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Blaming Social Media for Vaccine "Hesitancy"

Thanks to our John Stone for sharing this article from The Lancet, which blames social media for vaccine hesitancy. If I were to read about the beauty of owning unicorns 24/7/365 on social media, I would not go looking for a UnicornSmart store to purchase one as a pet. Social media isn't perfect. And much of it is indeed claptrap. But, for those of us who know vaccine injury through ourselves or our loved ones, social media has been like a light house to warn others.  PM Boris Johnson calls vaccine safety information "superstitious mumbo jumbo."  That's incredibly insulting to the researchers, scientists and individuals who have devoted careers and lives to vaccine safety.

What about e-cigarettes? I'm not defending or condemning them.  But smoking has killed millions of Americans. And Brits. I've never been addicted to cigarettes so I don't know what it's like to crave or quit. Vaping came into being to help curb smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is a laudable - a safer nicotine delivery system for those who do not want to quit smoking.  There are have been deaths from vaping. And rather than clamping down on the messengers, the nation went into "protect kids, stop vaping," mode. CDC is all over it. "Untested in pregnant women!" Yes, sounds familiar to us.   Why? Because cigarettes are evil and vaccines are angelic, as we have been taught. If only life were as black and white.


Vaccine misinformation and social media

On Aug 19, 2019, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined plans for a summit of social media firms to discuss how to promote accurate information about vaccination. The announcement accompanied the news that WHO no longer considers the UK to have eliminated measles.

Coverage of the second dose of the measles–mumps– rubella (MMR) vaccine in the country has fallen to 87%, lower than the 95% required for herd immunity. “I am afraid people have just been listening to that superstitious mumbo-jumbo on the Internet, all that antivax stuff, and thinking that the MMR vaccine is a bad idea”, commented Johnson on a visit to a hospital in southwest England. “That's wrong. Please get your kids vaccinated.”

On both sides of the Atlantic, measles is resurgent. In 2017, there were 284 cases in England and Wales, increasing to 991 in 2018. In the 53 countries of the WHO European Region, cases of measles leapt from 5273 in 2016, to 83 540 in 2018. In the past year, the caseload in Ukraine alone exceeded 50 000 cases. The USA is likely to have around 2000 cases of measles in 2019, having had 372 in 2018.

Wherever cases are spiking, there is a simple explanation: inadequate coverage with both doses of the measles-containing vaccine, which can occur for all kinds of reasons. Ukraine has had shortages in supply, serious problems with its health-care system, and a simmering conflict with Russia that has left 1·6 million people internally displaced. But beyond the issues of access, the Ukrainian population's confidence in vaccines has also wavered.

WHO defines vaccine hesitancy as a “delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccination services”. The effect has been around for as long as vaccination. But the advent of social media has offered an unprecedented opportunity to amplify and spread antivaccination messages. “What was previously a fringe opinion is becoming a transnational movement”, said David Broniatowski (School of Engineering and Applied Science, George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA). “The unique thing about social media is that they allow messages to propagate very quickly and for communities to form.”

A study of antivaccination sentiment on Facebook focused on the page for a local paediatrician's clinic in the USA. Yet the investigators identified commentators from 36 states and eight nations. A survey by the Royal Society for Public Health found that 50% of British parents of children younger than 5 years regularly encountered negative messages about vaccination on social media.


Angus Files

'Vaccine Hesitancy' for the next 90 years but if it makes them happy so be it..corporate euphemism.What really annoys the Pharma Inc minions is that despite the hard sell of vaccines nobody is buying them anymore even when they are for free,or even when coerced to do so people know fake products when they see them and eventually word spreads.

Can we not sue them under the fake products act.

Pharma For Prison



'Vaccine Hesitancy' is yet another nonsense and misleading phrase. People are not hesitating - but are rejecting facile assurances 'all is well', realizing they are without a sensible basis. Unprecedented reprogramming of immune systems coincide with unheard of immune disorders. Without comparison of outcomes - and presence of control groups - there is no impartial assessment at all.

Jill in Michigan

Thank you Pogo for the link to the TED talk by Prof. Christine Stabell Benn. I did skip to the 6.12 point in the video. It seems incredible that she is calmly stating the high rate of children's mortality regarding the DTP vaccine.

"In one study we went back to historical data for when DTP vaccine was introduced in Guinea-Bissau (West Africa) in the 1980's and the results were scary. In spite of being protected against three deadly diseases, the introduction of DTP was associated with increased overall mortality. Children who received DTP vaccine had five times higher risk of dying than those who didn't. And this is just one example of many studies now done of DTP vaccine and they all show the same. DTP vaccinated children have higher mortality than those that didn't get DTP."

So what kind of mis-information (sarcasm intended) is this?


What the Lancet article didn't mention & How to walk a knife edge without falling off.

I wouldn’t dare post this here if we were all really ‘antivaxers’ as opposed to just wanting safer vaccines.

We know a big problem is overcoming peoples Cognitive Dissonance. Lets try ours out.
Here’s a TED Talk by Christine Stabell Benn, who works alongside Peter Aaby. Peter is the doctor that discovered that whilst Measles Vaccine had the ‘non specific effect’ of reducing overall mortality in children, he found also that the benefit of natural measles was many time greater. The Polio live vaccine also has a beneficial ‘non specific effect’ but whether that is better than other naturally acquired enteroviruses I don’t know. Admittedly, these other enteroviruses can be unpleasant and sometimes fatal in 3rd world countries — just like measles. But I thought I’d add it, as WHO now find themselves in a dilemma, with the re-emergence of Polio as foretold back in 2012.
We could even start having outbreaks here again.

Have added the contextual setting intro above, so as to help you hold onto your hats for the first 6mins 12 sec, whilst Christine Benn waxes lyrical, about the benefits of vaccines (in her part of the world) before getting to the PROBLEMS. Which of cause, affects everyone.

Professor Christine Stabell Benn vaccine train immune system in unexpected ways

The video was only uploaded on the 30th September. Wonder if this TED Talk will get removed PDQ, now that its been posted here? For according to the Ideology, it sends the wrong message, so automagically becomes misinformation.

Email the link to your legislators with a comment that their sun’s going down and the chickens are coming home to roost.

Also, ask if they can recognise their pathological symptoms being described here:
Ideological possession: Symptoms & Cure

Its by a physiologist that studies this pathology.

David L

When a leader condemns a free press or the ability of a population to have a platform for freedom of speech, you are hearing the words of a tyrant... Sounds like British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to become just another industry lapdog...
If there was no evidence to even suggest that vaccines can cause harm deserving of the term "superstitious mumbo jumbo.", why then is there a backlog of claims within the very court set up to deal with life threatening or disabling diseases caused by vaccines? Why is another $2 million dollars needed to hire medical reviewers to process additional claims and reduce backlogs? The backlog of claims is from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which has paid out over $4 billion dollars for injuries and deaths associated with vaccination and another 206 million so far in 2019 for vaccine injuries. Schiff had said: There is no evidence to suggest that vaccines cause life-threatening or disabling diseases and the dissemination of unfounded or debunked theories about the dangers of vaccination pose a great risk to the public health. Despite Schiff repeating the exact line from his Big Tech letters earlier in the year asking for censorship of anti vax information claiming no evidence of life threatening or disabling diseases, buried in the U.S. House of Representatives HHS appropriations bill is the following: “The Committee recommends $11,200,000 for administration of the program, which is $2,000,000 above the fiscal year 2019 enacted level and the same as the fiscal year 2020 budget request. This increase will enable HRSA to hire additional contractors to conduct initial medical reviews and full-time medical officers to review the contractors’ work. The additional funding will also allow HRSA to process additional claims and reduce the backlog of claims.”

Why would an organization that claims to be dedicated to the protection of public health eliminate the opportunity to better identify vaccines that cause harm to a large portion of the population so they can work on improving them - the CDC stopped the final step of linking VAERS with the Harvard Pilgrim system so that these reports could be automatically transmitted into VAERS? Why are deaths and other serious adverse events following vaccination in the third world, that use WHO-AEFI classification not recorded in any database for pharmacovigilance? It is as if the deaths of children in low (and middle) income countries are of no consequence. When putting profits over peoples health diminish and steps are taken to improve vaccine safety independent of the influence of those making money from them, vaccine hesitancy will lower. Otherwise you are fueling the fire.


Measels infection negates the need for repeated vaccination, thus bringing us closer to a state where more people have lifelong immunity, thus bringing us to a point of true, genuine herd immunity. Thanks social media!

Laura Hayes

Those wanting to inform and warn others about the dangers of vaccines must stop pairing the word “vaccine” with the word “safety”, as done above in the intro to the article...”vaccine safety information”...when what is actually being talked about is “vaccine dangers”.

Would you say “information about cigarette safety” when referring to information that highlights the dangers and health consequences of cigarettes, or when warning others about the dangers of smoking? Or would you instead say “information about the dangers of smoking cigarettes”?

Pairing the words vaccine and safety perpetuates the propaganda that vaccines are safe, or can be made to be safe with a tweak here and a tweak there, which is not the case at all.

When referring to vaccine dangers, let’s call them exactly that, “vaccine dangers information”. Think how many more people might have their attention piqued by that pairing of words.

Bob Moffit

My daughter .. at 4 years of age .. was diagnosed with ITP .. a supposedly rare serious blood disease that eventually required the surgical removal of her spleen .. which had for some unknown reason had begun destroying platelets in her blood .. platelets being critical to stop bleeding by the process known as clotting. At that time .. we relied upon our local library for information on ITP .. which was an extremely limited .. frustrating process.

35 years later my second grandson "regressed" and was diagnosed autistic .. another supposedly rare disorder wherein he lost all communication skills and remains non-verbal at 19 years of age today.. requiring 24/7 supervision most likely for the rest of his life. However .. at the time he 'regressed" we had access to the internet which we did not have when my daughter was diagnosed with ITP.

Thanks to internet .. we soon learned that vaccines may have played a role in his "regression" … at the same time we learned .. for the very first time that vaccines may have played a role in my daughter's ITP 35 years earlier. It is my understanding ITP is now listed on both the DTP and MMR vaccine inserts as possible cause of ITP .. which was only admitted following the Gulf War when so many of our troops were heavily vaccinated prior to deploying to the Gulf were diagnosed with ITP.

Had we had access to internet when my daughter was first diagnosed with a possible vaccine injury .. we may have been more vigilant when my second grandson received his first vaccine for HEP B within hours of his birth … another dose two weeks later when his pediatrician administered HEP B .. supposedly unaware that he had already received a dose within hours of his birth.

My point being .. thank God for the internet because if left on their own to "delay, deny" vaccine reactions .. they have and will continue to remain SILENT … spewing the usual "science is settled .. vaccines do not cause autism". I wonder how many children suffered ITP and pediatricians continued vaccinating their victims because parents had no access to the information the pediatricians kept from them.

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