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The Horror for Autism Never End: Boy Starves Clinging to Mom's Corpse

Tarot_death_02As we enter the month of October, there is no writer in the world, no movie producer, no maniacal madman scribbling a manifesto who could create the horrors we see in our world of autism. Our world. Not the imaginary, shiny, glittery, sparkly unicorn world of the media and neurodiversity.  I mean the down in the trenches, dealing with the day to day slog of care, planning, living and for all of us one day.... dying. 

Read if you can bear it: Chadrack Mulo, 4, starved to death as he clung to his mother’s body two weeks after she died

Autistic child who could not call for help spent two weeks in flat

ROSS LYDALL, MATT WATTS Thursday 8 June 2017 17:07 BST

"The tragedy came to light after a coroner called on the Government to consider a nationwide schools alert system when young children are absent unexpectedly. Attempts by Chadrack’s school to discover the reason for his absence had failed."

My girls might meet the same fate.  They would eat what was in the house.  But then? I can not honestly say if they would go looking for any help at all, should I die in my bed. Last year, I climbed a tall ladder, and texted someone dear to me, "I'm going up a ladder, if I don't call you in 15 minutes, come over."  All three of my girls were home.  But they can not call 911 - (yes, I've tried to teach them. Only 1 speaks with any fluency.) I'm fortunate that I have a team of workers who help me. They'd find me within 48 hours. My girls would live.

This is autism. It is a horror. If you don't like that statement. Feel free to go to the library and take out a fairy tale. We live in the real world. Where the wolf, and death, are at the door.

We will find answers and we will build a support system for each other. I promise.

Love, KIM


Tara y Terminiello

This is an incredible site. Im the mom of a 31 year old autistic man child living in NJ, and Im SO TIRED of being asked about his "genious qualities." Programs, help and support are difficult to come by because the neuro diversity crow d is doing such a great job of watering down the nightmare.Thankyou for being here.


No ,no ,no ,damn it ,far too tragic ,far too awful.
Didn't hear about this on the national news?
Perhaps we were otherwise occupied ? or perhaps this tragedy wasn't nationally reported at all?

The Boy in the Sand , Poem By Emi Mahmoud .

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Will, This story is the stuff of my own personal nightmares. My son is 18, but he is non-verbal and would not seek help if I had a medical emergency. I did not comment on this story because I was busy crying. I cried because Chadrack Mulo suffered terribly. I cried because no family or neighbors checked on them. I cried because this tragedy happened in 2017. I thought this is the kind of story that should turn the tide against the "autism is neurodiversity" crowd. But it wasn't widely published was it? Don't you think that is a problem? I am grateful I do not have a story to tell like Anges Files. My only agenda it is to stop putting children in this terrible state called autism. I don't think people with epilepsy should live alone. I wonder if the people who vaccinated Chadrack and his mum would arrange for the "home health aide/frequent social worker" you recommended. Probably not, they only care about measles and other so-called VPDs eh?


This is sad both the mom and her child die in relation to epilepsy. Neither the majority of people who comment at AoA nor the neuro diversity crowd cares about such issues. They only care about just pushing their agenda. In general the political left is obsessed with gay marriage and feminism and the right is obsessed with fundamentalist Christianity and fanatic patriotism but they do not care about the safety of child whether disabled or not. This could have been prevented had the mother had a home health aid or frequent social worker to check up on both her and her child.

Angus Files

Thanks Laura and John. G now shouts “slippery”, and waits at the slippery bit on the hill, not I think, as a warning but in anticipation that I might do the same star turn again for him. His sense of humour has always been there despite the autism, bless them all.

Great response John in the BMJ totalitarians’ in free flow.

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Never new this.


Yes, I pointed out to sociological health pundit, Jonathan Kennedy (lately seen in the terrible BBC documentary) if everyone in the U.K. was to get measles it would barely impact mortality, unlike autism. My quoted figures were less bad than yours but still horrific.

Of course, JK is imperturbable.

Laura Hayes


I echo what Hera said.

That is quite a story you shared. Praise God that both you and your son survived the ordeal.

I deeply appreciate and look forward to reading your comments here on AoA :)

Angus Files

Thank you Hera one of the funniest days G had out in ages.

Pharma For Prison



Angus Files, that is true bravery.Your comment bought tears to my eyes.

Jeanne J

This situation is so sad and so outrageous. In my school district, on the emergency information sheets that parents are given at the beginning of the year, there is a request for 3 emergency numbers. The school is required to call all students' home, parents' work numbers, and/or the emergency number to find out why if they don't show up for school. School attendance is tied to passing state academic requirements (one of the few academic achievement requirements that does make sense in special ed.). I assume most, if not all school districts have something like that in place, post 911, as having a central location for these numbers is part of the parent reunification drills we now have to do. So NOW the school thinks it is a good idea to have more than one way to get in touch with a student's family. Why is it that no one thinks it is strange that we have to come up with a fix when something tragic happens to a person with autism. Since "it has always been with us" what did we do before? Surely there have always been safeguards in place for those on the spectrum who are non-verbal (seeing as data shows that at least a third of ASD is non or low verbal). The very, very Big Lie!!!!

go Trump

So very, very sad, about all we can do is try to save other children.

As we all know, it is the $$$ Damn FLU $$$ season, Christmas money for the drug lords.



Kim, what a tragic story and so heartbreaking that the child had to die this way with no one to help him. We hear tragic stories about autism all the time from drowning, self abusive behaviors, seizures, accidents, wandering, and the list goes on and on. We can never stop worrying about our children and we know that we must live forever in order to protect them. You are right that this is the horror of autism and millions of us are living with it 365 days a year for years and years with no end in sight. My son has had many seizures, including grand mal and petit mal, but luckily he didn't die from them. We have him on seizure medication to control them. Once he missed his dose for a whole day because the mail of the meds was not delivered and of course he had a grand mal seizure. We had to have another of many EEG tests done to make sure he was alright and, thankfully he was fine. The doctor now prescribes extra pills in case it ever happens again. The other point is that the families of people with autism suffer the stress of someone who has just come home from combat with post traumatic stress syndrome. God Bless you and your wonderful girls and I pray every day for a cure to be found for my son, your daughters and all the other families suffering from this dreadful condition.

Angus Files

Forgot to say I have a SPOT Gen 3 GPS finder for around these parts you need it.Knowing me I would still stagger up to the car.But at least if you werent to move for an hour or so depending on what mode you have it,it can alert people or it has a SOS button and other features.

Autism is what it is.

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

I fell broke my arm and leg and I was 7 weeks in plaster, whilst following my autistic son over a slippy cliff on a beach .I slipped and fell falling of the cliff and landing on the hard rocky shore semi-conscious 20 ft below. In- between the moans I grabbed his ankle and thought got him. As he would at that time have just taken off. The beach has no signal for a cell phone and it was a steep 15 minute walk down and a 45 minute drifting in and out of consciousness stager with my foot at quarter to nine holding onto him with my right hand. Luckily I made it to the car with my laughing giggling son imitating my heavy breathing which I wasn`t aware I was doing. Got to the car stuck him in the back stuck the car in 2nd gear pushed the clutch down very painfully and started the engine and drove home 35/55 minutes away as I never changed out of 2nd gear. It was my daughters 3rd birthday and thought since all the ladies will be round with all their Princesses I’ll take G out for the after-noon. Very careful these days but you just dont know what a dangerous situation is with an autistic. I had walked that beach 3 times a week with him. Not now though.

Are they any better in care?

ABANDONED' Grieving parents of autistic man, 28, whose decomposed body was found in cupboard up to 9 months after his death slam council
Neal Baker
12 Sep 2019, 2:25Updated: 12 Sep 2019, 3:06

Pharma For Prison



Well, I clicked on the story and showed my daughter the photos of the young woman and her son. And I told her that if she ever finds me dead or unconscious, she needs to get help. I reiterated to call 911, but am also uncertain that she would do it. I told her that if she couldn't, then go to any neighbor's house, ring the bell, knock on the door, go out in the street and wave down a car, and say that her mom needs help, she can't wake her up. Thank God she's 19, not 4, I think she could do that.


Meant to attach this. Thank you Kim, thank you Ginger!


Unbearably tragic! Could/would a service dog be any help? Maybe one could be trained to - I don’t know- bark? signal someone in someway? Maybe the care and expense could get covered somehow? Maybe the neurodiverse crowd could come up with ways to establish a service animal program for their less fortunate (or “gifted”) brethren.

Jonathan Rose

We ought to have a bumper sticker: AUTISM KILLS. The only thing unusual about this story is that it was actually reported in the media. Autism reduces life expectancy by about half, which means that the majority of autistic people die prematurely -- of drowning, accidents, seizures, or suicide. If anyone says they're offended by this statement, ask them why they're not offended by all these needless deaths. Sometimes you have to slap people in the face to get them to admit the obvious.


She died from an epileptic fit. Nothing to see there. Seizures have always been around. A child has a seizure after a vaccine, well that is just a typical fever febrile. Comma, geesh!

"Each year, about 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with this central nervous system disorder that causes seizures. Over a lifetime, 1 in 26 U.S. people will be diagnosed with the disease.
Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disease after migraines, stroke, and Alzheimer’s."


Grace Green

Although this tragic story is from 2017 I'm sure it wasn't the first, and won't be the last, case of its kind. I noticed a neighbour said the family was "withdrawn" and a friend said the child was "very shy" - no, he was autistic, and as the mother died of an epileptic seizure she may have been also. Autistic people of all ages are ostracized by society and can end up in this situation. The irony of this particular case is that the coroner has called for schools to report when children are missing from their class - but these are the very children who will have to be withdrawn from school permanently if the alternative is to accept further damaging vaccines.

Bob Moffit

Heartbreaking reality of the world we live in .. odd .. I don't remember hearing such a horror story or anything even near to it .. happening in my lifetime .. odd because we all know that autism has ALWAYS been .. and so .. we must have been so UNAWARE of autism that a four year old would starve himself to death was normal.

Isn't it great we CELEBRATE AUTISM every year?

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