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Vaccine IQ Test

Teachable-momentsBy Laura Hayes

Below is a "Vaccine IQ" test which I am calling a "Vac-Q" test. My hope is that people will print it out and use it as a resource to take to legislators' town hall meetings, school board meetings, doctor appointments, and anywhere else it might be used to give people a quick quiz.

After taking this test, the hope is that people's eyes will be opened to important facts about vaccines, and that their horror will be awakened knowing that these toxin-and-poison-containing invasive medical procedures are being injected into pregnant women, newborns, infants, toddlers, young children, teens, and people of all ages every single day here in the U.S. and across the globe on an ever-increasing basis.

Should you print out and use this "Vac-Q" test, please be sure to post a comment in the Comments section below to let us know the results!

Vac-Q Test for Legislators, Doctors, Nurses, School Board Members, and Parents
Vac-Q Test in .pdf format.

  1. In the most-widely used flu vaccines, including those given to the vast majority of infants and toddlers, the amount of mercury contained in one dose is how many times greater than the EPA maximum-allowed limit for drinking water? Answer: 25,000 times greater if thimerosal is listed as an ingredient; up to 1,000 times greater if labeled “thimerosal-free”.
  2. Was the original relative risk data found by Thomas Verstraeten in 1999 for the mercury in thimerosal-containing vaccines being a causal factor in the development of autism higher than the legally-required relative risk rate of 2.0? Answer: Yes, it was 11.35, which is exponentially higher than the 2.0 level typically required in a court of law to prove a causal link.
  3. At an infant’s 2-month “well-baby” appointment, the amount of aluminum injected via the 8 recommended vaccines is how many times greater than the FDA maximum-allowed limit for IV feedings of an infant? Answer: 49 times greater.
  4. Do children have any need for mercury or aluminum? Answer: No.
  5. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are classified as hazardous materials/poisons, with accompanying Material Safety Data Sheets? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: formaldehyde, phenol, thimerosal, deoxycholate, polysorbate 80, and sodium borate.
  6. Do children have any need for these hazardous materials/poisons? Answer: No.
  7. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are known or suspected to be cancer-causing? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: glyphosate, MSG, polysorbate 80, phenol, formaldehyde, deoxycholate, and Triton X-100.
  8. Do children have any need for these cancer-causing substances? Answer: No.
  9. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are known or suspected to damage reproductive organs and impair fertility/cause sterility? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: aluminum, polysorbate 80, phenol, and sodium borate.
  10. Do children have any need for these fertility-damaging substances? Answer: No.
  11. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are known or suspected to alter and damage the recipient’s genes? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: thimerosal, formaldehyde, phenol, and Triton X-100.
  12. Do children have any need for these gene-damaging substances? Answer: No.
  13. Should children be repeatedly injected with numerous substances that have Material Safety Data Sheets which include stringent and dire warnings about how to best protect oneself from harm if handling or in the presence of these substances? Answer: No.
  14. Are there antibiotics in vaccines? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: neomycin, gentamycin, polymyxin B, kanamycin, streptomycin, chlortetracycline, and amphotericin B.
  15. Do children have any need for these antibiotics if not seriously ill? Answer: No.
  16. California’s Senator Richard Pan, who is also a practicing pediatrician, and who was called a “hero” by TIME magazine, said in a public address at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health on Nov. 5th, 2015: “You know what’s the most dangerous substance in the vaccine? Water!”. According to the information above, was Senator Pan telling the truth? Answer: No.
  17. At this same 2015 public address, Senator Pan stated: “Thimerosal is not in childhood vaccines.” In the 2015-2016 flu season alone, based on a reported 70% coverage rate for those aged 6-35 months, 11.2 million doses of Sanofi-Pasteur’s “preservative-free” flu vaccine (the only flu vaccine produced that year without any thimerosal) would have been needed to ensure that no infant or toddler in the U.S. received a flu vaccine containing thimerosal. However, Sanofi-Pasteur delivered only around 200,000 preservative-free flu vaccines that year, meaning that 11 million American infants and toddlers received thimerosal-containing flu vaccines. Given that fact, was Senator Pan telling the truth? Answer: No.
  18. Are vaccine safety tests conducted using double-blind, placebo-controlled studies? Answer: No. Inert placebos are not used as controls in vaccine safety studies, nor is there always a control group, and study length is as short as 4 days.
  19. Knowing that the scientific gold standard is not used for vaccine safety studies, can any valid claims about vaccine safety or efficacy be made? Answer: No.
  20. How many vaccines are currently recommended by the CDC from gestation to age 18? Answer: 74 vaccines.
  21. If the word “vaccines” was replaced with the words “drugs”, would the recommending of 74 drugs be of concern to you? Answer: Hopefully, yes.
  22. According to a 2011 HHS survey, what percent of American children suffer from one or more chronic health conditions? Answer: 54%.
  23. According to the latest CDC statistics, what is the current rate of autism in American children? Answer: 1 in 36 American children has a diagnosis of Autism.
  24. Do the above 2 statistics denote that American children are healthy and developing typically? Answer: No.
  25. The U.S. helped to author, and also signed, the Nuremberg Code, which states: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” Given that defining hallmark of the practice of ethical medicine, are vaccine mandates compliant with the Nuremberg Code? Answer: No.
  26. The U.S. Constitution guarantees parents the right to direct the care, education, and upbringing of their children as they see fit. Does that include making healthcare and medical decisions for one's children, without government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty? Answer: Yes.
  27. Can medical mandates, including vaccine mandates, exist in a free and ethical society? Answer: No.
  28. Legislators, are you willing to immediately initiate legislation to ban vaccine mandates? If not, please explain why not.
  29. Doctors and Nurses, are you willing to immediately stop purchasing and administering vaccines? If not, please explain why not.
  30. School Board Members, are you willing to refuse to implement vaccine mandate laws in your state? If not, please explain why not.

Parents, are you ready to stop permitting vaccines to be injected into your child? If not, please ask yourself why not.





I respect your desire to investigate data and findings on your own, but can you consider the other potential reasons for a rise in disease/condition awareness? As tests become more sophisticated and criteria is widened, more people will be categorized with autism. Think of this in a similar way to COVID-19 testing- the real numbers are larger than known, because many people assume it's just a bad cold. There are multiple factors in any situation, vaccination being one of them. What's your take on vaccination in, say, the second half of the 20th century. An increase in autism would have been noted, even with different tests/criteria. This increase of yours is only in the last twenty years or so.

In any case, I respect your right to an opinion and thank you for sharing it, even if I personally disagree.



Karen Brant, Considering where many of us started on this journey of trying to figure vaccines, vaccinations, the Vaccine IQ Test is extremely relevant not only to those with autism but to the "herd". 54% of the "herd" is chronically ill with about 20 chronic health issues* which were only present in 12% of children in 1988; before our children became overloaded and made toxic with aluminum and ethyl mercury and a host of excepients no one should inject into a child, sheep, dog etc.

Laura quite simply doesn't want any more of us to join "that herd". When you join "that herd" your life is no longer yours. It's becomes how do you fix what was once so wonderful and unbroken, from the carnage that vaccines create in too damn many of us.

CDC, AAP, California take "your herd" and shove it!

Laura Hayes

Karen Brant,

I am sincerely trying very hard to understand what you are trying to get across to me, but I am not yet succeeding.

Just as a mcg is a smaller unit of measurement than a mg, so is a ml as compared to a liter. So, in CA, for example, there is a law making it illegal to give pregnant women and children under age 3 any vaccine that contains more than .5 mcg Hg/.5 ml dose, with an exception for the flu vaccine, which is permitted to have 1.0 mcg Hg/.5 ml dose (not that the law is followed or enforced, as CA's previous governor, Jerry Brown, would simply sign a waiver year in and year out saying the law could be ignored due to shortages of such vaccines). Since we are talking about the flu vaccine, let's use the 1.0 mcg Hg/.5 ml. Let's expand that to a liter comparison, so we can compare it to the EPA limit for methyl mercury (mind you, that's not ethyl mercury, as they haven't bothered to come up with a limit for that, despite it being injected into pregnant women, fetuses, infants, toddlers, young children, and people of all ages on a daily basis across the U.S.). So, per liter, that would be 2000 mcg of Hg per liter of vaccine. Now compare that with the limit for water, which is 2 mcg of Hg per liter. The vaccine concentration is 1000X higher than the water concentration, comparatively speaking. And for a flu vaccine with 25 mcg of Hg per .5 ml dose (which is the concentration for the vast majority of flu vaccines given every year in the U.S.), that would be 25,000X higher than the permitted water concentration. And remember that consumed mercury has a far better and far more likely chance of being excreted than mercury that is injected. 

So, even though the EPA guideline is supposedly set to encompass lifetime consumption, I don't think it is meant to include a consumption that occurs all at once, that is 25,000 times the concentration limit, and which happens on an annual basis, no less...and especially since this massively-concentrated consumption via one exposure will be injected vs. ingested...and especially because it is of a form of mercury for which they don't yet have a guideline, be it ingested or injected, and which studies have shown is a form that persists in the human brain.

Willing to continue discussing, and have reached out to someone who might be able to shed further light on our discussion...with yet another person in mind to whom I could also reach out.

I aim to be accurate, and to that end, I appreciate you working with me to be sure that I am as accurate as is possible :)

Hans Litten

Some Good News - And their familial reputations are in Tatters !

Sacklers Reject Demand That They Surrender Personal Wealth To Settle Opioid Claims
By Brian Mann

Morning Edition, · The family that owns Purdue Pharma, maker of Oxycontin, has rejected a demand that they give up $4.5 billion of their personal wealth to settle opioid claims against the company, according to state attorneys general negotiating with the company.

As a consequence, talks toward a national settlement with members of the Sackler family reached an impasse over the weekend, according to an email obtained by NPR.

Two attorneys general directly involved in the talks predicted in the email that the company will now file for bankruptcy "imminently."

"States have already begun preparations for handling the bankruptcy proceedings," wrote Josh Stein, North Carolina's state attorney general, and Herbert Slatery, attorney general for Tennessee.

"The Sacklers refused to budge," the email concluded, "and have declined to offer any counterproposal."

The email, first reported by The Associated Press, was sent Saturday to other state attorneys general. It details an offer made to the Sacklers that would have forced them to pay billions of dollars to compensate states for their role helping to fuel the prescription opioid epidemic.

The deal would also have forced Purdue Pharma into bankruptcy proceedings while dissolving the Sacklers' overseas opioid business.
But in a statement emailed to NPR Sunday night, the drug company suggested a deal might still be possible.
"Purdue Pharma believes a settlement that benefits the American public now is a far better path than years of wasteful litigation and appeals," the statement said. "Those negotiations continue and we remain dedicated to a resolution that genuinely advances the public interest."
Overdose deaths linked to prescription opioids have killed more than 218,000 Americans since the addiction crisis began in the late 1990s, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
State and local governments have filed more than 2,000 lawsuits claiming Purdue Pharma played a central role marketing opioid medications, while downplaying the risks.
Over two decades, opioid sales generated billions of dollars in profits for the company, making the Sacklers one of the richest families in the U.S.
A spokesperson for Purdue Pharma declined an interview request by NPR and wouldn't say whether the company is, in fact, considering an immediate bankruptcy filing. Last March, company officials acknowledged that filing for Chapter 11 protection is one strategy being considered.
If Purdue Pharma does file for bankruptcy without first reaching some kind of structured deal, it could take years to sort out the remaining value of the company's assets and then determine who's first in line for compensation.
Pressure to reach a settlement is also intensifying because a federal opioid trial involving Purdue Pharma and more than 20 other drugmakers, distributors and pharmacy chains is set to begin next month in Cleveland.
While that legal process moves forward, state attorneys general have promised to continue pursuing the Sacklers personally to recoup profits the family received from opioid sales, even if Purdue Pharma seeks Chapter 11 protection.
"I won't let them get away with their crimes," Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro wrote Saturday on Twitter. "I will sue them personally, so that we can dig into their personal pocketbooks."
The Wall Street Journal also reported Friday that the U.S. Justice Department is involved in separate talks with Purdue Pharma.
According to the newspaper, those negotiations involve possible civil penalties tied to federal probes of Oxycontin sales, but could also include criminal charges using statutes normally used to prosecute drug dealers.

susan welch

Autism Mom and Karen Brant. Despite the debate regarding #1 above, I wonder how you feel about the other 29 questions.

Angus Files

Prof Chris Exley explains the dangers and where these heavy metals such as Aluminium are to be found in the Autism brain the Glia cells directly linked to vaccination and Autism.

When we looked in the autism brain tissues, we found nearly all of the aluminum was, first of all, inside cells, but not even inside neurocells but inside what are called the housekeeping cells of the brain—the glial cells, the microglia or, indeed, cells which are called inflammatory or pro-inflammatory cells. Now, these are cells which are responding, usually, to some sort of perturbation in the brain. They are cells which are trying to solve a problem that might have been caused a small inflammatory event would invite cells to come to that event to try and help out to solve the problem caused in that area of the brain tissue.

Some of those cells will originate from the brain itself, but some of them originate from the body. The brain calls for help and cells from the rest of the body come into the brain to help. Now, the startling and, for me, shocking observation that we made is that some of those cells, which are coming to help, are full of aluminum. Well, they cannot help and they will die and will release the aluminum into the brain tissue. And so they will be releasing acutely toxic amounts of aluminum into particular areas of the brain.

We have looked at what happens to the aluminum adjuvant when it’s injected, and we have shown that certain types of cells come to the injection site and take up the aluminum inside them. These same cells are the ones we also see in the brain tissue in autism. So, for the first time, we have a link that, honestly, I had never expected to find between aluminum as an adjuvant in vaccines and that same aluminum could be carried by those same cells across the blood-brain barrier into the brain tissue where it could deposit the aluminum and produce a disease, an encephalopathy. It could produce a more severe and disabling form of autism.

— Chris Exley, PhD, bioinorganic chemist

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


This is a very serious matter - actually in the U.K. after 2004 the authorities have liked to assure us that there is no mercury in the vaccines, although they brought it back for the swine flu vaccine and it is possible it is still used in the sterilisation process of some flu vaccines. But while it is true that after 2004 the autism rate continued to rise what we have seen a lot less of is toddlers with tics: flapping, spinning and tip-toeing. We used to see it loads and I haven’t seen it for a decade.

When I was in touch with our licensing agency back in 2005 they tried to make the point that in the developing world the amount of mercury in vaccines was relatively small compared with some environmental exposure - which does not seem be any more encouraging than it being much more than the norm in the developed world. Notwithstanding, if you were asked to gulp down a glass of water with 50 times the EPA daily reference level you might hesitate, and even then your digestive system might be better geared to dealing with the assault than if it was injected into a muscle which has no mechanisms for filtrating toxicities at all.

Hans Litten

France Yellow Vest protests : 43 weeks now and still going.

And our protests are the most important of ALL time. And yet we have nothing comparatively.

SO I say get on your Yellow Vest all around the world and make vaccines the number1 world issue.
The greatest crime in all history (of all time).

Karen Brant

The EPA guideline clearly states that their guideline is for daily drinking of water over a lifetime. You posted the same EPA link I posted. Anyone who does a quick check like I did will get the impression that you are saying that you get 25,000 times more mercury from one flu shot than the EPA limit of drinking water over a long period of time. That is not true. The way you worded the question gives a false impression. It really is true that the amount of mercury we get from a flu vaccine is a drop in the bucket compared to the limit of what is considered safe by the EPA in drinking water. And that doesn't include other sources from just living in our environment.

If you are really saying you do not like any mercury at all in vaccines, then just stick to that argument with all the reasons why you don't like it. Your argument in comparing the relative concentration of mercury in a tiny flu shot to the long run EPA goal for a liter of water only proves that we need to be careful not take more than the recommended dose of medication.

Since you are using this argument to ask parents to stop vaccinating their children completely, I thought I needed to say something that I think is misleading and unfair for busy parents. Especially since it is supposed to be in the interests of people with autism. I worry about what impact this has on our kids lives today. I wish we could focus as a community on what they need right now, more support and respect. I know you mean well.

Laura Hayes

autism mom,

You wrote: "The concentration in the vaccine is completely irrelevant. All that matters is how many actual micrograms of mercury you're consuming."

The concentration of mercury in any injectable, be it vaccine or other, is absolutely not completely irrelevant. That is patently false. Mercury is a highly dangerous toxin, neurotoxin, and teratogen. Also, please see my #2 above.

And, all that matters is not just how many actual micrograms of mercury you're consuming. Neither consumed nor injected mercury is safe for any human being.

Not sure why you are arguing that injected mercury is not highly dangerous, to the point of being fatal.

John Stone

Autism Mom

It is a long while since I did the maths for this - in 2005 I calculated that 1 DPT shot for a two month old infant was up to 66 times the EPA reference exposure by body weight (see my letter 19 April which was not disputed).

As Mike Wagnitz also pointed out the amount of mercury in a vaccine using thimerosal as a preservative is 250 times the level for toxic waste. This is inexcusable. I agree with David Burd that although no level of mercury exposure is desirable the digestive system is more likely to be able to cope with exposure than if the substance is injected subcutaneously.

Also, if a batch of hg containing vaccines has to be disposed of instead of being injected into infants they suddenly become an environmental hazard!

David m burd

Autism mom,

Thanks for your thinking on mercury intake via water, etc. However vaccines containing ethylmercury are "injected" - completely different than taken in via water and buffered by our gastrointestinal system and therefore of questional neurotoxicity.

autism mom

Thank you for your explanation of how you came to your answer. The concentration in the vaccine is completely irrelevant. All that matters is how many actual micrograms of mercury you're consuming. This is why the EPA standard is in mass rather than relative concentration. 25 mcg from a single annual flu vaccine is a drop in the bucket of the mcg allowed by the EPA from daily water consumption. No, you shouldn't drink 2 liters of flu vaccine a day instead of water. No one's arguing that.


" 21. If the word “vaccines” was replaced with the words “drugs”, would the recommending of 74 drugs be of concern to you?"

Would you allow a pediatrician to inject your child 74 times, between birth and 18, with heroin?
Sadly, one or two. three component heroin doses might be a little 'safer' than 100's of components vaccine-drugs injections, with untold wildcard synergistic effects.

MADNESS of exponential proportions.

Laura Hayes

Autism mom,

Here is the source which I used for #1:

Below is a cut and paste of the mercury comparisons given by Michael F. Wagnitz at the above citation (used by Ginger Taylor in her chapter in the book Vaccine Epidemic, and I think this comparison chart was also included in the movie Trace Amounts):

0.5 parts per billion (ppb) mercury = Kills human neuroblastoma cells (Parran et al., Toxicol Sci 2005; 86: 132-140).

2 ppb mercury = U.S. EPA limit for drinking water

20 ppb mercury = Neurite membrane structure destroyed (Leong et al., Neuroreport 2001; 12: 733-37).

200 ppb mercury = level in liquid the EPA classifies as hazardous waste.

25,000 ppb mercury = Concentration of mercury in the Hepatitis B vaccine, administered at birth in the U.S., from 1990-2001.

50,000 ppb Mercury = Concentration of mercury in multi-dose DTaP and Haemophilus B vaccine vials, administered 4 times each in the 1990's to children at 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 months of age. Current "preservative" level mercury in multi-dose flu (94% of supply), meningococcal and tetanus (7 and older) vaccines. This can be confirmed by simply analyzing the multi- dose vials.

50,000 divided by 2 equals 25,000, which is where I came up with my figure of 25,000 times greater.

Upon rereading Ginger's chapter in VE, she also includes information about the EPA's maximum daily adult exposure for methylmercury: 0.1 mcg/kg of weight. She writes: "Based on that guideline, a baby weighing approximately 5 kg (11 lbs.) at 2 months of age should not receive more than 0.5 mcg of mercury on the day of a doctor's visit. At the time the AAP and USPHS joint statement was issued, infants at their 2-month visit routinely received 62.5 mcg of mercury, or 125 times the EPA's limit. Studies have suggested that, for thimerosal (ethylmercury), 'the accepted reference dose should be lowered to between 0.025 and 0.06 mcg/kg per day', meaning that the exposure at the 2-month visit could be as high as 500-rather than 125- times the safe level."

I would add that there is no safe level of mercury for any human being, much less for one in the prime of their development, and much less when combined with aluminum, as the combination of those 2 metals makes them synergistically toxic and neurotoxic.

I think it is also important to ask who is monitoring the amounts listed on vaccine labels? How accurate are they? How well are the multi-dose vials shaken prior to use, and is that shaking immediately prior to use? Not that mercury-containing anything should be injected into any baby or child, period.

Regarding ethylmercury, please read my #3 here:

I also recommend reading PhD Boyd Haley's 3-pg., incredibly compelling chapter in the book Vaccine Epidemic, which is titled "Mercury Toxicity and Vaccine Injury".

And here is a link from the Trace Amounts site that might be of interest to you re. ethylmercury vs. methylmercury:

Autism mom

#1 is incorrect. Please re-check. Your math is wrong. Based on EPA guidelines, 25 mcg of mercury in an annual flu shot is a very small percentage of the maximum recommended limit for mercury in water we drink over time, including for babies via breast milk or formula. The EPA guidelines are .002 mg per liter of water over a long period of time.
Here is the link to see yourself.

1 mcg = 1/1000 mg. 1 micro gram is a thousand times smaller than 1 milligram. The mercury amount in the vaccine is shown as mcg, while the EPA standard is given in milligrams. You seem to assume the units are the same, when the unit of measurement of mercury in a flu vaccine is a thousand times smaller than the unit of measurement for the EPA standard for just one liter of water.

The second error in your math seems in assuming we only drink one liter of water per year. The EPA standard is clear. It applies to only methylmercury in one liter of water, and the long run target maximum is .002/mg PER LITER in water we drink every day.

The third math error is not taking into account very different half-life of ehylmercury (less than a week) in the vaccine, and methylmercury (6 weeks!) in the EPA guideline for water.

Please re-do your math. I estimate that a flu vaccine contributes only .2% to the total allowable maximum mercury level in your water over a year if you drink 2 liters of water a day. Don’t forget the EPA standard means that there is a small equilibrium level of mercury in us from drinking water that is considered safe. That level is far higher than even the day you get the flu vaccine, and for babies too.
I stopped at #1, and did not continue reading. I would NOT pass this out.

Greg Hill

Laura, thank you so much for all the references. Just what I was looking for. I'm sure it will keep me busy for quite some time to get through them all.

david m burd

All, in a previous correction, I mistyped "hepatitis B" instead of "flu". Please forgive,

david m burd

All, a correction to my previous comment. Here is the incorrect sentence:

"Our U.S. Medical/Vaccine-Industry complex still - unforgivably - denies that ethylmercury in the flu vaccine is harmless".

Correction: "denies" in the above sentence read "asserts".

Though all vaccines are extremely toxic, the every-year perpetuated flu vaccine is every year advocated to 'get your (toxic) hepatitis B shot, year after year.

Speaking of the mercury-laden flu shots, our senior citizens incurring Alzheimer's have risen from "rare" to now the 6th highest mortality in the U.S. (120,000 per year), concurrent with always taking their annual flu shots (now 67% per year).

From in-utero to old age, the flu vaccine stands alone for its destruction, and no benefit.

Laura Hayes

Greg Hill,

Thank you so much for chiming in, and for your extremely kind words!

Regarding a list of references, many are hyperlinked in my "Why Is This Legal?" presentation, which can be found here:

Regarding a listing for vaccine package inserts:
Regarding aluminum in vaccines:
Regarding mercury comparisons:
Regarding Pan's comments at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health:
Regarding Verstraeten's "Generation Zero" relative risk results:
Regarding MSDSs, use a search engine for the material for which you want the MSDS. For example, a search for "MSDS for formaldehyde" yields this as one result:

There are also many reference links provided at the end of my "Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" presentation:

Hope these links provide some useful starting points for you and others! Oh, and one more helpful link I recently discovered regarding vaccine ingredients, which is where I learned about deoxycholate:

Kathy Sincere

I would say that ANYONE who reads your Vac-Q and still thinks positively about vaccination has a very LOW IQ, indeed...unless they are part of the vaccine-profit industries or a pharmatrician.

Don't bother sending this to Dr. Richard Pan who IS a pharmatrician with a low IQ, calling the shots, literally, in the the state of California. But I digress.

Thanks for the pdf form which makes it so easy to copy and share. How many different ways can we state the SAME facts for people. Vaccines are toxic, untested and unnecessary.

Angus Files

Great post Laura just perfect!

Pharma For Prison


david m burd

Hi Laura, thanks for such a fundamental expose of all the lies the public is conned into believing.

Gary Ogden, thanks for your comment; THE horrible, permanent damage by the mercury-containing flu vaccine starts in the womb via the mother's flu shot; then at 6 months, thereafter at 7 months, thereafter every 12 months, and forever through toddler age into pre-school, to Grade-School, every year forever.

As Laura responded, Vaccine Industry production/distribution stats clearly prove the overwhelming majority of our American babies/children are, EVERY YEAR, being permanently neurologically damaged by the flu vaccine, alone.

Our U.S. Medical/Vaccine-Industry complex still - unforgivably - denies that ethylmercury in the flu vaccine is harmless,. Whereas, there are scores of Journal published papers clearly proving irreversible neuron death is inflicted by ethylmercury.

The mercury-laden flu vaccine alone is an unforgivable horror, and pushed every year. No wonder our children/youngsters are so mentally damaged.

Greg Hill

#16, about Pan saying that the most dangerous substance in vaccines is water, got me to thinking. Would it even be legal to inject through a needle the kind of unfiltered city tap water (with fluoride) that most people regularly drink? Probably not. I wonder what the results would be from an experiment (not on human subjects, please) comparing the health impact of being injected with a vaccine, with unfiltered tap water, and with a properly pure saline solution.

Laura, I'm sure by now you have a list of objective, scientific references that would be enough to fill a book all by itself. I was just thinking how convenient it would be for folks like me who are still very much in the learning stage to have access to at least an abbreviated of list of online bookmarks to original sources for the answers to a lot of the questions that you ask here. I'm sure that many of those original sources contain a whole lot more interesting and useful information than just the bare facts that you've summed up in your answers to questions.

I gotta say, Laura, if I were a graduate student and you were a professor, I'm sure I would be asking you to be my mentor. Every time you post something I learn something new. Thank you so much!

Laura Hayes

Gary Ogden,

Tragically, the figures for the 2015-2016 season are worse, far worse, than you reported.

According to industry reports, provided to me by a fellow AoA reader (thank you!), here are the stats:

96% of injected doses contained 25 mcg of mercury during the 2015-2016 season

susan welch

Excellent post, Laura.

I've promised my son I will come up with a 'one page info sheet' for him to pass on to his, seemingly many, uninformed friends. I will certainly use some of this info. Thank you.

Paul Thomas MD

Thank-you Laura.
I think people respond better when having to think about the answer rather than being told the answers as facts. This is brilliant.
The truth is so overwhelming. It is just increasingly baffling that so many of our doctors and legislators and parents - our society is blinded by the propaganda and endless media disinformation.

Gary Ogden

Laura: The figures for 2015-16 show that 82% of the shots given included thimerosal. Wonder how often this is disclosed in the pharmacies and elsewhere these are given. My guess would be nowhere. Thank you for this, and for the pdf. Just printed a copy. These will be very useful.

Bob Moffit

I will be forwarding Laura's "vaccine IQ test" to my NYS Senator .. who was the proud sponsor of recent legislation that eliminated our "religious exemption" rights .. affecting approximately 26,000 families who are now REQUIRED TO HAVE THEIR CHILD FULLY VACCINATED OR BE DENIED THEIR RIGHT TO PUBLIC EDUCATION.

In all honesty .. I have no expectation my Senator will respond to my letter .. as he has already failed to respond to two letters pleading (begging) him to hold public hearings .. under oath .. with the most trustworthy Local, State, Federal public health officials who insist the 'science is settled".

Laura's "IQ" test questions are EXACTLY what I would want asked of those "science is settled" demigods .. in a PUBLIC DEBATE .. UNDER OATH .. on NATIONAL "MUST SEE" TELEVISION .. and my Senator will NOT do it because HE LIKE THE DEMIGODS KNOWS THEIR ANSWERS WOULD BE CATASTROPHIC FOR THE VACCINE INDUSTRY.

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