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Was CT DPH Commissioner Strongarmed into Removal of Religious Vaccine Exemption?

September is for the FIRST Day of School NOT the Last, Except in New York

Banned in ny
Note: We doctored the photo for privacy. Atty Palma posted it publically on FB.

This darling, healthy, American boy has been kicked out of school in New York because of the removal of the  religious exemption. His teacher and classmates made him a goodbye card. Look at his face. His tears. Imagine telling your child he is not welcome in school because of your religious beliefs. This is 2019, children of every race, creed, color, illness status, and gender orientation are to be welcomed and embraced. Alas, vaccination status is "exempt" from logical or rational thought.  Or kindness.


Grace Green

Yes, I should have said DoH not CDC. I can't remember where I read it because I have seen it many times not just once.



The nurse said that she was not aware of anyone's getting measles from the live measles vaccine, and I think she was telling the truth. It has always been uncommon to get a disease from viral shedding from a live vaccine, though it can happen if the virus was inadequately weakened or the recipient has an unusually weak immune system. They gave the Sabin oral polio vaccine for many decades despite its sometimes (like in one in a million injections) causing polio paralysis. They did so because it was supposed to be more effective, being closer to natural contagion, ingested orally, and being processed by the GI system initially rather than straight into the neurological system. They thought the disease protection would last longer. But the killed virus vaccine cannot ever cause real polio, and the oral one can.

Again, you have to consider the facts and then act. I don't think the oral vaccine was too dangerous to use, even though it very rarely caused paralysis. But in a society in which polio has been quelled, the injected polio vaccine is sufficient, or even no polio vaccination at all unless and until it comes back.

I don't think you should decide not to act at all because there are risks. You have to balance the risks and the benefits, make everyone involved aware of them as well, and then act. If we had five thousand children a year being permanently paralyzed by polio, vaccinated ones did not get polio, and there was only one disabling vaccine reaction per 100,000 polio vaccines given, then even recognizing that sometimes the vaccine disabled, even killed, most people would choose to get the vaccine for their children.

How often does viral shedding occur with the live measles vaccine so that it actually causes measles in someone? I would say very rarely, but measles is a mild enough disease that I doubt they'll ever put many resources into trying to find out how often shedding occurs.



I agree that most immunocompromise results from vaccine damage. I highly recommend avoidance of most vaccines. But there would still be two issues, even if everyone nearly completely stopped giving vaccines, which is unlikely to happen anytime soon: there are going to continue to be these vaccine-damaged people for at least the next century, probably longer. So you'll have to take them into consideration no matter what. And then there have ALWAYS been weak, sickly people, even long before any vaccines were introduced. So same thing, we'll always have to make allowance and recommendations for them as well. I do NOT think that anyone should get a vaccine to possibly protect them if they would not otherwise do so. But we need to be honest and SAY that that is just not fair or reasonable no matter what the outcome to the immunocompromised person, EVEN if they die of whatever because they caught it from an unvaxxed person. But not deny that it IS a danger for them.


Beleaguered Autism Mom,

One very bad thing (well, another one) that they did, was say (notice the wording) that mercury was removed from the vaccines primarily given to children. Notice that this does not include the flu vaccine, which since 2004 HAS BEEN on the recommended schedule of childhood vaccines, but is not designed PRIMARILY for children, as it is recommended that all adults get it every year.

Some states have passed laws saying that children may not be given mercury-containing vaccines (I guess more than trace amounts), but they also usually give exception during vaccine shortages, when it is permitted to give children mercury-containing flu vaccines even in those states with laws. And most states do not have these laws, so that it's legal to give children getting their recommended flu vaccines mercury-containing ones. As I said, here our supermarket Schnucks has a standard Fluzone vaccine which is mercury-containing (50mcg thimerosal, so it's about 25 mcg mercury): they are glad to special order one that does not have mercury, or at least that much mercury, but it takes several days to get it. I don't know how many people are aware of the situation, or how many decide to order it and wait a few days. I'd imagine that most people just go for it and get it when they're there, mercury or not.

John Stone


What a terribly muddled statement - I was hazarding a guess about the reasons for the ambiguous phraseology. Seems like the holy trinity of the U.K. Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England and the National Health Service are unwilling to commit to saying there is no mercury at all in our flu vaccines which either means there is, or they are not sure (also given that this is months ahead of the season and the products which have a dozen or so different sources have not been manufactured yet). They would possibly be in a better position to say after the event, but in any case we are not talking about the CDC in this instance. The other point would be that I think it is understood that if any mercury at all is used in the manufacturing process but not included as an ingredient it would still be present at a level of ~1mcg which would be much more than anything which might be dismissed as “trace”, if that were possible with such a toxic substance.


My guess is they simply don’t know which vaccines may have employed mercury as part of the manufacturing process though not listed as an ingredient. Well John it shows how little you know about pharmaceutical manufacturing: detailed manufacturing protocols are submitted with any new product licence application, every change to this has to be submitted to the regulatory authorities and the manufacturing plants are liable to inspection without notice including auditing the batch history documents, electronic and paper, of any lot they wish to.
So if the CDC wanted to say, "there is no thiomersal in vaccines" they would have said just that. The fact that they added, "as an added preservative" strongly suggests that other reasons are not excluded. As we all know, mercury is used in the production processes, and all of it may not be removed, leaving "trace amounts", which They class as "none". Well Grace it wasn’t the CDC that John was referring to it was the UK DoH but I’m very intrigued to read that you know the manufacturing processes in such detail, where did you get this information from?
Actually Grace the terms “none” and “trace” are defined by the CDC, there is only one product authorized for sale in the US that has this “trace” designation, all the other single dose vials are labelled as “none”: scroll to the table at the bottom of this page

John Stone


Transparently, it is a caveat. I am not sure how relevant is the issue of autism. The bluster of Eindeker is also transparent. As I recall at the time he tried to get a more comprehensive statement out of the government but failed. My guess is they simply don’t know which vaccines may have employed mercury as part of the manufacturing process though not listed as an ingredient.

Grace Green

Thanks, Hans.

Being autistic can sometimes have advantages. It gives us the ability to precision-analyze language. So if the CDC wanted to say, "there is no thiomersal in vaccines" they would have said just that. The fact that they added, "as an added preservative" strongly suggests that other reasons are not excluded. As we all know, mercury is used in the production processes, and all of it may not be removed, leaving "trace amounts", which They class as "none". If you were to watch the film "Trace Amounts" you would see that these amounts are not always harmless, even to adults, never mind tiny children. So, we can conclude that "none" doesn't always mean "none", especially when their fat living depends on it.


Hi All, I think we are doing a combined thread here. So, a brief break from the flu vaccine stuff,( which is also interesting) to answer Cia's comment earlier. You said the nurse did not know about MMR viral shedding, because it was before the Disney outbreak. The thing is though, back when I was an RN/RGN many many years ago ( a profession I chose to leave and am no longer a member of) everyone knew about viral shedding from live vaccines. The polio vaccine ( oral polio at that time) was the worst because it left live virus in the stool, but everyone also knew not to give the live virus vaccines near auto immune compromised, the seriously weakened, or cancer patients. .Common knowledge back in the day. And everyone knew that certain patients should be advised not to go into large public areas with lots of people because they were vulnerable to any infection ( colds, viral infections etc) No one was pretending that because people were vaccinated against some diseases, it somehow miraculously meant that could not carry viruses or a myriad of other potential illnesses. They were always told to stay well away from anyone who looked or felt sick. And their family members were told the same thing. No one said its fine to be near them if they are sick as long as they were vaccinated against a certain disease. All illness was considered a risk and a threat..
Of course, the other part to this is that the doctors and nurses who bother to do the research, or have the luxury to make choices in their career, tend to leave the profession if they realize they can't change things, and don't feel morally okay with what they are being forced to do. I had an opportunity to go back to nursing , do some refresher courses then probably get a nice easy job giving flu shots to the elderly. It would have been great financially for our family, an easy job with a bit of travel, perfect for me. But , I have too much of a conscience to feel ok with doing that, even if people were freely choosing it, since most likely many weren't really aware of potential side effects, and as a family we had the luxury of being able to say no. This means of course, imo that anyone left in the profession at this time, for the most part, can't look too hard at vaccine injury situations, or they won't be able to go to work, which they may need to do. So, imo, almost anyone in the profession now has to for the most part have rationalized away the dangers of vaccines, or they could not keep working with any degree of self respect.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | September 19, 2019 at 03:09 PM

Grace, you are one of the most valued commenters on here. Get mad ! Get angry.

“If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
Then its likely you don't fully understand the situation!”

― Rudyard Kipling, If: A Father's Advice to His Son

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Eindeker, According to the CDC: "Thimerosal is a compound that contains mercury.... thimerosal is used as a preservative in multi-dose vials of flu vaccines, and in TWO other childhood vaccines." CDC also recommends Tdap and flu vaccines for pregnant women. Both contain thimerosal according to the CDC. Why does the CDC say "it was taken out of childhood vaccines years ago AND it is still in three vaccines? When it was put back in? (two minutes after it was taken out?)
In general CDC is pro-thimerosal and this site is anti-thimerosal and anti-aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, anti-foreign DNA, anti-formaldehyde, anti-polysorbate80, etc.

Angus Files

Eindecker what about all the other toxins?or are they not there because you say so, just like your mercury asssertion with no credible independent science it aint there because we say so!-got any INDEPENDENT science not tied to your Pharma paymaster yet ?

Study: Almost All Vaccines Contaminated with Toxins and Linked to Side Effects

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


As usual I am concerned with accuracy and truth. Back in 2017 I was dubious about whether said pop artist had done his homework - I didn’t think we still had the 25 mcg of mercury in flu vaccines which I imagined he was on about and which is still current routinely in the US. On the other hand our health officials were not prepared to state that there was none at all, and it was perfectly reasonable to point this out.


"have thiomersal “as an added preservative” which is a legally crafted statement. live with your illusion John if you want, it's just a statement of fact. As pointed out earlier this year when you went chasing after a red herring statement produced by some singer it's the EMC that is a legally binding declaration of vaccine components, and there is no thiomersal in the annual UK flu vaccines. Where there is market authorization in both countries the same annual flu vaccine formulations are used in the UK & US, and the US CDC declares which vaccines have "none".
I am not making excuses, merely pointing out that David Burd was making plainly incorrect statements re thiomersal & flu vaccines, and just asking him to produce any evidence for his assertions, which, as I type this, he has so far failed to do.
Thiomersal was phased out of UK vaccines from 2003/2004, what's been the effect on ASD/autism statistics? As you and others, point out the numbers keep rising, so can you please square that circle, if you believe that thiomersal was ever a contributory factor to these diagnoses.

John Stone


Actually, the British government statement is that our influenza vaccines do not have thiomersal “as an added preservative” which is a legally crafted statement. If it was in there at a 1 msg level it will still be about x10 hazchem level.

But stop trying to make excuses, it shouldn’t be there: for decades it was given by people who say it didn’t matter. It is still given for no decent reason in the US and quite often.



I'm appalled by the new vaccine mandates in several states, and can't believe that they're denying that anyone should get a medical exemption. Angry when they started ignoring the precautions like not vaxxing during any illness, etc. And I completely agree that most people who have allergies or autoimmune conditions have them because of vaccine reactions. I would like to see the pertussis vaccine taken off the market. Hib disease was not a big problem until the DPT was introduced in 1948, and clinical cases of it then quadrupled by 1967, just twenty years, and I think it was from the pertussis vaccine depressing immune function for a month after the vaccine was received. Maybe if people stopped getting it, Hib disease wouldn't come back even if most people refused the vaccine for it. There are a lot of variables that we don't have control over: we don't want children chronically ill because they got vaccines to die from a VPD or anything else, while also not wanting more children to suffer from vaccine reactions.

The nurse who had never heard of the measles vaccine can cause measles said it in 2003 or 2004, when Cecily was little, before the Disneyland outbreak. But it's still the case that very few people now get clinical measles. I don't think most people get subclinical immunity even though they're vaxxed, but they ought to test a large number of people randomly to try to determine the number. The virus in live vaccines is chemically weakened so that it can't cause disease, at least in healthy people. But sometimes it's inadequately weakened and can. And I don't care much about it, since I think it's good for most people to get measles. Could the weakened virus revert to normal virulence once freed and cause people to get measles? I don't know if that's what happens or something else, but I don't think it's a big problem. I think it's a tragedy that measles is no longer a universal childhood disease and hope that it will be again in the future, but that everyone be aware of the need to take certain measures to protect the most vulnerable.



I am against vaccination for measles. All of what you put up is true, except that I think morbidity is usually used to mean number of cases of the disease, and not number of serious cases who went to a doctor who reported it. We know that in 1960, before the vaccine, 99% of kids had immunity to measles through natural exposure: about 92% of them got the clinical disease and six percent had a subclinical case. They did blood testing on army recruits which showed this rate.

Yes, mortality had gone way down. It had been a real killer disease, but by 1940 had evolved so that it no longer was in developed countries. But what I have been talking about is the small number (statistically) of very young and immunocompromised people who are at much higher risk of a serious outcome from measles. No one should be forced to get the vaccine and I refused it for my daughter, and still hope that she will get measles. But we need to talk about what we think should be done to prevent the disease in the most vulnerable, who stand a higher chance than most of dying of measles if they get it. I do not think that anyone should be forced to risk his own life and health for the sake of protecting vulnerable children. But I would also like to protect these relatively few children from dying of measles. It must be a free choice either way. And ultimately I'd rather see the few children die of measles than cause chronic disease (vaccine damage) in the healthy majority. But everyone needs to be willing to say the d- word. Measles is the most potentially serious of the VPDs and everyone caring for a measles patient must be aware of the need for good nursing care: bed rest, hydration, covers to pull up or push back, vitamin A in the appropriate dose, no fever reducers of any kind, and adequate recuperation time at home (two or three weeks after the day the rash appears, although the patient will feel completely recovered long before that time is up).


Cia, No, I am not making a decision to care less about autoimmune compromised peoples health. I care about the health outcomes for all people.And right now,I believe the push to take away vaccine rights is damaging children with autoimmune conditions. ( And how of these autoimmune children may have had their conditions aggravated, or even caused, by the Hep B vaccine , an autoimmune stimulant , given at birth well before any autoimmune testing is done?)
Your nurse who had never heard of the MMR vaccine spreading measles, ( despite figures as high as 40% of the Disney outbreak being vaccine version measles) almost certainly did not want to know. Why would she? Her job and the financial well being of the doctors practice both depend on her not knowing. I am pretty sure that if you told her that many many doctors were over prescribing opiates, before it hit the news, she would have been certain that none of the doctors she knew had ever done that, either.
By the way, here is a list of things that the CDC does not consider to be a contraindication to DTAP vaccination. So anyone with these symptoms has to have more shots.
DTaP Fever within 48 hours after vaccination with a previous dose of DTP or DTaP
Collapse or shock-like state (i.e., hypotonic hyporesponsive episode) within 48 hours after receiving a previous dose of DTP/DTaP
Seizure ≤3 days after receiving a previous dose of DTP/DTaP
Persistent, inconsolable crying lasting ≥3 hours within 48 hours after receiving a previous dose of DTP/DTaP
Family history of seizures
Family history of sudden infant death syndrome
Family history of an adverse event after DTP or DTaP administration
Stable neurologic conditions (e.g., cerebral palsy, well-controlled seizures, or developmental delay)

Of course at this point, most Californian doctors are forcing everyone to get shots, regardless. Apparently doctors in California are now refusing to give anyone, even severely autoimmune people, a medical exemption, since they don't want to chance being on some watch list.. So in practical terms all they have actually done is take away the right to an education from the immune compromised.
And of course, anyone who is not safe to be exposed to live virus vaccines in household contacts is also not safe to be exposed to live virus vaccines at school either.

Grace Green

With regard to your second comment to me, as I understand it (from my son, who's an ecologist) a disease which is easier to catch will be a less serious disease, whereas a very serious disease will be harder to catch, since destroying the host species (us) is not in the best interests of the virus. So, health officials like Offit are always telling us how extremely infectious measles is, but then it's not often serious.
As for the immunocompromised, why are they so? I have read recently that the only medical condition which now warrants a medical exemption in Calipharma is cancer. So the children are immunocompromised because they are receiving chemotherapy (and there are alternative ways of treating cancer) and they probably got cancer because of their vaccines. My alternative solutions to the problem would be; 1. children should not be born into poverty, preferably one parent should be able to stay at home with the child for at least three years; 2. the population should be correctly advised on healthy, organic nutrition, including wholefoods; 3. children who are known to be at risk should maybe be isolated for a time for their own safety; 4. vaccines should not be given, but replaced by some of the methods you have often advocated such as homeopathy; 5. when a child does catch an infectious disease they should be treated with alternative nursing care, and not drugs which, as we all know, only serve to make people more ill. So you see, it requires a complete restructuring of society economically, socially, educationally and in healthcare. I don't think your suggestions re nosodes and vitamins will ever be adopted by our health "services" until they are forced to rethink their entire attitude to drugs. And that comes down to their financial self-interest.


"A measles vaccine was licensed in the U.S. in 1963, and measles vaccination was initiated in Mexico in 1973. In both countries, morbidity and mortality had been declining long in advance of vaccine introduction. This is seen in many countries. This does not mean people were not getting measles. People were still susceptible, and the virus was still circulating. What it likely meant is that the declining severity of the disease was such that subclinical cases were not reported as measles. In other words, people were still getting infected, but it was not recorded in the statistics.

During a honeymoon period after measles vaccination in the 1970s and 1980s, measles outbreaks occurred in school-age children in the majority of reported cases. What was noted immediately is that 42% of affected children had been vaccinated against measles. Then there was suddenly a reemergence of measles in both the U.S. and Mexico in the late 1980s. There were on the order of 170 outbreaks per year, up from the previous figure of 40 to 50 in school-age children. Approximately 80% of the affected children were appropriately vaccinated, and this increased through 1990. The majority of cases in these later outbreaks were not only in school-age children but in older, college-age children. Why? They’ve been vaccinated. Now they were getting measles at an older age. The vaccine had failed. Isn’t that something that we’ve been cautioned against?

There were two outbreaks in two Texas schools despite the fact that nearly 96% of students were seropositive for vaccine induced antibodies against measles. Their protection was only apparent. The conclusion was that epidemics of measles can be sustained in school-age populations despite very high vaccination rates, and one thing that emerged very quickly is that this one shot does not confer lifelong immunity to measles. Vaccine-induced immunity is not natural immunity.

Later in that epidemic period, there was a dramatic shift inage down to preschool children, of whom the great majority were not yet eligible for vaccination, despite which, among the affected children aged 15 months to 4 years, 44% were immunized. By 1990, measles incidence was highest for children under 1 year of age, and as was predictable, death rates were highest among these younger children. The unintended consequence of measles vaccination is a loss of the permissive constraint, with a displacement of the age distribution to young children and college-age persons, and consequently increased severity of disease. The 'answer,' as it often is in medicine, was to double the
dose—to give another shot of the vaccine....

Do two doses protect against measles? In Finland in 1989, there was an explosive outbreak in a rural Finnish municipality despite a very high vaccination rate. Those exposed at home (proximity of infection is a proxy for dose of exposure) rather than at school had a much higher infection rate, likely because of a higher dose of infectious particles, even if they had had two or three doses of vaccine. When siblings shared a bedroom with a measles case, there was a 78% risk of infection, even in two-dose vaccinees. In other words, measles, particularly with high-dose exposure, is able to breach the wall of even two and three doses of the vaccine.

The initial assumptions, assurances, and certainties were wrong. There was not one shot for life, and not two shots. So, what is next? One shot every year of a failing vaccine, a product that’s so successful commercially precisely because it doesn’t work?"



I just got this.

In 1995, five years after the vaccine became available for infants, the total reported incidence of invasive disease was 1,300 cases (Bisgard 1998). This 98% reduction in Hib invasive disease has been attributed to the vaccine campaign. ..

Dr. Paul Thomas, The Vaccine Friendly Plan, p. 125: "Physicians my age and older remember too well the hospitals full of children with meningitis, the airway emergencies with epiglottitis and the miracle that the Hib vaccine was when it was introduced in 1985. We saw this disease virtually disappear in a few short years. The unknown is whether these serious illnesses would return if we stopped this vaccine. I suspect they would, as the bacteria are alive and well in the noses of adults and older children today. ..

Postvaccine follow-up studies have shown a 71% decrease in Hib disease in under-five year olds from 1989 to 1991, and an 82% decrease in Hib meningits between 1985 and 1991.This vaccine alone is believed to have prevented more than ten thousand cases of meningitis. In 2011 in the US, there were only 14 cases of serious Hib diseases a year, and fewer than 250 non-type B or unknown types of Hib invasive disease respectively.



Yes, a large percentage of people are carriers of Haemophilus influenzae for long periods at a time, and they can transmit it to others. Most people are immune to it by the age of five, although it can cause serious disease in old people who may again be vulnerable to it.

So, no, I can't swear that if four children in one daycare all get and die of Hib disease, that three of them caught it from the first. Maybe each caught it from someone outside the daycare in completely different circumstances. But how likely would that be? As to the effectiveness of the vaccine, it has been VERY effective. I'll get some data. Thirty years ago a number of recently vaccinated (with Hib) children caught and died of Hib very soon after vaccination, it is thought that was because they were already incubating Hib. Because all vaccines depress immunity for a month or so, many of these children would not have developed clinical Hib disease had they not been vaccinated. These cases stopped occurring within a few years, when Hib germs were pretty much eliminated from the environment of most small children. And, again, I don't think it's good to quibble about small exceptions. Thirty years ago there were 20,000 cases a year in the US of serious Hib disease, nearly all of them hospitalized, and about a thousand died of it, despite antibiotic treatment, several thousand were permanently disabled by it. Yes, it caused peanut allergy, now in one in fifty. It sometimes caused diabetes, etc. I don't deny that. But it almost COMPLETELY stopped deaths from Hib disease. From a thousand deaths a year, we sank to two or three, or none, within five years of starting the vaccine. It's much better to breastfeed and avoid daycare, and not get the vaccine. But otherwise I think parents need to be informed and consider either the nosode (about which I have little information, but trust it on general principle) or the vaccine, starting the series at four months old rather than two, as is usual. The child is protected by the mother's antibodies for the first six months.



I should have said that there's no possibility of getting a VPD from killed vaccines, except the acellular pertussis vaccine, for unusual reasons. There's a very small possibility of getting the disease from an inadequately-weakened live vaccine like the MMR, rotavirus, varicella, or the old Flumist live flu vaccine. Or the yellow fever vaccine.

Some of the vaccines just aren't very effective, and many people can still get the disease when they're exposed to it because the vaccine didn't work, not because the vaccine gave it to them. Like the pertussis vaccine (with the above caveat) or the flu vaccine.



In some cases the vaccinated can transmit the diseases, but for most vaccines it is not common. I don't recommend that anyone get the pertussis vaccine at any age. The disease is common again now because the DTaP vaccine is so ineffective, though still very dangerous. The only ones at risk of a serious outcome from the disease are newborns under three months old and the immunocompromised. So I don't think anyone should get the dangerous, ineffective vaccine. But then you have to design a policy to protect young newborns and the immunocompromised. They should take the nosode, which can be given ideally starting at one month old, but it could be given earlier if there were any risk of contagion. Treat with Dr. Suzanne Humphries protocol of high-dose IV vitamin C. But above all, shelter young newborns at home and make admission to daycare only legal after three months old (or whatever). Employers should all be required to give new mothers three months off from work (most of them do that anyway, but make it a law). TEACH new mothers NOT to take their newborns out with them. Keep them at home and be aware of possible germ-bearers, use masks and gloves when the caregiver needs to handle them (if contagion is a possibility).

You say in a measles outbreak in Ontario in 2015, 17 out of 36 cases of measles turned out to be vaccine-strain. In rare cases, the weakened virus used in the measles vaccine has not been weakened enough and it is capable of infecting someone, usually the already immunocompromised. But 36 cases of measles is nothing. The reason there were not three MILLION cases of measles in Ontario in 2015 is because nearly everyone had gotten the MMR and it successfully prevented measles in nearly all of them. And, again, I would LIKE to see three million cases a year of measles in Ontario and five million cases a year in the US, the way it was before the vaccine. It would be much better for most children's lifetime health in the long run.


It's not the case that anyone at any time could be carrying a VPD. A vaxxed person circulating at a time when there have been no reported cases of X disease in a long time is at close to zero risk of transmitting the disease to anyone. Yes, sometimes there's vaccine failure, the pertussis and flu vaccines are very ineffective to start with, sometimes there's shedding of a live virus which in rare cases is not weakened enough and could still infect someone. But this is all quibbling about the basic point which we need to acknowledge and confront. Very young, very old, the immunocompromised, and some apparently healthy people WOULD catch the VPDs and some would be disabled and even die of them. In some cases they might catch them from a vaxxed person, but usually they'd catch them from an unvaxxed person. And if they caught them from a vaxxed person, that's not really worth discussing, it's just one of those things.

I don't think it's good to say Well, that baby who caught and died of measles from a neighbor child who was not vaxxed and had measles COULD have gotten bubonic plague, which we don't vaccinate for. He COULD have gotten pertussis, which might be spread by a vaccinated carrier. He COULD have gotten chickenpox from viral shedding from a vaccinated child. He COULD have died from a reaction to X vaccine. The bottom line is that he got and died of measles which he would not have done had the neighbor child been vaccinated for measles. What should be done to try to avoid that outcome? We HAVE to think about it, discuss it, parents ARE worried about outcomes like that, they KNOW that it's fanciful to dance around the issue.

We HAVE to recognize that natural measles is very good for most children to get naturally, very good indeed, and may very well prevent their dying of cancer or heart disease fifty years from now. Etc. Many other benefits. But not for everyone. We need to at least act as though we were concerned about children dying of VPDs, and be able to discuss ways to prevent and treat VPDs in appropriate ways for everyone. Not necessarily vaccines, though I would leave that option open for those who wanted them. Aviva Jill Romm (Vaccination) and Dr. Randall Neustaedter (The Vaccine Guide and others) give good ways to treat the childhood diseases and ways to strengthen the immune system, also symptoms of complications which demand rushing the patient in for immediate conventional medical attention. Dr. Isaac Golden has an excellent book, Vaccines and Homeopathic Prophylaxis, or something like that, with recommendations, conventional and homeopathic treatment for all the VPDs, and charts on the effectiveness of the nosodes compared with vaccination. Isolation and quarantine work. Vitamins C, A, D in appropriate doses. We'd have to talk about policies of who to make stay home when they had certain symptoms. We'd have to acknowledge the problem of incubation periods when the carrier is contagious even though he's not sick yet.



There are many potential problems, such as virus shedding from the vaccines. I didn't mention all the potential problems. But it's STILL true that very few vaxxed people get measles and as a result very few people get measles, spread it, recover from natural measles, or sometimes die of it. I asked a nurse when Cecily was little if people sometimes spread measles from the live vaccine (hoping maybe Cecily could get it that way). She said theoretically they could, but she had never heard of it happening. Maybe that's a factor in how the measles outbreaks that still happen occur. But it is rare, assuming it happens at all. I wish it weren't. Virus shedding from Flumist was more common. But we're STILL back to vulnerable children getting serious, even fatal, cases of measles or whatever from unvaxxed children. Sometimes vaxxed, but usually unvaxxed. We have to think about it, have to talk about it. And again, yes, I'm willing for a few children to die of VPDs for the greater good, although the idea makes me sad and I'd like for all parents to know about ways to prevent and treat the diseases in other ways (and absolutely, antibiotics when necessary, to hell with the microbiome in these cases), and ways to improve their child's immune system and health condition when possible.



It's true that the only people almost 100% guaranteed not to transmit measles are those of us who have already had it (like me). But the reason that close to no one these days gets it or transmits it (we really have no concrete figures on how many may get atypical, undiagnosed cases of it) is because they got the vaccine, which is not 100%, but still extremely effective in preventing measles in vaccinated people. I know it's probably not for life, but at the same time we just don't have measles outbreaks which rise to the level of an epidemic. I wish we did. So theoretically we should have hundreds of thousands of people in their fifties getting measles because their MMR has worn off, but we don't. Again, I wish we did.



I saw that five years ago about people in the Ebola zones not shaking hands with each other. Ebola was different, transmitted by contact with contaminated feces primarily, so not shaking hands with someone who might have germs on their hands would be an effective means of preventing transmission. Respiratory diseases like measles are different, and are transmitted by sneezing, coughing, even just by breathing, and would be harder to avoid.



It's not a question of blame. Since I strongly DESIRE that measles, mumps, chickenpox, and rubella come back full force, even be deliberately given one a year at the end of the school year for those who wanted to participate (with parental permission), I would be including myself in those who are at "blame." And I would mount strong public information campaigns about how all girls and women of childbearing age be tested for rubella and then consider their options if they don't have immunity. Nosode, vaccine, deliberate infection, but be AWARE of the danger to them (but not to anybody else).

It's AWARENESS that I ask. Unvaxxed children in daycare are at higher risk of getting Hib or pneumococcal germs from those around them. The vaccines have proven to be VERY effective in preventing the diseases (well, Prevnar just for the many strains included now, which isn't all of them), while also posing serious dangers as well. Breastfeeding and avoidance of daycare would be better. But we have to be AWARE that an unvaxxed child in daycare MIGHT contract and transmit one of the meningitis diseases. Or meningococcal disease as well, which does cause many cases of an extremely serious disease in babies and toddler, but the vaccine is not routinely given in the US at this time, though it is in the UK. If ALL of the children in the daycare have received the vaccines, then it is very unlikely that any of them either get or transmit the disease to others at the daycare. Every parent must research it. The vaccines are often very dangerous, but the diseases used to be relatively common and were very dangerous as well. I think it's coy to deny the obvious. The germs are ubiquitous. A large percentage of people carry them in their respiratory tracts for much of the time. Most people get immunity to them by subclinical infection by the age of five. But it's like with measles. We're talking now about those who WILL get clinical cases of the disease. In the case of Hib and pneumococcal disease, it's NOT just the weak who get the worst cases and are the most vulnerable. It's previously very healthy children who get the severe cases of the disease, very suddenly and they progress very rapidly. I should have differentiated. Pneumococcal disease is common, but not usually serious, even in its clinical form. But sometimes it is, and sometimes it is deadly. Hib disease is always very serious when it present clinically.

I don't think babies and small children should be in daycare. It is NOT in the best interests of their health, and it DOES present a considerable risk of their getting potentially very serious diseases. I STRONGLY recommend nursing until self-weaning. Most of the children who die of measles in Africa are between one and five years old, they have been weaned and after that they're protein-deficient. Until they're five, when measles mortality drops off a lot. I think that's a sign that it is in the best interests of children, both in terms of short-term and long-term health, to nurse (not exclusively, of course) until they're five years old, continuing to get protein and the mother's antibodies all that time.

So what do we recommend for children who for whatever reason HAVE to be in daycare? It means you have to consider several courses, none of them ideal. 1) accept that a lot of them will get contagious diseases at daycare and nationally, there would be many deaths a year from them, 2) get some or many of the recommended vaccines, despite their risks, or 3) get the nosodes. Those are really the only options. I obviously think 3) is the best, but I'm going on trust and the charts provided on effectiveness by Dr. Isaac Golden. Dr. Sears says in the Vaccine Book (first edition, p 21) that unvaxxed children in daycare are at risk of contracting meningitis, pertussis, rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hep-A, and the flu. The younger the baby, the more vulnerable and undeveloped his immune system is, and the more likely death or disability from the diseases would be.


The vaccinated can transmit disease. Those vaccinated with DTaP can become asymptomatic carriers of pertussis. And the eminent Dr. James Cherry says that those who get the DTaP vaccine will be more susceptible to pertussis throughout their lifetimes. (As a remedy, Cherry suggests everyone gets a TDaP vaccination every three years...for life. I'm not kidding.)

"In one study of a measles outbreak in Ontario, Canada in 2015, health officials found that only 17 of 36 confirmed measles-positive cases were 'wild type.' Gene sequencing revealed that sixteen of the rest of the confirmed cases were from vaccine measles strain. Another two cases were thrown out before gene sequencing because they were from recently vaccinated individuals and assumed to be 'vaccine-associated.' This means that half of the measles cases in the study (18 out of 36) were in people who were infected with vaccine measles."

In my own case my daughter caught the flu from a friend who had been vaccinated for the flu. I know this because the friend's mother, a vaccine zealot if there ever was one, called me and told me that her daughter had flu type B and that my daughter had been exposed. Sure enough, my daughter was sick as a dog three days later.



Before the vaccines, a certain number of people died every year from the VPDs. A larger number was permanently damaged by them, still not that many in the big picture, but whether they should have been prevented from that death or damage is the issue at this time. Every one of them caught the VPD from someone else, and in the days that outbreaks of measles, mumps, pertussis, and chickenpox ran through schools periodically, many children caught them from classmates. I personally am not afraid of these diseases, am glad that Cecily caught pertussis (despite three DTaPs) and chickenpox, and would like her to catch measles and mumps as well. And rubella and hep-A. But she is physically very healthy. The question is what about the immunocompromised? In Europe there was an outbreak of measles in 2011. ‘In 2011, measles outbreaks have been reported in 36 of 53 EUR member states; a total of 26,074 measles cases had been reported regionwide as of October 26. Nine measles-associated deaths were reported.’ I read elsewhere that there were probably 15 cases of permanent disability in these patients caused by the measles at that time.

So that's the point. I found one article about a French teen-aged girl, une "ado," adolescent, previously healthy, who died of the measles at that time. I couldn't find much about the other eight who died or any of the permanently disabled. Usually it's the already immunocompromised or malnourished who die of measles, and for everyone else it's a beneficial experience.

The choice is to deny the reality of these infrequent deaths and say measles is never harmful for anyone, and there is no incubation period, and even kids who are infected and are transmitting measles to others during those days before symptoms continue to be perfectly healthy and no danger to anyone, or to be realistic and accept that measles is dangerous for certain people, and even for a few previously healthy people, usually because they didn't stay in bed or took fever reducers. If you accept reality, then you have to say SOMETHING about what you think should be done about these vulnerable people. I am willing to say that the benefits of measles are so great for nearly everyone that I want it to come back, and yes, I am willing to accept that some people will die from the measles if it comes back full force. Those nine who died in Europe in 2011 did so at a time when measles was rare because nearly everyone had received the MMR. There would be more deaths if fewer vaccinated and measles came back. And again, I'm willing to say So be it. I recommend the measles nosode for the most vulnerable, vitamin A in the appropriate dose, homeopathic and herbal remedies to treat severe symptoms, and then say, Well, death is a part of life and it would be better for the majority to get natural measles, despite the dangers for some (well, many on a population basis).

But everyone needs to say this. Say that they care less about the vulnerable than the majority. Say they care more about those damaged by the vaccine than by the disease. As I do. But NOT just say Oh, measles is not, never has been a problem for anyone, it's just like a mild cold, no big deal for anyone, and even children about to break out with symptoms are no danger to anyone in that incubation period.

Grace Green

I find your description of healthy (as far as anyone can tell) children who happen not to have had an experimental vaccination, as a "danger" to others, to be a harmful and dangerous attitude. Before vaccines were invented were we all a danger to each other? Do you consider adults no longer "up to date" on "their" vaccines to be a danger to others? Did everyone, before vaccines, avoid each other? Interestingly, in African countries affected by ebola, they have adopted ways of greeting each other without shaking hands or hugging - I think they touch elbows. Germs exist, no-one is to blame for someone catching one, it's just life. Perhaps it would have been a better idea for governments not to force mothers by economics to go out to work when their children are very young and have to institutionalize them. Vaccines are not an answer to the problem.


Hi Cia, Hope this is not a repeat post, since I don't think the previous one went through?
This is what the CDC says about HIb infections
These bacteria live in people’s nose and throat, and usually cause no harm. However, the bacteria can sometimes move to other parts of the body and cause infection.

Experts do not know how long it takes after H. influenzae enter a person’s body for someone to get sick. However, it could take as little as a few days before symptoms appear.

How It Spreads
People create respiratory droplets when they cough or sneeze. If they have H. influenzae, including Hib, in their nose or throat, they can spread the bacteria to others.

People spread H. influenzae, including Hib, to others through respiratory droplets. This happens when someone who has the bacteria in their nose or throat coughs or sneezes. People who are not sick but have the bacteria in their noses and throats can still spread the bacteria. That is how H. influenzae spreads most of the time.
So Hib is spread through asymptomatic carriers. Therefore, several children caught Hib most likely from an asymptomatic carrier. Four? of these children, despite being vaccinated 4 times for Hib, died of the disease. ( Shouldn't we be blaming the manufacturer for marketing was is imo a flawed vaccine? If it is not effective after 4 doses then they seem to bear a lot of the blame?) Did the vaccine make their infection worse, and more deadly ( as happens with dengue fever vaccine. )

Given possible differing individual incubation periods, we don't even know which of the children in the group actually got infected first. First symptoms, can, as you pointed out before, occur a while after infection.
So you don't want to blame the asymptomatic carrier, you don't want to blame the manufacturer of a potentially imo flawed vaccine. We do know that every one of the kids who caught the illness was infectious and may have spread it to one another. Surely all of them should in your opinion, be blamed for being infectious?
Or is being to blame something that occurs regardless of others infectious status, and only applies to those who haven't paid their money to a pharmaceutical company? Because, from your comment, that seems to be the only criteria you are using to blame someone.
Asymptomatic carrier: gets a pass. Vaccine manufacturer, gets a pass. Infectious vaccinated children; get a pass. Unvaccinated child infected by someone else; apparently totally to blame. Does that really make logical sense to you?


Hi Cia,
Here is what the CDC says about how HIb B is spread.
These bacteria live in people’s nose and throat, and usually cause no harm. However, the bacteria can sometimes move to other parts of the body and cause infection.

Experts do not know how long it takes after H. influenzae enter a person’s body for someone to get sick. However, it could take as little as a few days before symptoms appear.

How It Spreads
People create respiratory droplets when they cough or sneeze. If they have H. influenzae, including Hib, in their nose or throat, they can spread the bacteria to others.

People spread H. influenzae, including Hib, to others through respiratory droplets. This happens when someone who has the bacteria in their nose or throat coughs or sneezes. People who are not sick but have the bacteria in their noses and throats can still spread the bacteria. That is how H. influenzae spreads most of the time.

So, what actually happened is multiple children in a day care caught Hib B, most likely ( per the CDC) from an asymptomatic carrier as many people carry it asymptomatically in their nose etc.

Several of the children had a failure of all 4 Hib vaccines ( so should the manufacturer be held liable for a faulty product?) One unvaccinated child also caught Hib , likely from the same asymptomatic carrier. All of the infected children were potentially capable of spreading the disease, and probably did, ( indeed, given differing incubation periods, it may well have been one of the others who caught it first) but the only one you want to blame is not the carrier who likely infected everyone, or the manufacturer who produced a faulty vaccine, but one particular unvaxxed child but none of the other multiple infectious children, . A strange position for someone who has argued vehmently against holding pharmaceutical companies responsible for injuries caused by their vaccine..


I continue to be completely against forced vaccination of anyone and have said so many times. How many children capable of spreading TB, bubonic plague, and foot and mouse disease are in public school right now? I don't know. That's not really the point.

I didn't like the implication that healthy unvaxxed children in public school would never be a danger to anyone. A few toddlers, both some vaxxed and some unvaxxed, died of Hib meningitis years ago, they all went to the same daycare. They caught it from an unvaxxed child who also attended. I don't want to say again that I'm in favor of vaccine choice. But is it not a problem that because one unvaxxed child gave the Hib germs to several others, they died of it?

The point is that I think everyone will admit that a small number of measles patients die as a result of complications from the disease. If everyone is vaxxed for it, very few will get it or spread it, and as a result, very few will die of it, and it was very to relatively few dying of it to start with. The pro-vaxxers are right to that extent. Whether saving these lives is worth depriving everyone of the benefits of going through the disease naturally and whether it is worth all the disability caused by the vaccine are questions which we are currently considering as a society. I don't think it is. There are ways to prevent and treat measles by alternative medical treatments that should be better known. And ultimately, I'd say that yes, I'm willing to accept that by my decision (if I had the power to make it law), I, and those who share my beliefs, would be responsible for the deaths from measles, to some extent, at least.


Hi Cia,
Here are some incubation dates for diseases that children in the U.S. at school are not vaccinated for per the U.S. schedule.
Tuberculosis incubation 2-12 weeks
Strep throat 2-5 days
Foot and mouth disease 3-5 days
Plague 2-6 days
Scarlet fever 1-7 days
RSV 4-6 days

Are all those fully vaccinated children putting other peoples health at risk every time they go to school? By the logic used to keep unvaxxed kids out of school, it would appear vaccinated children are also very dangerous to be around.


Hi Cia,
Every child and every adult in every public place could of course be potentially intubating a disease. Since we know that no vaccine has a 100% coverage rate, anyone could be carrying any disease. All those vacinated children could also be incubating the disease, on any day at any time.
Which does make a mockery of the idea that school is safe for someone who cannot be ever exposed to any infection.
We also know that even if every vaccine worked 100% we all also could be carrying many many other diseases.We know that every child and adult in the U.S. "could" be carrying for example, tuberculosis, or walking pneumonia. Tuberculosis is not routinely vaccinated for in the U.S.

We know, as Kim has pointed out, that people at school actually are infected with hepatitis B, Hansens Disease, or HIV and are not required to tell anyone about it.These are all mildly contagious. ( Definitely an actual risk, unlike theoretical, but not really there non -existent diseases in healthy unvaccinated children)
We know that recently vaccinated people with live virus vaccines such as chickenpox ( varicella) are shedding live viruses that are putting the immune compromised at risk. And we know that the whooping cough vaccine creates non symptomatic carriers, who can also put everyone at risk.
We know that 100% vaccinated population can and does spread mumps, per the recently months long out break on a Navy ship.
We also know that some people have atypcial responses to live virus vaccines and can shed the virus from their vaccine for weeks, months or even years. We know that 31 cases in the Disney outbreak had vaccine strain measles, so a lot of measles spread by the vaccine there.

We also know that the only people who can't spread measles are the unvaccinated people who have had the natural disease, and who then have 100% lifetime immunity. Everyone else, if not tested for titres, could be spreading it, as the MMR vaccine, is ,like many others, notorious for wearing off and being ineffective.
And we know that according to the ridiculously tight guidelines that the CDC has as to who is eligible for a medical exemption for a vaccine; there is no one left to protect anyway. As we could see in California, doctors were refusing to give a medical exemption even for vaccine induced anaphylaxis. Almost died of a vaccine? Well, you are still alive now, so lets give you the next shot and lets see if if you die from that or not.Optic neuritis ( blindness ) from a previous vaccine? You still need to be vaccinated or lose your right to an education.. Many Californian doctors apparently now have said that they vaccinate 100% no exemptions. The reality is being seriously immunocompromised won't give you a medical exemption any more anyway. It just means that you can't get an education.
A child I know has autoimmune conditions, has previously had ITP, and has a condition associated with a high risk for seizures, all medical contraindications for certain vaccines. ITP and seizures are actually listed as reasons not to give certain vaccines. The child's doctor won't give a medical exemption because the doctor doesn't want his name on an exemption paper. After all it is his livelihood.
The parent who testified in Maine about the optic neuritis that was caused by vaccines didn't realize it wasn't listed as eligible for a medical exemption, and that the only reason there child had been able to attend school was because of the right to choose what is injected into your body.
The reality is, these people who can't get vaccinated, according to the CDC, really don't exist in practical terms. As someone else said, the exemptions are so tight, they do a really good job of protecting already dead people.. The only people who may? get an exemption are likely so sick that they could never be around any ordinary people with all the risks of all the illnesses we never vaccinate for; colds, viral infections, walking pneumonia, tuberculosis,foot and mouth disease,leprosy, scarlet fever, the plague ( we don't vaccinate for that either, and some people do catch it every year).
And so many vaccinated children and adults go to work or in go out in public when obviously sick; that is a definite health risk and severely immunocompromised people should never be exposed to those illnesses either.
The basics we were taught as children; don;t go out when showing signs of sickness,, wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, stay well away from the elderly ,or babies if you have even the beginning signs of a cold or sickness still apply to everyone.
The reality is of course, that anyone could be intubating any of a 1000 different illnesses. What we do know is at least the unvaccinated aren't silent carriers of whooping cough.It is only the vaccinated who risk other peoples lives in that way.....


Cia Your comment

I'm troubled by the statement that our healthy unvaxxed children are no threat to anyone. I believe in free and uncoerced choice, but I think we should acknowledge that unvaxxed healthy children may get a disease and then transmit it to others before anyone realizes he is sick (and temporarily not healthy).
You list all the incubation periods for infections vaxxed children are given so what danger are they in from unvaxxed children. You failed to mention viral shedding from vaccines and also vaccine failure.Interesting article on this subject on the vaccine news page.


I don't think that states are cynically exploiting the religious exemption as a means to curtail the expense of special education. At the state level, those involved are starting to see the results of the explosion. It's getting harder and harder to get SSI and Medicaid as the officials are hoping against hope that it's really because there's a huge increase in fraudulent applications. But even they are starting to realize that that's not the case and this party is JUST getting started. I have gotten confirmation that the percentage of households with a member on Medicaid in my state just went from 43 to 50%, in just one year. I couldn't believe that, but someone in a public agency said that with the poor families in the biggest cities, as well as the increases in the disabled, she could easily believe it. Wow. You could say that maybe staff at the public school level may be dishonest, and I think many are, but at the state level, I think even they realize that kicking kids out of public school is not a real solution, as when they turn 18 they're going to be the state's problem. For life.


..."The cynical part of me is starting to wonder if more and more states may move toward abolishing the religious exemption as simply a means to curtail the astronomical expense of educating students with special needs. I mean, it only stands to reason that if a family already has a child with vaccine-induced autism or seizure disorder or whatever other horrific disabilities that may result from vaccinating, they would obviously choose to remove their children from school rather than further vaccinate. And if the state is no longer obligated to provide IEP related services to homeschooled students, well, look what happens to the education budget. Pretty darn convenient, isn't it?"

Exactly. I was just saying this same thing to someone the other day. Call me a cynic (which I am to a degree), but this is what I really do believe is going on. Albeit, perhaps not initially a willful thing, but perhaps a desired effect, after?

I live in CA as many of you know. Last year, or the year before, I viewed a video of testimony of various teachers in the state who were testifying in SAC regarding the impact that special needs has had on our schools, financially and otherwise. Many schools in our state are severely impacted financially to begin with, and the additional expenses incurred due to special needs issues, is just astronomical.

I ean EASILY see that (as but an example) what has just happened in NY is a very sly way of forcing some of these kids out of the schools to help ease the overwhelming financial burdens these schools are contending with.

This cannot continue. It is absolutely insane.


I'm troubled by the statement that our healthy unvaxxed children are no threat to anyone. I believe in free and uncoerced choice, but I think we should acknowledge that unvaxxed healthy children may get a disease and then transmit it to others before anyone realizes he is sick (and temporarily not healthy).

I just looked up the incubation period for the diseases we were talking about. This is between the time that the person was infected and the time he first starts to feel sick and when he shows symptoms. He is contagious during this whole period and other people can catch the disease from him in this time. So sure, healthy kids are no danger to anyone, but what happens when one catches measles, enters the incubation period, and feels and acts healthy, but can now give measles to other people for ten to twelve days before he starts to feel and seem sick and then stays home? It's still a positive event for most people, but maybe not for the immunocompromised. And then, some previously healthy people do die from measles, usually because they get bacterial pneumonia and do not get antibiotic treatment for it, or in rare cases they get measles encephalitis, usually because they took fever reducers. Or blindness, which can be prevented by taking vitamin A. People need to learn that the immunocompromised should take the nosodes and not expect healthy people to do what is not in their own best interests. But antivaxxers also need to be more upfront in recognizing that they're putting the interests of their own healthy child over those of other children. A natural thing to do, and what a parent should do, but both sides tend to say that their way is the way to protect all children, and that's not the case at all. The vaxxers are accepting and promoting vaccine damage and the anti-vaxxers are, if they don't make provision for them in some way, blowing off the immunocompromised, who may or may not be able to take the vaccines.

Measles: 10-12 days
Mumps: 16-18 days
Rubella: 12-23 days
Pertussis: 7-10 days
Chickenpox: 14-16 days

Hans Litten

The MMR has been totally invalidated !
It cannot be mandated.


Short of a massive wave of support for a Nuremberg II nothing will change. The politicians, regulators, Big Money, physicians and Media are united in a common cause centered on money and perhaps something more sinister thats unspeakable. Their arrogance is growing that they can get away with anything and indeed events in the 21st century has reinforced the belief that no lie is too big that the majority can not be made to believe in it. There is no liability, they believe there is no risk, they have everything to gain. Imagine ruling a majority of cognitively impaired and low IQ citizens who will believe anything and follow orders. Perhaps thats the goal.

go Trump

A sad day in New York. A poster child with his own poster.

Just wondered what the total "prescription drug bill' might be each month for all the children of typical American elementary school.


I found a page by Rita Palmer, who may be a relative of Atty's since it also had a lot about the vaccine expulsions in New York, but I couldn't find the one by Atty with that picture on it.

Donna L.

Could not agree more with Bayareamom's statement "Homeschooling should never be seen as a punishment."
Both of my kids have been homeschooled for a period of time during various parts of their childhoods, and the psychological and educational benefits have vastly exceeded anything they would have gotten in public schools. I think most parents would be utterly horrified to see what really goes on in the average public school.

The hardest part about homeschooling (besides the need for one parent to give up an income) is the socialization part, and I would have to assume that as more and more parents are forced to homeschool vs have their kids damaged by vaccines, the socialization aspect would become easier and easier, obviously, as a greater number of families are in the same boat.

The cynical part of me is starting to wonder if more and more states may move toward abolishing the religious exemption as simply a means to curtail the astronomical expense of educating students with special needs. I mean, it only stands to reason that if a family already has a child with vaccine-induced autism or seizure disorder or whatever other horrific disabilities that may result from vaccinating, they would obviously choose to remove their children from school rather than further vaccinate. And if the state is no longer obligated to provide IEP related services to homeschooled students, well, look what happens to the education budget. Pretty darn convenient, isn't it?

Grace Green

That article made me really mad. How can it be racist to say that all people, of all races, should have civil rights. And how dare she say that it's a privilege to have your child injured or killed. As an autistic person myself I tend to take language literally (as some here may have noticed!) so I take civil rights to mean civil rights, and racism to mean racism. We mustn't let unintelligent people like that intimidate us.


Could you link to the FB page? I looked, but just got a page full of references to the pharma mob. More of this new CDC propaganda.

Shelley Tzorfas

Kids with Aids, Leprosy, and contagious conditions can go to school, for now, but unvaccinated kids cannot? In other words kids Lacking Neurotoxic ALUMINUM, Cancer causing Formaldehyde and glyphosate, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods, Fetal cell DNA which is by nature Tumorigenic are not allowed in school. It is the healthiest and the brightest minds of our nation that are being kept out of schools. Ask, "Where did this begin, what are some of the origins?" During WW11 the Nazi's wanted a more cost effective way of killing-crisp and clean. Mengele experimented with "Vaccines" to get the job done. When the war was over, the United States gave fake ID's, fake backgrounds and passports to smuggle in those scientists. It was to "Continue the great vaccination program." That is what we have now-A massive vaccination program.


@cia, thanks that info. is helpful to parents. It is all so distressing.

Just to note, I am really shocked then if someone with Katie's extensive knowledge re vaccinated her son to keep him in school. It sounds as if medical exemptions are not ever going to be given to the kids by any doctor sadly. Most parents I know would never, under any circumstance, vaccinate again. No school is worth that imo and the further long term damage those vaccines will bring.


Meet one of the "New Democrats", assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-Los Angeles) ,
who voted to force vaccinations of infants from poor families or withhold aid, ab283.


"Please reassure this child, and all the others in the same situation, that the government cannot stop him from meeting up with his friends after school hours. If they forbid that too, you really are living in a totalitarian regime. If his friends really care about him they and their parents will make the effort to keep in touch with him. When my boys were home educated I made huge efforts to arrange social contact for them, though it was difficult, as here in the UK most of the population cowtow to the government. Maybe now, people will start to listen. This has just got totally insane."

Completely agree with this statement! We pulled our son out of school when he was very young and homeschooled him for approx. 4 years. But we ensured that he had contact with his former classmates/friends via park days, birthday celebrations, etc. Sure, it wasn't the same as seeing his friends on a daily basis when at school, but this doesn't mean that he can't see his friends after school hours.

I read through the number of comments on FB regarding this little boy and this picture. It's heartbreaking to see this. But at the same time (and this is just my own opinion), I don't think I would have sent this little guy to school knowing he could only go for 14 days until he was pulled.

Homeschooling can be extremely rewarding and can offer you so much more in the way of one-on-one and involvement with other like minded families/parents. Our son had a blast during some of his homeschool activities, but in the end, we decided to put him back into the system because his learning issues (profound dysgraphia for one) were just too much for me to know how to handle.

Homeschooling should never been seen as a punishment in my opinion. It can be a wonderful, positive and rewarding experience for all involved! I hope the mother of this lovely little boy will be able to join a group that offers perhaps a co-op situation and can find her way to acceptance regarding the homeschool experience.

This little guy can absolutely have the best of both worlds. He can, and hopefully will, make new friends and come to perhaps even love learning in a different environment.

Hans Litten

Projeto do deputado Fábio Farias (esposo de uma das filhas do Silvio Santos) que visa tornar obrigatória a caderneta de vacinação para matrícula em universidades públicas : Site do Ministério Público do

in summary, a MP in Brazil wants to make mandatory vaccines a requirement to enrol in public universities


I am asking Age of Autism readers who are on Facebook to go to Bill Maher’s page and ask him to invite Robert F Kennedy Jr. again, to talk about these new laws. Or Del Bigtree. He has invited Kennedy in 2015, so awhile ago. I think a lot of requests would help. He reaches a lot of brainwashed young Democrats and is open to a vaccine choice point of view. This is currently timely. Please write now!!!!



No, because the party line is that vaccines do not cause autism or any other type of damage, and that the issue here is Vaccine Protectors against Killer Diseases vs. Wacko Vaccine Refusers. The mandates in NY and CA specifically apply to all private schools as well as public. If they let ABA schools out of the mandate, it would be to acknowledge that vaccines cause autism, and they shouldn't damage already damaged children even more. The CA mandate four years ago exempted children on an IEP (10% of schoolchildren), and I guess they realized the chink in the armor that that exposed.

The parents had better move to another state. I think probably Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas are among the least likely to enact mandates. Probably Texas too.

Hans Litten

Anti-vaccine protesters are likening themselves to civil rights activists
The approach reflected the level of desperation among families staunchly opposed to vaccinating their children.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A chorus of mostly white women sang the gospel song “We Shall Overcome” in the California State Capitol, an anthem of the civil rights movement. Mothers rallied outside the governor's office and marched through Capitol corridors chanting “No segregation, no discrimination, yes on education for all!" Some wore T-shirts that read “Freedom Keepers."

But this wasn't about racial equality. In the nation's most diverse state, protesters opposed to childhood vaccine mandates — many from affluent coastal areas — had co-opted the civil rights mantle from the 1960s, insisting that their plight is comparable to what African Americans have suffered from segregationist policies.

The approach reflected the level of desperation among families staunchly opposed to vaccinating their children — a desperation that peaked Friday night when an activist threw a menstrual cup with what appeared to be blood at several state senators during floor session.

But the civil rights claim shocked lawmakers, especially those representing minority communities that have suffered generations of racism and economic injustice. Assemblywoman Sydney Kamlager-Dove (D-Los Angeles) called it "borderline racist" and said vaccine protesters need to revisit their history books.

“This is misappropriation of a movement that really is not over and proves to be challenging to overcome,” said Kamlager-Dove, a member of the California Legislative Black Caucus. “The whole conversation around vaccinations is actually one about privilege and opportunity. It’s a personal choice. It's a luxury to be able to have a conversation about medical exemptions and about whether or not you think your child should be vaccinated.”


Can any parent weigh in on whether or not the private ABA schools are also under the same guidelines regarding the vaccine mandate in NY? Parents are now forced to move however many fear they will be moving to yet another state that will impose the same mandates and they will be in the exact same situation. Someone said that Katie Wright's son is still in his school so I am wondering if this applies to all schools (ABA) or do some schools still have the right to let the parent decided what is best for their child regarding vaccines. This is whole new territory and parents are desperately trying to find answers. Any help or info. would be appreciated.

Bob Moffit

What's next .. forced to wear some type of symbol on the child's arm or forehead .. denoting the child has obtained a "religious exemption" to vaccines .. so the child can be targeted wherever he goes in life?

Does this sound familiar to those of us old enough to remember exactly that happening to certain religious believers?

Whatever happened to NEVER AGAIN?

Grace Green

Please reassure this child, and all the others in the same situation, that the government cannot stop him from meeting up with his friends after school hours. If they forbid that too, you really are living in a totalitarian regime. If his friends really care about him they and their parents will make the effort to keep in touch with him. When my boys were home educated I made huge efforts to arrange social contact for them, though it was difficult, as here in the UK most of the population cowtow to the government. Maybe now, people will start to listen. This has just got totally insane.

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