Autism’s Irony
Transplanting Human Autism Microbiome In Mice Causes Autism

There's Gold in Them Thar Kids!

Goodbye CACalifornia say goodbye
Families want to move and cry
You're obscene, with vaccines, and denying rights
To patients and doctors, but do not think we will not fight
A worried Mom will never quit
To makes these rules you are not fit
For children you don't care a bit
California say goodbye

California politicians have rewritten what is and is not a medical injury from vaccination. We know that in America lobbyists write bills for industry, present them to willing politicians to put them forth, without a care for consumers, and then the politicians wrap them in rhetoric that get the laws passed.  Witness California's SB276.  Vaccine reactions that were considered a reason to cease or delay a vaccine series, as of the passing of SB276, are no longer considered worthy of a medical exemption. Poof! Post reaction, you will have to hold your child in your lap at the doctor's office and submit to the next series in order to send your child to school.  Your doctor will not be able to write an exemption based on his or her training and expertise without facing severe scrutiny and disdain, thus jeopardizing his or her livelihood.  Profits over patients. Politics over patients. Our patience is worn thin.  Below is a video about the backlash and an investigation.



Wehat got me is that this was so unnecessary. Gavin is a popular gov with dem majority. He easily could have taken the heat on this. The people who are afraid of measles would have gone away. But we will NEVER forget.

Everyone listen to Bobby’s speech yesterday. He nails it. These “people” admitted they voted for this due to their “friends” knowing it was wrong.I had an image of Pharma-sponsored parties Pharma money Pharma disdainful laughter as Rome burned and perished from lead poisoning. I truly truly thought Gavin would do the right thing and change history. I thought he would bring all these Republicans back to the party. Instead he made people like me, a lifelong Democrat, committed to NEVER voting for a CA statehouse democrat again. Had they even had valid reasons —but there were NONE. They clearly didn’t read the bill. I am despondent and feel betrayed. This was the stupidest and cruelest political stunt I have ever seen. We need to get this story out there because journalists as usual didn’t bother to actually read the bill. “Dr” Pan dancing on our children’s graves after the “win” if looks could give some one a vax injury I think he will wake up unable to walk.

Grace Green

Thank you for saying that. I, for one agree with you. How can anyone think otherwise when it comes to the lives of their children? The USA is supposed to believe in the right to bear arms so that they could defend themselves against a corrupt government. Yet here we are, their children are dying!


All of that is true, and Apocalypses if coming, and child sacrifice is by law ans enforced...
But no one said that parents and doctors need to comply and must stay honest. DON'T take your child to the doctor that accepts health insurance! Come to an understanding with doctors that take "first, do no harm" oath seriously. The doctor should inject saline and fill out the vaxx card.
How do you think population survived in totalitarian regimes? By being excruciatingly honest with authorities? Or adopting double-speak and double-think philosophies?
God, who would ever thought that by emigrating to Free West, I, a Soviet Jew, would have to teach people how to protect human rights and defend lives of their children!!!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Frederic Chopin | September 09, 2019 at 11:31 AM

Have you no shame ?
Isnt it enough for you being a infant genocidal collaborator ?
You want to gloat about our defeats at our survival too ?


Frederic Chopin Yes

Shelley Tzorfas

California is rewriting what a medical vaccine injury is. The Federal Vaccine Court has paid out approximately $4.2 BILLION dollars for permanent injuries due to the Neurotoxic and Alzheimer's causing Aluminum, Cancer causing Formaldehyde and Glyphosate, Fetal Cell DNA which is tumorigenic, ( gender-bending some say as little boys get shot with female cells) Peanut Oils leading to Anaphylactic Shock to foods and massive school needs for Epi-Pens.

The court was created when Ronald Regan took away rights to sue vaccine maker's in regular courts while giving them ZERO LIABILITY. Back then there were a few vaccines. Today the kids are getting 72 with Hundreds More to Come. By the year 1991 Newborn Babies suddenly were getting the Hepatitis B Vaccine when they were a few hours old. Hepatitis B is primarily a disease you get from IV drug use and sharing needles or unprotected sex. "Why Not" thought the vaccine maker's, you can't sue us for it anyway! Autism which is Brain Encephalitis from those chemicals shot into you, went from 1 in 10,000 to approximately 1 in 35' 1 in 22 boys. Payouts for Seizures, Paralysis, Brain Injuries, Deaths and more have been happening and that is for less than 1% of the actual injuries as so few folks know about this option and fewer doctors know of it as well.
Getting back to California- California was once thriving due to the Gold Rush and beyond but today they seek to reverse the trend.. Educated and healthy families will leave so as not to get their children shot and further injured. After all 1 in 5 US kids have ADD or ADHD, some say 1 in 250 have Cancer, 1 in 20 have serious food allergies, Seizures, Juvenile Diabetes and more which I never heard of or saw until the mid 1990's when the vaccine schedule dramatically rose. California is Arguing with the vaccine court. The UC system created or applied the Hepatitis B shot to newborns. They brag at how much money they make yearly for this. There is an LATIMES article from 2015. The senators worked at their colleges and push bills imploding innocent children.

Laura Hayes

Frederic Chopin,

Yes, CA legislators are eliminating MEs in the state of CA for Pharma money. Pharma is very generous when filling political campaign coffers and buying media support for those willing to do its bidding.

Surely you are not so naive as to be ignorant of Pharma dollars influencing elections, legislation, education, the practice of medicine, and mainstream media across the U.S. and around the world?

SB276 has accomplished Pharma's goal. Pass or not, few to zero CA doctors will be willing to write MEs for children in CA anymore, be they "medically fragile" (often/most often a result of vaccines), healthy (often/most often as a result of no vaccines), or somewhere between.

What is bogus, Frederic, are exemptions in and of themselves. A simple "no thank you" should always suffice when one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one's children. Informed consent requires a formal opting in, never a formal opting out.

What is also bogus, Frederic, is injecting the heinous ingredients in vaccines, known to be toxic, neurotoxic, poisonous, immune damaging, nervous system damaging, carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, fertility impairing, and sterility causing, into any human being, most especially one in the prime of their development.

Tell us, Frederic, for which pharmaceutical company do you work?

Charles Valentin Alkan


No bogus exemptions only bent politician and state operatives - just the sort of people you like.

Frederic Chopin

So California is eliminating bogus vaccine medical exemptions for vaccine manufacturer money?


Great idea our fellow warriors in California had, there, holding the US flag upside down. I believe that symbolizes crisis - SOS, correct? Great visual. Maybe us New Yorkers could adopt that idea as well...

Jill in MI

Quadrupled the number of exemptions. How about giving a number - 0.7% that is the number. FEAR is a powerful motivator. I wish people were more afraid of autism and auto-immune diseases than the measles. Pan - karma is in the wind. What goes around...

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