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An Interview with Polly Tommey about Vaxxed II The People's Truth

Vaxxed 2 jpegNote: Vaxxed From Cover up to Catastrophe launched a firestorm when, in 2016, it was abruptly removed from the Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro's event in New York.  As angry as so many of us were at the time, the cowardice and dismissal provided an efficient fuel that fired the campaign, and continues to do so.  From the Vaxxed II site: 

In 2016, a media firestorm erupted when Tribeca Film Festival abruptly censored its documentary selection, VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE, amid pressure from pro-pharmaceutical interests.

In response to media silence on CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who admitted to fraud on a pivotal vaccine safety study, VAXXED catapulted to notoriety and became a worldwide trending topic, opening to sold out theater audiences nationwide.

Stunned by the immense volume of parents lining up outside the theaters with vaccine injury stories to share, VAXXED producer Polly Tommey began to livestream worldwide reaching millions, and a community that had once been silenced were empowered to rise up.

In VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE'S TRUTH, Polly and the team travel over 50,000 miles in the USA and around the world. Interviews of parents and doctors with nothing to gain and everything to lose exposed the vaccine injury epidemic and asked the question on every parent’s mind, “Are vaccines really as safe and effective as we’ve been told?”
Many Age of Autism readers have seen the bus, which is a rolling memorial to vaccine injured children.  Some are included in the interviews, including me, Kim Rossi.) Perhaps your child's name is on the bus. Vaxxed II the People's Truth continues the stories from families and includes many medical professionals, who risk everything when they talk about vaccination policy and injury.  Anne Dachel interviewed Executive Producer Polly Tommey. The series will run here on Age of Autism.  The transcript follows each video clip.

By Anne Dachel

Q: What did the original showing of Vaxxed around the country do for parents?

Polly: When Vaxxed come out, and parents started to hear, thanks to censorship, thanks to the explosion on social media, …this was about a whistleblower at the CDC, and there were parents in there talking about how their children regressed. Every parent that’s lived through that, which is countless as we know, suddenly BREATH, breath of relief that we’re not crazy. This is true. We’ve been slam-dunked so much that the original Vaxxed was literally the massive boost that these parents needed to get out there, have the courage to say, “You spoke out, so I’m going to speak out.”

And as that happened, the army of parents started to come out. So Vaxxed definitely was instrumental in giving parents the courage to go back out there and tell their stories and warn the other that parents, which is what they’re actually doing more than anything else.

Q: What was the Vaxxed bus tour around the U.S. like?

Polly: We realized that travelling by plane to all the events and trying to speak to parents was not going to work. We were missing too many stories. So we got a Vaxxed bus, and we got out on the road in an RV, and we spoke to the parents.

What we saw, none of us were prepared for. None of us knew the extent of vaccine injury. We knew there was a problem with the MMR. We knew there was a problem with autism. We knew there was a possible problem with a few others, but nothing prepared us for what I described as a war zone out here in America. It was like a blood bath of death and injury. It was literally like walking out onto a battlefield.

And this America. This isn’t a Third World country. This is America where …all I’m seeing on the streets talking to the people—and these are really well-educated people—talking to these people who believed in and had faith in our medical profession, and there in their houses coming to the bus, nothing but death, destruction, paralysis, injury beyond belief here in America.

Q: You expected to hear about a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism when talking to parents, but what did you really find out?

Polly: I thought that I was going to get just countless MMR/autism stories, and I did get a lot of MMR/autism stories. The difference between what happened to my son and what’s happening in this day and age now is that that’s almost unheard of. Now there’s so many vaccines at that age, a year old when my son had the MMR, that you don’t know what it is that’s causing it because there’s so many given at the same time.

So yes, we were shocked. We were horrified. We did not know about all the death. These poor parents that had been living with death from vaccines and have had nobody to talk to about this because their child is dead. Mine is ongoing, my child’s autism, my child’s vaccine injury, so I can keep talking about it because he’s here.

But the death, the dead babies, the dead toddlers, the dead teenagers, the dead parents—all this death was being silenced. At long last we got to hear what many, many people don’t know, and that is, you can die from a vaccine. We’ve seen it.

The series will continue later this week.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Aimee Doyle


Was thinking about what you said. My son plateaued after the first MMR and regressed after the second MMR. But that was in 1994.

I don't hear as much about regressive autism now, and I know it has never been fully researched. Children get many more vaccines earlier today, starting with HepB at birth, so it's easier for the CDC to claim they have been "autistic since birth" or suffered some sort of prenatal event.


Wow. Uncle Sam at work, a.k.a. the evil U.S. scamming its citizens with aluminum laced vaccines that are not tested beforehand for safety... what a wonderful “christian” nation, the very same nation producing these unsafe vaccines designed for aggressive immune response, is also the same nation that brutally killed its indigenous peoples, enslaved blacks in plantations, and constantly destabilizes smaller countries in the name of establishing their hellish capitalist surveillance world empire. Uncle Sam buys his goods from other countries cause his own citizens are too senile, obese, and sick. Uncle Sam makes sure all the schools in his country will deliberately breed confused, bored, zombified students fed on white bread, meat goop and sugar milk who won’t succeed in a crappy community college with mildew-infested dorm rooms and animal-like violent nonverbal dorm mates. Uncle Sam makes sure his people can’t take care of themselves, have no truly special talents, or decent lives.

No one can preach an all-loving god and defend an evil empire that deliberately enslaved and maims its own citizens and foreign people for long term capitalist profit. USA will go down in history as the most evil western nation in the history of the earth.

Grace Green

In addition to what Polly said, I wonder if children are now being given so many vaccines long before the MMR at 15 months, so that any who are vulnerable have already been injured by that time, unlike Master Tommey's generation, and this is obscuring the effect of the MMR.

Angus Files

It’s a war zone and there won’t be a wall of remembrance. Maybe we could sponsor a brick on Trumps new wall and have a name paid for and put on a brick of a vaccine damaged or dead human one name one brick. Just like the vaxxed bus-won’t hold my breath for that one. Well done Polly and all great work.

Pharma For Prison



Normalizing autism is just like normalizing obesity... there'll always be pseudoscientific nutjobs searching for obesity's BS "genetic" causes, normalizing 700+ lb. fatsos in mobility scooters, metformin, and SSI support for their weight, welfare candy for people who eat themselves to death, militant obesity acceptance communists like fascist crybully Sonalee Rashatwar who want to stop victims obesity from being cured of their deadly affliction... both diseases must stop.


Thank you Anne!!! Thank you Polly!!! Thank you SO much Vaxxed ll team!!!

Cherry Misra

Im printing this article out to send to my daughters, and to many others.
This poignant and bitter truth that we may not turn our face away from.
Those great heroes who rode the Vaxxed bus, those parents and others who came forward. You are part of an epic story.

Bob Moffit

"...…. We knew there was a possible problem with a few others, but nothing prepared us for what I described as a war zone out here in America. It was like a blood bath of death and injury. It was literally like walking out onto a battlefield."

A "war zone" indeed … complete with hundreds of thousands of injured children who are casually dismissed as "collateral damage" .. necessary victims of "unavoidably unsafe" VACCINES .. the only weapon of WAR our public health bureaucracies have employed for decades upon decades supposedly to protect the "herd" .. a "herd" that is now recognized as the unhealthiest generation in our country's history.

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