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HPV Vaccine For All: The Obscene Public Farce In Our Midst

Cevarixzby John Stone
Having just succeeded in foisting Gardasil 9 on to boys in the UK the operation is on the move again - the idea now, as spotted by Christina England in Health Impact News, is that everyone including the elderly should have it.
This is how it goes: 12 September an article is published on-line  in International Journal of Infectious Diseases but not yet in hard copy 'HPV vaccination: are we overlooking opportunities to control HPV infection and transmission?' (Vorsters, Van Damme & Bosch). it states in conclusion:
Based on the discussion above, we would like to call for further investigation and documentation of the potential public health benefits of vaccination of HPV-positive women. For modellers, these data would provide an additional effect that should be considered when designing HPV vaccination impact models exploring and quantifying the herd protection observed in population programmes. Finally, these additional modes of protection may also reduce the existing reluctance to vaccinate Ben lansing gardasil(young) women post-sexual debut or known high-risk groups such as sex workers.
The article is couched in speculative terms, yet two weeks later Xavier Bosch is in the Mail on Sunday with cheer-leader Margaret Stanley of the University of Cambridge demanding that the vaccine be given to everybody: 'Now give every Adult the cancer-fighting HPV vaccination and 'save thousands of lives', experts demand as evidence shows the jab can slash cancer risk for grown ups too'.
If this seems like jumping the gun it is actually how it has always been: the benefits were always entirely speculative, the vastly documented harms relentlessly denied. Once again, we are seeing a piece of theater: the evidence of benefit is conjectural, the experts in the study conflicted up to their eye-balls:
AV University of Antwerp obtained unrestricted educational grants from GSK, Merck, and Sanofi Pasteur; speakers fees from Merck were paid directly to an educational fund held by the University of Antwerp. AV is co-founder of Novosanis, a spin-off company of the University of Antwerp. FXB received research funding via his institution from GSK, Merck, Qiagen, Roche, and SPMSD, and reimbursement of travel expenses for attending symposia, meetings and/or speaking at conferences from GSK, Merck, Qiagen, Roche, and SPMSD. PVD acts as principal investigator for HPV vaccine trials conducted on behalf of the University of Antwerp, for which the University obtained research grants from vaccine manufacturers; speaker’s fees for presentations were paid directly to an educational fund held by the University of Antwerp. PVD is co-founder of Novosanis, a spin-off company of the University of Antwerp.
She is a consultant for the 3 companies that market HPV vaccines, MSD, SPMSD and GSK and for small biotech companies developing therapeutic vaccines.  She acts as the invited HPV expert for the HPV subcommittee of the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation in the UK.
The newspaper mentions none of this and pretends to be acting in the public interest. There is, however, no spontaneous rising of the public demanding these products - there probably never will be, but the Mail on Sunday inserts itself into the space. Most likely, in due course, we will see the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation
which recommends vaccines to the schedule (the British equivalent of the ACIP) bow reluctantly to synthetic popular demand and advise the British government that the British people must pay for this.
We have already recently watched such a piece of public theater played out in which a small Scottish charity, run by a convicted fraudster (Jamie Rae) and advised by Stanley, has beaten the JCVI into submission over endorsing the vaccine for boys  while voices in the media applaud, and Stanley as ever on hand to advise. When will anything ever be done?



The Gardasil vaccine is a very dangerous vaccine and hundreds of cases of severe neurological damage, including death, have been reported. There is no reason to give this dangerous vaccine to anyone and the pharmacy companies will reap huge profits for a vaccine that is totally unnecessary.


Very serious article ,especially when politician's are just itching and scratching for an opportunity to push vaccination mandates on the public .Starting with Winnie the poo bear's, wheezles and sneezles ?
the poem of the measles !>social-affairs>welfare>house-magazine April 2019
Lord Faulkner : We must take action against the growing anti-vaccine movement .

Even the flu vaccine in pregnancy being sold "offLabel " Health and safety risk assessments - none available ? as not even completed at all!


Interesting article on Health Impact News on trials of HPV vaccine in Latin America on 4 to 6 year old girls . It won't be long before until its incorporated into baby schedule.

Laura Hayes

Hans Litten,

I would love the citation for HPV vaccines found to have HCG. Please share it here in the comments section if you have it.

While searching for it myself, I found this excellent article by Celeste McGovern regarding HPV causing infertility. It is excellent:

go Trump

With only 18 months of testing, they determined that Gardasil would prevent cervical cancer for over 40 years.

It is now off the market in Japan and France and never made it through testing in India.

I think we need to demand "public viewing of vaccinations" of some of the more elite children in the United States, perhaps at a halftime of a football game.

Angus Files

What next bedtime curfews for all, unless your in with whoever is giving out the exemption certificates.

Great article John.

Pharma For Prison



There are hundreds of strains of HPV, and they find more every time they look. It is truly a ubiquitous virus, and many children are exposed to it during infancy or childhood. Nearly everyone who is sexually active contracts it and nearly 100% fully recover from it with permanent immunity, at least to that strain, within a relatively short time (might be up to a couple of years). In some cases supplementation with B vitamins has resulted in recovery for women in the early stages of cervical dysplasia. It would be better to research what factors cause certain women (and some men) to develop cancer from it, as it is very unusual to do so and most people don't. Similar to a number of VPDs. And it's not just cervical cancer in women that we're talking about. I had a friend who died of rectal cancer from it and my brother, who is a dentist, said that he had had many patients who had oral cancers from it which were basically untreatable and always fatal. I would say the most important message is that people should know the risks and use condoms when engaging in any kind of sexual activity. No vaccine could protect against all the oncogenic strains, so why even take the risk?

I highly recommend the book The HPV Vaccine on Trial. It has hundreds of examples of victims described by name who died or were disabled by this vaccine. It is a horrifyingly dangerous vaccine, rushed onto the market by horrifyingly negligent and dishonest testing. Again, no true placebo, the word "saline" in the test descriptions didn't really mean saline at all.

And I would have to say that it is an absolute mystery to me why anyone would get it. Virtually everyone has access to the Internet: why in the world do people not do research going to sites critical of whatever vaccine they're thinking of getting? If they did so, no one would get it, period. And why would people rush to get it before it had a track record for (relative) safety? My brother got it for his daughter, the shill Mike S. got it for his daughter, a friend in St. Louis asked me for my opinion when her daughter actually strongly wanted to get it: I sent them info and I don't think she got it.

And why in the world would older women even consider getting it (or anyone else)? Isn't it still the case that the vaccine is much more dangerous if you've already been exposed to it? That's why they didn't give it to those over 26 until last year. With hundreds, possibly thousands, of HPV strains in the environment, they can't possibly eradicate all of them, and it might be dangerous to do so if they could. I don't know if I should even ask my 91 year old neighbor if she's going to go out and get it.


Hans Litten: Popular culture reflects the majority’s primary social focuses. Don’t blame Age of Autism’s small volunteer staff because globally people’s attention spans have shortened, and we must cater to that.

We’ve all been conditioned by years of increasingly shorter, faster news briefs and advertising info-bits. Fewer people have the intellect or attention span to slog through a published medical study and offer meaningful critiques. Instead they share memes.

Your “GSK-Merck agents of the state” remark is asinine.

I will never understand the need for keyboard whiners to tear down the work of the few doers. Now THAT is subversion.

Jenny Allan

David L - Thank you for your comment explaining the Japanese HPV study.
Quote- "The premise was that as 70% of cervical cancers are due to 16/18 strains the vaccine will prevent 70% cases of cervical cancers but it appears that other high risk types are moving in."

This seems to suggest vaccinating older women with HPV vaccine is putting them at risk of cancer from strains not present in the vaccine. Apparently almost all HPV infections clear naturally without treatment.

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | October 15, 2019 at 12:09 PM

I didn't go off topic, I added to it , Gardasil being made mandatory in NY to secure an Education.
Seems like a fair trade to me, the sterilization of my children for a third rate education.
How can they possibly justify the mandating of this vax ? this is actually more brazen than anything they have attempted before.

John ~For me, everything is about the Gardasil vaccine. Its the big one.
All their bets have been placed on this vaccine. 14 years in development.
What I wouldn't give for an interview with Margaret Stanley.
Or an FOIA request to find out just what they were working on those 14 years.
14 years for me ties in relatively nicely to the work by Talwar, and I suspect the Gardasil vaccine has a direct lineage back to Talwar's previous work (the contraceptive vaccine.) Don't dismiss the idea as too much conjecture. Its a reasonable hypothesis.

I suspect the problems were :
1. in most cases leaving the menstrual cycle appear to be functioning normally.
2. avoid as much as possible the massive devastation that we still see (eg Colton Berrett RIP)
3. putting in place the HPV arguments to justify the vax's very existence
4. camouflage the real aim of the vax, to avoid detection

And Part 4 was identified by a Canadian about 8 years ago who predicted they would have to go after boys for Gardasil to disguise the carnage being wreaked on the girls. Statistically.
And likewise your article is more of the same, go after everyone with Gardasil to muddy the waters,

UK uptake 85% (presumably female teenagers - the true target group)

As an aside, the HPV vaccine may have an exceptional capability to involve CYP450 and cell mitochondria damage. Recently emerging research apparently indicates the Human Papilloma Virus vaccine contains human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the anti-fertility ingredient also found in the Tetanus vaccine given to child-bearing-age females in Kenya, Africa, that was confirmed by independent testing.

susan welch

John, Thank you for this excellent article which exposes the blatant corruption which will, probably, result in headlines extolling how wonderful it is that there is a vaccine to ensure women of all ages can be 'saved' from cancer. Will they be promoting it for men, I wonder? Having convinced JCVI that boys will benefit from it, why not go the whole way and recommend it for everybody.

What a money spinner - at a cost to the British taxpayer and, also, to the health of those naive enough to believe it is safe and effective.

David L

John, Jenny, We can start with the perceived benefit. Results from a prospective cohort study of young Japanese women showed that the profile of type-specific HPV infection was changed after initiation of HPV vaccination in Japan. In this study, HPV screening and type-specific HPV testing were performed on 2493 Pap test specimens collected from Japanese women aged 20 to 21 years during the period covering 2014 to 2017. HPV type-specific infection in different birth cohorts, 1993 to 1994 (prior to organized HPV immunization in the 12-16 year age group) and 1994 to 1997 (following organized HPV immunization in the 12-16 year age group) was determined. For the years 2014 to 2017, HPV vaccination rates were 28.6%, 74.8%, 76.7%, and 80.0%, respectively (P <.01). The prevalence of HPV-16/-18 infection was 1.3% in 2014, 0.5% in 2015, 0.4% in 2016, and 0% in 2017 (P =.02). In 2014, the most prevalent strains were HPV-52, HPV-16, and HPV-56. HPV-52, HPV-51, and HPV-58 were most prevalent in 2017. Abstract 12
52, 51, and 58 are all listed here as non-4vHPV high-risk types (31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59, 66, and 68), and here it says The highest carcinogenic risk is attributed to the following HR-HPV types: 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 52 and 58 HPV16 and 18 were associated with >2/3 of all cervical cancer cases worldwide so the premise was that as 70% of cervical cancers are due to 16/18 strains the vaccine will prevent 70% cases of cervical cancers but it appears that other high risk types are moving in. Type 58 was also not found in a gardasil 9 analysis by corvelva
A comment by Jacob Puliyel on another site: There is NO proof that vaccination reduces cancer. This is because cancer may take 40 years to develop. So they look at early surrogate markers like CIN2. (Many CIN2 will not become cancer but that is the only proof they have that the vaccine does something). They say vaccine reduces CIN2 from 16/18 virus so it will reduce cancer later. But they examine for CIN2 with 16/18 NOT CIN2 from all causes. ‘If we examine CIN2+ due to all strains of HPV we can see where 16/18 CIN2 decreases, other strains increase and total CIN2 is more after vaccination than before. Castellsague and colleagues (2011) showed that in their cohort, there were only 3 who had CIN2+ with vaccine type viruses in the vaccinated group, compared to 8 in the placebo group. However non-vaccine type CIN2+ increased to 13 in the vaccinated compared to 4 cases in the placebo group. The end result of vaccination was as follows (Vaccine group) Vaccine group CIN2 =3 + Non vaccine CIN2 = 13 Total = 16 cases of CIN2 (Placebo group) Vaccine group CIN2 = 8+ Non vaccine CIN2 = 4 Total = 12 cases of CIN2. The paper of Castellsague is here

John Stone


It has always been your manner of thinking that anyone who is not thinking exactly the same thing as you at the same time is undoubtedly a fifth columnist. If you could write an article which wasn’t just about how bad everyone is who does not think exactly the same thing as you at the same time and put your real name to it I am sure we would publish it.

What you are actually doing is distracting from the substance of the article, which doesn’t help anyone except the other side. One of the reasons why we don’t post many of your comments as you know is they are off topic - another is that are personal and often defamatory. Unless Kim wants to add anything I suggest we close this discussion which is also entirely off topic. I can only say it is a pity.

Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | October 15, 2019 at 09:53 AM

With all due respect John, this is nothing new, I have been saying it for years now.
There are key moments in time (Aug-14) and important research papers coming out.
Sesame Street or Halloween are completely unimportant in my view.

Susan Welch - Vaccines are completely unwarranted and unkind !

Have a look at what is occurring on FarceBook, its laughable. The pages are flooded with variations on the same question again and again. "I went to the Doctor and he talked about vaccine - now I am torn - I am so scared to go it alone - what if my baby gets the killer measles boo hoo"
If these aren't strategies to divert from "my" masterplan, then I am David Salisbury.

Corvelva :
The results that we obtained in this first part of sequencing of the complete MRC-5 genome present in the vaccine (the second part is the
sequencing of the entire genome of the MRC-5 cell line used to cultivate the vaccine virus and the comparative analysis with the Fetal DNA
vaccine) considerably strengthen the experimental observations of Dr. Deisher and above all the fact that the contaminating fetal DNA present
in all the samples analyzed in variable quantities (therefore not controlled) is up to 300 times higher than the limit imposed by the EMA for the
carcinogenic DNA (10 ng / dose, corresponding to the DNA contained in about 1000 tumor cells, obtained on the basis of a statistical
calculation, while the precautionary limit is 100 pg / dose) limit that must necessarily be applied also to the fetal DNA that inevitably
contaminates the Priorix ® tetra.

As a consequence, this vaccine should be considered defective and potentially dangerous for human health, in particular of the pediatric
population, who is much more vulnerable to genetic and autoimmune damage due to immaturity in their repair systems.
* the name of the laboratory that has performed the analysis will be included in the next formal complaint we will file at the Public Prosecutor of
Rome and as well at the Italian and European regulatory bodies. The associations who are filing the analysis funded by Corvelva will be promptly
kept up to date with these shocking results too. We are not denying that we feel, especially as parents, distressed by these results we are reporting
- as if what we have found out so far was not enough to worry about.


Ohods sake, is every one on Bill Gates payrole???

John Stone


With the best will in the world you cannot expect us to guess what’s going on in your head all the time, and then complain when we deviate from your masterplan.

susan welch

Unkind and unwarranted, Hans

Jenny Allan

This is dangerous propaganda. Women already infected with one or more of the 100 + HPV strains could be in danger of contracting cancer from an HPV strain which is not part of the vaccine protection, 4 strains in Cerverix and 9 in Gardasil 2. Maybe Merck has got a load of unsold Gardasil 1 vaccines to get rid of. NOT on me!!

Bob Moffit

There is no end to the highly successful .. aggressive .. marketing of the HPV vaccine in USA .. in New York a returning legislature that just eliminated "religious exemptions' from vaccines is poised to return and vote on pending legislation that will allow 9 year old children to receive HPV without their parents consent or knowledge.

What does it require for regulatory agencies, medical and media professionals to learn from their mistakes .. such as .. trusting pharmaceutical "marketing policies" that deliberately over-exaggerate the benefits of drugs or vaccines … while deliberately understating known adverse effects? Almost daily we learn of another pharmaceutical company being fined BILLIONS .. in addition to the FIVE BILLION AWARDED FOR VACCINES .. of dollars for promoting drugs or products the have injured and killed HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent victims .. talcum powder containing asbestos causing cancer, opioid addiction from opioids that were sold as "non-addictive", VIOXX prescribed to prevent heart-attacks actually caused heart-attacks .. on and on .. unsuspecting patients who were told by regulatory agencies, medical and media professionals the dangerous products were SAFE.

Our country has been fighting a WAR ON DRUGS for decades now .. unfortunately .. that war is being fought only against illegal drugs … when .. if nothing else .. we have learned ALL DRUGS CAN BE DANGEROUS TO ONE'S HEALTH .. and … if you lose a love one to a legal/safe drug it is just as devastating a loss as if it were due to meth or heroine. Fining huge pharmaceutical companies for marketing drugs they knew were less safe than they advertised .. is not enough … JAIL SENTENCES may actually cause some companies to stop MARKETING UNSAFE PRODUCTS.

Hans Litten

I seriously wonder whether this "little website" is serious about the vaccine holocaust or not.
Or are you so overrun with GSK-Merck agents of the state that you are deliberately subverting our efforts to bring down the IG Pharma beast.
Hiding away the core of the Corvelva revelations like that is plain pathetic. Kim ?

But assuming there is a genuine person or two on here :

(WBNG) — A NYC senator is proposing all children be required to receive the human papillomavirus vaccine to attend school.
Senator Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan), is proposing all children born after January 1, 2008 receive the vaccine before they start ANY grade, as long as they are 18 or younger.
Hoylman sent 12 News this statement explaining his rationale:
“The HPV vaccine is a safe and effective way to prevent the spread of human papillomavirus, a virus which causes cancer in more than 33,000 Americans each year, including members of my own family. 92% of cancers caused by HPV are preventable through routine vaccination, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. I encourage parents of both girls and boys to discuss the HPV vaccine with their pediatrician. In the meantime, I’m following the example of legislators and public health officials in Hawaii, Rhode Island, Virginia, and other jurisdictions by sponsoring legislation that will prevent the spread of HPV among young people and help save lives and needless suffering from cancer.”
Doctor Nahid Borogerdi, a nurse practitioner in Vestal, says currently the vaccine is only allowed in children starting at age 11, coinciding with puberty.
She says, “it’s important that we do vaccinate these kids before they become sexually active.”
When it comes to any age earlier than 11, however, “it doesn’t put them at risk, but again it’s not necessary so why expose these kids to a vaccine that is not necessary?”
While Senator Hoylman’s major point for the requirement is to help fight cancer, Borogerdi doesn’t see it.
“I don’t believe so no because it’s not necessary and after age 11 it’s very appropriate.”
The bill is currently in committee and would take effect the September following the date it would be signed into law.

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