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Subscription to Vaccines

ReallyBy Cathy Jameson

After a very long week, my husband and I met up at a non-profit organization’s social hour on Friday evening to support their efforts.  With how busy last week was, he on a business trip and me managing the kids and all of their afterschool activities, it was also a nice date night for us.  Several times during the evening, together, we had the opportunity to share Ronan’s story.  When I find myself in a situation where I can talk about what happened to my son with a roomful of strangers, I make a decision – tell them some of what happened to him, or tell them every single, little detail of his life story.  

This time, I kept the story simple.  

Those who asked about him were told that Ronan has quite a few medical complications that require on-going care and treatment.  Some were sympathetic and wanted to know more.  So I shared a little bit more.  But not everything.  That meant, this time, I kept vaccines out of the conversation.  In the past, I’ve been much more descriptive like in what I recount below.  It’s an older story that I’ve shared elsewhere.  While I easily could’ve had this same exact conversation over the weekend, I wasn’t ready to go into every detail.  They’ll be other opportunities for that.  I’m sure of it. 


You subscribe to that?  Really??

I’ve witnessed a few camps in the autism community over the years.  There are those who adamantly believe that autism is caused by one contributing factor.  Some believe that it's many factors.  And there are others still who choose not to focus on the cause at all and instead call simply for more awareness.  Those in the first and second camps rally around education and prevention.  Those in the third prefer to focus their energy elsewhere.  Certainly other camps exist.  As far as I know, not one cause or treatment has been identified as yet. 

I don’t fall into just one camp.  Autism is a spectrum disorder.  I believe that several factors can lead to an autism diagnosis.  The more I’ve read over the years, the better a perspective I’ve gained about those factors and about the disorder.  When I'm asked about what happened to my own child, I share what I've read.  I also share what I know happened to Ronan.  

I had a conversation with someone about autism about two or three years ago.  After some small chit chat, the person I was speaking to asked me about my son.  He’d noticed that something was different.  The more curious he was about Ronan’s diagnosis, the more questions he asked. 

So, Ronan was typical at one point? 

When did he change?

What did the doctor do?

Can you trace it back to an allergy, an illness?  Did he fall?  Did he hit his head?

For each question asked, I offer an answer.

Yes, he had stellar APGAR scores and had reached several milestones as a baby.  

But…Ronan changed over time.

The doctor?  Oh, we got the let's-wait-and-see attitude.  When Ronan was still struggling, we got the boys-are-slower-than-girls excuse.  

Yes, I can trace it back to something.  After each vaccination, some *thing* happened...

Before I could finish that thought the last time it was part of a conversation, I was interrupted.

“Wait.  You think it was vaccines?  You…you subscribe to that?"

Without hesitating, I replied, “Yes.  Yes, I do."


And then I got the look.  I’m used to the condescending look, but I still don’t like seeing one shot in my direction. 

I continued.

“Yes.  Vaccines did some *thing*.  It was shocking for us to learn that.”

The look, that look, stayed on his face.  I added, “If you’d like to see his shot record and a medical timeline of what problems started when, I can show you.” 

“No, no…I, uh, don’t…so.  The vaccines?  You know they’ve done so much for modern health care.”   

Clearly we were in different camps. 

I wanted to respond with, “Oh, I know all about what vaccines have done,” but I held back.  Through this fellow’s non-verbal communication – the look, the disbelief, the now folded arms, I knew our conversation could go one of two ways.  It would either fizzle into an awkward, “Well, um, thanks for sharing,” or it would turn into a debate.  Not wanting a debate, I steered the conversation into another direction. 

“Yeah, so that’s what’s going on with Ronan.  It hasn’t been easy.  He’s got more medical issues now than he did before.  His therapy, the frequent doctor’s appointments…it’s tough.  But, gosh.  We do everything we can for him.” 

The gentleman looked around and sipped his drink.  I could tell he was planning his exit strategy.

He raised his glass.  It wasn’t a Cheers to YOU, Cat! sort of gesture.  It was a reason to walk away. 

Looking at his glass and then at me, he said, “Well, Ronan’s a lucky kid.” 

“Yep.  He sure is.”

"I’m getting a refill…do you want one?”

“Nope.”  I smiled.  “I’m all set, thanks.”

As he walked away, my smile faded.  I repeated his question in my head, “You subscribe to that?”  I do.  I do because I know what I saw.  I do because I can confirm what I saw because of the reactions Ronan had.  I could’ve told him that some of our doctors agreed that some *thing* happened also.  But some people don’t want to hear that.  They refuse to see it, too.  As much as I had thought that telling Ronan’s story would make a difference for that man, it didn’t.  He and others have their reasons for not wanting to hear it, for not wanting to see it, and for not “subscribing” to it.  

We don’t all fall into the same camp because we each have our own opinions.  People have strong opinions about certain issues: religion, politics, money.  Many more now have strong opinions about vaccines, too.  We have the right to form our own opinions and to focus energy on issues we feel most passionate.  My energy will always be focused on Ronan.  For Ronan, and for the other children whose parents also subscribe, I’ll continue to do whatever I can to help. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.  


Carolyn Finn

I always say “ well of course polio vaccine made a difference but just like any medical product not all vaccines are alike. There are lots of toxins in the vaccines like mercury and aluminum and my family has a history of reaction to metals such as nickel. I guess the metals in the vaccine made them react too”. I say this because it’s a long path. And one of our points needs to be to push people out of black and white. By acknowledging that of course we always thought some
Vaccines were good we already shock them into realizing that we don’t fit this stereotype. I think it is the only way. It’s ludicrous to think all vaccines are alike. For example the rabies vaccine is important but the aluminum in it is dangerous. Gosh I wish they would make aluminum free available for people since they do for cats.



A hopeful sign that she didn't say POLIO. Nearly everyone I have ever talked to has. My 91-year old neighbor had a long story about how vaccine supplies were low back around 1960 when she had several children in grade school, and that by some fortuitous circumstance they were all able to get it anyway. I don't remember if it had any point other than that she was extremely relieved and grateful that they got it. But the experience permanently mired her in total simple-mindedness when it comes to vaccine damage. I used to send things to her email, things which PROVED that vaccines cause autism, and she'd write back, trying to sound sympathetic (I can't say supportive), "I hope they find the cause of autism SOOOOOON!!!" (and I quote). **, they already HAAAAAAVE!!


I so appreciate your story and “subscribe” to the tell/ don’t tell all to often. I once found the courage to just tell the truth. I was talking with 2 friends who had once worked with me in pediatric home care. They asked about how my husband had died and believed every part of that complicated saga. When they asked about my autistic grandson ; they stared at me with that look. But they didn’t say “polio” or stop talking to me. Maybe a seed was planted.


Another illustration of why it's important to recognize that vaccines usually DO prevent the disease they target. But they're ALSO dangerous. Both are true. It shocks me how most people say Polio, and then think that that says it all, that in one word they have established that vaccines are very powerful and that they wiped out a disease which crippled many thousands, and that that PROVES that all vaccines are that powerful, that almost-always-safe, and that beneficent. That's the part I just don't get at all. It's like saying that antibiotics are wonderful and have saved millions of lives, and stop there. Yes, they have, BUT... Antibiotic resistance, the microbiome, and sometimes-fatal allergy to antibiotics are ALSO true, and nearly everyone understands and accepts those concepts.

We've got to make people understand that the issue is a lot more complex than Do this, and you get this effect which can be lifesaving. But first we have to show them that we UNDERSTAND the vaccine concept and that we don't want children dying of VPDs any more than they do. BUT...


When those who know enough to debate the issue choose to avoid debate because of the “look” it seems rather bleak. I mean, you can preach to the choir all you want but its only debate with others thats going to turn unbelievers into those with an open mind (not that this clown actually would have debated in good faith as he probably knew nothing and his belief was faith based). Debate unfortunately has been shut down in the public arena and increasingly in social setting.

Of course going up against a stranger who may be a zealot in a social setting isn’t safe. Lot of whackos out there so I can understand not engaging strangers on your own in a hostile environment. But thats why they have won since every environment is a hostile environment now, at least when it comes to debate on certain hot button issues.

For some reason, perhaps because this vaccine issue is so closely tied to events covered by the Nuremberg trial seventy years ago , I recall the well known confession below

“First they came for the Communists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Communist

Then they came for the Socialists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist

Then they came for the trade unionists
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a trade unionist

Then they came for the Jews
And I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew

Then they came for me
And there was no one left
To speak out for me”

So today its the children and an increasing number of adults. In fact,if you look beyond vaccines (GMO, RF EMR, glyphosate, pharmaceuticals, etc) we are all being used as experimental lab rats for profits. Increasing cancers (now a chronic disease) , increasing autoimmune disorders, declining life expectancy, increasing medical and drug costs, lagging infant and child morality, increasing neurodevelopment disorders, lower IQ’s, decreased fertility, etc.

None of these environmental toxins like vaccines have been adequately tested and regulation is rife with conflict of interest. Both political parties are thoroughly controlled by the industries who use us as lab animals and make us pay for the right to be experimented on and the costs to treat the effects of these experiments (another source of profit)

So basically they have already come for us all , but nobody knows (or they pretend not to) because they use Big Tech , Big Data and Big Media (MSM and alt media) to control what we may think (officially sanctioned group think) , much like the high priests of the day who burned those as witches because they went against the officially sanctioned beliefs that they preached . A lesson to the crowd of the consequences of believing something different than the group , who have been told what they may safely believe. Today you don't get burned but your child may not go to school, you may lose a job for expressing a view that is not sanctioned, or you may be socially ostracized. The price to avoid being burned at the stake is to offer your child as a sacrifice and hope he/she draws the right lottery number and is spared a devastating adverse effect.

Its really all over but the fat lady singing.


Thanks Cathy. This week I had a very satisfying conversation with a woman who had educated herself & hubby about food (allergies, reactions, chemical-laden, etc.). I casually mentioned how Ronan's mom investigated what had hit her son & caused so many of his problems and pinpointed vaccines. The woman exploded with anger at how many children had been vax injured and how she was not going to let that happen to her grandchildren. So gratifying to meet someone who is on the same page re: problems with vax.

Caroline McIlhenney

Thank you, Cathy. I had a conversation with a PT whose family had autoimmune history, and she reacted very angrily. More recently, the flu shot came up in the presence of an Afro-American nurse and I was able to register my disapproval. Just an hour ago, while doing yard work, I talked to a neighbor with cancer about aluminum. I find the I WILL TALK ABOUT IT conversations are increasing in number. I understand completely when you say the focus remains on your son.

Loraine Fishel

Yes, it is a nightmare. Dying Miracle leaguefriends. No one but us knows that yes autism death and suffering are real. It's pretty bad.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Cathy thank you for having those conversations. There will come a day when the man you spoke with will realize that the majority of rationale, knowledgeable, honest people know the connection be vaccines and brain damage. He will realize he is a member of a dwindling, willfully ignorant or dishonest minority. Even if he never changes his mind he will be less inclined to gaslight women at social gatherings regarding this subject. My husband and I always speak up now. I have noticed he gets far less push back than I do. I have also noticed more people are asking about my son, now that he is an adult. He is a handsome, well-built dude, who should be well on his way to contributing to society. People recognize a tragic waste and they are willing to ask why.

susan welch

Such an excellent article, Cathy.

I think many of us can identify with the 'Will I/won't I' have THE conversation. I also identify with the fact that some people's minds are so set, that it is pointless to even go there.

How lovely, though, when we do find that some of our friends are open minded enough to listen and, then, to even understand. I have a few of these, now, like-minded friends and am very grateful for them.


Thanks for sharing your story Cathy, I enjoyed reading it. The media have been essentially immunizing people against believing that there could be any problem at all with vaccines, no matter what evidence is provided. It is quite scary when it becomes clear that a person is following what they've been told with blind faith, not willing to look at evidence or to attempt to use logic.

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