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AnadinNote: I had to check the date on this article from the UK to make sure it wasn't a decade old. It's not. Hmm. The comment thread is, as always, interesting. And our old friend, "Correlation does not equal correlation" makes an appearance.   Paracetemol is the same as acetaminophin, branded as Tylenol in the USA by Johnson and Johnson decades ago. 

From DailyMailUK.

Pregnant women who take paracetamol risk giving birth to a child with behavioural problems, study claims

Women who take paracetamol while pregnant risk having children with behaviour problems, a study suggests.

Scientists found a link between expectant mothers using the painkiller and their youngsters being hyperactive and having emotional issues.

Paracetamol is the world's most popular painkiller and is the only one deemed safe to take during pregnancy. But a growing body of research suggests it could damage the development of children in the womb, with studies linking it with asthma, infertility and autism...


Bob Moffit

Surprise, surprise .. who would have thought it .. a pharmaceutical drug advertised as "safe and effective" for pregnant women .. may actually not be as safe as advertised. It is like living in a pharmaceutical "GROUND HOG DAY" movie .. where events keep replaying themselves OVER AND OVER .. and .. no body seems to realize it is happening.

MADDNESS no other word for it.

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