Correction: Claim that Governor Gavin Newsom is an Ex-Vaxxer Unsubstantiated
Governor Newsom Just Created a Market for Back Alley Exemptions via his Prohibition Bills


Loraine Fishel

Remarkable to have such a great leader fighting for us. What incredible courage he has. Thanks for posting this. He gives me reason to retain some hope. Few know of our private desperate struggles in our homes. My son's meds are not working as well this year. He is returning to very loud stimming and more agitation that had subsided with nemenda and amantadine. He is 24 this year. I wonder if his two sisters will be able to shoulder the burden of helping him keep his life together when I am unavailable.
I tell young pregnant women at work on the bus to my car at the hospital. Oddly enough I am a RN. Look carefully at the medical choices you have. We have struggled hard in my family with the choices I made as a young mom. We don't need you in the Autism club. This is My Greatest hope for you!! Choice and informed consent!!
I get asked how did this ever happen to you! You sound like you are anti vaccine? I obviously followed the vaccine schedule which lead me to the place where I am now. I am praying for us all.


And wonderful speech, just wonderful!


What is that box, with a handle and hose that guy is holding up?


Excellent presentation, and very much appreciated, as no ordinary battle, right enough, are we faced with right now!

New York City 9/11 Twin Towers Concert Runrig Youtube
Fire Brigade Christian Fellowship was started in the early 1960's by ma dear uncle Ewen MacDonald and his good work friend Willie Bond .Still going strong today, international!

Red Hot Chilli Pipers -343 The Fallen - Charity Single Youtube

Ayr firefighters take on running man challenge Youtube

Firefighters run towards trouble and hot topics, not away from them !Health and Social Care Professionals Need to catch up with it;s Severe training deficiencies and attitude spasticity towards basic health and social care risk assessments?

Angus Files

Superb speech the mans been about for sure!

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

RFK referred to China's policy of "forced abortions" to promote the "good of society" .. in the USA .. government forces mandatory vaccines to promote the "good of the herd". A distinction without a difference.

The evidence of the failure of our mandated vaccination policies is clear .. 54% of today's generation suffer some type of neurological, biological, physical chronic development problems .. up from 12% in 1986 .. almost all of those chronic development problems can be found .. as RFK said … listed on vaccine manufacture inserts as adverse reactions.

RFK asks: "How do we stop the juggernaut of vaccines?"

The only way forward is for RFK to RUN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE .. preferably in a State like NY, California and other States that have removed ANY and ALL exemption policies .. philosophical, religious, medical .. it is the ONLY way his voice will be heard and we are long past time that his VOICE WAS HEARD .. LOUD AND CLEAR THROUGHOUT OUR FAILING COUNTRY.

Run as a PROUD DEMOCRAT .. in honor of his family before him .. as his uncle John Kennedy said .. sometimes party loyalty is too high a price to ask of democrats .. which is precisely what today's Democratic Party demands. Good for the Party .. the hell with good for the country.


A remarkable speech.
About power and politics, censorship and friendship in dark times, lessons from his environmental roots, and the deceit and deep betrayals of democratic, judicial, and spiritual principles in vaccination policy.


Today I feel like a tugboat. Gary Odgen you resemble a tug boat too.

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