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No More Shame! Vaccine Educated Must Speak Up!

Speak out2Note: For many years, we have played nice, and now, like Yankee Gals and Dixie Chicks alike, we're not ready to place nice any longer. We've avoided controversy. We've played by the rules of polite society. We've kept out mouths shut to protect our kids. We've been TROUNCED by pharma and public health officials and we've lost many of our rights to choose vaccination (or not) for our children. We, the "grown ups" are next. Vaccines will be tagged along with insurance, licenses, the right to fly and more. It's coming. John Gilmore of Autism Action Network wrote the following piece. He's right. We've played it safe.  I recently sat in a meeting with many very well to do young parents. I mean the kind of "well to do" that speaks of Mummy and Daddy and Upson Downs and Hedge Funds. They were all concerned about the repeal of the religious exemption in CT that is looming and they each said they had told "no one" (some not even family) that they had not vaccinated their children. We have locked ourselves in the closet. 

I wrote about my childrens' vaccination status in my memoir - no closet for me. (Just this past weekend, I was looking through Gianna's vaccination records.)  I felt it was my duty to readers.  Do you think others have a duty? WHERE ARE THE CELEBS in California whose kids can't go to school? Did they buy exemptions? Is there a source for back alley exemptions that politicians might be using? Kim


USA: It is time to come out of the closet

You can't fight for your rights and hide at the same time

It is time for our community to “come out of the closet.” We can no longer hide behind religious and personal belief exemptions and hope to protect our children, or even ourselves. The global drug industry that produces vaccines is no longer willing to tolerate us. They want to force everyone to use their products, and they increasingly have the police power of government to back them up. As the largest advertiser in America they have the clout to buy completely one-sided media coverage, and they are using their power to generate hate against us. California, New York and Maine have already lost their rights. It looks like New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts could be next.

Once upon a time we could keep our mouths shut and stay under the radar. Those days are over. Either we stand up and fight or get ready to roll up your children’s sleeves. There is no in-between anymore. You can’t hide and fight at the same time. It is time to choose.

At the foundation of every injustice is a lie. The lie that vaccines are safe for everybody. The lie that vaccines do not cause autism. The lie that autism is just a difference. The lie that the government is doing everything possible to protect your children. The first step to correcting the injustice is to refuse to accept the lies any longer. Coming out is all about refusing to accept the lies anymore, lies about reality, about ourselves, about what happened to our children, about the world that makes this possible.

Back in June the biggest gay pride parade ever was held in New York City. The police estimated 4 million people showed up. It was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which is considered the founding event of the gay rights movement. The “Stonewall Riots” began when a handful of drag queens and friends that frequented the Stonewall Inn reached their breaking point when the police raided the bar one too many times and attempted to roust them. They fought back. They fought back for days. They fought back for years. A handful turned into a couple of hundred demonstrating in the streets of Greenwich Village, and a couple of hundred turned into 4 million just in one city. That handful of drag queens changed the world.

And they are not so different from us. A vilified group of outcasts that the powers-that-be say are legitimate targets for de-humanization, discrimination and violence. When we were trying to persuade the lawmakers not to take away our religious exemption this winter and spring in Albany, NY, we encountered behavior I have never seen in almost 20 years of advocacy. Legislators and their staffs called us “Nazis,” “lunatics,” “flat earthers,” and more. We were compared to holocaust deniers. Staffers wore masks when we entered the room, one legislator made us meet outdoors because she thought we would contaminate her office. Staffers refused to shake hands, some more surgical masks. Many previously accessible legislators refused to meet with us.

Before you finish reading this article in you support the information and advocacy brought to you by the Autism Action Network please make it possible for us to keep doing our work by donation here for our one fundraiser of the fundraiser of the year we do in conjunction with the Autism Community Walk, October 20 at Belmont Lake State Park in Babylon, NY.

The key to the success of the gay rights movement was people coming out of the closet and refusing to lie about themselves or their lives anymore, and the same will be true for us. In New York there were 26,000 children with religious exemption. Those children probably have 40,000 parents. I would estimate at most 4,000 people did anything to fight the repeal of our religious exemption. What could have happened if all those parents were actively engaged in protecting their children’s rights and bodies? Far too many were hiding and hoping other people would get the job done.

Coming out may lead to conflicts with people who are dear to you. Some people may ostracize you. But you may find much more tolerance and support than you expect. Thousands of people in New York have been involuntarily forced to come out because of their children’s expulsion from school, and many are surprised at the support they are receiving. And those people who will not accept your choices, well, do you really need them? What are they bringing to your family’s life? It may or may not be easy to come out and tell the truth, but we don’t have a choice anymore: Come out!

Please share this message with family and friends and please share to social networks while we still can.



"Dr Pan is a real medical doctor. He is probably writing exemptions for legislators knowing no one would ever call him up to the medical board."

From what I understand, it is not Pan writing these exemptions. Big Pharma lobbyists, or someone affiliated with BP, are actually the ones who write these exemptions. The bills/statutes also undergo scrutiny via Big Pharma's legal teams to ensure that these bills will pass the muster in whatever state they are presented. So in other words, these bills/statutes are thoroughly scrutinized and vetted by Big Pharma's legal teams PRIOR to being presented to state legislatures.

You have to understand -- Big Pharma has been working behind the scenes on this mandate issue for YEARS. These bills didn't suddenly appear overnight. The strategy to remove vaccine exemptions, state-by-state, has been an ongoing strategy for years by BP; you can see the slow roll out of their agenda as we speak.

Pan is just a courier. If Big Pharma didn't have Pan to do its bidding, it would find someone else. BP approached Pan, he accepted its offer and $$ and the rest, as they say, is history. But I assure you, if Pan hadn't been in the offing, there was someone else just waiting to do its bidding.



I agree that it is disgusting how the vaccine lobby abuses the vaccine-damaged and those who criticize vaccines. They abuse me right and left online, paid pharma shills who do this as a full-time job. I think one thing is that it shows that BP knows it is losing its hold and is getting desperate.

There are already THOUSANDS of studies, peer-reviewed, published in reputable medical journals, on vaccine damage. We already KNOW about many of the dangers and exactly what causes them. And it would be nice if the doctors recognized them, but, again, why should they? Some can make a good living as a vaccine-critical physician, but it's harder, a lot more work in uncharted territory, and the immediate rewards are greatly reduced. While if they can bring themselves to solemnly intone that measles and pertussis continue to be killer diseases. they look good, responsible, they rake it in, and get mega-rewards from their sponsors.

And for the same reason, it's MUCH easier just to follow the charted path and brush off and deny anything reported by the parents are unproven and coincidental. Again, who cares? And who's going to attempt to prove them wrong in any individual case?

And I think that vaccines HAVE saved many lives, but you have to be selective and think about your time and place, individual factors, etc. Vaccines are ALSO always dangerous and have destroyed millions of lives.

It won't be forever. I wish the very worst for the jerk-of- physicians, but I'm absolutely sure that nothing bad is going to happen to them. They can solemnly intone: I had no idea, I had the utmost trust that what --- taught us about vaccines and VPDs was true. Well, they will be judged by God, tough luck. In the meantime, parents have to decide if they care more about obedience to the state religion or their child's life, mind and health. If they care more about their child, as many do, then they have to consider their alternatives. No day care, regardless of their work situation. Maybe no school. Maybe move to another state. All hard to do and a lot of trouble.

Carolyn Kylesmom

Dr Pan is a real medical doctor. He is probably writing exemptions for legislators knowing no one would ever call him up to the medical board.

Imagine that power. Imagine the power of being a doctor and having your 4 yearly exemptions to write--if you knew they were needed but were a sociopath.



I think one way in which the medical establishment will be forced to speak 'truth' on this issue will be because the masses have awakened and are becoming more and more vocal. I don't think you understand what I'm saying --

The oft quoted BP meme, "Vaccines have saved many lives, vaccines rarely, if ever, cause harm...," etc., so forth, will continue until the medical and science communities are at some point FORCED to come to their knees. At some point, the medical establishment WILL be forced to contend with this issue, but not until enough of those in the ranks speak up.

This paradigm shift, which needs to happen, is not going to happen just because a minority of parents, with a FEW medical practitioners and legal authorities mixed in, are becoming more vocal. Our group, although very vocal (and getting more so every week), is still THE MINORITY; this is so for California, and it is so for the rest of the country. We are getting more coverage, true, but it still is not enough to SHIFT this argument into the mainstream and taken seriously.

The medical establishment has got to come together on this and I am more than convinced that it is just a matter of time before we do start hearing more from them. I have personally seen and heard so many of them who truly acknowledge the issues with vaccines, but for various reason will simply not speak out. Not yet at any rate, but that tide is changing.

In the end, it is going to take BOTH side (parents/medical professionals) to move this mountain, but it will definitely and ultimately be those within the research arena, and the medical community who will help get the traction this issue so desperately needs.

Why? In my opinion, it is because there is SO MUCH $$ backing up BP's agenda. The only way to counter BP's tentacles surrounding this issue is to have enough 'authority figures' speaking out to cause that ripple effect we need to see happen.

Take a look (as but an example) as to what is happening to this poor young mother who just lost her baby daughter. She was just interviewed by Del Bigtree. I read her comment today on her FB page; what is happening to her is horrendous. The push back on this mom is just unfathomable to me; scores of paid Pharma journalists going after's just incredible the amount of abuse she is having to endure. They are calling her an 'anti-vaxxer.' SHE VACCINATED HER DAUGHTER; her daughter died shortly thereafter (36 hours afterwards I believe).

She's just one example. The pro vac camp are literally going after her like rabid wolves. It's really disgusting.

I'd love to see more medical professionals and/or others within the science community speak out on this woman's behalf. I just cannot believe how much they are going after her.

Things have really changed since our son's vaccine damage back in 1993. At that time, our Denver pediatric group really supported our decision to forego any more vaccines for our son after his horrific reactions at four months of age. THEY WOULD NOT VACCINATE HIM WITH ANY FURTHER PERTUSSIS COMPONENT CONTAINING VACCINES AFTER HIS FOUR MONTH REACTION.

You don't hear of this any longer. Our son experienced severe high pitched screaming for over 3 hours and complete somnolence, prior, for over 24 hours. THAT IS A VACCINE REACTION, but today, so many parents are saying that when their children suffer like this (or worse), they are told IT'S NORMAL.


The push for vaccine mandates today is simply unprecedented. I would never have believed that I would see this country stoop to the level it has regarding this issue if I wasn't witnessing it myself. I never thought it would get to the point that we no longer have MEDICAL exemptions in the State of CA.

Our son is one of those that should never receive a vaccine again. Period. It could kill him or leave him severely disabled for life. We have warned him to never allow ANYONE to shove a needle into him. He knows and understands.

But Cia - I have witnessed, repeatedly, so many parents of vaccine injured kids get downright abused when they dare to speak up. None of us are out there for any other reason but to try to save a few more kids from getting harmed (and adults). We are not involved for financial gain - we are simply speaking our truth.

After 20 plus years of speaking out, it's only gotten worse. My conclusion, after all these years, is that THOSE IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY NEED TO GROW SOME BA**LLS and SPEAK OUT.

I am furious with the physicians in CA who, I feel, allowed this to happen. It's disgusting.

And it has to stop...



But we don't HAVE to wait until those within the medical establishment decide to do the honest and responsible thing. We don't HAVE to watch them with the scale in their hands, watching it tip back and forth: Truth or Attractive Narrative/High Salary/Prestige, Respect, Lots and Lots of Carrots from Pharma. Most of them haven't gotten to the point of recognizing the Truth about vaccines, and there is no reason for them to do so, they really really are so happy and comfortable living without it, and it's so easy to deny both the truth and their own complicity.

It does NOT have to wait until enough of them have reluctantly decided to worry about the truth, and very devastating to their ego when they do (as most never will).

But it DOES depend on a lot of us becoming well-informed enough to take them on, learn about every issue involved, and have an answer and studies for every question raised. Everyone is concerned about the vaccines and autism issue. There comes a time in the affairs of men when they must take the tide. It is in essence very easy. All vaccines rely on an autoimmune mechanism to achieve their limited purpose, but in many people this autoimmune mechanism is unstoppable and wreaks havoc. But NO, it does NOT depend on those who profit from the status quo recognizing the error of their ways. It takes a person of great character to do that, and not many of the doctors will do so. Craven, self-preening, élitist cowards.



You stated, "Since most doctors are not going to jeopardize their own living and prestige, it has to be us who learn about the issues well enough that people realize that we are very well-informed and honest, and can easily substantiate what we say from official sources. But as I said that other day, most parents think they are safe if they rely on Science and its High Priests, the Doctors..."

This is precisely why I have stated that it will be the truth seekers within the medical community and/or scientific community who will need to speak the Truth. Parents absolutely rely on their physicians when it comes to health matters. We are all conditioned to a great degree to trust those of whom are authority figures. Obviously, then, these authority figures need to take those first few steps and speak the Truth.

Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. has openly stated that he knows for a fact that many pediatricians have questioned the validity of the CDC's stance on vaccines re efficacy and safety issues. But these same pediatricians will not speak out, on the record, as Dr. Palevsky has done.

They need to. And they need to speak out in large numbers. I have interviewed many pediatricians in my day -- nurses as well. They ALL have told me that they realize there are many legitimate safety concerns with vaccines and to the last one, these individuals have all told me that they are not taught about the downside of vaccines in medical and/or nursing school.

Of course speaking out as a parent to other parents is a good thing and it must be done. The problem is that the average lay person does not have the 'cache' that those of whom have who have M.D. tacked at the end of his/her name(s). Our concerns, as mere parents, are oft times ridiculed and demeaned because we're not 'experts,' our observations are 'anecdotal.' Parents who speak out about the issues with vaccines are not, unfortunately, being taken seriously enough to make that huge difference.

More and more physicians and those in the medical/science communities are finding their voice and are speaking up, but more need to do so. Until that happens, this issue will continue to languish in our court systems, etc., until these authority figures find it in their hearts to speak the truth.

I have never been on board with this notion that it will be the average parent who will be able to turn this thing around. That's just not going to happen, because too many lay people/parents are brain washed. But these same individuals will listen if they hear enough in our medical community who are willing to speak up.

We're just not there yet. But I'm starting to suspect that this may be changing, due to the political climate we're now all witnessing in CA and in NY.

Time will tell...



Since most doctors are not going to jeopardize their own living and prestige, it has to be us who learn about the issues well enough that people realize that we are very well-informed and honest, and can easily substantiate what we say from official sources. But as I said that other day, most parents think they are safe if they rely on Science and its High Priests, the Doctors. They don't want their children to die of VPDs. No one does. But they are going to write us off as ill-informed kooks, gone off the deep end in unbalanced grief over what happened to our children, if we say that no vaccine ever works to prevent any contagious disease in anyone. Or that if they give their children good nutrition and love, no contagious disease would ever infect, disable, or kill any of them. Or that it's only the Pharma Companies which have made up the whole lie about dangerous contagious diseases, only to line their pockets. None of these statements is true, and most people know it. And until more of us teach people what they need to know both about the diseases and about vaccine risks, we may continue to get little traction.

Hans Litten

Gardasil doing its thing......Abortion Rates Fall To Lowest Level Since Procedure Was Legalized In 1973 .....The Crime of all centuries

A new study released on Wednesday by the Guttmacher institute shows that abortion rates have fallen to their lowest level since the procedure was legalized in 1973, according to the BBC.

The study shows that abortion rates declined 7% from 2014 to 2017 and that, in 2017, 862,320 abortions were performed. This is lower than 2011 by about 200,000 abortions and down from a high of 1.6 million in 1990.

The institute says that the lower number isn't necessarily a result of new laws or conservative politicians trying to restrict access. Rather, it offers several different theories as to why the rate could be plummeting.

First, it suggests that better reproductive healthcare could be part of the reason. The authors of the report found that better access to contraception and improvement in female contraception, like IUDs and implants, may have contributed to the decline. These forms of contraception are now covered by insurance companies due to the 2009 Affordable Care Act.


There are a number of 'celebs' who have definitely spoken out re the vaccine issue. One actor in particular, cannot recall his name, has been outspoken about his child's (daughter I believe) autism diagnosis.

But having said the above, I have always felt that the only way this entire paradigm shift is going to happen (acknowledgment by the MSM re vaccine issues) is for those in the medical/science fields to speak up. I KNOW there are many pediatricians, scientists with Big Pharma, sales reps, etc., who have voiced, albeit quietly, their concerns regarding the vaccine issue, but they choose to stay silent, due to career loss, pension loss, ridicule, etc.

I guess you can say I'm one of the 'old guard,' and have been doing what I can to give voice to the issue, but I am really seeing a newer generation really rising up to take a stance. I LOVE what Joshua Coleman is doing with his signs and the V for Vaccine movement.

I would imagine that those celebs who have decided against vaccinating, and/or selectively vaccinate, will most likely homeschool their children. I honestly think the pushback that has happened out here in CA is such that most likely it wouldn't do much good to have a few celebs start speaking out. From what I've seen, the few who have dared to speak out of late have been quashed pretty quickly.

Fear of losing employment, fear of ridicule...FEAR. I can remember Dr. Lawrence Palevsky stating once during an interview that he personally knew of many pediatricians who would openly voice their concerns about vaccines, but only behind closed doors.

In the end, I really do feel that it will have to be those in our medical and/or research communities who will make or break this issue somehow. Parents of vaccine injured children are just not being listened to. It is really hard to break through the indoctrination to so many who just don't want to LISTEN. I think many people feel that celebs' voices would really help this movement, but after living out here for many years in CA, I beg to differ. There HAVE been very brave celebs who have spoken out and while some have managed to make some great strides, their voices have pretty much fallen on deaf ears.


"WHERE ARE THE CELEBS in California whose kids can't go to school? Did they buy exemptions?"

Great question! Are there back alley exemptions going on for the wealthy and connected? It wouldn't surprise me at all. Those of us with little money or power always seem to be subjected to different rules than those flying around in private planes, living in mansions and not worrying about money.

My question is.... what's up with the parents who have been anti vaccine for years and know the danger yet their kids are presently in schools. Did they cave? If they did then they need to take a back seat and stop speaking up because they are as bad as the mindless parents who think vaccines are wonderful and who claim we are all anti science/anti vaccine nuts.

Hiding in the closet and not speaking up about not vaccinating is as bad as hiding in the closet and caving to the vaccine mandates in NY, CA. and other states. These parents can't have it both ways. If they are going to silently give up and give in they just hurt those of us who continue to want to have a voice. So to them I say, if you give in rather than stand up to this horrific injustice to our kids then you have no voice any longer. Take a seat and stop talking out of both sides of your mouth.


Watching kids going on strike due to climate fears makes me wonder if they would be more concerned about the vaccines they are forced to get while being lied to about their safety if they were better informed.

Crazy idea but what about educating the children who are actually getting these vaccines. Of course, thats easier said than done and would probably meet with a strong reaction but really, its their bodies and futures.If they can understand the reason for climate change certainly they can understand enough about vaccine science to question to at least question its safety. Stuff like whats in the vaccines, limitations of the safety studies showing they are safe, the increasing numbers of childhood chronic illnesses correlating with increased number of vaccines (much like CO2 correlation with warming and mans fossil fuel consumption that is behind the settled climate science they accept), how long do they offer immunity, and are they really effective or are just pushing the vulnerability to these diseases onto age groups that can be more harmful.

Maybe if parents had to answer hard questions from their children about vaccines they would educate themselves about vaccines. As it is now, most seem content to blissfully bask in their ignorance and follow the herd.


@Bob Moffitt:

I could just hug you! I agree wholeheartedly.


I absolutely agree that we need to come out fighting, although I think we already have. And absolutely, vaccines are very dangerous. Every parent should read Dr. Moskowitz' Vaccination as a minimum.

But we also have to think about why nearly everyone obediently does what the pediatrician says. They are afraid of their child's dying of a vaccine-preventable disease. We need to recognize that fear and discuss in what ways it is well-founded and in what ways it is not. Certainly vaccine companies and the medical establishment exaggerate the dangers of the VPDs in order to sell their products. But we need to give parents accurate information on how dangerous the VPDs were in developed countries before the vaccines, and how prevalent and dangerous they would likely be if the diseases came back to some degree if a lot of people stopped vaxxing for them. It's not responsible and it serves no one's interests to deny that any of the vaccines is nor has ever been effective at reducing incidence of the diseases. Nor is it responsible to deny the dangers of the diseases before the vaccines. Most parents are going to turn off and turn away if we say Oh, measles was never dangerous to anyone. Meningitis has never been a problem for anyone, and if it occurs, it can always be easily and quickly treated with antibiotics. Tetanus is always preventable with good wound care.

We have to be prepared to honestly discuss all three areas: the dangers of all the VPDs (and they are absolutely NOT all equal: meningococcal meningitis is not at all the same on any level as chickenpox) and how common they are and probably would be, the symptoms for early recognition, the dangers of them to different groups, the healthy school-aged child vs. infants and the immunocompromised, alternative ways to prevent them if it's a good idea to try to do so (nosodes), best practice treatment when they occur.

Discuss the effectiveness of the vaccines. The pertussis and flu vaccines are so ineffective and dangerous, the diseases usually so mild in children past the newborn stage that most people would say it's not worth it to get them. But they need to learn the facts from us, as the doctors are not going to do it. And, of course, the dangers of the vaccines, and also the need to have the available tests for the genetic factors we currently know put the person at greater risk of reaction.

It's excellent to present the many dangers of the vaccines, but we HAVE to be able to give safe and preferable alternatives. As I've said, I think it would be all right in most cases to give the TD series after two or three years old, the Hib series after four months old to infants who HAVE to be in daycare, and the polio series if it comes back here. Others differ on these details, and nosodes are available for all of them (but we don't really know how long the protection would last), but you have to be aware of the dangers and talk about them. Pertussis IS a danger to infants under three months old these days, and to some others. We need to say something truthful and realistic to parents of infants about what we would recommend they do about the danger. I would never recommend the pertussis vaccine (in the DTaP), but would recommend the nosode for young infants who might be exposed and keeping young babies at home, not in daycare. Treat with high-dose IV vitamin C if it occurs.

But we have to be informed and able to talk about both the risks and the benefits on both sides, including the lifetime benefits of going through the natural universal childhood diseases in childhood. And recognize that yes, unfortunately some are going to die from the diseases if they are not vaxxed (but many will be disabled, even killed, by the vaccines if they get them), and be ready to give information that is as accurate as possible, as well as ways to reduce the chances of a bad outcome.

Bob Moffit

"At the foundation of every injustice is a lie. The lie that vaccines are safe for everybody. The lie that vaccines do not cause autism. The lie that autism is just a difference. The lie that the government is doing everything possible to protect your children. The first step to correcting the injustice is to refuse to accept the lies any longer. Coming out is all about refusing to accept the lies anymore, lies about reality, about ourselves, about what happened to our children, about the world that makes this possible."

I agree wholeheartedly with John regarding his observation the "foundation of every injustice is a LIE". Where I somewhat disagree with John is identifying who deserves blame for perpetuating that LIE? Is it parents ,, or .. is it those career professionals within the regulatory agencies, medical organizations AMA, AAP .. academic "researchers" bought and paid for by pharma industry, editors of "peer review" journals, main-stream media "health reporters", politicians with callous disregard of any information not favoring vaccines .. on and on.

In other words .. I don't blame parents for not being public about not vaccinating their children .. I blame all those "career professionals" for maintaining the LIE that "vaccines are safe for everybody" .. it is THOSE CAREER PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE HIDING IN THE CLOSET .. TERRIFIED OF SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER.

I think John's analogy with the Gay Pride movement is educational .. in that all those "career professionals" I mentioned who remain SILENT on vaccines .. and at one time were SILENT on sexual orientation .. were silent no more … as behaviors that were always considered ABNORMAL and prosecuted as CRIMES … were suddenly found to be a NORMAL sexual orientation .. thereby removing the behaviors from criminal law prosecution.

What we need is not so much parents to be SILENT NO MORE .. we need those career professionals openly admitting there is no such thing as a "one size fits all vaccine" .. that "vaccines do cause autism" .. "that government is doing everything possible to protect our children".

Isn't it odd that Trump spent day at UN preaching to world leaders about 'religious tolerance' and never said one word about the thousands of parents protesting in his own country's two largest states .. NY and California .. on the elimination of TWO BASIC PARENTAL RIGHTS .. INFORMED CONSENT AND EXEMPTION TO MANDATED VACCINATIONS BASED ON RELIGIOUS BELIEFS?

go Trump

Obviously, it seems the vaccination status of a child will be public information at the schools if not simply everywhere.

At present the schools are in a nationwide "FLU shot frenzy" and injecting mercury into as many students as they can for FREE, which means they will bill your child's insurance company they have on file.

They children who do not return a school vaccine permit slip will be well known by the other students and will be mocked as anti-vaxers.

Dr. Pan is on a nationwide Vaccine Mandate / Anti-Nuremberg tour rather than trying to run a medical practice, which is like having a real job...

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