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Facebook Censorship Means Sites Like Age of Autism Are More Important Than Ever



This should make you feel better. Devon Sawa's last movie the fanatic grossed $3,153. That is not a typo.
Lasted ONE day in the theaters. May explain his anger problem.

Julie Thomas

Susan Senator, I apologise if I am just failing to see your point here. You say you are proud to have been part of the PBS show @Second Opinion that you linked. All I saw was one opinion; that the poor misinformed people who question vaccine safety or who are totally anti-vaccines really just need to be spoken to respectfully and have things explained to them so they can see how mistaken they are and come to the 'realisation' (as you did) that vaccines are indeed safe and effective. Where was any second opinion? Where was the panel member to present the science from the other side? That's where the real science is. A frustrating watch. Did I miss something? Confused. Perhaps they could change the name of the show to 'No Second Opinion'.


Oh, I am out of wack again!
IMHO, the joke is on those idiots, and there is absolutely nothing to be upset about!
If those parents had brains, they would not be that bigoted, or even plain stupid.
I think it dos not help to take them seriously, or try to shame them into common sense.
Kim - you can not fix stupid, and it is probably even better if they wear the stupidity on their sleeves.
Pull out your own skeletons, hang them around your yard and post "FULLY VAXXED" on each and every one.
That is my gut reaction,
also somewhat cruel toward those parents of vaccine killed babies.
This is probably the last Halloween before the herd catches on, finally.
I see like 10 new vaccine-injury-aware people on FB every day...


It would seem the new niche market for has-been actors is to bully parents living with vaccine injury. This is now the best way to tell if someone’s career is in the toilet.


Is that the actor Devon Sawa, who was in the “Final Destination” movies years ago? You’d think he’d be wary of karma….

He's Canadian, and appeared in a 2019 movie titled “The Fanatic.”


As long as you live, I meant!


Well actually if you vaccinate them; and it don't out right kill them, or maim them neurologically really bad then - you do get to keep your kids in that sweet little boy and girl phase; as you live.


Oh, this must be the new thing by the condescending, clueless parents and doctors who want to place us all in the crazy category. We are either labeled anti vaccine or now "#VaccineHesistant." Notice it's almost always the ultra liberals who shout the pro vaccine stance from the highest mountain?! BTW, this is the LAST parent I would ever listen to. For many reasons.

Susan Senator

Oct 7
I had the honor to be part of this @PBS show @SecondOpinion, about #VaccineHesitant families and how doctors can better engage with them and bring them around to trusting vaccines. BCBS Full Episode via @YouTube #autism


So disturbing! One of the nurses in our school district has a car magnet that says “Don’t vaccinate all your kids... just the ones you want to keep.”

Bob Moffit

Kim … this type of mass bullying happened before in rather recent memory … capsulized by a citizen in pre-holocaust Germany … a Mr. Niemöller who enthusiastically welcomed the Third Reich. But a turning point in Niemöller's political sympathies came with a January 1934 meeting of Adolf Hitler, Niemöller, and two prominent Protestant bishops to discuss state pressures on churches. At the meeting it became clear that Niemöller's phone had been tapped by the Gestapo (German Secret State Police). It was also clear that the Pastors Emergency League (PEL), which Niemöller had helped found, was under close state surveillance. Following the meeting, Niemöller would come to see the Nazi state as a dictatorship, one which he would oppose.

Mr Niemoller is best remembered for his words …

"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
"Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
"Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
"Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

The vaccine bullies of today may eventually learn Niemoller's lesson the hard way … while it may not be their children who suffer what our community has already suffered from vaccines … it may be their grandchildren instead. God forbid that should happen to any family .. bullies included … but .. should it happen it will be THE BULLIES OF TODAY who will soon realize there is no one left to speak for them.

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