Sex? Pass the Salt. Politics? Dig in. Religion? More Gravy? Vaccines? Kaboom.
Lupron Returns But Not for Autism

Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy Jr On Current State of Vaccination in US and Globally

Choice_mainFrom our friends at Child Health Safety:

In a rare and extended interview, both Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Del Bigtree take on the many complex problems that dominate the current vaccination program in the U.S. and around the world. Journalist Katia Txi recently sat down with both icons in the medical freedom/vaccine safety movement to provide their perspectives on everything from how they got involved with these issues, to the historical underpinnings of a corrupt process and what we need to do as a movement to be successful in bringing truth and justice into the equation. This must-see interview will resonate with seasoned advocates as well as those new to the movement, and is an excellent resource for educating friends and family members on why advocates are so passionate about protecting medical freedom.


Grace Green

Has everyone taken in what Mr. Kennedy repeated in this interview? Vaccines started out as a "defense" against a feared biological attack as part of the Cold War. This is why "anti-vaxxers" are viewed as akin to terrorists, and why they think it's OK to lose a few, even a percentage, of kids. They think they're protecting the country as a whole - but of course especially themselves at the top, likely unvaccinated, and relying on herd immunity!


Great work, "Go Get It!" Vaccine induced ? cytokine fire storms, need sorted and settled, once and for all ! Time for your work's achievements to get a new title /description allocation !
Not, anti-vaccine or vaccine hesitancy, but "Vaccine Injury. Hell -fire-fighters!" "Fearless not gormless"

Rember Red Adair -Piper Alpha 1988
"And their Big break came when the wind blew in the right direction " From,
Energy Voice >special -features2>Piper-alpha-Red-Adair's-plan -to-tame -the fires-news for the...
2 July 2018

My good friend's husband was killed at the Piper Alpha Disaster and my dad and her dad both firemen gave her some comfort .
"Jan ,even with the best health and safety risk assessments available,and in place ,sometimes accidents still happen ,and there is no good luck or bad luck about it .Sometimes it's just your luck"
about Ian Piper ,Oil Rig Motorman . Piper Alpha Disaster .

Vaccine risk assessments, Template for carnage ,
Fractured risk assessments of combustable insulation cladding and Grenfell Tower Disaster .
The Fire that was "Not Considered Possible?"

Bob Moffit

This interview is precisely why the public health tyrants refuse to debate RFK and Del Bigtree .. anyone hearing their excellent presentation of the corruption throughout our country regarding vaccines cannot help but agree these men deserve national exposure.

If only a small portion of what they is TRUE … we are experiencing a national catastrophe affecting MILLIONS of our children .. if all of what they say proves TRUE … people must be PROSECUTED FOR WHAT AMMOUNTS TO THE BIGGEST CRIME IN OUR COUNTRY'S HISTORY.


Next round is on me--Age of Autism is back in my in-box too.
I can breathe again.
Read the words of all my heroes at AOA again.

At the 17:50 mark on the tape, Robert Kennedy jr. (I started to say Bobby) turned his head to look at Del, and I saw Bobby in RFK Jr.s face. "WOW!".


Dell Bigtree and RFK jr in this video reveal what is crucial to exposing the Vaccine Fraud destroying American families (and around the world).

It's over an hour, but every minute reveals the horrors of vaccines's damage/death.

Everybody should copy/pass it on to others.

Greg Hill

Holy cow, was that ever an interview! Thanks so much for posting it. I'm going to be bookmarking this one for sure.

Gary Ogden

Excellent presentation. Thanks for posting it.

Gary Ogden

Hurray! Age of Autism is back in my inbox, and not the junk box, where it sometimes lands, and with about a gazillion posts listed. Good news indeed.

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