vaccine in the leg, so it can be amputated in case of cancer later..)
Here is a link to that information...
Everyone is going to think differently about this, but hey, if giving an unpopular opinion and getting negative feedback was a problem for me, I'd never be speaking up about vaccine injury either.

Benedetta Stilwell

Well we all just au-to dress up the opposite way of a very well vaccinated, up to date and on schedule vaccinated child. We'll show them which is worse! Except: I have not the heart for it.

Angus Files

Name it and claim it thats how they are paid on being the biggest b`s to us all and circulating it for a bit of promotion or a wage raise.Sometimes its what they want and we need to watch were not being played.

Pharma For Prison



Regarding her name / it’s clear on her Twitter account. And Public. As is her work for the Dog company on social media. There is no privacy w MyLife.com, social media, etc. Anyone can be found with a few keystrokes. In the USA for the time being. If that’s your comment on our post I wonder about motives. Thank you, friends. Kim


I'm suprised that this site has publshed details which identify this woman's name and professional details, this is clearly a breach of Data Protection Act, I would suggest that the AoA checks their reponsibilities at the Information Commisioners Office https://ico.org.uk/media/for-organisations/documents/1600/social-networking-and-online-forums-dpa-guidance.pdf before the person you've identified considers her legal options.


@hera... have to disagree with you wholeheartedly. This individual is obviously in the medical profession and her disgusting act of mocking sick children needs to be pointed out so that sane people can choose NOT to bring their pets to a person who should remain professional. She literally comes across as seriously unbalanced by doing what she did. SHE is the one who put herself on display. SHE deserves to be called out for her horrible choices. I would certainly want to know if my pet's Vet (or a Vet Tech) was behaving in this manner as we trust these people to have some sense of class, sanity and intelligence and not discriminate. BTW, good Vets were some of the first in the medical professional to recognize vaccinosis in pets (over vaccinating). Good vets agree too many vaccines are not good. They are light years ahead of many clueless MD's for humans. Pets are having the exact same issues as humans..increased epilepsy, auto immune issues and so forth as a result of vaccines. Other (bad) Vets will try to sell you as many vaccines as possible. Convenient huh? Then they get more business I assume from all the medical issues that occur as a result.

This woman is disgusting and no matter how she feels about vaccination this unprofessional, vile display is unacceptable. She'd be dumped in three seconds if she had been my Vet.

Jenny Allan

Carzylla at least you have opened up a debate and it seems most right thinking persons regard your Halloween outfit as sick. I hope you have the grace to feel ashamed.

I met Josh Edwards and his mum outside the GMC premises in London. I also met some other vaccine damaged persons and a mum whose beautiful toddler son died shortly after receiving his MMR vaccination. Meeting these persons was humbling,

In spit of his problems, Josh was cheerful and loving. I got cuddles from this lovely boy who got to the wonderful Royal Free paediatric gastro team led by Professor Walker-Smith, too late to save his colon. This could have been my grandson whose condition was earlier diagnosed and treated at the Royal Free. His colon was saved, although he still suffers from pain. We have never doubted the MMR vaccine was to blame. The GMC struck off Professor Walker Smith along with Dr Wakefield, but his licence was restored on appeal, with some harsh words for the GMC from the Judge.


Disagree Hera and I approved the comment. She also workd for Lap of Love. Counseling families who put down their dogs. She does not have the heart or soul for this work. She made herself public with the meme. We own our work by name. She can too.


Hi Jennifer,
Posting her work address is imo not really fair. Yes, it is a seriously offensive costume to those dealing with vaccine injury, but...people do and say things I seriously don't agree with all the time,but annoying them at work is still not ok.. I have never yet found that harassing someone makes them decide to agree with you.Giving feedback to government officials , lawmakers etc is very different, since they are there to receive input from their constituents.
Sometimes it helps to remember that the reason people do things that are imo bloody stupid and cruel, is that they just don't understand. I am sure that if she ever came to realize what life is like for those who have been permanently injured by vaccines, or what it is like to have someone who has died from a vaccine reaction, she would no doubt be deeply ashamed. Until then, a crass halloween costume is pretty unimportant in the scheme of things...Someone once told me that it is easy to be fair and decent to your friends. It is whether you can be fair and decent to your enemies that is the challenge.


Her name is Carlyn Zylstra Eisenegger.. She works at Zylstra veterinarian in Washington.

Call out cruel People

Hey what about all those horrible antiplane people who think just because their child got on a plane before they died in a plane crash that the plane is why they died!
They are making me feel bad.
I hate them and I will make fun of them for making me scared and making me afraid of planes.
They said they are reliving their pain to prevent it happening to someone else but actually everyone knows that planes don’t cause deaths . Everyone reading this who has been on a plane and lived knows it. And Boeing and the FAA said planes are safe! And if ONE plane is probably safe and didn’t kill you it means ALL planes are safe. So these antiplane people hurt my stock prices and I have every right to bully them.

Donna L.

Well I guess it is pretty obvious at this point that those on the pro-vax side are so upset at being outnumbered/outsmarted/out-researched that they are digging their own graves. In public. I mean, just imagine if you were a young person today ready to start a family and investigating the safety of vaccines. Whose opinion would you respect more, that of a mother caring 24/7 for a vaccine-injured child, who kindly points you in the direction of further research, or this....hideous, revolting Thing up above in the photo?
I'd say we're winning by a long shot.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

I think she has had too many flu shots https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31658062


I applaud all of the AoA readers who have commented with such eloquence and intelligence. Unfortunately, this kind of ignorance and hate hit me right at my core and all I want to do is lash out in as ugly a way as she has. So for that I’ll just say ... F*#k you carzylla. F*#k you and may you never, ever know the road we travel. Because sweetie, you don’t have the strength in that hideous soul of yours to last 10 minutes. May karma please have its way with you very very soon.



If it were just a gene, pure and simple, then why have the rates exploded since the vaccine epidemic started around 1990? Why was there NO autism before vaccines? Read Denial.

It's a genetic profile which predisposes to autism or many other conditions depending upon what other events occur to activate the predisposition. No vaccines, no autism. Or very little, there are a few other possible triggers, not many.


My first thought was that she was saying that vaccines DO cause autism, and all the spots on her legs were injection punctures. Much better metatextual reading of it.


On strategy, John, it does seem as though it’s a top down effort, however, I know hearsay isn’t proof. Hearsay and an awareness of past comments and behavior however....


On causation, Ms Ford, thank you for your thoughtfulness toward families that suffer greatly from a life-long debilitating disease only to be discriminated, ridiculed, persecuted and told they don’t love their children. I believe upon better research, perhaps start by investigating Dr Thompson’s transcripts, Dr Zimmerman’s affidavit, the work of Dr Exely and multiple other scientists, throw in many examples of corruption and conflicts of interest, splash in massive public outcry with a few cups of censorship, you may find that believing that what gets injected into our infants and toddlers has nothing to do with that debilitating disease is the myth. Along with a the recipe that rivals Frankenstein’s.......I give you....CARZYLLA!!!!

PS: they’re, not there’re.... previous post


She should have saved herself the trouble and gone as David Duke. She’s already mostly there (mentally and physically) all she’s missing is the hood, cuz, girl, “mamma [also] sez” you could use some Vitamin D.

Q: Why don’t trick-or-treating children need a flashlight?
A: Because there’re going with Carzylla.

Knock knock.
Who’s....never mind we can see you from space.
Ok, I know stooping to their level is never good, but sometimes it’s hard to resist.

John Stone

Diana Ford

The US government has admitted that vaccines cause autism many times over:



I don't know, Bob. Do you have an affected child? It changes everything. In any case, the people who are hurt by any social stance constantly shoved in their face need to speak up. I'm part Italian, and it took me a long time to understand the problems with Columbus Day, but I'm getting it through the complaints of those who feel marginalized by it. I still haven't looked into it that much, but since it's a nationally or sometimes state approved holiday, that makes it somewhat of a civil rights issue. The fact that we have mandated vaccines makes this somewhat of a civil rights issue as well. I think we need to fight back with everything, but especially shaming those who try to shame the injured.


One person's free speech may be another person's hate speech.

“Why We Hate” is a TV series on the Discovery Channel co-produced by Steven Spielberg, featuring journalist Jelani Cobb.

Episode 2 discussed how tribal boundaries are activated by fake threats via propaganda, and how media profits from partisanship. Media-hyped measles scares are a current example.

Episode 3: Tools & Tactics quotes Safiya Umoja Noble, author of Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism.

Said Noble: “Google’s an advertising platform. You can pay to outbid the next company to optimize certain words in relationship to your content.”
Cobb: “So people are going to an advertising platform and believing they’re going to something like a library.”
Noble: “The challenge is that search engines really hold an authoritative place in our culture.”

The strange woman in her undies has no clue how she was psychologically manipulated into being a snide spokesperson for corporate financial interests.

Hate is never OK

@Bob "What is sickening is the people here on Age of Autism are comparing pro or anti vax opinions and a persons related Halloween costume to a civil rights issue, it is NOT!"

Uh, no. We are addressing HATE. It is not OK to hate someone because of the color of their skin, nor is it OK to hate someone for their financial status. Hate is never OK! Bullying is never OK!

Except if you are hating or bullying someone who doesn't buy the Pharmaceutical Industry's propaganda hook, line and sinker. It seems to be perfectly fine to hate and bully them.

THAT is what this post is about.

Diana Ford

I think it is ridiculous that we are still believing a false research hypothises, that says vacines cause autism. It is a gene, whether inherited or a mutation, It is also ridiculous to dress like that and mock people, who do not know any better. It is sad that some people still believe this myth. It is stupid to dress like any idiot. Is this person trying to get attention? This is no way to show people that they are still believing a myth.


What is sickening is the people here on Age of Autism are comparing pro or anti vax opinions and
a persons related Halloween costume to a civil rights issue, it is NOT! Yes there are "Indian" costume that are sold at stores or online and many are Less Offensive than there earlier editions. If someone wants to criticize an "Indian" costume even if that is an over reaction then so be it is their free speech too.

Jill in MI

Wow. This is so sick. Maybe we should take our young adults out for Halloween. Mom and Dad can wear sweatshirts with baby pictures and the words Unvaccinated. Our young adults can just be themselves and wear a shirt with the words Vaccinated. With an estimated 9,000 (or more) cases of autism diagnosed every month in the US - that would be quite a sight! This is such a new level of low. Just sick and ignorant.

some people are clueless

I think what has become very obvious over the years is that parents, doctors, etc. who believe that they are right and we are wrong are so GD narcissistic that they will never accept the fact that there are individuals who are truly vaccine damaged and experiencing serious consequences. The fact that we do not all behave like sheep and follow their beliefs, worship them, agree with them just infuriates them and shows their true colors. Their true colors are that of hatred, mocking and subtle jabs. They truly believe that we are wrong because we do not listen to them and take what they say as 100% fact. They, at their core, are narrow minded assholes.

I read this entry long ago and thought, what a clueless person. It still holds true for these types today. These types spout their never ending support for every group that is discriminated against yet we as parents of injured children are not included in any group, are cast aside and told that because they didn't experience this we must not be believed. How people can "like" and follow these jerks is beyond me.

Shout out to Jessica Wilson, Newton, MA. Her entry from 2013. Looking for never ending attention since.....forever.

"To recover is to regain something that was lost or to heal, as from a disease.

My daughter has done neither. While she regresses periodically due to dysregulation from stress, she does not have Regressive Autism. She did not lose novel speech at a certain age; she never had it. Instead, she has, over the years, been finding access to it, creating pathways, learning to translate her thoughts into words, essentially becoming fluent in a foreign language, step by step by purposeful, painstaking step. As she broadens her ability to communicate her needs, she is able to more effectively manage most of the other challenges that autism presents for her.

She does not have a disease from which her body is healing. She does not have gut problems nor an overload of heavy metal in her system. She does not have anything that time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is going to ‘fix.’ My daughter isn’t sick.

Her brain is wired differently than the average bear. It just is. As such, her development is not linear. It’s not simply a slower journey along a prescribed path. Instead, it’s a walk down a whole different road that’s really not a line at all, but a prism – a constellation of challenges and talents that make her who she is.

I’ll say it again. My child is not sick.

She’s different.

The word “recovery” is not remotely applicable to her progress."

Loren L

Kim as always your reply is eloquent and I th am you for this
I’m crying
The blatancy is undeniable and when one can’t even have black pumpkins I front of a low form because it was found insulting by a person of color an yet this goes on???

John Stone

As a psycho-sociological phenomenon it interesting how today’s troll-bullies cultivate the grotesque, as if it is cool to be repulsive - is the strategy not to win the argument but just put off the uncommitted from being involved. By any stretch this image looks nasty and stupid, “in your face”. Who would want to argue, for instance, with ZDoggMD?

And always the false insinuation. WE vaccinated mostly, we don’t love disease - but there was a great betrayal, and this obscene behaviour towards the injured is part of the betrayal.

Also, just to say what a wonderful, magnificent person Josh is - I haven’t seen him for a few years, but his warmth and his dignity always shone through.

I am not that enamoured of the culture of Hallowe’en.


This woman is a despicable idiot for making fun of our vaccine injured children and should be condemned for doing so. She has some nerve making a sick joke about a tragedy that has affected thousands of children and now grown adults. She would not be able to survive caring for a vaccine infected child one day and I despise people with this kind of insensitivity to others misfortunes.


Shades of the colour purple palpable!
The Colour Purple by Alice Walker 1982

Vaccine forensic fondling showing it's true colours !
A trash can side effect ,presenting as a disfuntional personality behavioural defective ?
Vaccine industry throwing it's dummies out it's prams will be getting left to pick up thier own dummies /pacifiers .
The behaviour change wheel , a new method for charactierising and designing behaviour change interventions - Implementation Science Michie et. al.[ 2011 ]
Increasing Vaccination : Putting Psychological Science into Action
Psychological Science in the Public Interest Brewer et.al. [2017]

Increasing the intent to receive a Pandemic influenza Vaccination -
Testing the impact of theory -based messages by
Godhino,Yardley, Morza Mobray,Beard ,Michie 2016

go Trump

I would also guess that carzylla is some sort of medical intellect, her chosen career will probably come out soon. Her career may change shortly, perhaps today. Perhaps she owns a diaper recycling service and needs more.

We are at the "Vacci-Nazi" stage in America. They have trashed the lives of millions, Autism railroad cars are filled up each and every day.

They now have to use "mandates and force" to market their liability free vaccine program. They will not stop until they can go down the street and inject whatever they want into whoever they want, and send the bill for their services to the government or insurance company.

They threaten and demand silence from the medical community for those brave enough to speak up. It will begin to end when the adult mandates arrive I would hope.

Bob Moffit

Do we live in a great country or what … can't wear an Indian costume without being savaged on social media for "cultural appropriation" .. but … dressing yourself as this obviously deranged woman did as a means to ridicule and misappropriate the daily suffering of those stricken with autism receives "74 likes"?

Hate is Never OK

We see it every day; this huge campaign against hate and bullying. Don't hate someone because of their skin. Don't hate someone because of their sexual orientation.

But it is perfectly fine to hate someone because they don't trust Pharmaceutically mandated vaccines.

It's sickening. Very soon, we will start seeing something similar to the "Punch a Nazi" movement, but aimed at those who are vaccine cautious.

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