Here Is What I Don’t Understand
Live Vote SB276




You’re too kind. You forgot reason #5... one word: cowardice.

carolyn kyles mom

Can it still be vetoed?


You can comment about this on Quora:


Why on earth would a doctor relinquish legal control over patients’ medical exemptions to vaccines?

(1) Income stability: No HMO fines; law guarantees all patients must obey AAP and AMA trade union demands.
(2) Avoidance: No more uncomfortable conversations to convince patients to vaccinate.
(3) Time-saving: Freed up to sell other products and services.
(4) Blame-shifting: “It wasn’t me, Mommy; the Legislature made me do it.”


I just saw that it passed, in what was described as a surprise vote. I don't know who would be surprised by it.


At California legislature. They were about to give their decision on SB276, putting it first because so many people had come because of that, but because three women stood on chairs, one holding an upside-down American flag, and wouldn't get down despite several requests, it was temporarily suspended to give the sergeants time to get them down.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Last month I was at a doctor's office that caters to parents with autistic children. It has IV chelation, HBOT and IVIG. I overheard a receptionist tell a caller, "no the Dr. does not give vaccine exemptions, there is a new law that says he could lose his licence if he does." There you have it, the powers that be have made medical exemptions illegal in the state of California. The Phar-mafia already has medical offices telling lies. They have convinced physicians their livelihood is at stake. When will the States Attorney General take this on? This is nerdy, geeky doctors getting bullied by mobsters.

Repeal Sb277, SB276

from the golden state to 30 pieces of silver...again.

"There's trouble on the mountain
And the valley's full of smoke
There's crying on the mountain
And again the same heart broke."

from California by Johnny Cash

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