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Goldfish Crackers Go “Healthy”

52894AD3-9C0C-4290-B38C-7FB8DF27AD6CI saw this bag of Goldfish baked crackers in the Stop and Shop yesterday and was brought back to my own kitchen in Ohio, 19 years ago, when I hosted a neighborhood playgroup. Bella was just a month old. Mia and Gianna were 3 and 4 years old. I brought up the conversation about dye in food. I had printed out some information about red, yellow and other dyes and their effect on children and left it on the island where I was serving coffee and healthy snacks.  I remember being shocked that not a single Mom picked up the paper.

When I saw this bag of Goldfish touting "Non-GMO! Organic wheat! Color Free!" I was pleased to see progress.

Parents should have the choice of what to put into their children's bodies.





"Parents should have the choice of what to put into their children's bodies."


Unless its consumer product made my Merck, Glaxo Smith Kline, Sanofi, and Pfizer.

Angus Files

There is such a thing as organic but the big thing we have to watch here is the irradiation of apples etc labeled organic but blasted with Nuclear atoms...so when in doubt we pick a local supplier (from the UK) non-organic rather than have a trick apple labeled organic and full of nuclear atoms and totally de-natured.The Goldfish nearly do it cute guys.


Food irradiation, the process of bathing edibles in heavy doses of gamma radiation to preserve them, was first put into practical use by the U.S. Army back in 1953. The Quartermaster Corps found that irradiated rations would last much longer than food preserved by conventional means, such as heat. Onions, for example, would stay fresh for 16 months, whereas untreated bulbs would sprout within 90 days.

Pharma For Prison


Tim Lundeen

I am pleased to see this -- if enough of us insisted on all of our food being organic, it would stop a tremendous amount of environmental poisoning. Non-organic wheat is one of the worst, with high levels of glyphosate.

The crackers are still not healthy food, though: the rest of the ingredients are not organic, they are high poly-unsaturated fat and high glutamate (from spices, celery, and onion powder...), and annatto is not a healthy coloring. https://www.pepperidgefarm.com/product/goldfish-cheddar-made-with-organic-wheat-baked-snack-crackers/

Aimee Doyle

Kim -

I think this is great. My son LOVES goldfish crackers. I will look for these.

Gary Ogden

Not really progress, Kim. Just another distraction. Virtue signaling.

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