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Governor Lamont Agrees With Removal of Religious Exemption for Connecticut Children

What’s Required

By Cathy Jameson

It is not enough that we do our best, sometime we have to do what is required. 

- Winston Churchill 

I saw that quote last week and immediately thought of parents in both New York and California.  Coming together to express concerns over their state’s proposed legislation, parents in both New York and California organized their efforts as soon as they learned what their legislators were doing.  As has happened before, the legislation would limit a parent’s right versus protect it.  Brave doesn’t fully describe those people who were willing to stand up against it.  Nor does passionate or determined.  In fact, with everything these moms and dads have already done, I can’t think of a word that would do them justice. 

Parents in both states were doing more than just standing up to illogical lawmakers.  They were doing more than just letting their voices be heard.  They were representing more than just their opinions and desires.  Facing their fears, standing up to elected politician, and making quite an impressive statement while at it, is not what they may have envisioned themselves having to do; but they did all of that and more.  That’s because if these parents didn’t stand up for themselves and for their children, legislators could quickly take parental and educational rights away. 

These parents did their best to protect their rights.  They did their best to protect their child’s right to an education, too.  But legislators in both NY and CA were successful with their plan – which took both of those rights away.  This time, with CA’s SB276, s doctor’s right to practice was also jeopardized.  Where they were once able to determine and write a medical exemption for a patient, that decision will now be up to the State. 

Those parents in NY and CA may not have thought that fighting legislation and close-minded politicians would be part of parenting, but they are doing that now because that’s what is required.  What’s required? 

-traveling long hours to the state capitals

-standing in long lines while waiting to gain entry into public hearings

-facing the opposition, many of whom were less than polite

-dealing with uneducated representatives and their staff

-being misrepresented by the media

It also meant mustering the strength to continue to show up even though those who should be listening and helping were doing the opposite, and quite possibly, had planned to do that all along.

What else is a parent to do?  They showed up.  They spoke up.  They did their best.  Parents are not done having this conversation!  They must do what is required.  Today, tomorrow, and until they are truly heard, I know that they will do just that.

Legislation in California that should have protected the people – and not an industry, was passed once again into law.  In the process, thousands of children’s health and educational needs were traded for political gain.  And, once again because of similar legislation, parents in NY were denied the chance to send their healthy children to school.  Many worked hard to strip parents, families, and the children themselves of their rights and were victorious once again.  I didn’t think working so fiercely against the people was part of a judge’s, a senator’s, an assemblyman’s, and a governor’s job description.  But that’s exactly what I saw happen once again in the USA this week.  


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.  




Grace Green

The case of the sperm donor is a strong indicator that there is a genetic component in autism, but it can't be just genetic with no environmental cause because if that were the case we would all have died out from autism long ago. A genetic disease either arises later in life (ie. after reproduction) or is the result of a recessive gene, which means both parents must have the gene, which is also why they themselves wouldn't have the disease. Presumably no-one is claiming that was the case with the twelve mothers in this case.


Thanks Cathy, your articles are "Just Fab!" towards highlighting and pinpointing the professional health and social care, training deficiency areas!
eg, tortous, tick box, questionnaires for functional capacity evaluations!
The toolkit itself has severe limitations ,and isn't really fit for it's own purpose ? far too subjective for any realistic evaluation of potential progress/learning capacity!of the person being assessed?
Autism's Not Yet - article eg
Examples of "Not Just Yet, " still practicing ,still learning!
Dog & Boy - Yellow Lab and child with Down Syndrome, Interact Youtube
Questionaire /assessment could ask /
Observe child for one minute ,then describe interaction with own, or other peoples family dogs?
[A] Good. [B] Bad. [C] Indifferent.

Health and social care professionals final exam paper should include
Q . Describe the difference between a learning disibility and a learning difficulty .
Provide /describe, in detail , six examples of each .
How many professionals do you think would pass or fail that exam question?



Someone at WaPo said today that the family said that the man had been in special ed and was developmentally disabled himself. Which washes up their thesis that he had autism genes which directly caused autism in the children he fathered, while being typical himself. But what it shows instead, to the extent that it might be true, was what I posited yesterday, that he might very well have reacted to the DPT or MMR vaccines he received as a boy.

Why do you say that none of this has any relevance to anything? It has the greatest relevance for all families in the world, none of whom want to have an autistic child. Everyone needs to know that the vaccine question is of the utmost relevance. As you know, I personally recommend serious consideration of the DT series after two or three years old, the Hib series starting at four months old for babies who HAVE to be in daycare, and are not breastfed, as few of them would be, and the polio series only if it comes back here. Or the nosodes. Serious consideration, but no mandates, and also considering the other side, the genetic background, and neurological and allergic/autoimmune disease on both sides of the family, which make reactions more likely.

At the WaPo a lot of people are saying Why didn't the sperm bank screen its donors better, and I said Why don't doctors screen their patients for known risk factors before they vaccinate? The sperm donor was initially described as being tall, handsome, intelligent, and several people were very irate because he was blond and blue-eyed. If this wasn't true and he was really developmentally disabled and frustrated, why didn't they say so to start with? Not as much of a story? More of a "like father like son" thing? I noticed that the conditions his numerous children had were ALL straight off of the vaccine package inserts. From the article: "Many of the children have secondary diagnoses of ADHD, dyslexia, mood disorders, epilepsy and other developmental and learning disabilities." No doubt at all that they display the interaction between his genes (now their genes) enabling the severe vaccine reactions.


I misquoted the byline. It was Democracy dies in darkness. Something the WaPo would know all about.



I nearly choked when I read its slogan Keeping democracy alive.


When I go to the WAPO site, this is what I see:

"Keep supporting great journalism by turning off your ad blocker. Or purchase a subscription for unlimited access to real news you can count on."

I start choking which becomes gagging which then leads to cursing the bastards for claiming "great journalism"........"to real news".

Unlimited access to their shit, I can do without.


Mississippi; They are getting no where and there is a lot of advocates for vaccine choice. I mean a lot!
My sister-in-law says that the surgeon that saved her husband's life this summer has a picture of himself and Bigtree on his desk, in his office; taken on the steps of the Mississippi state capitol.
Yet nothing has changed.
It is like that old saying about not being able to fight city hall.
Scary saying really.
It is like, once a bill gets passed it is impossible to undo.


This morning; as I served my mother her coffee, she had Fox and Friends on. They were getting their flu shot, right in the middle of New York, City.

Janice Dean the meteorologist has MS and she was the first to get hers.

Let us pay attention to the coming weeks of who has to miss work, shall we.
The hosts on a TV morning show are doing what is required of them. Poor things.



One problem is that the law also applies to private schools, so I think it would apply to any small school set up by homeschooling parents that included more than their own children. I think people will have to leave California and New York (etc.). Maybe leave the father to work in CA until he can get a job elsewhere while the mother takes the children to a more civilized state. I think they're hoping that it will all die down, all the kids will get vaxxed, and everyone will see that the sky doesn't fall. Except that for many it has already fallen and with this new law it will fall for many more.


The man himself does not have autism, so it is not a simple matter of his having the autism gene, is autistic himself, and bequeaths it to his children who turn out autistic. Why is he himself not autistic? The answer is that his genes, or those of millions of us, are a keyhole, but it takes the key, usually vaccines, to turn on the autism.
Cia in documents submitted to the court, according to the Washington Post: She says in the complaint that research, based on public documents and calls to his relatives, showed that the donor had no college degrees, had been diagnosed with ADHD, and “went to a school for children with learning and emotional disabilities.” (Idant, and other sperm banks, generally do not verify their donors’ medical and educational backgrounds.) Moreover, her attorneys wrote in the filing, “Donor H898 is a prolific sperm donor who has fathered at least 12 children through sperm donation, and that each of those children has either been diagnosed with Autism, or suffers from signs and symptoms associated with Autism.” In court documents, other mothers corroborated the story.
The woman has now accepted an out of court $0.25m settlement, there is absolutely no need to drag the donor’s vaccination history into this, or as you refer to autism being “turned on” by vaccines in susceptible individuals, yet again it demonstrates the importance of the genetic element in untangling the autism knot, and Susan it was Cia who first mentioned this, not me, I’ve previously answered your question about empathy with parents of ASD children. According to one report blood samples have now been obtained from all the affected children, so there may be some good out of this tragedy for all the families involved.
The Jordanian study demonstrating a high incidence of autism in a community that practices marriage within families merely serves to demonstrate the issue of the importance of genetics

Peggy Jaeger(grandma peg)

The answers may be more than the parents can afford to do....because it will surely lead to jail time....and that is withdraw all your damaged kids from public schools. Become home schoolers or start a New school that is not subject to this health law. It's like a strike...but, imo, it's has to be done to prevent further irreparable damage to the already damaged kids. This law will be responsible for many deaths of kids considered 'typical normal-average' kids ....why should we be forced to sacrifice the lives of our already sick or damaged kids..., too.? There are definitely permanently ill children attending public schools now, those children should Always have a medical exemption...ALWAYS.! And there has Got to be laws to stop these witchly overbearing lawmakers panels from preventing actual first hand medically affirmed cases from being presented by doctors, chemists, neurologists ...and the experienced Parents. But are there any attorneys who do know the laws who are willing to save these children by insisting on true life testimonies be presented to those willing to sacrifice our children for the wants of the politicians..? Where are they..? I know of two or three legal organizations who fight these laws but can they get physically in their face involved,,? This is a death threat to injured children....


Here's a link to the story for those who'd like to comment on it. I was finally able to do so.



So do you have charts comparing the individual vaccines and the age at which they were given for all the subjects you mention? Lacking them in this particular case, is it not reasonable to assume that the sperm donor in the WP story got the vaccines routine forty years ago (it said he was in his early forties now), but, crucially, did NOT get the hep-B at birth or in childhood, the Hib, Prevnar, varicella, hep-A, flu, meninococcal, or rotavirus vaccines? He could not have, as they were either not developed yet or not given routinely to children. So on what grounds can you just say that obviously vaccines have nothing to do with it, when we KNOW that vaccines have caused encephalitic brain damage in many cases, and have not even been considered in millions more cases.

And present or past illness as well as other epigenetic factors like diet, stress, and so on, can influence whether or not any individual recipient reacts adversely to vaccines. So you'd have to provide a chart proving that every factor had always been absolutely identical in both identical twins to attempt to show that it was not their genetic predisposition which played a role. I remember one case of identical twins in which one twin had been sick and had a fever when vaccinated: he regressed into autism, while his twin, also vaxxed but who had not been ill, did not.

We know that certain nucleotide sequences influence which children develop diabetes or asthma in response to a vaccine. We have identified many genes which play a role. The MTRFR genetic difference is a predisposing factor and is found in half the American population.

It is not scientific at all to say, That's it! This man fathered a number of autistic children by different women. That PROVES it was his genes that did it. But it obviously does not. The man himself does not have autism, so it is not a simple matter of his having the autism gene, is autistic himself, and bequeaths it to his children who turn out autistic. Why is he himself not autistic? The answer is that his genes, or those of millions of us, are a keyhole, but it takes the key, usually vaccines, to turn on the autism.

Why did the WP story not breathe a single word about the vaccines which the children were or were not given? Again, I'd say that that furnishes proof. If none of them were given any vaccines, or were given a few on a reduced schedule similar to those the man himself got forty years ago, then they would have said so, and that WOULD have provided some evidence, though not sufficient to be probative, that it was just his genes which did it. But their not mentioning it shows that they realized that it would be better for the pharma case not to do so.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Eindeker, Did you read the book Age of Autism? (highly educated mothers distinguish most ASD families). The WaPo propaganda piece you reference is not science - it is a tale of one highly educated mom, a sperm donor who lied and a successful lawsuit against the fertility clinic. Most ASD cases did not come from shady sperm donors. The vaccine industry is betting a "herd" of stupid people will believe their nonsense.
Hmm, those autism clusters coincide with demands for vaccine exceptions, how about that!

susan welch

Eindecker. You are aware, of course, that you are one of the few that can increase my blood pressure with your ability to post, sometimes irrelevant, research, but your absolute inability to empathise with families whose lives have been utterly traumatised by the 'coincidence' that is vaccine injury.

However, as you are so knowledgeable on this subject, please can you let me know your theory for the massive increase in autism since the 1980s.

Please, not 'better diagnosis'. I have read 'Denial' which proves, without doubt, that there is a real increase.

Thank you.

John Stone


Actually, I thought you were doing pretty badly.


I won't lower myself to your standards of abuse Hans, you're obviously incapable of discussing science, hence you have to resort to such comments

John Stone


I just told you what my views were.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Eindeker | September 16, 2019 at 05:49 AM

Quite brilliant. The depths of your depravity never cease to amaze me.
Autism is caused by Incest now.

The crime of all centuries


Yes John, including autism!! Now what's your view on the Washington Post article showing a cluster of autism around this sperm donor, who apparently was used to fertilise women in the US, Europe & Australia? In your view and Cia's there is a need to invoke some epigenetic factor whereas it could just be a complex interaction between multiple genes. It's like Dan's hypothesis that some co-factor had to have potentiated polio, leading to large outbreaks in the early 20C, I think his favourite was arsenic, whereas it was shown very elegantly in a study of polio in Morocco that it was simply a matter of when children encountered the polio virus with Europeans suffering far more than native Moroccans because of the higher hygiene standards

John Stone


There is a greater replication in monozygotic twins but there is not an identical risk so we are still just left with predisposition to harm. The issue of close marriage is irrelevant: ie it is obviously a practice with a serious risk for manifold harms.


Oh of course it’s not genetic Cia….so why higher risk in monzygotic twins, still raised, but less so in fraternal twins?? You may not have seen this, but it’s a very interesting recent study looking at 2 populations in Jordan:
Do close relative marriages contribute to the Causes of Autism among ethnic groups in Jordan, psychological effect on society? Umm Al Quttain village and Abdali area a case study one of which widely practices consanguineous marriage and the other does not. “Results revealed that Duruz ethnic group practice widely relative marriages and there many autistic children within the duruz families member in the study. The study puts forward several recommendations, most importantly is to stay away from marrying relatives, and initiate awareness programs to show the negative consequences of relative marriages



I read the article and it was pretty silly. It said Wow, we have a gene which may cause autism in 20% of autism cases DIRECTLY and not by any environmental factor. It did not have a single WORD about what vaccines the affected children had received. The answer is very simple. The sperm donor had genes which predispose the holder to vaccine reactions. OK, he didn't himself react (maybe) to the vaccines he got growing up forty years ago (well before the autism/vaccine epidemic), but did he have the hep-B vaccine at birth or the large number of vaccines the children conceived with his sperm did? And one of the comments was particularly st-pid. It said Well, that blows the whole vaccines and autism thing out of the water. No, it doesn't. It takes two factors: genes and a trigger. The donor gave the genes (which everyone in my family apparently has), and the mothers pulled the trigger when they got the children vaccinated. They tried to sue, but give me a break. I'll bet the guy has no idea he has autism-predisposing genes. How many of us do unless the evidence just leaves no room for doubt? Maybe they should make a genetic screen a requirement for getting married? It would be an automatic vaccine exemption for those who tested positive.

I tried to comment but got held up by the need to get another password, which still has not been mailed to me. I used to be on a blacklist at the WashPo, maybe still am.


West Virginia is the only state that has never had non-medical exemptions. WV, since 2016 has had a raging opioid epidemic that has consumed the state, which consistently ranks in the bottom 10 for overall health outcomes. It's residents face some of the highest rates of mortality in the country, but still claim their immunization policies are the "Gold Standard."
Mississippi followed West Virginia's lead in 1979, when they removed the states' religious exemption.

Parents in WV are asking for "more choice" in their public health system...Good luck with that!

Their vaccine laws were put into place long before pHARMa received liability protection and long before the child vaccine schedule quadrupled and long before the horrendous "autism" epidemic (and all the other autoimmune illnesses rampant in our children)

What took place in Ca. last week was a complete outrage! As someone posted yesterday....this is organized crime masquerading as "health care."


apologies again but this is a quote from the Wa Po article... GRRRRH

" (Other factors have been linked to autism, including an older father or complications during pregnancy. A proposed link to vaccines was based on fraudulent research and has been disproved.)"

Wa Po,

" A proposed link to vaccines was based on fraudulent research and has been disproved" WOW, and in a very bad way
"The children of Donor H898"


I apologize for asking this question here.
Has anyone read the WaPo article of a few days ago about
"At least a dozen children diagnosed with autism were conceived with sperm from the same donor."

"The Children of Donor H898"

I'm sure there is a LOT about this that is epigenetic (therefore environmental. I'm not in a position to evaluate at the moment, but I would welcome reading an AoA review. I apologize doing so in the comments


For every “ one” that will do what was required “ten” will simply go along and say to themselves the Docs and scientists know best.

For most people unless they have been directly affected and motivated enough to educate themselves they simply go along with the crowd and the official explanations, no matter how ridiculous they are. This is not limited to vaccines, its pretty much everything.


But will they do what's required now? Move to another state or homeschool their children? If their children's health is the most important thing to them, they'll have to. And it's going to be the only way to change the situation, making a dent in the states' economic base.


One answer to your question on Mississippi and West Virginia is that there is a high rate of under 65 disability in these states.
That doesn't leave families a lot of wiggle room for advocating.

Tim Lundeen

Half of the people surveyed don't trust our public agencies. Hopeful :-)

Aimee Doyle

Mississippi and West Virginia are two other states that only allow medical exemptions - and that has been the case for years.

Does anyone know how parents in those states cope? Do they protest? What have they found to be effective? Are the legislators and the governor similarly indifferent?

I think these questions are worth exploring - since that seems to be the future faced by parents in CA and NY.

susan welch

Thank you, Cathy, for your excellent summary of the events in New York and California last week.

I watched much of it live from UK and it was an emotional roller coaster. I cannot find the words to express my admiration for all the protesters - they were magnificent.

I do hope their bravery will lead to more people being brave and joining in this fight against, what can only be called, evil.


So much truth in this article:

It seems that these children are genetically predisposed to react to something that happens at the one year mark that makes them forget acquired skills.

The V word is only mentioned once in the context of the obligatory "fraudulent" statement.

Gary Ogden

Our representatives no longer represent the people who voted for them or their interests. They represent their political party and the economic interests of industry. Too many have no moral compass at all. We are in the midst of what passes for political campaigning these days, a two-year, meaningless pile of media bilge leading up to a meaningless presidential election, the entire purpose of which is to distract the public from the criminality of those sworn to protect us. What brought an end to the Viet Nam debacle was mass public protest; this is what it will take to end the forced, mass poisoning of our children. Our political leaders, the management in the regulatory agencies, "public health" gorilla, and pharmaceutical industry have forfeited any moral authority they may have once had. My own state representatives are on our side, which is some comfort, but they are a small minority. One-party dominance in government is a very dangerous thing. What we are seeing today in our fair land is a breathtaking level of tyranny, far worse that that of George III.

The Original Someone #1

Actually, I meant that the 5th stanza was the one most poignant to our situation:

This one:
"God money's not looking for the cure
God money's not concerned about the sick among the pure
God money, let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised
God money's not one to choose"

The Original Someone #1

What perfect music to illustrate exactly where we are with the most morally bankrupt, greedy politicians I have ever witnessed in office. I always loved that song, but know I know why. It perfectly explains modern politics and the collective psyche of our elected, filthy dirty politicians. Here are some of the lyrics of "Head Like A Hole" from the Nine Inch Nails, words that our legislators should be sent so they can understand what they have become, what we know they have become due to the totalitarian bills they have agreed to sponsor, and exactly why they need to be either recalled or voted out of office as soon as possible. The 4th stanza is so perfectly tailored to our situation it amazes me:

"God money, I'll do anything for you
God money, just tell me what you want me to
God money, nail me up against the wall
God money, don't want everything he wants it all

No, you can't take it
No, you can't take it
No, you can't take that away from me
No, you can't take it
No, you can't take it
No, you can't take that away from me

Head like a hole, black as your soul
I'd rather die than give you control
Head like a hole, black as your soul
I'd rather die than give you control

Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve

God money's not looking for the cure
God money's not concerned about the sick among the pure
God money, let's go dancing on the backs of the bruised
God money's not one to choose

No, you can't take it
No, you can't take it
No, you can't take that away from me
No, you can't take it
No, you can't take it
No, you can't take that away from me

Head like a hole, black as your soul
I'd rather die than give you control
Head like a hole, black as your soul
I'd rather die than give you control

Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve
Bow down before the one you serve
You're going to get what you deserve"...

Many of our elected officials don't give the slightest crap about us or our vaccine injured children, nor do they care in the slightest about the immunocompromised among us (whether vaccine injured or not), as SB 276 goes after THEM, too. How will the IMMUNOCOMPROMISED among us get their medical exemptions written by a doctor approved in CA or NY, if NO PEDIATRICIAN WILL WRITE ONE FOR THEM FOR ANY REASON? Our elected officials are beholden to God Money. That's it. Pure and simple. And they sure do "bow down before the one [they] ... serve", don't they? How much lower can they go? Just keep your eyes on Pan and Cuomo and other legislators who call themselves Democrats, but are truly merely God Money worshippers, to find out. Even the Democratic Party leadership itself has been coopted by Pharma now.

Bob Moffit

Cathy .. the most infuriating experience I have had trying to communicate my serious concerns on the "safety and efficiency" of vaccines to my NYS Senator .. who also was a proud sponsor of legislation removing religious exemption from parents .. is HIS callous indifference for myself as well as those thousands who marched on NYS Capital in their desperate effort to INFORM our legislators WHY we are not in full compliance of vaccines.

I sent two letters to him .. wherein I pleaded (begged) him to initiate a public debate/discussion between those Federal, State, Local public health "experts" he has placed his full faith, trust and confidence in .. and .. those who once had the very same faith, trust and confidence only to witness their perfectly healthy developing child suffer some type of chronic neurological, biological, physical life-long, life-threatening, life-altering disorder they have every reason to believe was CAUSED by vaccines.

All I begged him to do was show the same determined effort he has pursued to force parents to full COMPLIANCE with recommended vaccines or be denied access to education, day care, etc … to force public health officials to publicly address and ensure parents .. in open debate in front of a Senate Health Committee .. under oath .. or on a nationally televised debate .. where public health officials can ANSWER the myriad of serious questions that vaccines are NOT as "safe and effective" as they claim them to be. I included in my letters just some of the questions that public health officials have REFUSED TO ANSWER .. but for their standard the SCIENCE IS SETTLED .. no further questions will be tolerated.

I am willing to modify my questions to just TWO … why are vaccines EXEMPT from the gold standard of conducting a true PLACEBO comparison study .. why haven't public health authorities conducted a scientific, independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations to ascertain .. once and for all … if the fully vaccinated population is indeed HEALTHIER than the unvaccinated population? (Regardless of what they say .. they have the expertise, data, resources to conduct the study today .. they lack only the will to do it. Let them justify their failure to do so on NATIONAL TELEVISION OR IN FRONT OF A SENATE HEALTH COMMITTEE WITH QUALIFIED SCIENTISTS WHO CAN EXPOSE THEIR LACK OF WILL FOR ALL TO SEE)

Nah .. not only no answer .. not even an acknowledgment he received my letters. Which by the way is the exact same response received from the SWAMP THAT OUR PUBLIC HEALTH BUREAUCRACIES NOW WALLOW IN.

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