HPV Vaccine For All: The Obscene Public Farce In Our Midst
New York State Overrides Doctor's Recommendation

Adult Human Unaware of Danger of Fluorescent Lightbulbs Shattered into Open Trash

Retro stupidYesterday I was at the dump, excuse me, transfer station, in my town.  We have private curbside pick up in my town, and when I got divorced, trash removal was important to me, but pricey, so I dumped the service and drive twice weekly to dispose of my garbage. The transfer station has a large bay, like a garage, in which there is a pit. You heave household trash into the pit. It's cathartic. My boxed, preserved House of Bianchi wedding gown made a particularly nice "clunk" when it hit the bottom two years ago.

Parked next to me, a man took a long, fluorescent tube out of his fuel efficient car. I thought, "No way, he's not going to...." Sure enough, he marched into the bay to heave it into the pit. I ran next to him, "You can't do that! The tube is loaded with mercury! It's toxic! There's a special drop off for CF and tube lights!!!" 

"There is? I didn't know that."

CRASH. Explode. Mercury vapor is now filling the pit and about to waft up to us.

I wish I knew who he is. I'd send him a copy of Trace Amounts, the story of how a broken tube light on a construction site launched Eric Gladen into years of disability including most of the signs of autism. 

Imagine how many of these bulbs are in in our trash. Especially the CFL's that pretend to be real lightbulbs instead of toxic bombs.  But measles. Right?




Why don't they just ban fluorescent bulbs? They could just make LED's that will fit in the same long sockets. There's no excuse for fluorescent bulbs in regular sockets at all anymore.

My apartment was full of these things and where I live doesn't even have a proper place to get rid of them. You have to go to the city something or other department and I really wonder how they throw them out.

This really worries me with cats running around everywhere. They get in the trash... trash full of used condoms, needles from diabetics and such... and of course, mercury filled fluorescent bulbs. Then that cat in a lot of cases goes home and rubs all over a person's house and their kids and that person...

Someone needs to design better trash cans on that note...

Grace Green

Thanks, Tom Whitehirst - got it.

Tom Whitehurst

Probably nobody reading this thread anymore, but since Amazon no longer offers the movie thought that I would share the link to YouTube:

Tom Whitehurst

Thanks for sharing. However, when I click on the link to "Trace Amounts", it takes me to the Amazon page and the message reads:
"Our agreements with the content provider don’t allow purchases of this title at this time."
I guess someone from the CDC read your note - lol.

Gary Ogden

Pft: Fascinating information about the pseudo-science of anthropogenic global warming in the comment section (comment #32, a video) of the current post at Climate, Etc. The actual data over the last 100+ years shows very little warming, and no upward trend at most non-urban weather stations.. What the IGCC reports show is merely the urban heat-island effect. All predictions of future climate are based upon computer models into which are input fraudulent data, not on observations. Life on Earth is carbon-based. CO2 is essential to all life on Earth, and historically, high CO2 levels presage glaciation, while low COs levels presage warming. We've been sold a complete bill of goods. The vaccine holocaust is much more harmful, but those in poor countries and rich alike are being harmed by the global warming nonsense because we all need energy.

Gary Ogden

David m burd: Thank you very much for that information!

David m burd

Gary Ogden,

Happy to tell you there's a wide selection of LED "light bulbs" on the market having the same light spectrum as incandescent; even such mega home hardware stores as Home Depot & Lowes have them, very affordable, and cut lighting electricity expense by 90% (compared to incandescent - seriously).

Benedetta Stilwell

Well at least the man wasn’t dumping those dangerous plastic straws!


Its an Orwellian world. CO2 is considered a poison despite being great for plants and crops, but mercury and vaccines are harmless and even good for you, unless the mercury is in fish so some people avoid eating fish but think nothing a out getting a flu shot

Someone called it derangement of the crowd. Maybe its just lower IQ’s due to all the toxins

Remember those ads from the 1950’s about DDT being good for you. Some parents washed their kids hair with DDT and happily sprayed their kitchens with DDT, and let their kids chase DDT trucks spraying the streets

Remember all the things the medical profession said were harmless but proved not to be?. Lead, DDT, asbestos, tobacco, DES, thalidomide, x-raying babies in utero. Nothings changed, just today different poisons/toxins are said to be safe

Hopefully 50 years from now people will cringe at the madness of massive doses of vaccines to young children whose immune system has been designed by millions of years of evolution to keep inflammation to a minimum as the immune system develops to learn what is self and non-self (which must be attacked) . They will know of the biological dangers of RF-EMR from wifi, cellular and ultrasound imaging on pregnant women. Glyphosate, Fluoride, GMO foods, gene edited livestock. One wonders if the human race can survive this corruption of its collective DNA

Perhaps a super human evolves from this collective assault on homo sapiens. Perhaps that is the point of the madness


Fluoride is one slow poison that people are beginning to wake up to and worry about., thank God. It's a slow-motion counterpart to vaccines which principally targets the bones, joints, thyroid and kidneys rather than the brain.


So much for “awareness.”
Light it up neurotoxic.

Frustrating how many environmentalist groups supported the CFL push, using the “greater good” argument about fewer coal-fired plants. It only decentralized exposures by bringing more mercury right into our homes. And few seemed concerned that consumers might be too ignorant or lazy to safely dispose of CFL bulbs.

Tim Lundeen

No one worries about slow poisons, it seems. If it doesn't make you sick right away, it is just fine.


“I didn’t know that” said the man with a band aid on his arm from the flu shot he received earlier that day from CVS from a multi dose vile. As he was leaving, Ms Rossi noticed he turned the wrong way, having to circle back around in order to exit. With his window rolled down, he gave a cursory wave as he drove by the spot of his last deposit. Still holding her breath Mr Rossi bolts it to her car with windows sealed tight. As she pulls away, in her rear view mirror, she sees the poor sot go the wrong way again.

Here’s to all of those who keep us from circling the dump!

Gary Ogden

Thanks for reminding us of the horror of these things, Kim. Over the past few years I've gradually replaced those small, made-in-China bulbs in the house (thanks Congress) with incandescent. LED's are no solution, as they don't produce the proper spectrum to match natural light, as incandescent lights do. I did not even know fluorescent bulbs had mercury until Trace Amounts.

jessica mcgovern

My Town Hall DPW has a box in the office with tossed bulbs. I explained to her the dangers
of mercury off gassing if one of those broke in your office that you may be poisoned.
Told her to watch Trace Amounts.
She didn't care.

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