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A Tale of Two Sides: A New Novel about the Vaccine Debate

A tale of two sidesNote: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.  2019 is a dark time for medical and religious choice. We live in a nation where courts allow a parent to change a young child's gender often with serious, chemically induced hormonal alterations, yet that same mother or father can not say no to a mandated vaccine.  We are Through the Looking Glass straight into 1984.  Please hop over to Amazon to buy a copy or two or three of this new novel, that takes the vaccine wars into a sensational work of fiction. If only it were fiction and not the reality facing families.

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From Amazon:

Compliant parents are what Julianna loves most about her job. Thankfully, most patients listen to her. After all, she is a nurse. Yet even the most well-intentioned parents can push back, especially when it comes to vaccinating their children. Paulina and Reuben Gonzalez wrestle with the decision whether to vaccinate their new baby for hepatitis B and, eventually, fifteen other diseases. The very mention of infectious disease strikes fear into the heart of every parent, so they want to make the right choice. There are those in the medical profession who believe vaccines are so critical they should be mandatory, and others who acknowledge that vaccines have risks that must be considered. As the Gonzalez’s and dozens of other families, doctors, nurses, reporters, and politicians come together in an open, honest, and sometimes heated dialogue to explore the truths at the root of their beliefs, their lives provide a fascinating perspective on one of the most polarizing issues of our time.


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