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If Reporters Were Honest

Jimmy OlsenBy Ted Kuntz

In the black and white world of the mainstream media, there is no controversy here.  Vaccines are “safe and effective”.  Everyone should get them.  Vaccinated children have immunity. 

Unvaccinated children spread diseases.

In the real world, more and more parents don't believe these claims.  They are increasingly skeptical about vaccine safety.  In fact, studies have shown that the better educated parents are, the less likely they are to participate in the recommended vaccine schedule. 

Reporters can't understand this.  The networks and newspapers have given us years of coverage featuring experts  all vouching for the safety of vaccines. “The science is settled”, we are told. No further research or discussion is needed.

Of course, this isn't authentic science or journalism. 

Real science is never settled. Real science asks real questions and demands real answers. Real science asks – Is what we are doing working?

Real journalism involves uncovering the truth. If reporters were honest, they'd do more than regurgitate talking points from vaccine promoters.  They would truly investigate why more and more parents and scientists are questioning the claims of vaccine safety and effectiveness.

This isn't about the science. This isn’t about honest journalism. It never has been.  It’s about marketing a product for the for-profit medical industry. It’s about selling an ideology, regardless of the merits of this ideology. It’s about making our children (and soon adults) a captive-market for the pharmaceutical industry.

We Need a More Sophisticated Discussion

We need a more sophisticated discussion on this matter; one that moves beyond simplistic and often vitriolic rants on ‘anti-vaxxers’, and instead offers an in-depth examination of the merits and safety of individual vaccine products.

We also need to help people to understand the difference between ‘vaccination’ and ‘immunisation’. These words are used interchangeably, even by so-called ‘experts’, but these words are not the same. Vaccinated children can be infected and infectious, and therefore are not immunized; and non-vaccinated children can be immune from infection and not infectious.

We need a clear definition of what constitutes ‘immunity’, and a critical examination of the questionable and temporary ‘immunity’ provided by individual vaccine products.

We need to examine whether vaccinated children have better overall health than unvaccinated children.

We need to hold thoughtful and intelligent discussions on what level of risk justifies the denial of informed consent, the removal of a parent’s right to make medical decisions for their children, the loss of bodily sovereignty, and the demonization and discrimination of healthy children.

We need to discuss why vaccine products do not undergo the same level of rigorous safety testing as does every other medical product.

We need to decide whether citizens are free or chattel of the state.

We also need to discuss who will be held responsible when we finally admit what an unsafe, unchecked vaccine schedule has done to our children and adults. 

But these questions and considerations would undermine the narrative that all vaccines are safe and effective for all people. This would invite complexity into the black and white world of mainstream media reporting on vaccines. It would foster doubt, when the last thing the vaccine industry wants is doubt.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people who are doing everything they can to make sure that thoughtful and intelligent conversations on vaccination doesn’t happen.

Ted Kuntz



go Trump

The news media will do and say anything they are told with their daily news stories. They are completely bought out and serve mostly the drug lords. They spend 4 minutes talking about the FLU shot in between two drug commercials.

Part of the fall of the USSR was the invention of the FAX machine which was able to spread the Truth (through a well organized network) of a lot of issues faster than they could shut them down.

We now have the internet and E mail and it is still a hell of a battle.

The successful health & vaccine fraud in this Nation is far beyond sustainable.


There are no journalists any longer except in name. They are all working for companies who derive most of their advertising revenues from Big Pharma or a related Big Industry. They are nothing more than PR agents and propagandists for the industries whose products/services they “investigate”

Same with science. Ask where the research dollars and grants come from? From Big Pharma and associates and government agencies they control with gifts and lucrative job offers after early retirement for those who did their dirty work.

These scientists who get grants must publish their research after getting the dollars in order to get tenure. The medical journals all depend on Big Pharma and associates revenue. So you have censorship.

Doctors who prescribe their medicine and vaccines are rewarded with rebates, gifts, trips, lucrative speaking engagements and bonuses. Those who speak out get no candy and are harassed

As Winston Churchill once said “There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.” Left unsaid is half of the truths are lies. The purity of science, medicine and journalism being among them.

Angus Files

Great thanks Ted .I think they fear populism which is spreading world wide just now.The Globalists want control and for the staus quo to remain the same and the only change they want is to be in a more totalitarian position over all of our free minds and bodies.

If we all refuse and stick together there is power in numbers and we will have victory and make sure that this murdering of our childrens health never happens again, ever.

Pharma For Prison



Even with censorship you can’t unring the social media bell. Republicans and Democrats alike know what a rock star RFK Jr has been on this issue. Even if the goal is to get the issue discussed an RFK Jr candidacy would be worth it. Run Bobby Run!

Aimee Doyle

@Bob - I know you want to see local candidates run in New York on the vaccine issue. That makes sense - the vaccine issue certainly needs more exposure.

What would you recommend for Mississippi and West Virginia - two Republican states that also lack religious and personal exemptions? This has been the case for years, but I don't see that it gets any media attention (unlike California and New York).

Do you know anything about the situation there? Do the media cover it? Are families frustrated? Protesting? Homeschooling? Are there holdouts in the legislature? Any groundswell of opposition? I've wondered why this is ignored while the focus is all on California and New York. Perhaps medical exemptions are liberally given? Seems unlikely, since Mississippi has the highest child vaccination rate of all 50 states. Did people just give up?

Genuinely curious.

Bob Moffit

@ Autismdadpa

RFK, Michele Baughman, JB Handly all would make great candidates for a national campaign .. which unfortunately would require great financial resources … forcing any candidate to BUY advertising time .. because these candidates would not receive ANY traditional national exposure on so-called neutral political opinion shows.

Our problem is FORCING the media to let our VOICES BE HEARD .. how we do it is the solution.

In New York .. I would love to see LOCAL CANDIDATES run in opposition to those LEGISLATORS in NY Assembly and Senate … who voted to eliminate the religious exemption .. the sole purpose of running would be to raise the single ISSUE OF VACCINES to a public DEBATE .. in the PUBLIC SQUARE … the media could not IGNORE.

After all .. there are THOUSANDS of families in New York who are outraged and frustrated by the media's SILENCE .. thousands showing up at various locations throughout the State … and the media IGNORES their protest at every turn.

Indeed .. compare the daily "coverage" given recent decisions to ban PLASTIC STRAWS AND CHOCOLATE MILK from schools .. with the NON COVERAGE given the THOUSANDS OF PARENTS PROTESTING THE ELIMINATION OF THE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION???


If reporters were honest, none of us would be regulars to this website.


Bob Moffitt,

We have a few people with political name recognition.... namely RFK Jr or Michele Baughman (who ran in the past), who can run. I'm sure there are other names it can't recall. Or maybe someone with the clarity of JB Handley could run as well...…… with some financial backing. But they will have to have a lot of "fire in their belly" to withstand the onslaught of either media abuse, or complete media boycott. Who do you think would fill that bill?

susan welch

Thank you, Ted, for this accurate and powerful article.

As always, you have 'nailed it'.

I do wonder how many of the 'journalists' who churn out all the government style propaganda really believe what they are writing. Can they be so unintelligent? Have they never seen vaccine injury themselves? Or are they just 'bought' sociopaths?

If they do know the dangers of vaccination and the even worse danger of mandates, they are wilfully contributing to the destruction of a generation. Even if they have no conscience, do they not worry about the backlash when the truth is finally known by everyone - as it surely will be before too long?

Aimee Doyle

@Ted - thoughtful commentary. I agree with everything you said, and I wish there were a good and quick way to make this happen.

The one thing that I would add is that journalists should investigate "vaccine court". Children and adults who are injured by vaccination have a right to tell their stories - and journalists have an obligation to listen. Settlements in vaccine court typically come with a nondisclosure agreement.

It's always amazed me that there is little to no empathy for those who are injured or die from vaccination (whereas there is enormous public concern about those who are immune-compromised). I suspect this is because the general public thinks vaccine injury/death is "rare" and don't believe it will ever happen to them. Investigative journalism and analysis is key.

Bob Moffit

We no longer have anything near what once was known as "investigative journalism" .. instead I suspect universities have been "teaching" future "journalist" what can only be described as "advocacy journalism". I suspect students must demonstrate the "correct" opinion on all "controversial issues" .. or suffer poor grades if they dare to challenge the "politically correct" opinions that prevail on the vast majority of universities in the USA today.

As I have often reminded the words of a wise man … "The greatest power of the media .. is their power to IGNORE".

As an example .. yesterday .. in Bath New York .. what looked like a THOUSAND people gathered outside the local courthouse to hear oral arguments seeking a "stay" on recent elimination of religious exemption to vaccines. Coverage on mainstream media .. nada .. zero .. zip … move on .. nothing to see or hear worth mentioning on the NEWS. Typical example .. if a tree falls deep in the woods .. and .. the media doesn't tell anyone the tree fell .. as far as the world knows .. the tree didn't fall.

Unfortunately .. in my humble opinion … there is only one way to initiate the open debate/discussion of our numerous problems with the vaccine industry .. and .. that one solution seems to be POLITICS. We are in desperate need of a national candidate for President of the United States .. a candidate with national name recognition .. willing to run his/her campaign with VACCINES AS THE CAMPAIGN'S PRIMARY REASON FOR RUNNING. If left on their own ..the media will NOT cover anything regarding vaccines .. so .. the media must be FORCED to confront the issue through coverage of a credible national candidate.

By the way … where is the LIBERTARIAN PARTY on this issue?????

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