The Really Big Lie About Autism
CA Senator Brian Jones on his "NO" Vote for SB276

The Sixth Extinction: Vaccine Immunity and Measles Mutants in a Virgin Soil

Giant redwoodNote: How fitting that one day after California Democrats defiled the doctor patient relationship through SB276, that we should have this paper from the doctor whose scientific question about measles vaccine launched an industry against rational vaccination discussion. While others have retreated into the shadows rather than face the fallout of standing up for children, Andy has stood taller and stronger than a California giant redwood tree.


By Andrew J. Wakefield in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Volume Number 24, Number 3, Fall 2019

Read the full paper in pdf form here.

For more than 25 years, I have been, as a gastroenterologist, interested in inflammatory bowel disease—Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—and the gut-brain connection, particularly in childhood autism. In addition, I am concerned with the environmental factors that are driving the current epidemics of both autism and inflammatory bowel disease. The issue is contentious, and one’s view depends greatly on perspective. This article provides one perspective on the delicate and often misunderstood ecological balance between man and microbe, a misunderstanding fraught with assumptions and wishful thinking.

I start with an historical perspective from a time when mortality and serious morbidity from infectious disease were commonplace. In 1878 Louis Pasteur stated: “If it is a terrifying thought that life is at the mercy of the multiplication of these minute bodies, it is a consoling hope that Science will not always remain powerless before such enemies." In his perception, mankind was at war with microbes. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi were enemies.

Our current perspective is somewhat different. We now live in the era of the microbiome. We realize that we would not be here on this planet were it not for a healthy microbiome. We have to look after our gut bacteria in particular because they are exquisitely important, not only to the development of our gut and our immune system, but beyond this to our mood, our behavior, and perhaps even our brain development in the womb.

Between Pasteur and the microbiome came the antibiotic era. Sir Alexander Fleming, returning from his vacation on Sept 3, 1928, to his laboratory at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, discovered a mold growing in some of the Petri dishes containing cultures of Staphylococcus aureus. Pasteur said, “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind,” and it was the prepared mind of Sir Alexander Fleming that made an observation that led to the antibiotic era. His “mold juice,” he found, was capable of killing a wide range of harmful bacteria. Some years later Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain, working at Oxford University, turned this laboratory curiosity into a life-saving drug—penicillin. The era of antibiotics began in the 1940s, and it was a turning point in what was perceived to be the war on infectious disease—a “medical miracle.” And there is no doubt that the outcome from diseases like syphilis, battlefield gangrene, and scarlet fever was completely rewritten by this discovery. However, in less than a century, that dream was to turn to nightmare, the miracle to apocalypse, with the development of bacterial resistance...



If the only reliable way to distinguish vaccine-strain measles from wild type is to do PCR testing and if PCR testing is almost never done, then what is the basis for claiming that cases of measles are virtually all wild type? And according to this article, measles cases in the recently MMR-vaccinated do not have to be reported:

Ironically, Dr. Wakefield was researching transfer factor as a way for the immunocompromised, those who can not be vaccinated, to help clear their systems of the virus. The proceeds were to go to the Royal Free so Wakefield wouldn't have profited, but we know how pharma and her henchmen misrepresented this to the public


I just watched the video of Dr. Thomas on the measles from earlier this year. I think the criticism of him is unfair. This past few days (mid-September now) we've been discussing at Age of Autism what should be done to protect immunocompromised and other vulnerable people at high risk of complication, even death, from measles. There is no 100% good solution that would protect everyone. Most patients benefit from having natural measles, benefit immensely. But it's not responsible to not consider the most vulnerable, and Dr. Thomas is attempting to protect these patients by recommending that those able and willing to do so take the MMR. What is irresponsible is to deny that measles is ever a problem for anyone, and the only problem is the greed and callousness of the vaccine companies. I disagree with Dr. Thomas, but I respect his concern and his desire to recommend a policy that he believes would usually be the best for all concerned. I personally would not get or recommend the MMR. I think we should let measles come back and let 99% of children get it again, the way they did before the vaccine. We now know about vitamin A treatment (the recommended dose), and how to nurse measles. No fever reducers, adequate recuperation time. We know about the homeopathic nosode to prevent measles in the vulnerable, and there are many homeopathic remedies to treat complications. I am concerned about the vulnerable, children on chemotherapy, with allergic/autoimmune disease, etc., but think the benefits of natural measles for nearly everyone outweigh the risks for the most vulnerable, who can and should be protected by other means.


Excellent article.It's gonnie be a big "Culture Shock "for some, including practitioners, plodding along in a wee clone zone , vaccinated to the hilt, safety bubble? with a heavily be-hindered poverty of perception ,resulting from a fundamental health and social care training deficiency !

See Professor Hugh Pennington [ Great sense of humor ,sharp and dry as a surgeons scalpal as well!]
Have bacteria won ?
Durham University -Youtube 17 Nov 2017
Assessment - Cognitive dissonance zone for staff who don't bother with basic handwashing ?
Plan of Action -- Get the silly wee sausages lined up in the hospital and community, shoogly corridors. Within earsot of patients and any potential patients /customers ?
Implementation -- First and final disiplinary supervision discussion delivered with the biggest verbal "Ear Roasting" available !
Review -- One chance only, to repeat non- negotiable, wire brush and Lysol training module ,with 3 months standards supervision in the nearest hospital or community based, bed-pan preperation area . with a crystal clear understanding that ,
"Hand washing flunkies will be getting sacked!" no question about it !

Culture Shock . Gentle introduction suggestion .
What's in a vaccine . What's in your dog's vaccine.
A list of The Six Ugly's.
Vet's reporting any adverse reactions to any vaccinations are only considered anecdotal observations ? Oh What !
Elvis Presley Old Shep Youtube [1956]


I've recently acquired a copy of Elementary Statistics, 12th edition by Mario Triola. I think that it's a standard textbook for introductory statistics. (I know that a more recent edition is being used at local community college.)

I looked in the index under "V" just for laughs--or so I thought--and came across "Vaccines, autism and," Of course I immediately went to there and read: "....One notable example of data falsification is found in the original study suggesting a link between childhood vaccines and autism. Andrew Wakefield published a 1998 study claiming that the families of eight out of twelve children attending a routine hospital clinic had blamed the MMR vaccine for their autism and problems that appeared just two days after receiving the vaccine. The study was the catalyst for an international antivaccine movement...." and so on. Blah, blah, blah.

Triola implies a link between the above assertion and a paper by Daniele Fanelli on the subject of scientists fabricating data, as if that paper mentions Wakefield, his case series, or autism. It doesn't.

Grace Green

I was able to get it just now so I've saved it just in case. Thanks.

Theodore Van Oosbree

The PDF has been scrubbed from the Internet.


"Night Comes to the Cretaceous: Dinosaur Extinction and the Transformation of Modern Geology" by Lawrence Powell was a great book.

At the end of the book, they state that geologists think there have been five major extinctions all following catastrophic hits to the earth by asteroids.

Earth science is a very young science, and lots of amazing discoveries have only come to light in just the past few decades. Such as that Earth scientists thinks there also have been 25 lesser extinctions besides the five major extinctions. In those cases they are unsure about the reasons of why.

In the 25 lesser extinctions; large amounts of species of the earth do just suddenly vanish from the fossil records, not a mass extinction of almost all life; but still a large amount of species disappear on a very large scale.

I know it don't sound as ominous, or as catchy of a title as the Sixth extinction, but it might be more accurate to title Dr. Wakefield's article as the 26th lesser mass extinction.

The 26th lesser mass extinction I predict will include not just humans, but horses, dogs, cats, cattle, sheep, chickens, what ever is close to humans "domesticated" that are vaccinated.

We do not need a foolish person like Bill Gates, Mr. Billionaire; to apply animal husbandry to the human species; by such a clever way as colluding with WHO, and putting female hormones in tetanus shots destined for poorer places like Kenya and India.

After all, we got whole federal agencies of loons, bumble heads, and corrupt people to do that job for Bill Gates.

If Harris Coulter's book "Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain" is correct; some of those people with brain injuries have long since made it into not just prisons, but government jobs as well. That explains a lot.

At last, I can make a little sense out of this illogical world, this mad, mad world. This has to be the reason that these students of Biology, that are working in these federal health agencies, these students of a science that is suppose to be all about the observation of the natural world has produced no brilliant students with any political clot that has observed that vaccines causes brain injuries on a massive scale. That ignorance, and the basic "love of money", surely, we must be nearing the end.

Matthew 24:22 says

"If those days hadn't been limited, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, those days will be limited."

The Bible confirms that Bill Gates, and those corrupt, bumble heads of government bring us to the brink of extinction except God stops them. Well thank goodness for the human race.

But what of just my little world. I am pretty sure me and mine are on our way out to extinction. It bothers me something fierce at times. I worry how my precious two will have no one in their old age, no family to care for them in the end. I do hope God has a plan for not jus the big picture; the whole human race, but looks out for individuals.

David L

I decided to dive deeper into the Measles and the MMR vaccine, looking at mutation of measles virus circulating genotypes B3, D4, D8, and H1, primary and secondary vaccine failure of measles & mumps, infection & transmission to others from vaccination even up to 100 to 784 days after most recent receipt of measles-containing vaccine, benefits to getting wild measles, side effects and contamination of the vaccine, low and declining antibodies after vaccination vs wild infection and from earlier timing of vaccination, treatment with vitamin A among some of the coverage. A lot of new information and also expands on some of what was covered in Wakefields paper. May help with future attempts at removing exemptions and choice about this vaccine. l'll continue to add to it as new info/time permits.

The lack of focus on the safety side of vaccination and the corporate influence over our public health regulatory agencies as well as lawmakers that should be regulating them means that some vaccines are not achieving the desired goal of reducing death and disability caused by potentially preventable diseases in the United States, and they can cause serious adverse events when not tested well enough that will alter the benefit-risk balance of its use and shifting the balance too far into the direction of risk.

Today kids buckets are full even before the over aggressive and expanded vaccine schedule that is not even understood or considered. Metals such as mercury, aluminum, copper and over 200 chemicals are passed down through the placenta to the newborn baby starting them off at a disadvantage. Keep in mind that other factors after birth like exposure to glyphosate and pesticides, air pollution, gut altering antibiotics and emulsifiers, fluoride exposure, and emf radiation were also at far lower levels or non existent in the past, there wasnt even tylenol being regularly used. EMF exposure such as wifi doubles the rate of release of mercury from dental amalgams then is passed down. EMF causes oxidative stress and many children have exposure 24/7. There is a reduced amount of nutrition in the food supply compared to our grandparents time as well as many are eating far more processed foods that are devoid of necessary nutrients and deplete existing body supply further in the case of high sugar intake for example. All are factors that put increased demand on the nutrient supply of the body that is already lacking. Vaccines at that point are like turning on the water faucet with the bathtub 90% full and the drain plugged.


I read Dr. Thomas' book: he describes how a girl he had known when his family lived in Africa, died when she got measles. He also described how when he was a young doctor, there was always a child with meningitis in his hospital: many of them died. I had measles when I was six: everyone I have ever known my age or older had measles, and none had a dangerous case of it. A lot depends on your personal experiences and what you have learned about the big picture. I personally wouldn't ever get or recommend the measles vaccine for anyone in the world, but intellectually I know that many children die of measles in the Third World and even in the developed world. As for the Hib vaccine, possibly Prevnar, it makes me very sad to read about the one in a thousand children who died of Hib disease before the vaccine. These children would not have died of measles or Hib disease if they had gotten the vaccine (in most cases). Maybe they wouldn't have died if they had had a good nutritional status and been breast-fed for several years. Or maybe the virulence of the disease or a weakness in the child would have resulted in a bad outcome anyway. But it is also true that vaccine injury is real and it is earth-shattering when it occurs in your family.

It is not fair to criticize Dr. Thomas for positions he has reached through study and experience. I respect the reasons on which he has based his beliefs. It is just simply not true that not vaccinating will always yield a healthy, happy child, and you have to think about the bad cases of the diseases, whichever way you choose to go after having done so.



" I [Wakefield] interviewed him and asked: “At those meetings where all of the people from the industry, and the people from the World Health Organization (WHO), and UNICEF, and you are all around a table discussing vaccination policy for the developing world, did you ever discuss safety?” He said, “Not once.” That is certainty in the real world.

"NOT ONCE", "NOT ONCE" ---A clear and present danger to the planet.

“…any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s public health objectives.” Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Federal Register Vol 49 No 107 June 1, 1984

Teresa Conrick

Dear Andy, You are correct now and way back in 1998. Thank you for "never giving up or never giving in." It's been five years now since I wrote this , and I am more convinced than ever. You should have been knighted so long ago for your service to the truth but we know too many are dishonest.. But not you. God bless.

Grace Green

Excellent paper, I hope it gets read widely. The only thing I would take issue with is the assumption that the sixth extinction is yet to start. Biologists believe we are already in the sixth mass extinction, as so many species have gone extinct and many more are at imminent risk. And if you're thinking about the big, cuddly ones, there are many more of the little creepy crawleys that are not visible, but are nevertheless part of our ecology. The human race has not yet been affected, but this is probably because of the "mitigations" of "modern" medicine, which are postponing it, and as Wakefield's paper indicates create a ticking time bomb. I can't see the connection, in Bob Moffitt's comment, between the threat of extinction and the present attempts to control the population explosion. Of course, I'm not in favour of abortion or vaccinating people to death, but contraception would easily do the trick, and the high population doesn't make extinction less likely but more likely. (Think lemmings)


C'mon Dr. Thomas, please confab with Drs. Andy and Suzanne and Sherrie (as well as Laura Hayes), and allow yourself to move down that rabbit trail the rest of us have long past traveled on, on our way to completely abandoning the foolishness of vaccination.

We do very much applaud you for your study....but... now we ask you to do what other doctors have already done..... refuse to vaccinate in your practice.

Aimee Doyle

Thank you Doctor Wakefield, for all you have done. I know you have paid a stiff price for telling the truth. I hope the day comes soon that you are vindicated.

Leslie Manookian

Terrific paper Andy. Thank you for all you continue to do to expose the truth no matter how they fight you. And thank you for the inspiring example of courage you set for us all. Imagine how quickly things would change if everyone educated on this issue stopped fearing what anyone thought of them and just spoke the plain honest truth - as you continue to do.

david m burd

Dr. Paul Thomas exemplifies the wishy-washy doctors who never read the hundreds of published Journal papers proving time and again the horrendous toxicities of vaccines' ingredients/excipients.

Thus, by default Thomas still goes along with so many vaccines, straddling his vaccine fence, while he injects infants with the MMR and other toxic vaccines (even though he believes in "informed consent" although the "information" is pages of fine print though may be given, is rarely read by parents).

It's clear Thomas has never read Andrew Wakefield's book** Callous Disregard, and can't grasp the vaccine-damage his practice still perpetuates.

**Or, so many other books condemning vaccines.

Leslie Manookian


Thank you for posting the link to Dr. Paul Thomas' video from Feb 2019. I just watched it and am taken aback to say the least.

Those who can safely take MMR should get it? How does he know for whom it’s safe when it’s never been studied? Those who can get vaccinated should do so, “it’s their gift to society” to help herd immunity? Is he unaware that vaccine-induced herd immunity is merely assumed from true herd immunity derived from natural infection? Does he not realize that populations with 99-100% MMR vaccination rates still have outbreaks? Is he not aware of primary and secondary vaccine failure? Etc.

I am so grateful that he has the courage to stand up and be counted, that he defends the basic human right to bodily autonomy, and that he has fought government tyranny. I just wish he used his platform as a doctor to stick to what he really understands to be absolutely true. When he speaks of what he TRULY knows and has educated himself on, he is so powerful. When he strays into these other areas, it does not help break the fear-based mind control gripping our populace.

Gerardo Martinez

Thank you Dr. Wakefield for all your hard work on behalf of our damaged children. Thank you for believing us. Our healthy children were damaged by a routine medical product. The first wave gets hurt the most. Thank your for being a part of that first wave. Your bravery and honesty and integrity are much appreciated!! Excellent work as always!

Staying strong in Texas!

Laura Hayes

Well-written and compelling article by Andy...definitely one worth sharing.

Bob Moffit

From Dr Wakefields conclusions:

I am not the first to contemplate the idea of the final
outcome, if current trends continue, not just with severe
neurodevelopmental disorders, but with declining fertility27
worldwide. There have been five major extinction events in
the history of planet Earth, and I believe that if something
does not change, we face a sixth extinction event as surely
as eggs are eggs.

Consider the "worldwide declining fertility" as it relates to the following statement by Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:

"Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told CNN’s climate change town hall attendees Wednesday night that he is willing to talk about population control, suggesting that abortion is key to addressing the climate crisis."

Someone must ask Sanders if he agrees with Bill Gates who also believes "population control" to be among the highest priorities for mankind today ..

It's a three minute video in which Bill Gates acknowledges we could "control population" through vaccines and reproductive (abortion) health care for women.

Laura Hayes

Dr. Paul Thomas,

You wrote: "If vaccinations are to be given, they need to be proven safe and tested against unvaccinated populations with a look at long term outcomes (decades not days, weeks or months)."

How do you rectify that statement with this video of yours from Feb., 2019?

I encourage AoA readers to watch all 20 min. of this video...but be prepared for your blood pressure and anger to go through the roof.

And, exactly whose children should be used for vaccine safety testing?


The chattering class is certainly aware of it, judging by the Google News returns of media articles about Andrew Wakefield from minutes, hours and a day ago. The articles don't address the substance, of course. They are propaganda hit pieces.

Gary Ogden

A finely-crafted argument which should be a wake-up call to all. Certainty is indeed the death of knowledge, the death of learning, the death of health. It is a tool of totalitarianism, a tool which has now become a cudgel in my beloved state.

Jenny Allan

An excellent paper : The 'mainstream' ignores this at their peril.
Heartfelt thanks to the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, for publishing this.

Betty Bona

After looking at previous selections from this journal, I can see that they publish papers on controversial topics. It's wonderful to have such journals, but I fear the mainstream will pay no attention to it. Still it's great to see this in print. I'd like to hear from someone in the know about the significance of Wakefield's paper being published here.

paul thomas md

Mainstream medicine, the CDC, Institutions of higher education (Universities and colleges doing research), our elected officials and the mainstream media are all lost fighting the wrong war!

Thanks Dr Wakefield for this clear discussion that makes it clear it is time for a paradigm shift.

Health and wellness and the relative absence of chronic disease will not come from a Pharma solution but from a return to basics: eating real pesticide and herbicide free food, reducing stress and supporting the immune system. If vaccinations are to be given, they need to be proven safe and tested against unvaccinated populations with a look at long term outcomes (decades not days, weeks or months).

The war today is not against infectious diseases but against the toxins and conditions that are resulting in chronic disease. We need to reject the status quo. It simply cannot be OK that over 50% of our children of high school age have a chronic condition and so many are on pharmaceutical products.

As powerful institutions join forces with the well funded, liability free vaccines of the Pharmaceutical industry, the battle ahead is now for the very freedoms for which so many died in this country. Freedom of bodily integrity and to choose how to live and how to raise our children is at stake.

Dr. Paul (Thomas MD)

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